LL Cool J Vs. Canibus Revisited

Predictably, my comment the other day that LL ‘never lost a battle’ ruffled a few feathers among Canibus fans. LL vs. Kool Moe Dee was already covered a while back, but I guess there’s no other way to settle this than to dig out all the garbage songs recorded in this drawn-out and unsatisfying war of words.

LL Cool J feat. Redman, Method Man, Canibus & DMX – ’4,3,2,1′

You think LL was shady because he got ‘Bis to change his rhyme and then kept his attack on there? How dumb was Canibus to think it was gonna end any other way? It was LL’s album, he can do the fuck he wants.

Canibus - ’2nd Round K.O.’

This song is incredibly overrated by the intehnets. Canibus comes off like a butt-hurt fan despite throwing a couple of amusing lines out there. Tyson on this is jokes.

LL Cool J - ‘The Ripper Strikes Back’

Starts off all over the place, but the second verse starts addressing the jabs from ’2nd Round’ pretty effectively. The shit about rapping at proms and looking like a gargoyle is pretty funny, but the wack music (‘Tunnel banger’? Really?) and Scream Rap delivery lets down the team.

Wyclef - ‘Retaliation (What’s ‘Clef Got To Do With It?)’

Wyclef must’ve been really bored, or really high…or really border and really high when he made this bullshit. Weak sauce like that ‘super-model’ cameo at the end.

LL Cool J - ‘Rasta Impasta’

Uncle L and gun-talk is not a good combination. Didn’t we learn anything from 14 Shots To The Dome? This is only marginally less shitty than ‘Clef’s song…just. The ad-libs at the end are just retarded…’I like reggae’?

Canibus - ‘Rip The Jacker’

A few years later, Canibus gets DJ Battlecat to remake ‘I’m Bad’ so he can say the same shit again, and admit he’s a Stan? Fuckouttahere.

LL Cool J feat. Ja Rule - ‘Back Where I Belong’

Why did LL bother making another answer? Just to tell us that ‘Bis is Canadian? Stop it.

Additional Listening:

Redman, Method Man & Canibus - ’4,3,2,1′ [original take]

With the ‘Let me borrow it’ line that started this whole fuckery.

Dr. Dre & LL Cool J- ‘Zoom’

Third verse gets at the gargoyle, if you can last that long.

Verdict: If nothing else, I’ve been reminded of just how weak this whole feud was. Canibus didn’t really do any major damage, but I guess everyone was amazed that someone would bother making an LL diss in the late 90′s. LL should have stopped after ‘The Ripper Strikes Back’…or maybe would have been better-off just ignoring the whole thing since he it was all downhill after the ’4,3,2,1′ attack. And as for Wyclef’s attack? Shit was so ineffective that it’s hardly worth including. Regardless, nobody can be declared a clear winner in this embarrassing cluster-fuck…so therefore it’s another battle that LL didn’t lose.

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disagree bro. Canibus did some work. I still believe the powers that be had a hand in fucking his career up

Comment by GamesGaines 10.01.09 @

LL is garbage. Todd smith been a joke since day one. Any hip hop head will tell you.

Comment by iRony 10.01.09 @

I think LL’s verse on 4,3,2,1 was better than everything that came after it from any of the participants. Because of that, I give LL the win.

Comment by David 10.01.09 @

I usually don’t comment on this website, but I frequent it alot, and I must co-sign. I always thought that 2nd round K.O was highly overrated, glad to see someone else feels the same way. Almost forgot about hte wyclef diss too.

Comment by Joe 88 10.01.09 @

Canibus ‘2nd Round K.O.’ was tight, you have to appreciate the production and his delivery…

at the time it got an incredible response not just because he was new but because he went directly at LL which at the time was impressive.

I still think its one of the best diss tracks ever just because you hear his hurt feelings and his ambition.

Comment by PHD 10.01.09 @

Robbie, Imma let you finish.

But Canibus had one of the best diss songs of all time.

Comment by SeventhSun 10.01.09 @

I still say ‘Bus won with that 2nd Round joint,everything after that is just garbage imo

Comment by dj blendz 10.01.09 @

I aint no Wyclef fan.. but, his shit wasnt too bad! I havnet heard this since it first came out.. and, now listening to it again.. it wasnt as wack as I thought it was.

this was a stuppid battle in the first place.. canibus def. took it tho.

