Prince Po Isn’t Mad At Nas, May Record New Organized Konfusion Songs

I’ve had this long-standing theory that Organized Konfusion felt some kind of way about Nas “taking inspiration” from their ‘Stray Bullet’ track for It Was Written‘s ‘I Gave You Power’.

Robbie: When Nas did ‘I Gave You Power’ did you take that as a compliment to ‘Stray Bullet’, or were you like, ‘Hang on a sec…’?

Prince Po: I take it as a compliment because anytime somebody gets an idea from something that you did, it’s an honor. Nas has been putting in so much work in the game and coming at people with so much jewels…I never heard him give us props for it, but that’s not what I’m in the game for. I’m not in the game looking for props. I know he was influenced by the song, and just to hear his song was just an honor in itself. I don’t get wrapped–up in ‘Why he ain’t shout us out?’ That’s stupid. We got bigger things to do, we got much more goals to reach.

Shoots the shit outta theory, doesn’t it? He also mentioned that he and Monch did a track together after doing some shows together:

Prince Po: There’s a record that I did with TomC3, we did a song on there called ‘Now and Then’ and Monch heard it and he was like, ‘Yo man, I really need to get on that song. I really want to put a verse on that song’. So I sent him the files and about a week later he sent me the song back and it sounds really good, man. The original version that I did on the Saga [of the Simian Samurai] album was called ‘Now and Then’ but we named this one ‘Then and Now’. It’s kinda cool how we flipped it, it’s a fun-sounding song. It’d be really crazy to just shock people with that whole Organized style. You can’t do that ‘Hypnotical Gases’ style no more because that’s for that time. There’s different ways to do it now and have fun with these kids, ‘cos they’re open. We talk constantly, at least once a week. So everything is wonderful, man.

Look out for the complete interview next week some time…

TomC3 & Prince Po – ‘Now and Then’

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I don’t know what the heck is out there in the ether but this is like the second time in a couple of weeks that you jumped ahead of me on a post that I was working on (Nas biting Organized). Kind of eerie. Looks like a good interview, too.

Comment by Vincent 06.09.09 @

this joint is dope..

anyone know where one can find that Saga album?

Comment by dj blendz 06.09.09 @

thats nice…reminds me of no main topic…cant wait to hear monch on that

Comment by Mercilesz 06.09.09 @

I figured as much with the Nas issue… and at the same time, I don’t think it’s much of a bite. Theirs was a traveling bullet whereas his was of a gun itself and the inside workings of a gun. It was def. “inspired by” moreso than a direct jack, at least in my opinion. Two dope records, regardless.

Po’s mentality on it is pretty cool, cause I’m sure some other rappers would harbor some kind of feeling over it had it been them.

Comment by DanjaMania 06.09.09 @

a well-adjusted emcee. shocker.

Comment by eric 06.09.09 @

honestly stray bullets has gotta be my fave ok track of all time… the beat and the rhymes are crazy…

Comment by er4se 06.09.09 @

Po is dope. Met him in Ohio a couple of months ago, and he was super humble and chill. It was also good seeing him on that Wu-Tang documentary.

I did initially feel a certain way after hearing Nas’ joint, but the power and shock value of both tracks is undeniable. Monch and Po ripped stray bullet, and Nas made I gave you power an ending with a twist. Both tracks are so crazy vivid…

Comment by dollarcool 06.10.09 @

Recent Pharoahe Interview discussing the track + organized stuff –

Comment by Walker 06.10.09 @

let’s not forget then Organized Konfusion did “Invetro” and Nas did his song on the same concept…forgot the title… I asked OK about both those songs when Interviewed them in ’97, I gotta dig that up and check what the response was…

Comment by kevin beacham 06.11.09 @

Tom C is a sav on the beats… his brother used to battle LORDS in SF in graff

Comment by zues 06.11.09 @

“Trilogy” on the last Monch album is similar to the earlier Nas song “Undying Love.”


Comment by gordon gartrelle 06.13.09 @

NAS did give organized konfusion props last year in an interview

Comment by Rush 01.04.10 @

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