Philadelphia – Home of The Greatest DJ Songs Ever

Nobody is messing with Philly when it comes to DJ’s…well at least they weren’t in the late 80’s. Here are nine examples of exactly why I’m obsessed with this here rap shit. It wasn’t the rhymes or the beats that first got me hooked – it was the cuts!

Actual DJ tracks > songs about DJ’s.

DJ Cash Money – ‘The Music Maker’

DJ Too Tuff – ‘Deuce, Ace Housin”

DJ Too Tuff – ‘Behold The Detonator’

DJ Jazzy Jeff – ‘Jazzy’s In The House’

DJ Jazzy Jeff – ‘Hip Hop Dancers Theme’

DJ Code Money – ‘It’s Krak’

DJ Code Money – ‘Code’s Megamix’

DJ Woody Wood – ‘Who Is This’

DJ Tat Money – ‘Rockin’ Music’

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Say Jazzy!

Comment by HipHopHistorian 06.01.09 @

rhythm trax house party style –> my favorite jazzy jeff / fresh prince track and one of the best dj tracks period. plus it’s from philly 😉

Comment by cr 06.01.09 @

I don’t know what’s going on but you must be a mindreader or something. I was in the process of compiling DJ tracks for a post at my site next week but you beat me to it. DJ tracks have always been my favorite tracks on albums. Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money were DJ gods here in Philly when I was growing up.

Comment by Vincent 06.01.09 @

Where is DJ Too Tuff? An unkut style interview of him would be sick… could someone PLEAZE post one of his old mixtapes?

Comment by zues 06.01.09 @

“its good … but its not Moe Luv”

Comment by ED209˚ 06.01.09 @

The best DJs ALWAYS came outta Philly!!!

Comment by dlp1212 06.01.09 @

Jazzy Jeff AND Cash Money were awesome!!! Philly made great music back in the 80’s!!!

Comment by Brock 06.01.09 @

Seeing Tat Money dj live at the Apollo was a near religious experience; he made Kwame’s show that night ten times better than King Sun’s.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 06.01.09 @

philly was very dj-centric…they and miami knew the cuts were key

Comment by planb 06.02.09 @

These are some nice examples of the-PHILLY REIGN of DJ KINGS,but where is-“SUPERNIGGER”by DJ CODE MONEY from SCHOOLLY’S:AM I BLACK ENOUGH FOR YOU?

Comment by R.Jones 06.02.09 @

It’s KRAK!! I once played this and a sucka asked if it was DJ Shadow. I wish groups would still give the DJ a track. I loved all of these. Also Moe Luv had a couple of nice joints.

Comment by farns 06.02.09 @

Philly always had the best dj tracks. Honorable mention to Grand Dragon KD, always loved his cuts on ‘Bring the beat back’.

Comment by 157 06.02.09 @

i always liked Miz does he have any songs with just him? and although hes not from philly Suga Shaft had a dope joint on the x-clan debut

Comment by Mercilesz 06.02.09 @

Philly DJ’s! damn i love the music philly makes, such an artistic city!

Comment by Matt 09.16.10 @

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