Comment by - keka - 10.01.09 @

dude canibus murked him easily with 2nd round knockout…i kinda liked the “what’s clef got to do with it” track too. they used to bump that on hot 97 back in the day….
LL LOST THAT BATTLE!!! he may have clearly won the war career wise but he got murked dunnn…..
“i’ll even wait for the studio audience to applaud.” ether!

Comment by DOM DIRTEE 10.01.09 @

i agree wit some shit that u said but ur not givin enough credit to “2nd round knock out” that was one of the hardest diss records in history!

Comment by Elite 10.01.09 @




Comment by TYBO2020 10.01.09 @

Used to have all of these on wax…Just to follow the beef. Ha. Then I quickly realized that I would never play any of these out, and if I did I would probably ruin the party.

Comment by Jerry Nice 10.01.09 @

2nd round is the best there but it aint no
“no vaseline” shit!…

Comment by RowanB 10.01.09 @

When Canibus tried to dis LL by saying “99% of your fans wear high heels” — and LL came back with “99% of your fans don’t even exist”, it was over. I stopped paying attention after that.

Comment by AZR 10.01.09 @

LL went on to make a couple of decent tunes plus at least 3 gold albums after this, AND he killed 2 sharks in Deep Blue Sea and managed to survive, which black actors never do in disaster movies.

Canibus went on to a brief career of albums with production that even Nas would wince at, years of posting on rap message boards about himself under alias accounts and a post-rap life of sharing bunkbeds in military dormitories with 30 other men.

I think we all know who won here.

Comment by MF 10.01.09 @

LL is still here. Canibus is makin EP’s with Keith Murray no1 cares about. The End.

Comment by Brian B.Dot Miller 10.01.09 @

In what twisted, wack world is “2nd Round KO” one of the greatest diss songs ever? Please.

Canibus fan = instant lack of credibility.

These were only amusing parts of this whole nonsense:

1. Iron Mike confusing “canibus” and “cannibal.”

2. Wyclef (of all people) clowning LL’s receding hairline, when rocking receding dreads is a million times worse.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 10.01.09 @

I feel like this debate will go on longer than who is better Jay-Z or Nas. As far as B.Dot saying LL is still here and Canibus is makin’ EP’s with Murray…in the grander scheme of things, LL is still here making shows and dropped an album that no one cared about. The bottom line is they both still have a fanbase that follows and contribute to their careers. A career is only dead when someone is no longer recording and selling music. LL vs Bis…I think the general consensus is that with all of these songs that went back and forth between them, including Clef’s wack song, 2nd Round K.O. is considered to be one of the best dis records of all time. Not saying that it is the best but considered as. The 2nd verse in K.O. Bis absolutely murders L. The problem is that Bis had the type of buzz before his album similar to Drake or Lil’ Wayne, maybe even bigger considering he didn’t even have a song that had radio rotation. The expectations were through the roof and he wasn’t able to deliver the goods on the album, letting everyone down that christened him the next one. The last time hip hop christened someone like that was NaS. LL has never made anything directed at Bis rivaling KO so it’s really that simple. Canibus has not stop recording. He has been making records all these years. He has the problem that most lyricists have, too potent lyrics, not too potent beats/music behind the lyrics. I think if you poll other lyricists, they will probably tell you that Bis still has it, even if he takes himself too seriously lyrically at times. LL is a legend and fully deserves to be admitted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame if nominated. LL has worked at cultivating an acting career for years so it’s no surprise that we still see him still around. Even the Kayslay mixtape he had out last year was surprisingly good. Ripper Strikes Back was a letdown big time. Canibus won the battle, LL won the war. It’s that simple.

Comment by LongWinded 10.01.09 @

LL Cool J The GOAT !

Comment by yessir 10.01.09 @

Ill post. Keep classics reads/listens like this coming!

Comment by Jack Scott 10.01.09 @

canibus clearly won this battle. that where i belong record sounds like jay-z wrote it. ghostwriter on diss song = fail

Comment by brownbomber 10.01.09 @

Commentary of this was straight garbage, you must not have been around paying attention when this happened

Comment by KingPoetic 10.01.09 @

if we want to know who won…simply put on the instrumentals to all these songs and see whose fans can spit the most bars from any of the songs…bottom line whether you like L or you like canibus…once you hear those ring bells on 2nd round knock out the verses pop into your head you cant help spitting them..i think with that said think hard can you honest remember any of the lines from L’s responses and or diss records except when he says “99 percent of your fans dont exists”?? uncle l took an L in this one here

Comment by Incognegrho 10.01.09 @

Umm…………what does who won a battle have to do with LL in movies? This is what is wrong with hip hop today….lyrically wise canibus is better and he won that battle. From 97-2000 canibus shit on everyone in the game and he is known as a top 5 lyricist if you TRULY appreciate thought provoking lyrics.

