Sean P = Straight Brillo Pad
Wednesday October 28th 2009,
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If you don’t laugh out loud at least six times while watching this vid from Dallas Penn….kill yourself.

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P! all day.

Comment by swordfish 10.28.09 @

funny as hell,

“..I won a free turkey!” :)

Comment by RowanB 10.28.09 @

I remember seeing a pic of him in a Lacoste polo tee which didn’t look cut like any Lacoste polo tee i’ve ever seen.

This video explains everything.

Comment by MF 10.28.09 @

P-Body is a fooooooooooooool!

Comment by Bug 10.28.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 10.28.09 @

he aint talkin about lacoste my dude hes talkin about mr lauren…the uniform for the east coast pre 1990

Comment by money mercilesz 10.28.09 @

Uh, no. You need to watch the video again.

He’s talkin’ about fake Lacostes being the only fake shit he’ll ever cop because the real ones don’t fit him right.

Comment by MF 10.29.09 @

uh ok…yur so rite…but polo aint lacoste and polo shirts def aint no tees. ralph lauren all day.

Comment by money mercilesz 10.29.09 @

what the fuck is mercilez yapping about now?

p needs his own show haha

Comment by wade 10.29.09 @

Seap P? say what you want, just spell the name right!!

Comment by Bang 10.29.09 @

who is wade? y u bringin me up?

Comment by money mercilesz 10.29.09 @

^^Merc is that dude that everyone tries to avoid just cause he irritating hahaha.His own family probably shut off the lights,turn off the tv when they see him comin down the block like “awww hell nah!! I aint got time to deal with this irritating fuck!!

Comment by Won1 10.29.09 @

i am that dude. howd u know?

Comment by money mercilesz 10.30.09 @

^^i’m a fuckin psychic lol…

All in joking merc,all in jokin’

Comment by Won1 10.30.09 @

Mercilesz – a tee with a collar is a polo tee regardless of brand and has been since Brooks Brothers popularised them in the 1800s, and Lacoste was a NY staple before ‘Lo. See : early 80s flicks of Dez, Run Dmc, LL etc wearing ’em.

But, yeah, RL all day.

Comment by MF 10.30.09 @

“like duke said…he like fifteen thousand dollar sweaters and all that…”

if i watch this again, i will cough up a lung from laughing so hard.

Comment by bitter monk 11.06.09 @

next time on sean price is right, p plays plinko and wins a leg’o’lamb and then says ‘wtf my whiz ain’t got no mint jelly for no leg’o’lamb, we comin’ back next time to pick up that leg, you ever had roast leg’o’lamb?’

Comment by gstatty 11.23.09 @

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