5 Primo Beats Wasted On Wack Wenches…And 5 Dope Dames Who Delivered

Over the course of his extensive career being the boards, DJ Premier has served-up some knockin’ tracks to a handful of chick rappers. Here are a selection of the best and worst of these (Heather Hunter gets a pass, obviously).


Charli Baltimore – ‘Everybody Wanna Know’

All I wanna know is how she convinced Biggie, Ghostface and Preme to work with her….oh, right.

Bahamadia – ‘Three The Hard Way’

Some people rate this Philly gal as a great MC. To me, she sounds like a fuckin’ Gremlin.

Cookie Crew – ‘A Word To The Conscious’ (Gangstarr Remix)

Unlike Samantha Fox, Brits + Tits = Bullshit.

Paula Perry – ‘Extra, Extra’

I used to rate Paula as having a little spit to her. I must’ve been tree’d up.

Sonja Blade – ‘Looking 4 Tha Name’

Imagine if O.C. had got on this? That beat change is serious.


MC Lyte – ‘Wonder Years’

Milk & Giz’s sis hasn’t missed a step. ‘The female G Rap‘ is a bit much, though.

Rah Digga – ‘Lessons of Today’

MILF and mic mauler Dirty Harriet comes correct here.

Lady of Rage – ‘Unfuckwittable’

Afro Puffs were almost added to the Kellogg’s cereal family at the height of the G-Funk Era.

Heather B – Steady Rockin ‘Guilty’

Best reality show rapper ever?

Queen Latifah – ‘Wrath of My Madness’ (Remix)

Doesn’t surpass the 45 King version, but a worthy update for Dana’s introduction to the world of showbiz.

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pussy >

Comment by nation 08.26.09 @

Wow… not sure about the Paula and Bahamadia choices. Those were dope. I’m not a Bahamadia fan at all, but she made a few bangers, “Three The Hard Way” being one of ’em.

I thought that Heather track was ASS. Ironically, he gave Rah Digga one of his lamest beats ever- maybe he shoulda gave her the Charli track…


Comment by DANJ! 08.26.09 @

Bleh, MC Lyte is a serious winner. That beat was rejected by Jay-Z haha.

Comment by gimantalon 08.26.09 @

You Forgot Christina Aguhoweva you spell it. She murked his beats.

Comment by Benhameen 08.26.09 @

@DANJ!: Yeah, I might put that other Heather B track up instead. Guilty > Steady Rockin.

Comment by Robbie 08.26.09 @

Bahamadia “Three Tha Hard Way” a waste? nah bro, u wrong on that 1. that track is a damn classic!

And that Sonja Blade joint is real dope!

Comment by Brandan E. 08.26.09 @

I thing anything Premo does is dope but thats just me…

Comment by 357 NYC 08.26.09 @

Niggas need to jack that Sonja Blade beat for some mixtape tracks.

Comment by Eastern_Digital 08.26.09 @

I ‘unno, i think that beat was totally wasted on Lyte circa ’06.

Lyte back in the late 80s talkin’ slick, yeah; Lyte in the mid 00’s rapping about how drinking water has saved her from the savagery of the ageing process that’s befallen other female rappers, I think I’ll pass.

Would’ve been a great track for AZ circa The Format.

Comment by MF 08.26.09 @

I’m feelin the remixes he did for these 2 ladies. The first for janet jackson and the second one is one for a Japanese singer named Pushim:



Comment by JP 08.26.09 @

Wonder Years is dopeness

Comment by R 08.26.09 @

gotta disagree with Lady Rage and Heather B. And the Charlie Baltimore, Bahamadia and Sonya Blade ones were dope.

Comment by Da 08.26.09 @

he should give Apani B Fly a beat cause she ripps up Sanything shes on..

Comment by 357 NYC 08.26.09 @

Yo I love this site, I usually agree wit yall BUT YALL ARE BUGGIN on this one. BAHAMADIA and those other jawns killed that preem beat for 3 the hard way. Paula Perry Extra,Extra dopeness. LMAO! Lady of RAGE? C’mon Son.

Comment by broad street bastid 08.26.09 @

3 the hard way is a banger

Comment by Knuckz 08.26.09 @

Call me what you will, but Bahamadia’s Kollage gets spins to this day.

Comment by openheads 08.26.09 @

Paula Perry was DOPE on Slaughterhouse, but after that she became kind of a poor man’s Foxy Brown.

Comment by Finally 08.26.09 @

“Three The Hard Way” was a pure banger. Is you serious?? Sonja Blade was boring though, she sounded like she wanted to be E-V-E.

Comment by P-Matik 08.26.09 @

Primo and Guru did a track with Neneh Cherry. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

You also forgot the Heather Hunter track Primo did.

Primo if you’re reading this you’re still my GOAT though.

