Six OB4CL2 Beats That You Might’ve Heard Before

Who you think scanned this from their Icewater CD? I don’t need a watermark, look at the angle…

You can’t own no loops in the rap game, but the fact that I was already more than familiar with the basis of six tracks from the Cuban Linx II album is seriously detracting from the listening experience. One or two I could have dealt with…but six? Really?

‘Sonny’s Missing’:

Pete Rock feat. Royal Flush – ‘Questions’

‘Black Mozart’:

Sadat X – ‘Back To New York’

‘Pyrex Vision’:

O.C. – ‘Jewelz’

‘Canal Street’:

Fat Joe feat. M.O.P. & Petey Pablo – ‘Fight Club’

‘Fat Lady Sings’:

$amhill – ‘Like It Is’

‘Mean Streets’:

Tragedy Khadafi – ‘The Message’

Does this even matter? Or is it just me being an asshole?

Does OB4CL2 Suffer From Too Many Familiar Loops?

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Shoulda used more RZA!

Comment by CHUCK 09.03.09 @

That’s not to mention the 2 repurposed Dilla beats and the previously released tracks. You’re up to maybe 10. That’s half the album. If he was gonna go that route, he should have just swiped about 6 or 7 of the dopest gritty joints off of the gazillion mixtapes he’s dropped in the last few years.

It’s a big problem for me. But this has been a problem with Ghost’s recent work too.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 09.03.09 @

Either u believe Guru’s principle wherein U dont own no loops or not. And I do. What u do is rework the drums, a different tempo and most importantly a new direction with the lyrics. Por ejemplo, Pyrex Visions is in a whole other lyrical realm from O.C.’s classic striver’s anthem.

Comment by chronwell 09.03.09 @

I be mad sometime with God for not birthing me to wealthy parents. I be mad with God sometimes for not putting floral scents in the oxygen I breathe all the time. I have extreme distrust for Indian men. Not the featherheads, but the dudes with the underwear on they heads. I don’t like cross-eyed people neither.

Comment by Dallas 09.03.09 @

I agree. If you want people to be amped about an album at least have the courtesy to come with new beats. I was baffled when I heard the album today. Sad in a way! Hate to say it; but I’m glad it leaked otherwise I would’ve been dissapointed paying for second hand songs. Hope he learns from this experience.

Comment by Context 09.03.09 @

If he didn’t kill the tracks I’d be mad. I feel like samples get repurposed all the time and it’s nothing new to really get mad at. This was a great post for no other reason than last night I was going nuts trying to place where I’d heard “Canal Street” before.

Comment by Abe Beame 09.03.09 @

I haven’t heard any of these songs before so it didn’t bother me when I listened to it last night, but this is disappointing news.

Thanks for ruining the AOTY Robbie!

Comment by dronkmunk 09.03.09 @

still…the album bangs

its RAW

love it

Robbie…you going to The GZA show??

I’ll buy you a Heiny if you there…or a dozen.
The hydro is on me too

Comment by AFFEX 09.03.09 @

samples & etc ! nothing more, that’s hiphop.
ayo a song is a song. wtf are you talkin’ about ? rae did it well ! come one, do not discredit his work for that samples’ story. please, thx in ad
no shots at but few people are mad at rae and that’s incredible !

peace yall,
oh and co sign Abe!

Comment by R 09.03.09 @

Album is one of the rawest in a while…i dont give a fuck where the beats came from. ‘Surgical Gloves’ and ’10 Bricks’ beats are ridiculous.

Comment by KQ 09.03.09 @


Also, that $amhill joint is the same sample that from that Ras Kas track you posted a few weeks back “If This World Were Mine”

Comment by Frost Gamble 09.03.09 @

Who cares.. this album is a classic!

Comment by QB 09.03.09 @

back in the days lotta same samples be flipped so i’m familiar wit nice though.

Comment by swordfish 09.03.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 09.03.09 @

You forgot that “Ason Jones” also has already been a Roots track, and that “Gihad” was out for a good 2 years or so before this under the name “R.A.G.U.”

Comment by Foshiggadale 09.03.09 @

Here’s a suggestion to all you salty nigs — don’t listen to any so-called leaked tracks until the fucking album comes out! Rae is back with a fucking vengeance and all you nigs can do is harp on how you’ve heard certain samples before, as if that’s all this album has to offer!
There’s no idea that’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun. If you’re angry about this, imagine all the musical purists out there angry about artists who sample old music. It’s the same shit. Get off your fucking high horse and enjoy this classic album!

Comment by bc-tw 09.03.09 @

That Sadat X – ‘Back To New York’ loop had been used by E-Swift for Phil the Agony’s Clear the Lane as well. But since it’s the Godfather’s theme, I suppose one cannot be too mad about it.

Comment by Antonio 09.03.09 @

i hadnt heard some of those joints you posted so the beats were new to me.
theres another track that uses a sample AZ already used on ‘The Format’.

either way, OB4CL2 is fucking heavy!

Comment by step one 09.03.09 @

shit ya’ll wasnt hollerin when Jermaine dupree was flippin high and mighty,black moon and souls of mischief joints for his playpen artists (lil j, and bow wow) and various others.

at least its a real rap dude over some ill shit.

whens this rae droppin???????

anyone heard the “cuban revolution” mixtape?


