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Wednesday October 07th 2009,
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As requested by nation….Shyne‘s not out yet but it’s only right that we recall how correctly he was putting it down before he took a fall for King Cobra his old boss.

Shyne – ‘Whatchu Gonna Do’

Po’s menacing introduction from his self-titled debut.

G-Dep feat. Shyne – ‘Keep It Gangsta’

The finest in second generation Bad Boy shit.

Shyne & Fabolous – ‘DJ Clue Freestyle’

Clue sez: ‘Whhoooooooeeeeeeeee!’

Shyne – ‘Bad Boy Radio Freestyle’

Does what it says on the tin.

Shyne – ‘Murda Mixtape 5 – Freestyle II’

The closest we’ll ever have to a Po/Premier collaboration.

Shyne – ‘Original Gangsters 6 Freestyle’

Shyne x BDP = Gold.

Shyne – ‘What You Know’

A Whoo-Kid special as far as I remember…

Download all seven here

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Comment by nation 10.07.09 @

why am I the only one who thinks Shyne is overrated as a rapper. truthfully he brings nothing new or innovative to the game. from flows to his voice to favored style of production, we’ve all heard it before. and now that he’s out of jail after 9 long years we want to hear some more? some one please explain this to me.

Comment by bc-tw 10.07.09 @

Commission and Diamonds And Mac Tens are great too.

He’ll never top Bad Boyz, though. Now that was a single.

Comment by MF 10.07.09 @

Hey bc-tw, I am with you. Shyne never did anything special for me. I think Fab is more overrated than him though. Fab sucks. Yeah, I said it.

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.07.09 @

Fab is a jay-z clone and Shyne a biggie clone. nuff said!!

Comment by nuffsaid 10.07.09 @

…..we need more andre 3000’s

Comment by nuffsaid 10.07.09 @

Shyne’s not out yet but it’s only right that we recall how he was correctly he was putting it down

^ grammer fail

Comment by 2Gutta 10.07.09 @

shyne’s not overrated, if all he’s underrated. he had the carisma, the realness and grimey voice combined with a sick flow. the first lp was a classic, no discussion there. free shyne!!

Comment by Godz 10.07.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 10.07.09 @

Shyne’s not out yet but it’s only right that we recall how he was correctly he was putting it down

^ grammer fail

^ correction fail.

Comment by myl0s 10.07.09 @

Wasn’t really feelin the reincarnation of Biggie,i’ll stick with the original thank u

Comment by dj blendz 10.07.09 @

yep. never could get past the biggie clone thing myself.

Comment by skinnyjoe 10.07.09 @

Yeah, never understood his appeal. I expect more of those flat-sounding mediocre tracks when he drops new material.

Comment by KQ 10.07.09 @

….. Like he was forced to carry a gun …. FOH!

Comment by Mec-One 10.07.09 @

Shyne = Jamaican slang for a blow job.

Comment by End Level Boss 10.08.09 @

Can you upload the non-album tracks at least in a rar please?

Comment by Casey 10.08.09 @

That “Whoo Kid exclusive” came dirtectly from a Detroit rap group named the Street Lordz. It was a cut on their Platinum Masterpiece album.

Comment by Ziploc Moe 10.08.09 @

“Whatcha Gonna Do” was what really sold me on him… before that, he was little more than ‘the dude who sounds like BIG’ to me. Even after “Bad Boyz” he was ‘the dude who sounds like BIG who got a good single’. I wasn’t interested in hearing the album, but my brother was, and he put me up on it by playing ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ in the car- from then on, I wasn’t mad at him. The album is actually a favorite of mine from this decade. The more I listened to him, the less he sounded like BIG to me- I really think it was one of those things where the voice threw people off, so they were quick to just say ‘ah, he’s bitin” but as time went on, he stood on his own and erased that.


Comment by DANJ! 10.08.09 @

sorry; there is nothing special about this rapper. i’ve seen this site crap on rappers with better rap skills and raps than this man.

on the real, the U.S., or any country, for that matter, has enough criminals in it. if son wants to be a gangster, then he can do that back in British Honduras. if INS decides to depart Shyne, then nobody can say anything worth a dime. he effed up, plain and simple. for Puffy this dude gave up so much? i swear, this street life is nothing but a sham.

Comment by bitter monk 10.08.09 @

Shyne out the manhole (no homo)?

Comment by ben profane 10.09.09 @

nuff said.

Comment by Arkitek 10.09.09 @

i don’t remember people talking about this dude like he was the truth before he went in. most “real heads” were saying how he was just biting big. what’s changed? i mean i guess compared to what passes for emceeing these days (oj da juiceman, plies, etc.) shyne is the 2nd coming of ra, but if you think about him in context (eg. before he went it), he was never much better than the majority of his peers. I wish him all the best, though.

Comment by hook 10.09.09 @


Comment by CassavaLeaf 10.09.09 @

your right Ziploc Moe, that is where that joint came from. “The Commission” as well as “Diamonds and Mac 10’s” was both crazy as well

Comment by Ruffianroni 06.07.10 @

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