Can A Grown Man Still Be A Rap Fan?
Monday August 24th 2009,
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Is there anybody over the age of twelve who’s actually willing to admit to being a fan (or, in the more extreme cases, a Stan) of any rappers these days? Now that everyone is a producer, MC, DJ, blogger and CEO of their own ‘entertainment group’, is there still room for those of us who aren’t teenage girls to be fans of the music? Personally, I don’t mind admitting that I’m a fan of certain artists (and nearing Stan status with a couple), but at the same time no one wants to come off like a groupie…it can be a fine line.

But what exactly is it that defines a fan? To hear Ghostface tell it, you have to cop his latest album and produce it on demand when he performs in your town. If so, does that mean that Slaughterhouse only have 18,000 fans, based on their first week record sales? Or is everyone who gets mad in blog comment section and message boards when Joey‘s name is typed in vain? Could the problem be the term ‘fan’ itself? Or would you rather be called a ‘supporter’?

Who are you proud to say you’re a fan of? And have you ever had anything signed by you’re favorite artist?

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I’m a fan of Sean Price {II}. Dude is one of the best out there doing it. Had some vinyl signed by Sean too.

Comment by Alexander Richter 08.24.09 @

biz…i have my signed tape of ‘the biz never sleeps’ on hand..

Comment by richdirection 08.24.09 @

“I’m not saying this to diss each and every fan
Women you can ride, man be a man. Shake my hand, and make it a firm shake, say, what up (insert rapper’s name) and then break.”

With that said, on two separate occasions I was able to briefly express my appreciation of (and shake the hand of) Chuck D and Diamond D (“It Takes a Nation” and “Stunts, Blunts, and Hip-Hop” are easily in my top ten hip-hop albums ever). Beyond that, I’d Stan out a little if I had a chance to meet DJ Premier or Redman.

Comment by skinnyjoe 08.24.09 @

the word “fan” is losing the cache it once had, as the word “superstar” is.

at one time it was real cool to be a fan – that meant u had all the shit.

meeting genuine fans of the art are still exciting for me, like when i meet someone with mad prince memorabilia or something like that.

but back in the day “fan” implied that u were feelin someones music for like…year after year….like mj

now i couldn’t imagine anyone being a fan in the typical sense.

i do admire some people’s talent…but as a journalist i just try to remember that their ish comes from the same place as mine.

Comment by cherryl 08.24.09 @

and to answer the questions, i am a fan of too many artists too name, and i do not have anything signed by any of them. except for zephyr, but i guess that doesn’t count here cuz he’s a writer?

stupid of me i guess as i am in the business to get ish signed…

Comment by cherryl 08.24.09 @

I think if you like an artist, its not your job to buy all his shit but get online and bash him just cause you got an opinion about something, thats the corny shit about the internet…it makes EVERYBODYS opinion matter…sometimes its cool to shut the fuck up and just LISTEN, let the music be what it is…get out of your own way…
What u may not like the day it drops you might like a month later…like if your not magically blown away then its a fail, but you yourself dont even know what you wanna hear!
This is why albums drop and NOBODY is satistfied no matter how good it really is…and going by ALBUM SALES! WTF is that? the cats calling out albums sales dont even know the science behind it sounding stupid!
these new age “fans” think they know everything and can do whatever it is the artist can do and they dont really respect the artform or hip hop culture. They dont know how too! why respect something that the other popular rappers before you raped and exploited? do u even consider it explotation or “getting money” like everybody keeps saying? why respect the art of diggin when you can buy comp albums with all the digging done for you? why be creative when you can buy another hot producers drum kit and steal his sound and get away with it? why be creative when all you need is a hot chorus? why learn about TRUE hip hop production when you got all this software that kills the emotion and passion but makes a pop beat in 3 minutes? Everybody is trying to figure out whats wrong with hip hop but nobody is willing to disect it piece by piece…
young guys trying to dictate hip hop by age groups like they got it under control when none of them are ready to REALLY carry the torch! soon as the last bit of golden ear MC’s are gone its a wrap for hip hop completely! These new cats make it a point not to give a fuck, plus NOBODY adheres to NONE of the ORIGINAL unspoken rules in hip hop…like NO BITING…it went so pop that cats in the middle of nowhere can have just as much say so on the culture as somebody from the elements…
Hip Hop is dead is an understatement..I dont think Nas could find the right words to explain himself correctly lol…
if hip hop is so alive call it its proper name HIP POP…

