Did Prodigy Just Fire A Shot At Curtis?
Friday August 28th 2009,
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Even though I posted this track already, this album has been getting constant attention in the car all week, and I couldn’t help but notice Prodigy‘s verbal swipe at his former boss at the start of his verse:

‘You outta your mind, you’re not feeling this hot shit/ Who got rich and stopped trying? You must be dumb – son, look at what I’ve done, I get bags fulla stacks for the shit I does’

Remember when 50 had that brief phase where he tried to get as many respected NY veterans on his team as possible in a bid to snatch back some street-level credibility? And all that resulted was Mobb‘s most hated album and more shelf time for Bill and Fame? Neither does Curtis, obviously.

Big Twins feat. Prodigy – ‘Bacon & Cheese’

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Nah… I actually think it’s a jab at people who said that about Mobb once they signed w/ the Unit. A lot of people had these ‘clever’ phrases to describe what they sounded like once they joined G-Unit… “got rich and stopped trying” being one I clearly remember. In fact, I almost wanna say Phonte said it.

But I think that’s what it’s in reference to.

Comment by DANJ! 08.28.09 @

Nah, P still has a lot of love for 50. He’s one of the only people, along w Mega and the rest of the unit who went to visit him up at midstate. Plus, 50 STAYS promoting P with whatever project he does…
Pee stay w them codes tho so I can’t knock the decoding.

Comment by Rawlins 08.28.09 @

i agree w/ the two brothas^^,i doubt he’ll bite the hand that feeds him..then again P do be in his own little world sometimes,remember when he startin dissin a whole bunch of rappers a few yrs. ago,j.budden included,for no reason

Comment by dj blendz 08.28.09 @

P always gotta start controversy because he is a washed up rapper. He dumbed down his lyrics when he signed with 50. He’s in jail and no one remembers him so he gotta start some shit so they can hear about him.

He’s like the kid who always seeks attention. Do a Jay Z. Ignore his ballerina ass!

Comment by BP3 coming 08.28.09 @

whatev bp3… you aint focusin on the question.
U just hate the god. And Jay def didnt ignore him either

Comment by Rawlins 08.28.09 @

I seriously doubt that”Prodigy”dissed 50,and if he did…then 50 will have the last laugh.Some of y’all may have forgotten[prodigy]actually got G-unit tatooted on his knuckles,all over his hands.
What a complete idiot,just to show loyalty to 50 and his G-Unit legacy,like a girl with-“property of so&so”across her tits,neck,thigh or whatnot.That should be more cause for alarm than a potential subliminal diss.And both those”waste of space”-SUCK anyway.WHERE IS THAT REAL HIPHOP??

Comment by R.Jones 08.28.09 @

r. jones,

your facts are wrong. p has mobb deep tatted on his fingers, his g-unit tat is on the back of his hands. 50 also had mobb deep tatted on his hands, but it’s no longer visible as you can see from the picture above (maybe he had the tats removed? if so…wow). am i the only one who remembers that 50 got mobb deep tatted on his hands when he signed the mobb?

Comment by spirit equality 08.28.09 @

pardon the god. i did the knowledge via google search and it appears that 50’s mobb deep tattoo was on his *wrists* which is why the tats are not visible in the photo above. link below discussing that, but i don’t have photo evidence:


i found another link that claims 50 removed all of his tattoos for his film career…can anyone confirm? i only ask because i don’t like spreading falsehoods… link:


Comment by spirit equality 08.28.09 @

the last link is incorrect. the correct link for the tattoo removal story is:


Comment by spirit equality 08.28.09 @

the last link is incorrect. i keep trying to post the correct link but my corrections are not appearing. oh well. the source was a web site called artist direct.

Comment by spirit equality 08.28.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 08.28.09 @

Nah, I know for a fact he”s talking to Phonte of Little Brother…On HiphopDX he wrote an article saying that Mobb got rich and stopped trying….

Comment by dlp 08.28.09 @

wow this post is corny

Comment by Mercilesz 08.29.09 @


@Spirit Equality

I said,”knuckles and [Hands],so I’m not completely wrong.Their still wack!!!!! So I end this where I ended my last comment-WHERE’S THAT REAL HIPHOP??WE have enough sites dedicated to 50,G-unit,and apparent affiliates-Mobb Deep,we need this site to balance that WACK SHIT OUT!!!

Comment by R.Jones 08.29.09 @

ain’t no beef, Mobb Deep next album will be on G-unit records when Prodigy will be out of jail…

Comment by R 08.29.09 @

I thought Mobb Deep was still signed to G-Unit? Not that they’ll ever put another album out under Curtis…

Comment by hook 08.29.09 @

Mobb Deep had a good run but those dudes are over

Comment by CassavaLeaf 08.30.09 @

you guys are stupid he was talkin about himself

Comment by RydetheRhythm 08.30.09 @

Who cares

Comment by SupremeLOGIC 08.31.09 @

people r so dumb its ovious hes takin a jab at people who say that hes stoped tryin now hes got rich
at the end of the day tho mobb deep put out there classics but they gotta eat and they deserve to b makin money

Comment by Dicey 02.11.10 @

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