Old St. Ides Ads > New Rap

All those Sprite TV spots were cool but the St. Ides spots that DJ Pooh put together remain as the finest examples of rapsloitation ever. Were these MC’s selling their souls for some free booze or just hustling smarter? Who cares, the shit bangs!

Rakim – ‘Get Some’

The 18th Letter over ‘Nautilus’? He could convince me to drink a fuckin’ Corona with promo as good as this!

EPMD – ’40 Oz. Or A Can’
Better than anything from their last three albums, sadly.

Kool G Rap – ‘Get A Grip, Take A Sip’
KGR flips ‘Talk Like Sex’ for the greatest ode to paint stripper malt liquor ever.

Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Shaolin Brew’
May be included on Cuban Linx II? Nah, right?

King Tee – ‘Do You Wanna Go To The Liquor Store?’
If you fucks with old LA Rap and you don’t know Mixmaster Spade, kill yourself.

Ice Cube – ‘We Don’t Want No 8-Ball’
Shots fired!

Ice Cube – ‘Crooked I For All Ages’
The beginning of the end?

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what’s a ST Des??

Comment by nation 08.27.09 @

Seen this on Icedotcom and they had the videos including Biggie’s St. Ides commercial which you clearly missed. Check – http://icedotcom.blogspot.com/2008/01/rappers-st-ides-commercials.html

Comment by Vashawn 08.27.09 @

Drink it, Drink it, Drink it, then I’ll burp . . .

Comment by VEe 08.27.09 @

^ Wrong. Everyone’s seen that Biggie shit a million times so I left it off.

Comment by Robbie 08.27.09 @

How can you leave Big’s off it was the best one! Definite fail.

Comment by T 08.27.09 @

Dry your eyes, you’ll see it again every March 9 for as long as rap blogs exist.

Comment by Robbie 08.27.09 @

Nice. I had definitely missed that King Tipsy joint. As dope as these commercials were, I did most of my youthful 40 ounce dumbing out with a bottle of Crazy Horse…must of thought I was Doughboy or something. Just out of curiosity, anybody remember the line (not from a St. Ides rap): “40’s are no more, cause now I’m drinking 64’s”?

Comment by skinnyjoe 08.27.09 @

Love these songs… didn’t King Tee have two of these (or two versions of King Tee’s Liquor Store? or somethin’? help me out… was it an album skit first?) Everytime I see something nostalgic about forties, I have to get one… never as fun as I remember it being until I’m halfway thru the secong one and nineteen again and then everything’s fun. What about Mike Delorean’s choice of forties though:
but I about to smoke a bitch…

Comment by JUMBOTRON 08.27.09 @

does anyone remember the black 8?the liks put me on to that in hi school. old english wit some guiness…..good times good times

Comment by mercilesz 08.27.09 @

I can’t see the videos at work to tell if you put it up, but didn’t Extra Prolific do one as well?

Comment by Nathan Smart 08.27.09 @

Crack a bottle niguh!

Comment by Dallas' Blaxberry 08.27.09 @


Comment by Silo 08.27.09 @

May be included on Cuban Linx II? Nah, right?

–It was already in a skit on original Cuban Linx

Comment by Silo 08.27.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 08.27.09 @

cube in his prime > everything

Comment by wax 08.27.09 @

hahaaa! never heard any of these before,
KGR’s is raw and funny as hell…

Comment by RowanB 08.27.09 @

What’s with the Corona hate??? You must’ve drank that shit without a lime in it.

PS I don’t care how fucking “hip-hop” malt liquor is, that shit gives me a FIERCE hangover.

Comment by Trakball 08.27.09 @

yall all off. the single best one was snoop and nate dogg. “just hit the corner store you know what im lookin foooorrrrr st iiddeeess.” that shit was an actual track

Comment by th!z 08.27.09 @

The first Cube one is the g.o.a.t :


Comment by MF 08.27.09 @

a few odes to my all-time favorite beer from the 90’s..doesn’t get any better,might even get a couple just to relive the memories!!

Comment by dj blendz 08.27.09 @

Didn’t Mc Eiht have a St period I- D- E – to the S commercial? Now Robbie you gotta post those old Sprite Commercials. I remember the ones with Grand Puba and the other with Pete Rock and Cl Smooth.

Comment by kO sTyLe 08.27.09 @

That Wu-Tang one was crazy! i have that spot! That beat was crazy!! jay Z & Red/meth ones were dope as well!
But you cant leave off the Biggie one he did over NY, NY!! cmon now!

Comment by Brandan E. 08.27.09 @

I had the biggie poster for
St ides. Big up to power master, ballantine,
Private stock, o e, crazy horse,
Blue bull, the original red bull
40 oz fever!

Comment by brutalLee 08.27.09 @

My favorite……Meth and Red’s “Crooked I” That product was totally marketed to 16-18 year old knuckle heads, and I fell for it(because I was 16).

Now I run from malt liquor.

Comment by NowwhY 08.27.09 @

What is the deal with St. Ides these days? Do they still make it? I have Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia searched it a bunch in recent years; not to mention I have gone in a lot of liquior stores in about 10 states, and I can’t find it anywhere. If they still make it, where have you spotted it?

Comment by HipHopHistorian 08.27.09 @

HipHopHistorian, that shit is in every liquor store and 7-11 throughout southern California.

Comment by Trakball 08.27.09 @

that mc ehit one was hard…didnt quik have one too?