Comment by Ay! 08.24.09 @

On the real, everyone on this
Site is a fan or none of these
Questions would matter. Its
About respect.. We ate so far gone
We can’t even admit we appreciate
Someone contri ution to
The culture. Ghost sean p
Joel ortiz. I’m a fan all day!

Comment by brutalLee 08.24.09 @

if everyone copped every release from every artist they claimed to be a “fan” of we’d all be broke.

That being said i’m a cool calm pete stan for sure

Comment by t-bone 08.24.09 @


It’s crazy,I read recently where this dude Wales said,HipHop is not dead,..the [fans] are”.It was my understanding for years that,”Rap music”was the stuff on the radio and HipHop music was that underground heat on sites bring this home,sure a”grown”man can be a”Rap or HipHop”fan,since we have”grown men”masquerading as juveniles”anyway..what’s the problem?
There is no age restrictions on any other genere of music,the artist of other musical genere’s stay paid because their”fans”or”stans” stay loyal for years.HipHop is fine,alive and well the “so-called” fans are the problem.HIPHOP FANS ARE DEAD!!!

Comment by R.Jones 08.24.09 @

Yes,Support Support!!

Comment by chronwell 08.24.09 @

To be honest I dont think Hip-Hop ever had die hard fans like the hair bands in the eighties. We expected more of our artists than MTV and if someone put out something wack the hip hoppers job was to let the artist know his/her shit was wack.New Rap is wack…we dont need to support it and we are letting the artists know its time to step it up.I mean look at all the posts on here…who fell off the hardest…..whos album did u waste money on…..aint no fanatics in this thing called rap just good quality control.

Comment by Mercilesz 08.24.09 @

I’ve got an autographed 12 from Egyptian Lover, one of his old school electro jams. as I grow older I find myself listening to more and more golden era hip hop…

Comment by wax 08.24.09 @

whats wrong with being a fan wtf ain’t that what music is all about? I’m not above getting a signature or taking a flick of the people I grew up, and still do, admire…thats why hip hop is so fucked up

Comment by 357 NYC 08.24.09 @

Love Dead Prez. Got a dollar bill signed by mef.

Comment by Chee 08.24.09 @

Hey, I am more than all that, I am The Gambling Man/Rapper/Songwriter/Marketing Consultant/CEO & Founder of High Stakes Music

Comment by Bishop Brigante 08.24.09 @

not afraid to admit im a fan of Primo,Rza,Large Pro,KRS..

that’s what wrong today,evrybody-n they moms is a wanna-b ‘rapper’ or ‘dj’,dont nobody wanna b fans of the music..

Comment by dj blendz 08.24.09 @

I’m 43 and I tell everyone I’m a hip hop fan. I stopped giving a shit what people think a looooonnng time ago.

I’ve some really cool down-to-earth artists (Willie D, Spice 1, Kokane) and some hip-hoppers that came off like real assholes (Scarface, Cube, The Click) but I’m still a fan. or a Stan. Whatever.

Comment by Dave 08.24.09 @

If so, does that mean that Slaughterhouse only have 18,000 fans

Pretty much. They’re lucky they’ve got that many for a group which includes a treacle voiced hack like Joe Budden.

I’m a fan of and MC Marvelous and Tarrie B circa Power Of A Woman, personally.

Comment by MF 08.24.09 @

In my 40’s and a huge fan of joell ortiz and royce among a host of others. Never had anything signed by an artist.

