Blame Biz Markie – Six Songs That Couldn’t Get Samples Cleared

Once the domain of the white label bootleg 12″, thanks to the internets we can now track down high-quality versions of all the tracks that had to be re-recorded, re-played or just plain re-made from scratch because the label couldn’t afford to pay for the loop or were faced with a ball-breaking situation where the original artist hated rap or some shit.

AZ – ‘Your World Don’t Stop’

If this version had made Doe Or Die. it would have been the best track on the album.

Akinyele – ‘In The World’

Large Pro flipped this Gwen McGrea loop for Tragedy‘s ‘Funk Mode’ as well. Both versions got canned.

Big Pun – ‘The Dream Shatterer’

Buckwild‘s version was remade by Domingo for Pun’s debut, but this version was eventually cleared for the posthumous Endangered Species collection.

Black Rob – ‘B.L.A.C.K.’

Like much of Banco‘s second record, the retail mix was unfortunately replayed on a keyboard.

Ghostface Killah – ‘Ghost Deini’

This version sports a dramatic piano riff that’s a perfect fit for Tony Starks’ tales of chain snatching.

Nas – ‘Hope’

A&R: ‘Yo Nas, we can’t get this green-lighted for the album’
Nas: ‘Meh, throw on the accapella’.
A&R: ‘Umm….OK, I guess’.

Download all six

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YO! the AZ and AK joints need to be flipped!… otherwise great post…

Comment by dirtykics 08.12.09 @

you should’ve included the gangstarr “doe in advance” joint and ghostface “maxine”.

Comment by wize 08.12.09 @

Az and Ak joints for those who listened to Stretch and Bob in the mid nineties best songs on the post and I like that Nas too. I got that Ak joint on white label though. I loved Funk Mode remix so when that dropped it was over…had to cop….thats the b-side of put it in your mouth og btw. anotha joint i loved that didnt get or shouldnt get cleared but was pure fire was the og La La also on white label…I liked the marley version but the og was just so tough.

Comment by Mercilesz 08.12.09 @

It’s a blessing the o.g Dream Shatterer beat got shelved ’cause it’s little more than a passable album track, whereas mk.2 is an all-time classic which makes you

Another rare example of sample clearance actually providing a better second version is Me And My Bitch. Never understood the love for the dull original of that.

Comment by MF 08.12.09 @

dope joints

Comment by R 08.12.09 @

great article, gonna download these shits!

Comment by JP 08.12.09 @

i may be trippin from too much og kush, but i am pretty sure that you posted the album version of ghost deini

Comment by b 08.12.09 @

the OG version of Nas ‘Streets Disciple’ was just him rhymin over the ‘Road To Riches’ beat and was heavy. After hearing that, the album version sucked.

Comment by step one 08.12.09 @

beat ghost deini = beat ruthless bastards – bastards (1998)

Comment by EL pres 08.12.09 @

That version of “World Dont Stop” by AZ has always been a favorite since I heard it on a Mr. Cee Mixtape back when. I was fortunate enough to catch it on a white label (at Rock and Soul?). I think it got the instrumental on there too. The sample is ill, too-Lou Donaldson, “Youre welcome, stop on by”.
Is it true this was the first song AZ did post “Lifes a bitch”? If so, it seems espeically true that this version didnt get cleared seemed to be a serious set back to his career.

Comment by keatso 08.12.09 @

I remember that AZ joint…it was listed as a remix on a few mixtapes… yeah that ak was definately the funk mode joint by trag & havoc, remember that from the dream team days,the ghostface, that beat was for a group called ruthless bastards off the 1st wu tang swarm compilation….niggas dont do it like this no more…ahhh the 90’s man!

Comment by Ay! 08.12.09 @

That Ghost Deini beat was flipped by Mighty Mi for Cage and Copywrites Holier Than Thou track

Comment by Vega 08.12.09 @

Just reading under the Youtube comments for this AZ track that “they wanted 30,000 to clear the sample… 1995….that was out of the budget back then”

Comment by keatso 08.12.09 @

I was feelin that Big Pun Dream Shatterer original mix, but IMO b rob had a superior joint(none) with that same sample: I Dare You(plus the video was fuckin crazy….BUT LIBK nobody fuckin with Puns opening dream shatterer verse- every night before bed u see the “BP” shot off the boardhead** make his whole body jerk back/hand him his purse back** yikes