Comment by herb from cincinnati 08.27.09 @

This was the drink for me in the 90s. I got a lot of dope St ides promo material in storage, like the mixtape (recently found mp3s of all these tracks too. I got the limited edition “Neva Agin” poster they did after the LA riots (unfucking believable).
Who remembers when they came out with special brew[ ICES? They were quickly banned because well they were alcohol ice pops, but the bodega on my corner gave me the entire inventory for my personal use

Comment by keatso 08.27.09 @

wheres the 2pac one? wheres the snoop one?

Comment by TsKiZzL3 08.27.09 @


dont know where u from but they got them all over the bodegas(fruit flavors included)here in ny’s 5 boros

Comment by dj blendz 08.27.09 @

They are still in the A (on Cascade) too. Seen em when I was grabbing a Heiny, had a good laugh.

Comment by NowwhY 08.27.09 @

Yes I see still this shit all over in NY and LA, nothings changed.
Last time I had a 40 of st ides was about 6 years ago and I got mad belligerent. I’ll tell you this: everytime you drink a 40 of this, you are guaranteed a story the next day of some stupid ish.
I also think stashed with my vinyl I still have the st ides tyson/holyfield poster.

I remember the OE 64 ozs, not sure I remember the st ides but I guess thats the point.

Two things that are not true:
1. St ides gets your jimmy thicker
2. Gets your girl in the mood quicker

Comment by keatso 08.27.09 @

I live in the DC area, and they aren’t really to be found. All I usually find is Old-E, Hurricane, Mickey’s, Colt 45, Steel Reserve, King Cobra, and the beers that come in 40 oz. quantities.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 08.28.09 @

Wow, classic shit here. If I’m not mistaken, Rakim also had one over the ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’ beat a couple months before the actual song came out.

There was a Jay-Z one too around ’98, but by then, the St. Ides commercial thing had run its course for the most part.

But that Snoop one was the lick… I know people who still know that shit like it was a single, haha

All in all, tho’- props on these.


Comment by DANJ! 08.28.09 @

Rakim doing a St. Ides ad was pure blasphemy back then…even though it sounded good. And I remember churches protesting their billboard ads all over my neighborhood.

Comment by Vincent 08.28.09 @

I think J Zone made a mix tape or some shit with all the St. Ides tracks you can prolly check for it on his site…

Comment by 357 NYC 08.28.09 @

Has blatant, racially exploitative product endorsement music ever been this good?

How can rap fans be mad at these?

Comment by gordon gartrelle 08.28.09 @

i used to have a 2pac and snoop st ides poster, shit was so illworth, i would easily drop a hundy spot for that poster again, i don’t remember what i did with it

Comment by gstatty 08.28.09 @

Just wait a few years until the true adverse effects of drinking this shit combined with smoking blunts becomes known to the world. An entire generation is fucked…straight poison.

Comment by keatso 08.28.09 @

They put shit right in our faces and we consume it. Malt liquor ruins your physical as well as your mental. Once you have knowledge of self and you understand the game, these songs aren’t that dope. If white people don’t drink it, something has to be wrong with it. No white rappers ever promoted this poison. Or do they promote crack, but we can care less about our communities and our children and buy into to this nonsense. Not trying to be on a soapbox but this shit just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially the Rakim joint. How can you change your religious views for a check? I know it’s done everyday but that doesn’t make it acceptable. We have to get off the bullshit and realize that we can make a
POSITIVE difference for our youngin’s..

Comment by edubz 08.28.09 @

Dope ads. This CD from DJ Drank has got them all on I think. http://loresviscera.blogspot.com/2009/04/dj-dranks-greatest-malt-liquor-hits.html

There was a couple of 12’s which had about 8 ads on each that DJ Drank put out about 5 years ago.

Comment by toilet 08.28.09 @

Coast to coast, it was just good music no matter what!!! Great post and keep it up. GOD BLESS.

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 08.29.09 @

Hey can you make these joints downloadable?

Comment by Loso 08.29.09 @

i clearly remember a St. Ides ad–that i haven’t heard since Marley Marl In Control on WBLS last millenium–which featured someone singing:


the King T commercials played first on NY rap radio, then several of Cube’s versions took over, such as the one keatso referred to, where Cube made claims about St. Ides increasing the girth of one’s member.

the tracks were dope and that made them even more memorable. that Ra joint is harder than many full-fledged songs from then to now.

Comment by bitter monk 09.01.09 @

The king t joints were classics. The wu tang one i thought would be brought back and put to use. We heard it in an interlude faintly on the purple tape. ODB rock on.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.02.09 @

The Rakim is really dope. I’ma have to get me a case of that horrible shit next time I’m schooling the youth with infinity lessons.

Comment by AO 09.04.09 @

What made king t’s jointz ill was how he rocked over those meters samples. Like an old lord finesse track. True indeed though… straight poison wrapped in hiphop foil like candy to babies.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.05.09 @

one of the best albums i’ve heard in a while.
best ones?
king tipsy and ice cube & the geto boys!!!
peep it!

Comment by backfromdeath 09.05.09 @

What about the Ice Cube and EPMD joint together?

Comment by Traum 09.06.09 @

Hmmmmmm, Is it just me, or are these downloads no longer available? Hook me up, fooh!!!

Comment by I, STORM 08.25.10 @

that shit bring back fond memories.

Comment by dmfslimm 08.25.10 @

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