10000 deaths to memoryman for ruining ‘curious’

which should be on the album as well.

Comment by herb from cincinnati 09.03.09 @

to be honest i only noticed the Pete Rock instrumental largely because it is exactly the same beat, kinda disappointing.

Comment by Sam 09.03.09 @

man i expect more from pete rock. he just resold a beat he’d already used. lame.
that tragedy track is fire, anybody know what album that’s off?

Comment by hook 09.03.09 @

you make a good point my dunny… but this has been goin on w/ ghosts shit as well as other wu shit… anyways obfcl2 is crazy–when the eff is $amhill gonna drop a album?

Comment by er4se 09.03.09 @

Who the fuck cares? It’s not like peoples haven’t been using the same damn samples for years, I’m sure you can find a bunch of other tracks on the same shit.

For instance, when I hear the sample on “Canal Street”, my first thoughts are “Jadakiss- Kiss Tha Game Goodbye – It’s Time I See You”.

Comment by 09.03.09 @

I remember cats were saying the same thing about Supreme Clientele, what with Pharaohe rocking the Saturday Night beat, Impossible being a straight lift from Forever and Stay True using the same track as Deck’s beat. Years later, no one really cares. To me, this is the same situation. If anything Pyrex vision reminded me that I should give OC’s post-Word Life career more burn.

Comment by Sach 09.03.09 @

Not that big a deal… if you had to discredit every album with songs that used the same samples someone else used before, there’d be about 6 albums left.


Comment by DANJ! 09.03.09 @

Rae Manifested This Album From Thought To Physical Form. OB4Cuban Leaks II Is Classic Hip-Hop Material. Make Your Own Damn Record.

Comment by Tahero 09.03.09 @

herb from cincinnati wrote:
“anyone heard the “cuban revolution” mixtape?

u aint like that rae mixtape??
that shit was fiiiyah imo

Comment by dj blendz 09.03.09 @

I enjoy the album a lot, but I noticed that “Black Mozart” also sounds like Phil The Agony’s “Clear The Lane” and “Have Mercy” that sample was also used in an Atmosphere song I forget the title of.

Comment by Jaz 09.04.09 @

lets not forget, rae been workin on this joint for a few YEARS now…but it still BANGS!

Comment by Ay! 09.04.09 @


Comment by ill 09.04.09 @

There is a zillion unused samples/beats out there…

Comment by keatso 09.04.09 @

What? There’s wayyy more than six. I was throwing up when I heard these samples reused, and these dre beats suck dick.

Comment by Mike Cali 09.04.09 @

all the people calling an album that hasn’t even been released yet “a classic” are really killing the meaning of the word.

kinda like how “peace” went, or telling your boo you love her every ten seconds

Comment by Trakball 09.04.09 @

I don’t remember cats complaining that they heard the beat for Guillotine on Tical already when Cuban Linx dropped…niggaz can’t believe the Chef is still killin shit 15 years later.

Comment by Broke 09.04.09 @

You all are talking about 1 beat on OB4CL and 3 or 4 for Supreme Clientele.

9 or 10 beats with previously used samples or entire beats? That’s acceptable for something so hyped?

Yeah, the rhyming is fire, but still.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 09.04.09 @

@gordon gartrelle

The album still rocks man stop complaining! now get in there and fix my shirt!

Comment by Simple Simon 09.04.09 @

SHut up, Ya’ll are bitching about the most miniscule of shit. Its rediculous. Niggas hear a dope record, but then don’t wanna give the shit credit. Get the fuck outta here. Peep the tracks for what they are, if you like em, fine, if not, don’t listen to the shit. This is the same bullshit Wu been dealing with for years, meanwhile, niggas can take other people’s whole rhymes and styles, turn around and recite them shits verbatim, and its okay. You gotta be kidding me! Ya’ll kill me

Comment by Chris Newberry 09.04.09 @

Not got my copy on me at the moment, so I can’t recall which track it was, but I’m sure there’s one that uses the same sample as Chino XL’s ‘We Got’ as well…

Comment by Koaste 09.08.09 @

Yo Chris calm down son!!!
Using the same fucking beat three different times is a fucking disgrace. The album is type decent but who the fuck wants to hear the same beat rhymed over from year to year from the best producer ever.

Comment by Chris Newberry is a clown 09.08.09 @

Umteen years later and that Finesse track for “Jewelz” is a jewel. Don’t know why Marley’s version even made the album. Good thing it’s only 54 sec long. And Raekwon sounds like shit. Should’ve left that alone. Why was “Kids That Rich” not on Cuban Linx 2??? It smothers everything on this album and it didn’t make the final cut? Raekwon is in mixtape mode right now.

Comment by sooch 09.09.09 @

sample ownership is played out … rae made an album you can pretty much listen from start to finish …

Comment by sb 09.10.09 @

Once upon a time ‘sample ownership’ meant alot.
I wonder how many people are still listening to Cubin Links 2? Classic?? Me think not.

Its discussions like this that create brilliant albums like GFK’s Apollo Kids.

Post more shit like this!

Comment by chubz 01.23.11 @

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