Comment by haroon 08.26.09 @

None of these tracks are wack, and IMO all the chicks do an admirable job rhyming on them. That track Guilty for Heather B is a fucking instant classic. That Bahamadia is equally as dope, especially Preem’s gem “True Honeybuns”. That Sunja Blade shit is nuts too. Don’t sleep.

Comment by bruceCT 08.26.09 @

The other two chicks make 3 The Hard Way dope, Bahamadia’s whispers are annoying though. I’ve always thought that was one of the greatest Primo track. That Sonja Blade track is also crazy dope, would have made a straight classic for a posse-cut like them Crooklyn Dodger joint…

Comment by ceedub 08.26.09 @

Man you’re trippin! C. Baltimore can spit. I’ve been trying to get my hands on that first (unreleased) album. I wish this bitch would come back out, she sounds raw as hell on her newer shit, plus I would BEAT that shit up.

Comment by hook 08.26.09 @

^^u might find her at the local car wash

Comment by dj blendz 08.26.09 @

Kollage was dope but BB Queen & everything else has been pretty wack…She had the big Gang Starr Foundation support in the beginning though n that Total Wreck single/video were fuckin ill.

Comment by 357 NYC 08.26.09 @

Like most of the others already said, I think Paula Perry and Bahamadia’s tracks were good. Man, I forgot how dope that Latifah remix was. I heard the original version on the radio last week, and that is equally dope.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 08.26.09 @

Anything Preem laces > The next man’s shit.

Comment by J Smalls 08.26.09 @

great post! haven’t heard half of these

Comment by sheriff rosco 08.26.09 @

I totally disagree here Robbie. “3 the Hard Way”s a dope song on an otherwise unlistenable album. No doubt that “Extra Extra” could’ve been hotter with a different MC- but I thought she was more than servicable there. Charli killed that track. I remember when it came out on the Trippin’ soundtrack. She was also dope on “NBC” on the Rush Hour sdtk (don’t quote me on that). When I saw the post’s title I automatically assumed both the Charli and Lyte tracks would be considered dope… I guess not.

Comment by danielbeaulieu 08.27.09 @

we need to see a Premo and Jean Grae collabo album!!!

Comment by jedblak 08.27.09 @

reckon he’s ever sold a beat to a major corporation? like coca cola or sumthin?

Comment by pocketaces 08.27.09 @


Comment by yeahyeah 08.27.09 @

God Damn! Three The Hard Way is da best all-female posse cut I can think of in my 20+years of listenin to hip hop (sorry Robbie..) I’ve got a copy of dat Tropea jazz record “To Touch You Again” Premo chopped up for Heather B’s Guilty sitting here in my room: http://www.dustygroove.com/item.php?id=b5brzyhjqt

that song was one of my favorites in early 2000:

Comment by JR 08.28.09 @

I would switch the MC Lyte and the Sonja Blade. MC Lyte is tolerable nowadays, but she ain’t where she was. Sonja Blade isn’t phenomenal or anything but she comes harder on this than 90% of the males Primo has ever worked with. Blade here >>>> Guru’s career, to say nothing of Afu-Ra, Group Home or Big Shug.

That Rah Digga beat is one of Primo’s worst. Tragic — Digga is great. Would have loved to hear Pacewon & Young Zee over Primo at the height of the Outz era.

I fucks with Bahamadia, but mostly for the silky voice.

What I wanna know is how ANY of these broads have managed to nab Primo beats when he’s yet to work with Ghostface or Raekwon even ONCE.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 08.29.09 @

Heather B murks everything, I wish she still had a career.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 08.29.09 @

did u just say sonja blade over Guru’s career?? let me get what u smokin over there,that’s some good shit lol

Comment by dj blendz 08.29.09 @

this list a lil off.
and that Rah Digga beat is one of Premo’s illest….she killed. Like most said already the “3 the Hard..” is striaght classic banger…got to be a personal reason for anyone to claim that’s wack

Comment by JaY 08.30.09 @

Um, that Bahamadia track still gets a lot of spins in the low key clubs and lounges. K-Swift ripped that track too. Paula Perry’s joint was a favorite of DJ’s, including Funk Flex.

Comment by Mike 08.30.09 @

how about that byata is the illest track dat yeahyeah mentioned? that beat is fucking ill. niggas need to check dat

Comment by wow 08.31.09 @

can somebody upload once again “Wasted” songs?
btw. Sonja Blade is so fly.. imagine what she have to do with preem for that beat!!

salute from Croatia

Comment by Baoss 09.05.09 @

3 the hard way banger no doubt brah!!

Comment by el 03.24.11 @

Yo! Three the Hard Way is a banger all day every day. The Paula Perry and Sonja Blade tracks still get banged too.

Comment by Dubplate 02.12.15 @

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