Lil’ Fame: No Beat Biter
Wednesday September 16th 2009,
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Sure, it was good for a laugh when the fake Lil’ Fame post appeared in response to the accusation of beat jacking. And yeah, there was always a strong possibility that it was bullshit, but this being the intehnets, it was worth running the story anyway. It’s since been revealed that it was all a mix-up by M.O.P‘s managed Laz-E-Laze, who hurriedly scribbled the credits together to make the album deadline. The producer of the track, Kil, has excitedly explained that he spoke to Fizroy over the phone, and everything’s gravy, so anyone who was planning to burn the new M.O.P CD in the streets as a form of protest – stand down.

While we’re on the topic, which of the blockbuster September albums are you planning to (or have already) bought?
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Chef’s latest gets my 15 bucks.

Comment by H.R. Paperstaxxx 09.16.09 @

boosie and rae. maybe ghost?

Comment by noz 09.16.09 @

ghost,chef, mash out

Comment by JUMBOTRON 09.16.09 @

Bought OB4CL 2 on monday, got the M.O.P and Lil’ Boosie on order.

Ghostface is bound to get pushed back.

Comment by MF 09.16.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 09.16.09 @

Write in: People Under the Stairs “Carried Away”!

Comment by Trakball 09.16.09 @

bought ob4cl2, but just buying about 5 of the MOP tracks and maybe a few off the new Ghost. not buying full albums anymore unless a significant amount of tracks are bangers

Comment by JP 09.16.09 @

Late, but going to buy OB4CL2 once I can actually find a store with it still in stock here.

Comment by Soltan 09.16.09 @

tried to buy ob4cl2 last week but it was sold out in 2 spots (and overpriced in another.) I still wanna cop but by now I’m broke. waiting till the next check comes.

Comment by hook 09.16.09 @

i actually went to best buy for OB4CL2

Comment by richdirection 09.16.09 @

got the MOP and Jigga albums,waitin till friday to get that Rae album..Am i missin somethin here,but what’z Cudi doing in this list? Mayb im sleepin on the Kid what with all them emo trash singles he has??

Comment by dj blendz 09.16.09 @

*dead* I download and deleted that CuDi trash quick.

Comment by Soltan 09.16.09 @

I bought Raekwon last Tuesday and Survival Skills yesterday. For anyone in the States, Survival Skills is $7.99 at BestBuy this week. I may cop M.O.P., once I hear that this cat has been paid for his beat.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 09.16.09 @

If that Roc Marciano album is dropping this month, get back at me.

I copped Cuban Links 2. Classic…mixtape.

Blueprint 3 lost me after that Empire track with A. Keys.

Haven’t copped MOP yet. Is it better than Warriorz? If yes, then yes.

Not really giving a shit about the others (GFK’s R&B shit I will pass on. Rather listen to J-Love mixtapes.

Comment by sooch 09.16.09 @

Copped Rae’s the day it dropped and I only copped maybe 3 other “new cds this year.
Might cop the Ghostface depending on how the leaks sound.
The only jiggas getting another penny from me is if he owns something that I need and I don’t realize he has ownership in it. The only thing I ever copped from him was the 12″ for “In My Lifetime”, the 12″ for “Dead Presidents”, and Reasonable Doubt on cassette.
Haven’t fucked with his shit since then.

Comment by verge 09.17.09 @

…’da fuck is a lil boosee??!!

Comment by verge 09.17.09 @

Imma pick up that new Q-tip record and the Rae…

Comment by BIG D O 09.17.09 @

@dj blendz: I’m not recommending anyone buy Cudi, unless you enjoy rap’s answer to Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Comment by Robbie 09.17.09 @

bought/pre-orderererd Jay-Z and KRS & Buckshot, will buy Ghost, and also Rae and M.O.P. if they get a vinyl release.

Comment by Krisch 09.17.09 @

Can you vote for: None of the Above ‘cos you can cop everything for free online??

Comment by ian 09.17.09 @

oh dag i forgot about the new anti-pop consortium album, i like them better than all of the above save for rae

Comment by gstatty 09.18.09 @

ok so only 1 outta 8 people own up to coppin Kid Cudi?? Hmmm…’find out we got some undercova Cudi stans here

Comment by dj blendz 09.18.09 @

anything that’s coming out on vinyl.nah,i’ll cop rae and the mash out joint.gotta listen to tony’s shit first.i mean he be great on every track and stuff but autotune?hell no!and at least i heard 2 trax outta this category.damn ghost…

Comment by swordfish 09.19.09 @


Comment by Dj Spins 09.23.09 @

i fuck with mayer hawthorne.

Comment by J. Pitts 09.23.09 @

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