I mean Canibus was the first to be on the internet on that independant shit…because he got blackballed. There isn’t ONE album that LL has made that lyrically stands next to Rip The Jacker or MiClub. Don’t get me wrong, Canibus has put out GARBAGE as of late and he’ll never spit the way he used to but some of yall have no clue when it comes to this hip hop thing.

You really do think its all about sales and who got a movie role LMAO!!!….thats too bad.

Comment by OleHead 10.01.09 @

canibus dissed him in every way possible in the first verse of 2 round ko. lyrical skills, street cred, battle skills, and image.

the whole point of a battle is to diss the other MC and all LL does is talk about himself.

if you look past the charisma and sales you can see ll doesn’t battle

Comment by GOD IS 10.01.09 @

Canibus knocked himself out with the line “you ain’t got the skills to eat a N’s Ass like me”

Comment by Beatlover 10.01.09 @

as with most beefs this started over next to nothing but I think Canibus took it.

heres the Marley Marl remixes of the Bis & LL tracks:

if anyone has the full versions hit me up!

Comment by step one 10.01.09 @

I agree with Tyson’s involvement being a stupid joke; but otherwise “Second Round K.O.” was a good record… and the only worthwhile song in the whole debacle. So I had to vote for Canibus.

However, the fact that they both carried it on with subequent, ridiculous garbage makes me wish there was a combined “Canibus won and they both played themselves” option.

Plus Beatlover has a point. lol

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 10.01.09 @

i dug Rip The Jacker, only because B.A.D. is one of my fave joints of all time, and that shit makes me laugh everytime…

i’ve never heard a battle with such bad beats, get so much publicity! it was manufactured beef…

Comment by Arkitek 10.01.09 @

Canibus lost once he spit that “you ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga’s ass like me” line.

Comment by Soltan 10.01.09 @

Mic Club was dope tho.

Comment by Eastern_Digital 10.01.09 @

Canibus won easily. http://kevinnottingham.com/2008/08/07/top-10-diss-tracks-of-all-time/

Comment by Thomas 10.01.09 @

i’m an ll fan. been a fan since 85 seeing him on american bandstand performing with e love, but he seriously got his azz handed to him in this battle. but this is one of those battles like with kmd(that destroyed him as well) where people let popularity choose who won which is bs. i’m a fan of ll and canibus, but canibus won this on wax easily, ll just won it with viacom and people that aren’t fans of lyrics.

Comment by RUDOLPH LYRICS 10.01.09 @

“Canibus shit on everyone in the game from 97-2000? And is a top five lyricist???” How can that be when this average (at best) battle record is considered his best/most memorable piece of work? The problem with Canibus was that the hype was WAY too big for his skills. He wasn’t blackballed or sabotaged. He took himself way too seriously and tried too hard to say some complex and clever shit. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate an MC actually computing a thought and putting it together, but that motherfucker just rambles….speaking of..

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.01.09 @

None of the songs in this collection are impressive. The LL verse on 4,3,2,1 was the best of all of it, but that is not saying much. Canibus is in the top five lyricist list right behind Bud Bundy and Parker Louis Can’t Lose. While I am not a big LL fan at least he has an impressive catalouge to back him up.

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.01.09 @

Man I had to comment on this piece, I aint go front I was on the Canibus Bandwagon early on and of course I followed LL’s career from the start but let me get to the point here!! Robbie thanks for bringing this up but I have to disagree, 2nd Round K.O. was a killer track and call out to a battle one of the fiercest ever put out and if that enough the G.O.A.T was a dope ass album especially “Back where I belong”, hell after that the battle was done. I didn’t like the battles existence simply becasue I’d rather see cats go toe to toe and not use studio material but you know this late 90′s 2000′s sh** right!! Any way L did what he said and ended his career which I was not happy with since I was interested in how much success could Canibus attract.

Comment by olskool4real 10.02.09 @

Thank you, BIGSPICE… there’s few things that are more tired than the “woe is Canibus, the poor incredible lyricist that was shafted by the powers that be and the industry and LL’s political strings”… so did they all conspire and force Canibus to make a weak-ass album? People like to spin that story all kinds of ways, but Canibus’ own lack of quality music and artistic direction is what did him in when the spotlight was on him. He got out of the LL battle alive in ’98, and could’ve potentially followed up with an album deserving of the pre-album hype. But instead, he came with… that piece of shit. That’s not LL’s fault, Def Jam’s fault, radio’s fault, or anything else… that falls squarely on Canibus, Wyclef, and whoever at Universal didn’t have the heart to tell them it was half-assed. Anyone who sees it another way either A) wasn’t around to witness how anticipated Canibus actually was at the time, or B) is still trying to convince themselves that ‘Can-I-Bus’ didn’t suck.