I wish there were more people my age to talk about rap w/ most of the people that i talk to are in their late twenties and thirties. I often get younger people saying “i’m surprised that you like rap music” They say this due to my age.

Comment by dj 08.24.09 @

yea had GZA sign my ticket, rushing out the door i forgot my WU & Liquid swords 1 & 2 CD covers,i was hanging outside the VIP & by chance just turned around and walked straight in GZA & i did have a STAN moment \ a bit STAR Struck & i was at least 28-29 @ the time. (but he was cool real down to earth, at the end of the show he stayed for at least an hour signing stuff and chatting with fans Best concert ever and it was a small venue)

If Your a fan there is no SHAME in showing His MUZIC touched you.The ONLY new ARTISTS Id Consider myseldf a FAN of would be SAIGON, GRAFH, I like loads more but the commercial stuff

Im from DUBLIN (IRL) & its rare for us to see HIP HOP Artists in the FLESH. SO id have NO PROBLEMS showing my appreciation for what the DO !!

~Just an opinion from a ££ Year old White hiphop fan from Dublin

Comment by Loy 08.24.09 @

I think that if you are over 30, you officially don’t give a fuck about the term “fan”, “stan” or “supporter”.

If you do, you Fail as an adult.

Comment by CENZI 08.24.09 @

If by “fan” you mean PURCHASE their music, then I am a “fan” of Ghostface and KRS One. EVERYBODY else gets downloaded for free.

Comment by Da PartyStarter 08.24.09 @

im not a fan of anybody anymore. im getting older & me coming out of my pocket to support these fucking actors, tools, wanna-bes, hacks, posers, etc is out of the question. everybody thinks theyre an artists these days. real artist will get supported regardless. death to all posers ooowwwwwwwwww

Comment by Pssssst 08.24.09 @

Up until “Off That”, Jay-Z. Monche, M.O.P., not a lot more. How about u Robbie?

Comment by Combat Jack 08.24.09 @

Definitely a fan–in terms of i will buy anything they put out and try to appreciate it even if i don’t initially–of Pete Rock, E-40, and DJ Quik. And the best thing I’ve gotten signed is a copy of Short Dog’s In the House by the homie Too Short. I interviewed him for a lil magazine and he was a real cool dude.

Comment by hook 08.24.09 @

I was just talking to a friend today about how much I don’t enjoy rap music of today. I am 37 and I like to try to stay current with music, but as I listen to stuff from the 90’s and compare it to know; two different worlds. Somebody on this blog mentioned Wale’s song “the plan” off of his Seinfeld mixtape..he said that “the fans were dead..” I don’t believe they are dead, just grown up.. Plain and simple.. Era’s never come back.. Hip hop is still here, just never left the underground. Thanks for this site.. Appreciate the quality of the content. Oh yeah, I usually don’t get star struck because I have met so many rappers but I did kinda Stan-out when Sugarhill Gang came to the spot (studio) for an interview with a local paper…their album was the first hip hop record I touched…

Comment by Edub 08.24.09 @

Definitely still a fan, but that shit only works if the “artist” lives up to the name and has mutual respect for the fans (and the music). Many of them I have met around town, just gave them a pound and if in the right time and place tried to say something both honest and engaging from a fan perspective. Ive actually bumped into quite a few people on the street, Q Tip, Lord Finesse, Kweli, Common, Black Thought were all cool.
The coolest of all was MCA from the Beastie Boys who I met in the mid 90s at Rock Steady Park. I got to talk with him for a good 15 minutes on a city park bench. At the time I carried a blackbook with me and he tagged that, so yeah I got him to “sign” something.

Comment by keatso 08.24.09 @

36 years old and I geek out over dope hip-hop. Unfortunately, “dope hip-hop” is getting harder and harder to find.

