WTF Remixes 2 – Kill Me Now…
Tuesday August 04th 2009,
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More musical abortions to throw yourself under a bus to…

Black Eyed Peas – ‘They Don’t Want Music’ (Pete Rock Remix)

PR is considered to be hip-hop’s king of the remix, but even the #1 Soul Brother wasn’t able to fight the power of Fergie, who once again proves that she’s musical Kryptonite.

KRS-One – ‘Rappaz R N Danja’ (Rock Remix)

Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine somehow manages to fuck-up one of the Blastmasta‘s last great solo tracks.

A Tribe Called Quest – ‘I Left My Wallet In El Segundo’ (Vampire Mix)

Hardly the most memorable slice of Q-Tip‘s legacy, however thanks to the efforts of a pre-Fatboy Slim era Norman Cook, we get a Ragga-Lite remake. Lick a shot…or not.

Adrianna Evans – ‘Seein’ Is Believing’ (Jeru Remix)

If The Damaja‘s Premier-free solo albums didn’t convince you that he should never be allowed near a beat machine ever again, this tinny remix for some Loud Records D-List warbler will make you a believer.

The Police – ‘Roxanne ’97’ (Puff Daddy Remix)

Just when you’re ready to Kurt Cobain yourself, it gets worse…Pras from the Fu-Gees raps!
*pulls trigger*

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Comment by Cro 08.04.09 @

brilliant – I bought this Blondie 12″ for 50p because I was intrigued by the remix with Mobb Deep and Inspectah Deck and U-God. Ugh.

Comment by Pat Roach 08.04.09 @

speaking on pete rock he did a remix of lady gaga.
but the less said about that the better….

Comment by PR2 08.04.09 @

I Actually liked that Quest remix, is that Phife a-milli-milli-bongin’ ?

And for the reecord, that Bert and Ernie book is the most annoying book I have to read for my kids at night.

Comment by CENZI 08.04.09 @

I’ll also ride for that Tribe remix. Ragga-lite it is, but come on, the joint is fun.

Comment by Sach 08.04.09 @

Adriana was married to Dred Scott (Breakin Combs) and is actually very dope and she also had joints with guest spots from Common, Xzibit and I think Raekwon? She also a song (not a remix) on the Hoodlum soundtrack with Phife.

Anyways…my vote is that Shai record that KRS-One had a guest spot on on the remix.

Comment by JtothaI 08.04.09 @

There was a remix of Tribe’s Butter that was really bad. The vocals weren’t even synced properly. Total dogshit.

Comment by Pat Roach 08.05.09 @

I liked the tribe mix too…was cool for what it was…and yeah that was Phife A-Milli-ing and that was the sample Wyane used.

Comment by JVF 08.05.09 @

Tribe was known for having wack-ass remixes on the b-side of their singles. They had some pretty great remixes too, no doubt… but they’d always be accompanied on the vinyl or maxi by some OTHER remix that could’ve been left on the floor.

One thing I used to hate more than wack remixes though, is how artists used to get you with the remix version on the video/single, then you buy the album and there’s a far-inferior version on it (I’m looking at Brand Nubian with ‘Punks Jump Up’, Show & AG with ‘Fat Pockets’, LL with ‘Pink Cookies’, Tragedy with ‘Grand Groove’, etc.)


Comment by DANJ! 08.06.09 @

The Tribe remix is about as fun a scorpion down the pants.

Comment by Robbie 08.06.09 @

Robbie you got some effed up ideas of what fun is, i would hate to see your idea of a terrible time, i bet if i made you listen to a lil wang, icp, lupe fiasco remix of some jiggy ass 808’s and heartbreak joints with everyone rapping with autotune vocals and some weenie dj yelling and blaring sirens throughout the song, you would impale yourself on a narwhal horn covered in napalm

Comment by gstatty 08.06.09 @

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