Six Lost Black Rob Joints

As the man himself once said, “Your arms too short to box with Rob”. Fresh back from another “vacation”, B.R. just hit us with a new one, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to dip back into his extensive catalog of mixtape/unreleased burners.

Black Rob – Long Live Black Rob (Original)

A number of songs from The Black Rob Report fell victim to sample issues and had to be replayed for the retail release. This is one of best.

Black Rob – Make It Hot

Taking you back to that Craig Mack/Ready To Die Bad Boy era of moody beats and Puffy‘s constant adlibs.

Black Rob – Questions & Answers

Best B.R. song evah. ‘I heard you punched a certain CEO in his mouth?’

Black Rob – The Bone Crusher

A.K.A. ‘Gun Clappin’, another lead-up to the second album.

Black Rob feat. Biggie – Jeans and Sneakers

The B.I.G. verse from an advertising spot he did for a clothing store is kinda pointless, but Rob is outstanding on this.

Black Rob – Whoa (Easy Mo Bee Remix)

This remix never coming out officially is whoa.

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Maybe one of the most underrated rappers in the game. Life Story was a classic from front to back…

Comment by Keyboard K 07.27.09 @

WORD TO GOD, Black Rob is the truth!!! been tellin niggas this for mad years. come on, he got the biggie co-sign. i been pumpin robb report all week long. Black Rob definitely one of the most slept on. LIfe Story got 5 mics…one of my top 10 albums. is BR home????

loyal fan. ALLUMNI NIGGA!

Comment by YA MOMS 07.27.09 @

“is BR home?”

Comment by Robbie 07.27.09 @

“LIfe Story got 5 mics…”

Close, it got 4.5 mics.

Comment by Vincent 07.27.09 @

Bad boy records need a rap comeback
cuz wit Black Rob, LOX & Aasim
that can be three fucking
dope LP for sure !

Comment by R 07.27.09 @

Red Café too

Comment by R 07.27.09 @

He’s up there with Ghosface as far as catalogues of unreleased gems go.

Fuck alternate demo versions of Runaway Slave recorded on dictaphones in Party Arty’s (R.I.P) toilet – someone needs to put out that 1991 shelved Black Rob LP which Automator did, ’cause Da Smoothness is incredible.

Comment by MF 07.27.09 @

BR Report was ill…

Comment by Casey 07.27.09 @

i didn’t know automator did a black rob lp, automator has the midas touch, although kool keith might have you believe that its his lyrics that do the production justice, red cafe is tight, but i only really liked that song with termanology and mims, i think he had a mixtape which was so-so, i expected more

Comment by gstatty 07.27.09 @

I have the OG mix of “You Dont Know Me” on tape somewhere…it was much nicer. “Jasmine” is also my joint. Cant forget the freestyles he did over “Who Got the Props”, “Looking at the Front Door” etc – classic.

Comment by Canns 07.27.09 @

Here’s Da Smoothness, the only track that’s ever been released from it :

Comment by MF 07.27.09 @

I’ve been looking for a Kay Slay drop-free version of “Questions and Answers” since it first came out. I know it exists cause it was on a promo copy I heard but never received. If anyone has it, holler at your boy. Most def. the best BR track evah. Charlemagne on the beat, I believe.

Comment by Jesse Serwer 07.27.09 @

‘smoothness’ is dope. reminds me of k-solo a bit.

Comment by KQ 07.27.09 @

“Jasmine” is also my joint


He murdered that shit

Comment by Keyboard K 07.27.09 @

Damn…and i didnt even mention the Future Flavaz remix of “You Dont Know Me” in my first post (the shame)…!

Comment by Canns 07.28.09 @

These should have stayed lost.

Comment by TheBeAllEndAll 07.28.09 @

And also in that pic, he is wearing a Canadian Tuxedo.

Comment by TheBeAllEndAll 07.28.09 @

Yeah man… B.R. was def. on his shit. He’s really one of the last to make descriptive stories a key part of his repertoire.

and yeah, Bad Boy def. needs to go in with the hip-hop artists now… someone has to salvage the fact that BB’s most recent act of any relevance is a group of dudes who cried more than Danity Kane did.

Comment by DanjaMania 07.28.09 @

Great post, PURE HEATERS, i never heard any of this shit (except for the jeans & sneakers track)

Comment by Maul Pooney 07.28.09 @

Somebody needs to upload Kay Slay’s “The Return of Black Rob”

Comment by ADVENT 07.28.09 @

Good post. Yeah, my favorite is the first cut as well. Keep doing y’all thing! GOD BLESS PEace

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 07.28.09 @

I’ll send Robbie some No DJ version of those BR tracks (including Qs & As) … I’m looking for one track called “Welcome Back” with Phenom, NO DJ version if anyone has it.

Comment by Ammo 07.29.09 @

@Ammo: Good shit. If you’ve got the OG ‘B.L.A.C.K.’ and ‘Time To Ride’ also.

Comment by Robbie 07.29.09 @

@Robbie anyone have a no DJ version of “how you move like that” ? that track is brilliant.

Comment by ADVENT 07.29.09 @

That Dirty 30 track BR was on was fire too…

Comment by 357 NYC 07.29.09 @

@Robbie: Yeah I also have it. Here is one unreleased track that I think is dope. “Hell Bound” from The Alumni (Black Rob’s group w/ G Dep, Beloved, Aasim, Ness, Bristal) featuring Lord Tariq & John DOE (Timbaland’s artist) over the infamous “Take Em To War” sample.

@everybody: I’ll be able to send those tracks on sunday.

Comment by Ammo 07.30.09 @

yo if u got some black rob’s tapes, street joints and unreleased ish and dope remix …
DROP IT PLEASE, WE need that so much ! foshizzle
thxinad yall

Comment by R 07.30.09 @

Black Rob Is So Fuckin Underated

Comment by Jay 07.30.09 @

BLACK ROB live from the eastside freestyle…over the BEANIE SIGEL. I FEEL IT IN THE AIR….

illest shit ever…

Comment by ya moms 07.31.09 @

Nice to see so many BR heads. Anyone have that joint “By a Stranger” with BR, Labba & Illacoin? Stretch Armstrong version of it is on GTA III with just BR verse, I think.

Comment by Surf 08.03.09 @

I think being down with Bad Boy is a minus for this guy. He def is a beast w lyrics/flow but bad boy shenanigans keep him from being more widely repped.IMO.

Comment by ButtFaceMaster 08.09.09 @

I also tryin to find a copy of that black rob joint over “feel it in the air”. i thought the web was like muhammed, a bit gay but something for everyone.

Comment by arKK 05.10.10 @

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