Comment by Trakball 08.24.09 @

Guru Circa:1991 signed a flyer for me @ a club in Miami Beach I still have it to!
Reads to my man Jose Peace stay up!
Guru GangStar…

Comment by whut 08.24.09 @

co sign trak ball and e dub

27 im still a fan, grew up on tribe, gangstarr etc… some cats are still doin it you just have to look harder to find them and when you do support them go to shows buy cd’s like Tanya Morgan Brooklynatti

Comment by gmoneydmv 08.24.09 @

its hard to say you are a fan, cause i would consider myself a fan of many an emcee, but i don’t always cop every single album, sometimes you are a fan and buy an album and its only got like 2 or 3 playable joints, then you feel burned and download their next release, and its all fire, then you are like, damn i shoulda bought that, bottom line is, i mostly download that stuff, and when i hear something that i will never get sick of, i buy it on vinyl, and then like, shirts and stickers and random merch at the shows, or if i like some of the burners they do at a show i’ll cop it there, cause i know its pretty much gonna be lunch money on their tour, so its win/win

Comment by gstatty 08.24.09 @

killa, late 90’s early 00’s fat joe, sean p, styles p, joell ortiz, some buddens and method man

Comment by Belize 08.24.09 @

DITC and Dungeon Fam are my shit… my fave rap supercrews east and west

Comment by er4se 08.24.09 @

NaS – Joell Ortiz – Blu – Raekwon – Mos Def

Fan fo life

Comment by KellEl 08.24.09 @

I think older hip hop fans (25+)are probably more comfortable saying that they’re fans. With that said, I’m 33 so yeah, Nas, Q-tip, M.O.P. J.Cole, Joell Ortiz, Phonte, Kanye, I’m a fan of all of them. BUT you have to be more than ‘hot’ to get that word out of me though

Comment by Tone 08.24.09 @

I’m a big fan of Pete Rock and J Dilla. met both of them at record stores and have signed cds fron each of them. they are real cool and not on that “superstar” ish. I even chopped it up with them for a few about the music biz. also met Large Pro (through my boy) and he is also real cool and down to earth. so yeah im a fan of them ! I support their work (be it good or bad).

Comment by ceelo 08.24.09 @

Good topic, good replies across the board!
If I wasnt a fan I wouldnt have a wall to wall record collection… As an artist Im not afraid to remain a fan of other artists and their work, I know alotta heads that enter the game as an emcee, producer, DJ etc etc can tend to develop the attitude that once they become part of the scene then they on some too cool for school – dont need to be a fan no more shit, fuck that, Im still front and center when one of my faves comes to town! Ive also been lucky enough to work with heads I been a fan of for years, i see that shit as an honour…

Comment by TREM ONE 08.24.09 @

Large Pro, PeteRock, Dilla, Gangstarr, Tribe, De La Soul, OC’s first album, MosDef, DITC, Black Thought, Common..too many to name…so much dope and classic stuff that has been made out there.

Comment by Audessey 08.24.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 08.24.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 08.24.09 @

I’m 25 and I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen to check CunninLynguists out…

Check CunninLynguists out!

Comment by Hashman_DEE 08.24.09 @

You have to be a fan in the first place to be good at any of those other things.
I have a long list of rappers that i would happily admit to being a fan of. Up until recently i had a big ass box full of signed paraphernalia that i collected over the years i’ve been going to shows. Any time any rapper came to town i’d collect a signature. Ditched it cause really, i’m too old to have posters on my bedroom wall now. But i’d still get a record signed by my favourite rapper and tell him how much i like his work if i got the opportunity.