Comment by nowimwhatuwouldcallagoodboy 08.12.09 @

i was trippin….guess i just had this version always

Comment by b 08.12.09 @

It is a damn shame that AZ never got that cleared because I always thought that was his best song. The beat and sample are ridiculous

Comment by BIGSPICE 08.12.09 @

ghost – deni
blame dianna ross she must not like hip hop

Comment by s.b 08.12.09 @

aint heard that az joint in years!

also LMAO at that Nas & A&R ‘exchange’..i could definitely see that happenin haha..if there was ever a mc who needed help pickin beats,Nas would b right up there

Comment by dj blendz 08.12.09 @

^ Nas also has horrible choices in clothing (leather doo rags?). Kelis told him to step his game up.
AZ/Lou Donaldson beat here:

Comment by keatso 08.12.09 @

Yeah that Ghost beat was def used by Ruthless Bastards first. It was also on the UK version of Supreme Clienetele, I think.

Too bad that Az track never got cleared it’s way better than the other version. Would have been one of the best tracks on Doe Or Die, dunno about the best.

Been looking for that Lou Donaldson track but can’t find it, I like the Bobby Womack, though.

Comment by silent minority 08.12.09 @

Sorry Robbie, but “Your World Don’t Stop” ain’t fuckin’ with “Uncut Raw” or “Rather Unique”.

Comment by Guy Fawkes 08.12.09 @

Dope post. Just hearing the Ak song gets me amped. How Large Pro flipped and programmed that sample was great. Thanks. GOD BLESS. Peace Thanks for the other joints as well.

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 08.12.09 @

Not to brag but I do got an original one-sided Columbia Records Test pressing of that AZ joint stashed in the crates somewhere….

Comment by ian 08.12.09 @

tracks dosent work anymore.

Comment by philblunt 08.13.09 @

The AZ track is ridiculous…I second Guy..and don’t forget about gimme yours..

Comment by Jheri Curl Jenkins 08.13.09 @

Can somebody please find the original come on mfkr cone on joint that Biggie and Sadat x rock on the do woop and s&s mixtapes. It didn’t make the last B.I.G album. It was a lackluster rmx. The original contained an ahmad jamal sample that blackmoon and gangstarr rocked. P.s wtf was that song grouphome did at the end of tony touches 50 emcees mixtape?! Some ole ‘we some bad mofo’s’ ish

Comment by BINGRIM 08.13.09 @

Just remembered 2 other joints that got cock blocked by sample clearance: The Souls of Mischief track “cabfare” that samples Bob James theme to Taxi ( and then there was Royal Flush’s “Rotten Apple” that sampled Dave Grusin (

Comment by keatso 08.13.09 @

Here goes the Royal Flush link

Comment by keatso 08.13.09 @

Anybody got a link for that-Doug E.Fresh:”Cut that zero”(beat remix),that uses 45 King’s break-Cool?I know this track is ancient,but that remix(which is the video version by the way)was never made available except on”12″.Peace.

Comment by R.Jones 08.14.09 @

that Nas track is crazy.

Comment by undressingHER 08.14.09 @

Fuckin dope selection…

Comment by BIG HOCK 08.14.09 @

That version of Your World Don’t Stop was eventually released on AZ’s Decade double cd. The Black Rob song is crazy; easily my favorite out of these six. Hearing this version of In the World by Ak takes me back; Stretch Armstrong used to play that all the time. Nostalgia.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 08.14.09 @

Someone should tell Godfather Don that his song, “Status” might be in trouble if the wrong people find out (uses the sample as the Black Rob song).

Comment by J. Pitts 08.14.09 @

@J. Pitts- GFD also used it for “Forever”. And Buckwild used it for a remix of Big L “MVP”. And, shit, mad people sampled that Cr**aders song.

Comment by verge 08.15.09 @

man, why ain’t AZ get that?!?!?! lol….

always liked the orignal version of “Dream Shatterer” more….

Nas really played himself by not pursuing that “Hope” joint….shit is insane….

great post….

Comment by BIG D O 08.16.09 @

Is’nt that nas Jawn just a blend with DJ Day’s track? The instro came a good minute before HHID

Comment by Goon Gas 08.17.09 @

Robbie: Did “In the World” come out on something? Promo? I swear to god – I have this on something, somewhere but for the life of me, can’t remember what it is.

Comment by OW 08.17.09 @

At least Nas’ “buddy” Jigga got a chance to rap over that sample on Maybach Music..

Comment by Krisch 08.17.09 @

Trendz of Culture filpped that Black Rob shit first…

Comment by jay 08.25.09 @

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