Video: Nas Vs. Biggie – The Battle That Never Happened

Uptown tape king DJ Doo Wop threw me this exclusive blend video he made, which answers the question – What if Nas and Biggie had gone at each other on the same stage, verse for verse? Here’s how it might have gone down…

Who Would Have Won A Face-To-Face Battle Between Biggie and Nas?

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vid is cool but… really, who cares?

Comment by Des of The Killaz 06.17.09 @

On stage? Well, as a person who’s seen and participated in battles before, I can safely say Biggie woulda had that. Stage presence is something that plays a part in battling live, and Nas is notorious (no pun intended… well maybe a little) for his lack thereof. I think that on that alone, Big woulda got him. And also, I feel like if Big ever really engaged in directly going at somebody’s head on the mic, he PROBABLY woulda buried ‘em. Not that Nas wouldn’t go hard too… but Big woulda prob. had the edge on that as well.

Comment by DanjaMania 06.17.09 @

BUT… song-for-song, in ’96-’97… a lil’ more close to call.

Comment by DanjaMania 06.17.09 @

Nas has no charisma, Biggie sweated charisma. Album for album, Nas wins but in a street corner battle in say ’96, Biggie embarasses him!

Comment by chronwell 06.17.09 @

Nas Vs. Biggie – The Battle That Never Happened…

The good people over at Unkut were given an exclusive blend video by mixtape legend DJ Doo Wop , which poses the question – What if Nasir Jones and Christopher Wallace had gone at each other on the same stage, verse for verse? SickĀ  to say…

Trackback by The Official 06.17.09 @

off the head biggie would murk it but if your talkin’ tracks then its gotta be nas,.. although i havnt really enjoyed isht hes done since his 2nd album… but if you compare their two first albums nas is better track for track in my opinion… :)

Comment by RowanB 06.17.09 @



Comment by R 06.17.09 @

First, that damn Diddy and his dances are still Hysterical a decade later… but I say biggie woulda won it EASY! Illmatic and It was Written were dope albums BUT from the footage I’ve seen of Biggie’s performances… he woulda won the crowd over IMO.

Comment by Mikey McFly 06.17.09 @

I voted nas, just for his verse on Back To the Grill… on a side but related note… remember how on OBFCL Rae and Ghost were exposing BIG for biting Nas cover? well it has happened again… YakBallz latest effort “Gas Galaxy” is a direct bite, title and cover artwork of P Bros. “The Gas”…. peep this foul shit:

Comment by zues 06.17.09 @

It would have been Biggie all day!!!!!! But a nice battle indeed.On another note how many of y’all caught those darts(PUN)fired at Biggie in-DREAM SHATTERER????Now there’s your BATTLE for real!!!!!!!!!

Comment by R.Jones 06.17.09 @

Nas is my dude but Big would of won no question!

Comment by KellEl 06.17.09 @

What are these shots at Biggie on Dream Shatterer then? Bearing in mind the track came out over a year after Big’s death in would have been in spectacularly bad taste. The only link to Big on that track is ‘I’ll even let you rhyme to the Benjamin beat…’ but that’s just Pun cockily saying he’d make it easy for his (imaginary) rap rivals in a contest by generously giving them a dope track to freestyle to….

on the subject at hand, Lyrically Nas can be Godlike, but there’s no question Biggie would’ve ripped him to shreds – Biggie was a ‘star’ where as Nas is an ‘artist’.

Comment by don king 06.17.09 @

At R. Jones… that woulda been crazy… on record only though. You ever seen Pun perform on stage? Maaan, SKEE-LO could prob’ly top Pun on stage, just on the strength of being able to get thru two bars without getting winded.

Comment by DanjaMania 06.17.09 @

On stage? Biggie no question … did you ever hear that freestyle he did with Pac, Kane, and them? He totally ripped it … ! In terms of presence, few could top Biggie live! Nas doesn’t have3 that type of presence live. Now, if the battle were strictly on wax, then that would have been a much closer battle … but the question was who would rinse who on stage!!! Biggie, no question!!!

Comment by Brock 06.18.09 @

@ Danjamania-Lol,no doubt!!!!!!!

@Don King

that,”over the benjamins beat line,I theorize was a shot at B.I.G.,in preperation for a potential battle,never realized because of B.I.G.s death.The title alone:Dream Shatterer,”Dream”?As in it was all a…,Biggie verse:Christopher/real name Lucifer….Pun verse:Fakin like[you]Satan when I’m the real rapping abomination.The track alone sounds like Pun is addressing someone in particuliar,not emcees in general.God bless ‘em both,they were both great,…but back to B.I.G. he was hands done THE BEST in his GENERATION(not ever,but his generation) to do it,the most complete emcee package,and not surprisingly..the most HATED during his short reign.Nas is great in his own right,…but it would have been no contest.

Comment by R.Jones 06.18.09 @

this aint the today’s Nas cool,calm & collective….THIS WAS NASTY NAS ERA. So, dont give me that Biggie charisma BS because Nas was raw on stage back then

Comment by REAL TALK 06.20.09 @

Nas has no charisma, Thats straight bullsjit The man acts his Rhymes out on stage if he is in his zone /he will get emo and sjit…on stage …Big would flip it easy off da top off the dome and he was mad Live ….sjit ….i would not nooo i have to see that 1

Comment by IN_SITE 06.21.09 @

Considering Biggie is reputed the best rapper of all times, a 5% difference is not bad for Nas.
I still think he would have won (probably on wax, rather than live).

Comment by Antonio 06.22.09 @


need an MP3 of this joint tho…


Comment by Styles Bri 06.24.09 @

Biggie all day.. Nuff said

Comment by Ste 06.27.09 @

BIG – NAS doesn’t battle. even on wax he’s just lyrically clever

Comment by GOD IS 10.26.09 @

It’s like comparing Jehova to Allah, it can’t be done. They’re both amazing.

Comment by Informed Listener 06.16.10 @

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