Canibus was lyrically talented, no question, but he was unable to do what is expected of EVERY lyrically-talented MC… which is create quality songs/albums. And since he couldn’t do that, people stopped checkin’ for him- simple as that.


Comment by DANJ! 10.02.09 @

where is ll’s “can-i-bus”?
it was good.

Comment by can i bus? 10.02.09 @

Canibus fans generally tend to be the type of people who indulge in netcee battles.

ie. turds.

Comment by MF 10.02.09 @

When Canibus tried to dis LL by saying “99% of your fans wear high heels” — and LL came back with “99% of your fans don’t even exist”, it was over. I stopped paying attention after that.

That’s the illest line in the whole battle. Period.

Comment by Antonio 10.02.09 @

to MF – i don’t know if that turds line is aimed at me

i’m a bigger ll fan than canibus and only commented because so many people think ll won and think he is a great battle rapper when he’s not at all

Comment by GOD IS 10.02.09 @

When this battle happened I was on the canibus shit heavy…all the tony touch & clue joints…
duke was on some next shit lyrically. cant front.
I think canibus blew EVERYONE away in some way…

I already know what he can do since “rock the bells” “break a dawn” “rampage” etc etc etc…

I thought canibus had gotten LL, because FOR ME, AT THAT TIME, canibus could do no wrong on the mic! period! I thought both joints were corny and stoppped caring and so did the DJs it seemed like. and the fact canibus put 2nd round ko on his album was even more corny…
yeah LL took his verse off, yeah it sounded foul but it was like who cares at the end of the day…

LL is THAT NIGGA, no question about it…
The nigga had something to prove though.
Doing all them movies and shows and shit…
He’s an MC at the end of the day, and he tested the hot young gunner by getting on a track with all the “hot” niggas at that time.
he destroyed canibus on the 4321 joint…

Canibus sounds like he going at LL 1st on the OG 4321 though…I dont know…
He was mad cocky back then too…
maybe LL was justified…like “who does shorty think he is talk tough”…

but to say canibus lost is an understatement.
Duke doesnt even talk the same! lol!
He sounds MAD timid now!
And LL is STILL the GOAT that he was back then, NOW!

Comment by Ay! 10.02.09 @

Second Round K.O was one of the best diss tracks I ever heard

I heard Canibus is work on another LL diss..hahahahh

Comment by tw0fifth 10.02.09 @

I’m with Robbie on this, always thought 2nd round KO was mad overrated and LL won the battle, such as it was.

Does anyone have the audio of that weird, long-ass phone call Canibus posted between him and LL? I think he had it on sounclick or somewhere like that.. the one where Canibus tells LL “but have you looked at what they’re saying on the internet?? yo the internet is NATIONWIDE!”

Comment by Jay Smooth 10.02.09 @

^yeah, because arguing over who is a better rapper on the internet is so corny, right? That’s why it’s so funny. Irony is beautiful.

99% percent of your fans don’t exist. Really? That was flames? That shit is literally what how an illiterate second grader would respond to the line that prompted it. But, whatever, to each his own.

‘Bis murdered LL in this battle; I mean it was actually kinda embarrassing how out of his league LL was in this one. Sure, LL has had a great career and a strong discography, but what does that have to do with winning the battle? This LL won the war shit is also a complete crock stirred up by his Stans. There is no war. This isn’t baseball, where you may beat me head to head, but I won the division and went to playoffs so it doesn’t matter. This is boxing. One guy kicks the other’s ass and in the context of that fight their overall records are irrelevant.

Funny Robbie refers to ‘Bis’s Stans, when only the most myopic Mr. Smith worshiper could write a post like this.

Comment by digglahhh 10.02.09 @

digglahhh – CHUUUUCH

Comment by GOD IS 10.02.09 @

Well, from the previous 2 posts it’s pretty hobvious you’re riding LL’s dilznick (no homo) so it’s not suprising you would be so quick to write off 2nd round. This isn’t a win win for either dude, ‘Bis got murked on 4,3,2,1 (LL can do the fuck he wants – agreed) but Todd got his pink panties exposed on the joint with tyson. The rest – g’head and have it.

