Six Great Anti-Fudge Rap Songs

It was fun while it lasted, but it seems that Unkut’s title as the “home of homophobia in the hip-hop blogopshere” has been brought to a close by the arrival of Rap Gaydar, a new blog which lets readers submit their favorite suspect lyric or photo. As I pass the proverbial torch over to the new kings of this fudge rap thing, it’s only right that I do one final drop on the topic of ‘up the coat’ rap – or in this case, rap that throws teh ghey’s under a bus.

Lakey The Kid – ‘No Homo’

Still as brilliant as when I posted it back in 2006. Lake covers a variety of important issues here, from ‘down-low’ dudes giving broads the germ to dudes turning sweet after being locked-up and how Lake doesn’t want them dude’s hanging around his kids. Say word.

Audio Two – ‘Whatcha Lookin’ At?’

‘Word to Giz, I hate faggots! They livin’ in the Village like meat on some maggots!’ Thank goodness Milk didn’t live long enough to witness the rise of Skinny Jean rap. Oh, wait…

Big Daddy Kane feat. Nice & Smooth – ‘Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy’

‘The Big Daddy law is anti-faggot! That means no homosexuality, what’s in my pants will make you see reality!’ Truth be told, I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t follow-up with the old ‘bust a nut in your eye so you can see where I’m coming from’ line.

Brand Nubian – ‘Pass The Gat’

‘Shoot the faggot in the back for actin’ like that!’ It’s worth noting that he was talking about cops, but he upset a bunch of Vibe subscribers regardless.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – ‘Truly Yours’

‘Skin-tight Levis and even knee-highs’. It’s almost as if G Rap took a DeLorean into the future. ‘Gays today give V.D in 3-D’ *floor* This song actually got banned from New York radio after the flamers got their panties in a twist.

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Brand Nubian – ‘Georgie Porgie’

Woah! I mean settle down, dudes. It’s not that serious.

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you say that milk dee didnt live long enough to see skinny jeans..are you sayingg that milk has passed away? this is what I took from those words..smh

Comment by jake 07.06.09 @

You know what they say about dudes that dwell on this subject a little too much, right?

Comment by keatso 07.06.09 @

Nothing will ever beat Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye” (in a batty boy’s head). I mean how much more direct can you get?

Comment by Dave 07.06.09 @

Low Profile – Pay Ya Dues

“I knew a brother who used to dress just like a faggot. Real tight jeans, some boots, and leather jackets.”

Comment by Roy Johnson 07.06.09 @

yea and sound boy bureill which caused issues for smif n wessun..

Comment by dolo 07.06.09 @

“Countdown till the Morality Police comes for Robbie’s head” *Pause*(U know they already mad at the ‘skeezers’ post)


Comment by dj blendz 07.06.09 @

this topic is gettin kinda played. how about top six anything but this?

Comment by Mercilesz 07.06.09 @

Keatso, and you know what they say about people pointing out an obvious attempt by queers to get even with people calling them out? Keep packing that fudge you mark.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 07.06.09 @

^You really gonna go with fudge packer on that one?

Comment by keatso 07.06.09 @

Hey, I just found Unkut awhile back. Great interviews, a true home for real rap. But wtf with this homophobic crap? I mean, aren’t there bigger things to worry? Totally true, by the way, that the most homphobic guys usually have some unresolved gay issues. Good luck with that, Robbie…

Comment by Ben 07.06.09 @

Now I wasnt dissing my dude Robbie (no homo..see what I did there HA! GET IT?), just saying…

Comment by keatso 07.06.09 @

“You know what they say about dudes that dwell on this subject a little too much, right?”

Got a point there…

Comment by DanjaMania 07.06.09 @

Deep inside, everyone knows the score.

This is about promoting negativity over positivity. This is about oppression verse liberation. And most of you are clearly voting for negativity and oppression.

That’s fucking sad.

Robbie and his Zombies would rather spread negativity and keep the world in mental handcuffs. Honestly, I just straight up feel sorry for all of you homophobes who have a chance to learn and be open minded… but instead you choose to promote violence and discrimination.

Especially Black people should be sensitive to discrimination. But alas, most men — of all races — are weak. If you were a strong person, you would stand up for people. But you are weak.

Comment by eric 07.06.09 @

As I mentioned, this is the final of my hate-fueled rants. Can’t I “get it in” one final time, before I put an “end” to such topics and “step to the rear” with my upsetting attitudes?

Comment by Robbie 07.06.09 @

told u the Morality Police(also known as the Thought Police) will shut u down Rob…

Now remember people no more gay,race,fat jokes or OFF TO JAIL u go..As a matter of fact if u EVEN THINKING of that type of joke,then off to the PEN u go(Minority Report, anyone?)

Comment by dj blendz 07.06.09 @

From one zombie to the next…..

who gives a _______ who is GGGGY or not!!!!
its all in the lyrics right?? ‘Truly Yours’
was over the top exceptional,from the Kool Genius
of Rap… anything else is meaningless….

Does defects in ones cognitive function really compare to slavery or civil rights???

