Video: Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers
Tuesday August 25th 2009,
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Say word.

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Say Word? More like say average.

Comment by TheBeAllEndAll 08.25.09 @

oh word.

Comment by JUMBOTRON 08.25.09 @

average? fukkouttahere. this is BANGIN.

Comment by swordfish 08.25.09 @

the videos dope and i like Meth’s verse but unfortunately this beat is an example of the kind of forgettable production found on the album. Now who’s going to save hiphop cuz it aint Rae…

Comment by JP 08.25.09 @

album will be classic type, hiphop is dead, so people are never happy and plus don’t buy real
hiphop ish, so don’t blame rae, blame you !

Comment by R 08.25.09 @

hate to say it but i HATE the song,not mad at rae and them but the beat is pure baby poop

Comment by dj blendz 08.25.09 @ gotta be me but the beat is damn dope.

Comment by swordfish 08.25.09 @

I love this song. I just don’t like the video too much. Can’t wait for Rae’s joint to drop

Comment by AdamH 08.25.09 @

And those who say this beat is wack, YOU BUGGIN. This beat gets heads knockin!

Comment by AdamH 08.25.09 @

“ gotta be me but the beat is damn dope.”

dont worry it’s not just you, i reckon it’s a banger.

Comment by Headlock 08.25.09 @


Comment by slo 08.26.09 @

save hip blah blah blah…..its a banger.

Comment by gx 08.26.09 @

generic beat. WOW! opposite.

Comment by Arkitek 08.26.09 @

It lost me after Deck started rhymin bout lobster sauce lol..

Comment by 357 NYC 08.26.09 @

Gosh ppl are never satisfied. Ill song, but the limited budget rae has got showed itself in the vid. Fuck what they say, WU BANGA!

Comment by Victor 08.26.09 @

Not bad. I’m really not a fan of that digital orchestra sound that’s pervaded hip-hop in recent years, but this was tolerable.

Comment by Trakball 08.26.09 @

Im not even gonna act all extra cause I got an opinion…
I like it, I enjoyed it, video is ill, song is ill, Im coppin the album on 9/8 to support that thoro shit just like I copped the 1st cuban linx back in the day, period…
No 1 artist or album will “save” hip hop, u kidding me? is that what some people are actually hoping for? LOL! thats right blame it on wu tang! what a dumb way to look at things LOL…

Comment by QUNYC 08.27.09 @

niggas is spoiled man, I swear.
You got Dilla sounding like RZAs right hand and niggas still aint satisfied? What happened to all the “Dilla is the greatest producer ever” niggas that was all over the place when he 1st died? LOL. I heard this beat at least 3yrs ago and I aint complaining! Im just happy to be able to BUY an CD from an artist I respect.
I take it everybody else is is hear to be picky because your allowed too…
yup, hip hop is DEAD, because of YOU. Ay! Ok!

Comment by Ay! 08.27.09 @

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