Head to head in the park, leave the gats at home, they can settle this one. Now, can’t call it bruh. This is some barbara walters shit anyway.

Comment by H.R. Paperstaxxx 10.02.09 @

Ayo… here’s the phone convo btwn LL and Canibus… LMAO



This is like a father/son convo, hahahaha


Comment by DANJ! 10.02.09 @

You forgot to add the Phuc U joint (dissing Em, LL and Wyclef) and Horsementality from his 200BC album (which went in on LL something awful).

Comment by Brock 10.03.09 @

I remember a Clue mixtape in ’97 were Bis had rhymes like,”I’ll battle you in the flesh/I’ll battle you on the net/I’ll battle you over the phone you can call me collect. That shit blew my mind at the time along with the “Music Makes Me High” remix and “Beasts from the East” etc really built a buzz back in a time were skills still meant something. Strong features on mixtapes dont always translate into strong albums as in Canibis case. The LL thing at a time when diss records didnt create careers and album sales really hurt in the long run. For the icon that he is LL is the man no doubt, but 2nd Round KO ended it before it really got started. Everything else after was mediocre at best.

Comment by Curt Mcgirt 10.03.09 @

Bis destroyed LL with 2nd round KO. Easily one of the best dis records ever, LLs comeback didn’t have the potency to compete.

Comment by KQ 10.04.09 @

Yes, Canibus DESTORYED LL. LL really can’t hold a candle to Canibus’ rhyme scheme, flow and delivery. But the problem is that Canibus doesn’t know how to make a song, that’s why his career has been so bad, and why LL has had a successful one.

Comment by J. Pitts 10.04.09 @

I give it to LL ’cause I NEVER liked Canibus. I thought he was overrated since ’97 when he was on all those mixtapes and people thought he was “next”. Not to mention on both “Beasts of the East” (The Lost Boys’ joint) AND “4,3,2,1,”, my dude Funk Doctor Spot smashed him. After “99% of his fans don’t exist..” L ain’t have to say shit else. But on some other shit, that has to be, hands down, the stupidest beef in the history of Hip-Hop. L, how you gonna be offended by someone tryin’ to pay homage to you? I guess it worked out for L ’cause he didn’t miss a step while Can-I-Bus ended up with the Platinum Milk Carton award.

Comment by oskamadison 10.04.09 @

I think that Canibus cant compare with the success that LL has had. Him trying to compare himself to LL is really kind of funny. At the same time, if I was hearing both of these cats for the first time, I would have to say that Canibus won this…

Comment by Marcus 10.05.09 @

I like LL, but all of this was over a pretty rubbish tattoo.

Comment by farns 10.05.09 @

2nd round K.O. was a pretty good diss track, but ll still ripped canibus, and i still like canibus’ music better than ll’s any day, but rip the jacker was not that great, pretty much after bus cut wyclef loose is when bus’ rhymes really got nice, and then he sort of started to sputter off and lose his skills, lately his stuff is just wierd and esoteric and doesn’t make much sense, i hear an occasional banger here and there though, still much rather listen to bus’ jedi mind tricks wannabe style of late than doin’ it by ll, poppin pistols > poppin cristal

Comment by gstatty 10.09.09 @

“i’ll even wait for the studio audience to applaud.” ether!


Comment by grizzly 10.10.09 @

please stop playing

anybody with ears knows that 2nd round knockout ethered mr. smith

make your wife get on the horn and call mr. farakhan/

LL was over after that….

LL is still a legend, still a pillar of the foundation of hip hop, but he got served by Canibus on that record..

if he wasn’t on def jam, I think his career would have ended after that record..but , you know..politics….

Bis should have rapped over the “to the break of dawn” beat and really dissed him

Comment by getthesenets 10.19.09 @

yup, i is a hip-hop head and is telling you; Cool J been a joke since before he rocked the LL.

Comment by tawa 10.19.09 @

I`m an L.L fan but damn…watch me rip the tat from your arm…kick you in the groin..stick you for your Vanguard award in front of your mom…first,second and third born..make your wife get on the horn and call minster Farrakhan…What did L.L kick in this battle that topped that..lol

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 10.28.09 @

First off, I appreciate everybodys’ opinion and I used to be a LL Cool J fan growing up. Anybody who’s a real Hip-Hop head or has good taste in music knows that Canibus ripped LL. If they both were on the same level, I bet this discussion wouldn’t be further debated. Ppl forgot how many attempts it took LL to come up with “The Ripper Strikes Back,” which was adlibed after Canibus throughout the whole song. Fuck making records why didn’t LL challenge Canibus to a face to face battle at the tunnel like he did Kool Moe Dee back in the day? The best diss LL had was “Back where I belong” and Canibus came right back on him and ripped him on his own shit.