The double-speak lately has been to actually compare the history of African(s) people and or
descendants struggle with that of people(s) that
have always been liberated(White Europeans that are openly gay).Black people here in Amerikkka are the ones in mental handcuffs (2009)!!!Where were you in (1619)??…..

I love debates and battles, i discriminate against weak men of all races who act strong but deep down are really sensitive _______’you fill in the blank space’….

In any event, thank god Tribe did not use that version on LOW END….. we probably would not have heard albums 3 and 4.

P.S. – We can chop it up further over on my blog if any feelings got bruised.

Comment by supreme 07.06.09 @

Hey Robbie,
I never new you had so many fags visit this site.
You know what they say about dudes that say you know what they say about dudes that dwell on the subject….
Word to Fat Joes man Ski… Faggeeettttt!

Comment by BIG HOCK 07.07.09 @

^Fuck you

Comment by keatso 07.07.09 @

Really though, the fact that someone can’t post about a subject without getting attacked is big brother-esque. Good luck in the work camps you sheeple.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 07.07.09 @

your right topic is kinda played!… But these Fruity Mcfruitcakes are still rappin aint they? :)

Comment by RowanB 07.07.09 @

It’s hardly Big Brother or Thought Police.

No one is calling for censorship.

I always fight for a person’s right to speak their mind.

It’s pretty sad to see homophobes assume the role of victims. That’s like saying white people are the victims of the Civil Rights movement.

Everyone benefits from tolerance except those who seek the freedom to actively inflict pain upon others.

Comment by eric 07.07.09 @

First off, homophobia does not exist. It was a term made up by liberal whites to make themselves feel even more guilty than they already do about everything. The term itself means fear of homosexuals. No one on this board is afraid of gays. I just think many of us are afraid of our music becoming gay.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 07.07.09 @

OK… then let’s call it what it is…

“Stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and violence against people with unconventional sexual preferences.”

we can disagree on terms. we can disagree on the history. hey, we could call racism “blackophobia”. or we could disagree on that. we could disagree on the history of the Civil Rights movement.

But that doesn’t change the raelity on the ground.

Comment by eric 07.07.09 @

“Shut up sheeple!!!”

The Thought Police hath spoken…

‘Now off to the pen!!!’

Comment by dj blendz 07.07.09 @

Well “homo” the prefix means the same or alike. and phobia means fear of. So the word was made up. Its bugged cuz Gay folks dont like when u say the word “homo” but use the word homophobia which in english terminology has nada to do with gays..

Comment by dolo 07.07.09 @

^^u done f-ed up now Dolo,u done went and used the “H” word…the Thought Police gonna send u straight to the gulag for that

Comment by dj blendz 07.07.09 @

go ahead… play the victim. it’s the oldest routine in the book. it’s what hitler did. it’s what the KKK did. it’s what the Christian Right does.

as i’ve mentioned before, if this were about race, no one would call me “thought police” or “big brother”. tolerance of race is a human right. yet tolerance of sexuality is somehow a sinister plan?? i mean… think about that for a second.

how is tolerance a threat????

that makes no sense.

Comment by eric 07.07.09 @

yep in between playin my kool g rap records and chillin in the pj’s i attend kkk meetings on sundays…tolerance isn’t a threat,but telling people what is and isn’t acceptable speech’s called FASCISM,and it comes dressed in a cute little dress

Comment by dj blendz 07.07.09 @

i am not telling anyone what to say, do, feel, or think.

i do not support censorship.

i support free speech.

i do not seek to silence anyone.

i am only giving my opinion, and if you disagree in a thoughtful manner, i can respect that.

trust me, i know that my comments probably won’t change a damn thing. but i feel compelled to say something because maybe there is a slight chance i could change one person’s opinion on this subject. that’s all. i’m not trying to shut anyone down.

people have given their opinions. if the discussion is over, i will go away. ain’t no big thing.

Comment by eric 07.07.09 @

I always thought tolerance was a wack word….I dont tolerate yall I respect yall. Whats up with Respect? And who cares about anti gay lyrics? well except gay rap fans of course. But thats besides the point. Its just records,entertainment, Im sure we all got gay relatives and friends. I hang out with 2 gay women and they are both cool as hell. Oh but thats acceptible right? ha ha…whatever the case may be gay people are still people. Now check this and this goes everything I believe in as a beat digger but but ima do it anyway. BDK the anti faggot right? One of his hottest beats ever was,the intro to taste of chocolate , yeah u know what Im talkin about the beat Lil kim jacked him for…it was made by Sylvester an openly gay disco singer who used to dress in drag. Terminator X to the edge of panic intro? Co-Flow Infokill…those two samples are from Queen…we all know freddie mercury was openly gay.Foxy Brown sampled George Michael and u know hes gay. I mean it’s just entertainment…u know these dudes arent taking themselves seriously so u shouldn’t either. peace

Comment by Mercilesz 07.07.09 @

goes against everything i believe in my bad

Comment by Mercilesz 07.07.09 @

You all are gay (tight jeans steez) for arguing so much. We all know LL Cool J is the gay rapper. Done. FInished. Nothing More to Say. Move on.

KRS had that one homo encounter freestyle but Im pretty sure he’s not gay.

