Six Superior Cormega Collaborations
Wednesday September 09th 2009,
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Time to give shine to another under-appreciated rhyme verbal assassin – Cormega. With his latest project Born & Raised due in October and featuring another outstanding selection of producers and guest MC’s, now’s the perfect time to take a look back at some of his finest work to date. Let’s set it with some of his better team-ups…

Cormega featuring Ghostface Killah – ‘Come On’ [aka ‘Tony/Montana’ Remix]

Starks unleashes a phenomenal flow on this one, but this seems to just inspire Mega to step it up accordingly. The result? Lyrics of fury.

Cormega feat. Prodigy – ‘Thun & Kicko’

Mega and P recorded a handful of tracks together during this period, but this remains the stand-out to me. That raw unkut QB sound at it’s finest.

Main Flow feat. Cormega – ‘Forever’

Displaying his versatility, Cory hits this breezy 7L beat with authority for this indy gem.

Cormega feat. Large Professor – ‘The Come Up’

A great combination as the Mad Scientist Extra-P blesses Mega with a soulful track and effective verse that makes you want to throw it on repeat.

Screwball feat. Cormega – ‘What The Deal’

A forgotten team-up with the QB super group of Blaq Poet, Kyron, Hostyle and K.L. (RIP) over a winning Mighty V.I.C loop.

Mobb Deep feat. Cormega – ‘What’s Your Poison’

If you weren’t checking for Cor before you heard this, you sure as hell had him after witnessing him tear this song a new one.

Grab all of the above here.

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Extreeeemely Underaeted SMH

Comment by Jay 09.09.09 @

Mega Montana!

Comment by RJ 09.09.09 @

Never was feeling his voice or his delivery. Its too bad cause I think hes got killer content. however, of the Nas protoges, hes the best though.

Comment by TJ 09.09.09 @

Man, the o.g version of Tony Montana is the definitive version of that song as the beat is better suited to their amped deliveries.

Shout outs to Barney (More Crime) with Jacka, Angel Dust with Havoc and Get It with Lake.

Comment by MF 09.09.09 @

The joints with Screwball & GFC are favorites but how about the Mega/Pun collabo?? definate CLASSIC!!

Comment by 357 NYC 09.09.09 @

I wouldn’t have put Forever – IMHO They Forced My Hand with Trag is simply better on all levels
Let’s hope that Born & Raised won’t disappoint

Comment by reiser 09.09.09 @

The track Three from HNIC, with prodigy and corey is one of my favorite rap sawngs of all time. They both really murder it…

Comment by frank 09.09.09 @

He is definitely underrated.My favourite collabo is on the violator album with lil wayne who can i trust.

Comment by kanaka 09.09.09 @

Screwball-Loyalty is the better of the screwball joints imo..

For those that went to the album preview a few months back, you already know that Born and Raised is gna rip

Comment by BurDenDEr 09.09.09 @

“They Forced My Hand” >>>>

Comment by Legend 09.09.09 @

Born and Raised is gonna be album of the year. you gotta respect how mega never even thinks about selling out. you buy an az cd and the dude has to throw some horrible club jams and for the ladies shit on there, as if anybody buying an az joint wants to hear that shit. mega understands he’s not gonna get radio play anyway so he makes music for the true heads. much respect to cory. True Meaning one of my all-time favorites.

Comment by hook 09.09.09 @

‘mega 1 of the most criminally slept-on emcees ever..but what up wit’ the 1st track with GFK,is it me or did the pitch/beat get faster when ‘Mega got on?? i got the o.g. version of that which is better imo

Comment by dj blendz 09.09.09 @

Just for the record TJ, Cormega is NOT on of Nas’s protoges. I don’t know who said that or wrote it, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a credible source that makes that claim, not even Nasir himself.

Comment by RJ 09.09.09 @


Comment by Dip 09.09.09 @

I prefer ‘Sugar Ray & Hearns’ to ‘Come On’; the beat stays the same for the duration, not to mention GFK had his verse written by Trife Da God…

Comment by Φ 09.09.09 @

what the fuck? ya’ll didn’t mention use mad clips with styles p? ZZZZZZZ….

Comment by cforl 09.09.09 @

Sensational! Can we expect more uncovered and Mega jems and knowledge being dropped in the coming week?

Comment by Pete 09.09.09 @

Excellent. Good shit, man.
Can’t wait for the new album.

Comment by verge 09.09.09 @

Straight Up & Down ‘Co-sign’ w/the cat that said Mega never even THINKS about sellin out… True Indeed, Say Word!!!

Comment by bboycult 09.09.09 @

definitely one of the most underrated albums ever.

gon go support montana

Comment by thefatkidthatlovescake 09.10.09 @

Ya’ll probably don’t check much for underground Bay Area shit, but The Jacka’s latest has a joint with Mega, “The Storm.” Shit is dope, check it out.

Comment by hook 09.10.09 @

What’s good with an indepth interview with Mega Robbie? I bet he got some nice stories about his times with Nas, Big Pun and the PHD days with Hotday and Poet. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 09.10.09 @

BTW I agree with RJ. How can Mega be a Nas protoge when he was featured on Hotday’s album back in ’89? Dude also featured on the PHD album and was recordin’ an album with Marley Marl. He just had the bad luck of goin’ upstate between ’92 and ’95. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 09.10.09 @

What about the joint with krs-one, grand puba pmd etc.?

Comment by Berr 09.10.09 @

Thanks for reminding me that I still need that white label with Ghost, Large Pro and M.O.P.

@hook: Cormega seems to have a strong connection with those Mob Figaz guys, there did lots of collabos

Comment by Krisch 09.10.09 @

I also would like to mention Loyalty with Screwball

Comment by Krisch 09.10.09 @

Mega? Eh. I never thought he was wack, but never considered him to be on some elite shit either. I def. like some of his songs/collabs tho’… “Three” by Prodigy was a good one, as well as just about any joint he and Trag did together.


Comment by DANJ! 09.10.09 @

What about “Loyalty” from the second screwball joint… Sick ‘Mega collab

Comment by JonnySimps 09.11.09 @

Robbie, I know you’re not too West Coastish, but the multiple tracks he’s done with The Jacka (Twitter @TheJacka) have been DOPE also.

Comment by damestatus 09.11.09 @

forgive me father THEY FORCED MY HAND

Comment by 357 NYC 09.11.09 @

All good stuff, but damestatus is right, the stuff with Jacka is brilliant. It helps that when they’re on a track together, you can barely tell them apart.

Comment by Drew Huge 09.21.09 @

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