Comment by Headlock 08.24.09 @

I’m a fan of Wu-Tang…When they came to my City for ROCK THE BELLS 07’…..I had my WU-Tang Forever album signed by RZA, Raekwon & GHOST…..I’m never afraid to admit that I LOVE THE WU TANG MEMBERS, THEY ARE ALL INTELLECTUAL DUDES…

Comment by Jhillz 08.24.09 @

I’m a fan of many. Too many to actually name them all. A few that come to mind are Nas, Joell Ortiz, AZ, Agallah, Da Brat,KRS-One, keith Murray, T.I., Ludacris (my taste is usually unorthodox). I was a wu-tang fanatic back in the day (still a fan though). I’m a big Shyheim fan (>>add hate comment here lol).Holla

Comment by Stylez 08.25.09 @

I’ma fan of alotta artist. Genuine Fan.. support whatever projects they drop everytime. Go to their shows when they come to Atlanta. Anticipate every new album/mixtape no matter the 1st single or (direction) they take.. mainly of the following tho

Kanye West (Got my College Dropout cd & a paper copy of a mixtape cover autographed by Yeezy right before he went gold, dude was just walkin through leonx mall with 1 body guard)

Comment by stand out 08.25.09 @

mid 30 and more fan of this shitty music than i like.the only thing i’ve got signed is an bra by kool keith.nah not mine.he threw a few in the audience.

Comment by swordfish 08.25.09 @

For one you right aint no more fan everybody think they the man either that or they hyping there man to be the next Jay-Z or whoever hot.

Well I had the pleasure of meeting and having a moment or two with some of the “LEGENDS” like Kool Herc( I lost it being a Hip HOP Head) Melle Mel Kool G rap,Ghost,RZA, Jay-Z and Mary J Blige and I let them know I been a fan not no stan you know from day one. But me working in the industry them bitch ass nigga and hoes dont even like hip hop and they the one behind the scene making decision on music they dont even like.

Comment by cashrlue 08.25.09 @

Oh Yeah Thank for this dope site, keep them ill post coming and you definetly got everybody on them interview,the artist really open up and shed light on alot of things that nobody would ever know unless they read this site.

Comment by cashrlue 08.25.09 @

I haven’t paid for any music in about 10 years, but have parted with my own hard earned money for tickets to see Large Professor, Public Enemy, KRS 1, Biz Markie, Kurtis Blow, Roxanne Shante, De La Soul, Boot Camp Clik, Kool Keith, Masta Ace, Jeru The Damaja, Sadat X, Diamond D, Wu Tang Clan, Rae & Ghost, The Beastie Boys, DJ Vadim, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, J-Live, The Roots and Digable Planets. I’d call myself a ‘Hip-Hop Head’ for sure.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.25.09 @

I’m definately a big fan of Finesse,.. i know its very unlikely but if he put a new lyrical album out id put cash down on that the day it dropped :)

I guess i’m just a fan of jokey battle raps with razor sharp punchlines… but anyone who spits in that style i’m a true fan of…

can’t honestly say im a fan of anyone thats dropped in years though…

Comment by RowanB 08.25.09 @

DJ Premier, M.O.P., Sadat X, Geto Boys/Scarface, Sean P, Screwball, and a few others.

Never had a desire to have anyone’s autograph. Closest I came was when Grandmaster Caz and JDL (& Johnny Juice) stood about a foot away from me on the sidewalk outside a PE show about a year and a half ago, but I didn’t want to bother them.

Comment by sean g 08.25.09 @

im an Alchemist and DJ Premier stan (beats).
its getting harder to be a fan these days because after listening to all the classics, it gets tough to throw on a new kid’s music.

i can count on one hand the batch of dope new artists that get play though.

Comment by Legend 08.25.09 @

Met alot of rappers but, I only have one autograph. I met Percee P outside Fatbeats NYC and had a real stan moment but, he was extra cool and signed a copy of the cd he hawking outside the store.
I feel it’s okay to be a fan but, I don’t look for autographs. Some rappers I’ve met have been real douches; so I feel it’s better to just support, say what’s up, and keep it moving.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 08.25.09 @

Nas, DJ Premier, Q-Tip and recently Joell Ortiz

only rapper I’m a big fan of and got something signed by was German rap legend Torch

Comment by Krisch 08.26.09 @

Yo, when are you gonna drop some interviews again man?