Comment by H.R. Paperstaxxx 07.07.09 @

I know it might be hard to imagine a straight person sticking up for gay folks. but it does happen.

the difference between respect and tolerance is subtle, but important.

What about religion? Should we only tolerate those religions that we respect?

What about Civil Rights? Civil Rights doesn’t legislate respect, it legislates tolerance. For example, you may not like or respect me… but you can’t deny me a job because of my skin color. That’s tolerance, not respect. The law requires tolerance, not respect. You can still have a low opinion of that person. You can still be a member of a racist organization. But if you want to keep your job, you must tolerate others. That’s the law. Go ahead… call it Big Brother.

It is also illegal to discriminate in this way against gay folks. in fact, most countries with anti-racism laws also have laws against sexual discrimination.

i can respect anyone who — like Mercilesz — has the decency to at least have a civil dialog.

Comment by eric 07.07.09 @

You know what they say about dudes that dwell on this subject a little too much, right?
Comment by keatso 07.06.09 @

Yo, not just that, but how many posts has Robbie had with shirtless Freddie Foxxx and other motherfuckers calling one more hardbody than the next? Robbie got nutz on the brain. Gayer than Cool Kids.

Comment by magoo 07.07.09 @

Robbie wrote:
“Thank goodness Milk didn’t live long enough to witness the rise of Skinny Jean rap”

so did Milk Dee pass away or i misunderstood that?

Wonder how soon till they’ll have “censor moderators” on websites making sure people SAY the right things.i could defitinely see that coming,and the ironic thing is it’s gonna be done by well-meaning people who are naive and easily manipulated…Civil enough for u?

Comment by dj blendz 07.08.09 @

@blendz… at least we agree that censorship is not the way to go. i think it is bad to censor homophobic lyrics.

That said… many websites already do have moderators who censor homophobic content. And I also disagree with censorship in that context.

That said, at the end of the day, you would be hard pressed to say that gays are threatening straight people. There is no such thing as “straight-bashing”. Nobody gets beat up for being straight. Nobody loses a job for being straight.

I should point out that before Civil Rights, white people portrayed themselves as victims of the liberal elite. They claimed to be under attack. They said their “way of life” was threatened.

Somehow, when the government decided to protect people of color, it was a threat to racists. Go figure.

Comment by eric 07.08.09 @

Unkut labels itself as a ‘tribute to ignorance’. The shit written here is sposed to celebrate that non progressive hip hop ish and the attitude that came with it.

To take everything written here completely seriously is…you’re missing the point.

Comment by t-bone 07.08.09 @

If you read Robbies comment on Milk Dee, it ended with “oh wait”…Milk recently resurfaced the the Bklyn Hip Hop festival, alive and well.

Comment by keatso 07.08.09 @


you could also see the tagline as ironic — and as having more than one meaning.

Yes, rap lyrics (of any time period) are full of “ignorance”. And yes, Robbie covers this side of hip hop.

The tagline could also be seen as a “Tribute to Ignorance” [of others, including other writers].

A third interpretation could be that Robbie covers slept-on artists, those ignored by the mainstream.

But to me, the “Tribute” tagline is basically a boast saying, “This goes out to all you wack writers.” It’s a dis.

Note: the new tagline is “Cold Gettin Dumb On You Crumbs.” It is also a dis.

Comment by eric 07.08.09 @

I used to fuck guys like you in prison

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.08.09 @

is that a pickup line or something?

Comment by eric 07.08.09 @

smh @ this whole thread. Get a room!

Comment by Robbie 07.08.09 @

so many faggots getting butt-hurt over this…

gay cunts

Comment by AFFEX 07.10.09 @

Big Daddy Kane was so ‘anti-faggot’ that he not only posed for Playgirl (which has always had a notoriously high gay readership), but also pulled off the amazing feat of being photographed with his hand up Madonna’s minge and still managing to look like an absolute bell-end in his Delbert Wilkins pants and his socks still on. And as we all know, Madonna has a ridiculous following amongst gay chaps.

So fair play to the Smooth Operator for giving so many people he professes to hate the pictorial stimulus to fantasise about giving him a proper grudge-fucking.

Comment by I know you are, but what am I? 07.10.09 @

Luckily, there are people like me, who kick dipshits like you in the fucking teeth, should I witness you saying this sort of thing in public. Perhaps you’ll some day see that you’re no better than early 20th century Klan-backed country music promoters — people like me will enjoy kicking you in said teeth either way… or gladly watch you shrivel to some moron stuck in his teens who at some point only dares to express his feelings on the internet like so many LiveJournal users. I hope that I or somebody like me happens to come across you before that happens, however.

Comment by Sterling 07.15.13 @

Not all gay people wear skinny jeans and not all gay people soft. All this stereotyping shit shows me how dumb y’all motherfuckers are.

Comment by Sista E 08.28.14 @

If a white dude made a song casually referencing beating up or hating black people, they would be instantly ostracized from everything. In hip hop in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, if you don’t advocate that stuff about gay people…you’re a siss. It’s stupid, homo-hating is stupid.

Comment by Omar 09.29.14 @

Is that Omar from the Wire?

Comment by turtle 09.29.14 @

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