DJ Green Lantern – 10 Banging Beats

The Evil Genius has a habit of popping-up all over the place with beat placement on major albums from Nas, Busta Rhymes and Ludacris, but it’s his work with the hardcore set that has really caught my ear over the years. Flaunting everything from looped vocal snippets to choppy horns or soulful loops, DJ Green Lantern brings some serious heat on the boards.

Diplomats - ‘Somebody Gotta Die Tonight’


Immortal Technique - ‘Harlem Renaissance’

Following up from ‘Bin Laden’, Green made the 3rd World CD with Tech. This was a highlight.

Jadakiss - ‘The Champ Is Here’

*starts shadow-boxing*

M.O.P. feat. Styles P - ‘Bang Time’

Cot damn! This is serious drink-driving music.

Papoose - ‘Hustle Hard’

One of many Pap and Green combinations, before Remy’s dude started getting ‘Swaggeriffic’.

D-Block - ‘Mighty D-Block [2 Guns Up]‘

The radio session was better but this still works.

Pete Rock - ‘Don’t Be Mad’

You know if Pete uses one of your tracks for his own album that you must be doing something right. A deceptively simple James Brown chop that knocks.

Ras Kass - ‘US Open’

Tennis sound effects and tennis-related punchlines? Terrible idea on paper, but this remake of Jay-Z’s ‘Advantage Jigga’ works for some reason.

Royce Da 5’9″ - ‘Bad Guy’

A.K.A. ‘Jocking My Fresh’.

Smiley Da Ghetto Child - ‘Pig Latin’

Bronx native Smiley gives the ‘Bin Laden Remix’ beat his own interpretation.

Download all ten

UPDATE: Green just reminded me of a burner that I forgot to include…

Fat Joe & Styles P - ‘Shotgun Season’

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  1. This post would’ve really worked better without a joint which featres Immortal Technique rapping on it.

  2. bang time reminded me on what kind of dope beats lantern is able to build

  3. that “Harlem Renaissance” has to be one of the best beats i ever heard him make.

    “Champ Is Here” was a classic too.

    I’ll take the Pete Rock and M.O.P. joints as 3rd picks

  4. Bang TIme is like that ol Mash Out sound! Eastern Dig is right tho! #1 Spot is dope!

  5. Write-in ballot for “Shotgun Season” (Fat Joe & Styles P off that epic “Alive on Arrival” mixtape)

  6. @MF: Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

    @BIGSPICE: A tie between that and ‘Bang Time’ for me.

  7. green has been my favorite DJ/Producer since 6th grade when i bought the Armageddon joint on bootleg when he was with Shady.. his intros, features, production all flawless

    with that said, “2 Gunz Up”, a Lox track produced by a mixtape DJ, was a radio hit. Nuff said.

  8. AOA tape is one of my fav of all time. Green is one of the best producers in the game today. Can’t wait for his new tape with SP!

  9. Good post!!! That Royce joint is hot!! Keep doing big things with the site. Thanks and GOD BLESS

  10. can’t believe q tip n busta who’s that not on the list. busta’s where’s my money from gta iv dope too

  11. my favorite green lantern produced joint is the styles of beyond album razor tag, green lantern has some serious heat on that one, i officially became a fan off that album, i liked dudes chops before, but after hearing that i was like, green lantern is that dude

  12. You’re forgetting, or at least in my opinion, that Tru Life/Beanie Sigel joint “Neva Scared,” off “Alive On Arrival.”

  13. But WTF does Green Lantern have to do with HipHop … ? I thought dude was a Rap DJ … Pop rap sucker wannabe HipHop, to the best of my knowledge … school me if I am wrong … but I don’t think I am, because I am a HipHop Dj and it takes one to know one …

  14. So I went up and listened to these beats and find them very RAP, NOT HipHop by any stretch of the imagination … thinking this is HipHop is “getting it twisted” …

  15. a bangin beat is a bangin beat, no matter what label you put on it. go back and listen to some green lantern mixtapes. if you still think he isn’t a dj, you must have some weird idea of what a dj is. go blast shotgun season, if you don’t think that bangs, what do you think does.