Comment by tareq 08.26.09 @

Being a security guard for loud records at one point in my life I met Pete Rock Inspector deck Raekwon P from mobb deep and Big Pun signed a picture for me funk flex I’ve met Freddy fox ug from them celler dwellers I’m definetly and fan of the music since 1978 BX rock on….

Comment by Major healy 08.26.09 @

Ghostface (fuck it, all of Wu bar Cappadonna/Ugod)
Just Blaze
Sean Price/BCC
DJ Premier
G Rap
Kool Keith… (signed porno mags, priceless)
De La
Pharoahe Monch
50c…… fuck it too many to mention
Can’t forget the dead…RIP BigL, BIGGIE, Pun

Comment by Smear 08.26.09 @

…..Scarface, Geto Boys, Tribe,Nas,UGK,OutKast, Killer Mike, TIP, Saigon, Jay Elec, KILLA…..

Comment by Smear 08.26.09 @

I’m 33 and will always cop a new Ghostface/Scarface joint – they have never let me down

Comment by dockevoc 08.26.09 @

I’m a fan of hip-hop, and that’s even though I’m not exactly crazy about it right this minute. I’m locked in to it, and there’s nothing that can change that. I could do the grown-up thing and convert to R&B, but all of them wanna be rappers their damn selves now, so I’m gonna stay where I’m at. There’s no use in trying to “convert” or any of that shit like a lotta bandwagon fans have, because there’s really nothing else currently out that I have more interest in, and I have no aspirations to pretend there is. I’m definitely not one of those “hip-hop sucks now, so I listen to Maxwell all the time” muh’fuckas. If it gets that bad, I’ll just listen to the old joints.

And that’s no dis to R&B, cause I love that sh*t too… but I’m def. first and foremost a hip-hop fan. Even when I was rhymin’ and DJin’, I didn’t hide my fandom. It is what it is.


Comment by DANJ! 08.26.09 @

But I gotta add… I definitely don’t follow it like I used to. But I used to go extra-hard, so anything less than that is a step down.


Comment by DANJ! 08.26.09 @

The only signature i’ve ever had from an MC/ Rapper was back in 86. I couldnt let the first ever Hip-Hop/ Rap show in Ireland go down without documentation, innit.

Sig, story and soundtrack here:


Comment by IRISH CRAIG 08.26.09 @

Essentially, at 40, im a MAN-FAN…..and far from ashamed of it

You still get things signed Robbie?


Comment by IRISH CRAIG 08.26.09 @

Percee P used to be outside Fat Beats on the regular

Comment by keatso 08.26.09 @

^^ also one of the guys from Ultra,i forget who..liked goin to Fat Beats ’till all them no-name rappers started ‘pressuring’ u to buy their cd..”yo son u like hip-hop”

Comment by dj blendz 08.26.09 @

I’m still a fan.
De La Soul, Ghost, Sean Price, RZA, Homeboy Sandman, etc.

Comment by VEe 08.27.09 @


Comment by mr sin 08.29.09 @

Wanna laugh? I’m a big fan of Kool Keith. I went to the ultramagnetic mc’s reunion show at SOB’s with like 12 of his cd covers. Dr. Octagon, Dr. Doooom, all that.. he signed all of them with a silver marker. Also got my Ultramagnetic Critical Beatdown cd signed by ALL of them. I’m also a UTFO fan. Those dudes don’t get the props they deserve in hip hop tho’.

Comment by Doc Samson 08.29.09 @

The Diabolical Inhuman Orchestra Bizmarkie and Cutmaster Cool V?! Who me?!…. No doubt a fan to the end fools!(insert drunk with power laughter hear)lol

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.02.09 @

I am definitely a K-Def fan.

Comment by Antonio 09.02.09 @

I’m a fan of too many artists to name but Jay-Z and Wu are at the top of the list. Met every member of the Wu in ’94. Even sipped coffee with Devin in NYC.

Comment by ATCQ 09.04.09 @

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