Comment by Kay Tee 11.02.09 @

Canibus is a Jamaican born rapper. Where the fuck is the Canada shit coming from? LL was dumb for that, and Canibus still kept ripping tracks. Right now airplay on the Radio don’t mean shit thanks to commercial rappers like Drake.

Comment by Don'tbestupid 07.07.10 @

CanIbuS won hands down!!!! Whoever thinks LL won is under the industrys mind control!!!! It’s such a injustice 2 say LL won or to say CanIbuS is wack!!!! Go listib to 2nd round knockout Rip The Jacker and the album 2000B.C.!!!!!!

Comment by KLAP215 08.07.10 @

LL ended his career and lyrically shit on canibitch.

“nobody can eat a nigger’s ass like me, and if you really want to show off…” canibus

Ohh really? eating a nigger’s ass is showing off?

Nobody can suck their idle’s dick like canibitch, then flip it and start beef to boost his own career. I imagine canibitch suckin at LL’s dick tryin to get on 4,3,2,1. I read your book dog, I watched your sitcom, I am just like you when you were my age.. familiarity breeds contempt. All of a sudden canibitch flipped shit at attacked the person he “studied”.

2nd round KO horrible. Canibus was off beat, the track was 3 minutes and mostly tyson talking. Your analogy of a boxing match was the first part of the joke. Canibus is 5’8.. LL would physically destroy you, same as he did lyrically.

99% of your fans wear high heels. and? Hes makin sales and women listen to hip hop too..

99% of your fans dont exist.. which means you and your moms trolling the web tryin to make a rep and say you have lyrical talent. Which you sure as fuck dont.

I have no doubt in my mind LL’s responce was ghost written. Ripper returns, or Jack the ripper part 2, whatever its called, was ghost written. He destroyed canibus on every level. His size, his money, his lyrics, attempting to start a battle and repeating himself. Perfectly put together.

LL’s other replies you could tell he wrote, they were shit. Gun talk and bullshit that was irrelevant.

LL should have never replied again. His one diss track was enough to end canibus’ career, and whoever says canibus won or has lyrical talent is retarded.

Canibus obviously uses a poetic dictionary and instead of telling a story, he tries to create complex rhymes of nothingness, which is exactly why he teamed with keith murray.

LL is a bitch, he cant come up with lyrics, and did take this too far. BUT!!

Canibus is a bigger bitch. For attacking his idle, takin LL’s lyrics so personal, recording phone calls, and then trying to boost his own fame by dissing everyone in the rap game.

“faggot nigger trying to make a living off of dissing.” 2nd round KO

I know he was refering to LL.. but damn canibitch, take a look in the mirror. You that faggot nigger DOIN THE SAME EXACT THING.

No respect for either artist, but LL won thanks to ghost writers and superb flow/delivery.

Germaine Williams AKA canibus joined the military after LL ended his rap career, only to get dishonorable discharge a year later.

You confirmed my opinion that you are a bitch and a waste of my money. Not only did you waste my tax payer money by getting trained, then discharged, but I wasted $15 on every shit album he put out. Dont even say his albums are good, they are shit at best.

1 or 2 tracks per album doesnt make an artist legendary.

Big L is the GOAT in my opinion. RIP to the lyrical genius who half these rappers got their style and ideas from.

Comment by Fnkdctr 10.13.11 @

u rite my niggaz, this was all bullshit!!
BIG L>>>>>coolj multiplied by canibus to the eminem power!!

Comment by RoPhoto 10.19.11 @

Well canibus ripped ll to shreds.

Comment by daryl 11.27.11 @

Listen to Canibus – You’re Dead! Canibus wins! LL hasn’t won a battle yet to me!

Comment by HBomb 12.29.11 @

Truth is, they are both legends…one financially succesfull…the other not so much…but resepected from all corners till recently as a lyricist…the hard truth is…no one even really cared at the time…ll was on tv, rap not even considered his number 1 gig at the time…who gives a fuck…meaningless, intresting, trivia. That’s it. NO ripples in the hip hop world…sorry..

Comment by JThandsome 08.03.12 @

LL: ’99% of your fans don’t exist’. LL crushed bis with one small line (within an otherwise bland record with a horrible beat). def among the dumbest rap battles in history tho.

Comment by 4:20 09.04.12 @

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