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Tuesday October 20th 2009,
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Joey Chavez and Bravo, along with their boy Alchemist, have been giving that classic Queensbridge sound a fresh coat of paint in recent times. Even the most ardent Prodigy and Infamous Mobb haters would have to admit that the sound of H.N.I.C. 2, Product of the 80’s and The Project Kid was top notch. This week I’ll be showcasing some of their finest work, dropping an interview with the crew and premiering some exclusive music.

Prodigy – ‘ABC’

Drink some whiskey, then play this shit in the car. Loud.

Big Twins feat. Dog of ACD – ‘Get Em’

Some shit to creep to.

Prodigy feat. Big Twins – ‘Boxcutters’

Horror Movie Rap at it’s finest.

Dilated Peoples feat. PMD – ‘Mr. Slow Flow’ [Remix]

Parrish Smith and Ev on a record with Babu scratching the hook? Over an epic Roams banger? Approved.

Big Twins feat. Un Pacino – ‘Trapped In’

Straight from ‘The Grimey One’ mixtape. A perfect example of that 80’s meets 2009 Sid Roams beat science.

Vordul Mega feat. Vast Aire – ‘In The Mirror’

It’s not all gangsta music from these dudes, as they serve-up a smoother recipe for Can Ox.

Big Twins – ‘Trip Thru The PJ’s’

If you don’t feel this, it might be a good time to get into indie rock or some shit.

Download all seven…

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Sid Roams is decent, very far away from being great. The album he did with Prodigy was not dope. The beats he has on Big Twin’s album are heat though.

Comment by bc-tw 10.20.09 @

You didn’t take the opportunity to post Bacon and Cheese again? That’s a shock.

Comment by dronkmunk 10.20.09 @

Good post!!! I like Sid Roams because they incorporate and blend keyboards and samples well. They give the “boom bap” formula an updated sound. I know some may not like that, but their efforts to push the music forward are much needed and welcomed. Instead of jumping in a time machine back to the “good ‘ole days,” they are moving forward. Much props to Sid Roams and GOD BLESS

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 10.20.09 @

Oh, thanks for the music, too!!! HAHA Good stuff. PEace

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 10.20.09 @

are they using keyboards or is it all just 80s libraries? looking fwd to the interview as they are definitely doing their thing.

Comment by apples 10.20.09 @

all of em get em, but “fly high” with the Don Bishop iz by far their most ultimest sh*t…

Comment by donaleski 10.20.09 @

I guess I will be checking that indie rock!

Comment by turtle 10.20.09 @


Comment by TOBES 10.20.09 @

I was surprised when I found out that Sid Roams is actually Joey Chavez and Bravo. Haven’t heard from both in a long time (especially Bravo) but they sure produced some heat on those last Prodigy albums

Comment by boogs 10.20.09 @

I had no clue that Sid Roams was a unit, and that Joey Chavez was a member of it. I had been wondering what he was up to, but I was too lazy to do an online search.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 10.20.09 @

the beats are good but they some bum ass rappers. prodigy fuckin fell off. theres nothing about those tracks that make me wanna listen more than once

Comment by jose 10.20.09 @

i was very impressed when i heard return of the mac and that time i had prodigy and his ppeps written off.but most tunes were nice since then and that mostly caused by the beats.

Comment by swordfish 10.21.09 @

best sid roams beat ever: “Stop Stressin” from Product of the 80’s. Yeah P fell off but he fits that shit like a glove.

Comment by hook 10.21.09 @

“take me back” on agallah’s “you already know” lp is my favourite

Comment by mustard 10.21.09 @

I am still not totally sold on Sid Roams. They are ok, I guess, but I was expecting more, since I really liked Joey’s solo productions.

Comment by Antonio 10.21.09 @

This is some riot shit. i might go and blow up a car or set a building on fire.
Btw i think its revolution that does the cuts on mr slow flow..

Comment by tareq 10.21.09 @

^Yes, it’s Revolution

Comment by Krisch 10.21.09 @

Sid Roams is dope. Perfect blend of samples & keyboards without sounding corny. Their shit is updated boom bap.

Comment by Kid Linguini 10.21.09 @

“Some shit to creep to.”

Comment by steve 10.21.09 @

nope, i can’t get down like this…
not convinced these are good beats at all.

Comment by Arkitek 10.21.09 @

yeah big up to joey & brav…my favorite shit they did was “new yitty” on HNIC2….

Comment by D-DAY 10.21.09 @

Props to Sid Roams.
If u like dis, jus’ check ULTRAS0N

Comment by Hari Seldon 10.28.09 @

this shit is fucking wack.

sounds weak like alchemist beats.

Comment by akmed 10.31.09 @

this dude ^^^^ who commented above me is a silly bitch… If you don’t like alchemist beats then you don’t belong here and honestly shouldnt even be listening to hiphop. ALC and Sid Roams are an ACTUAL PART of hiphop history that is taking place now. They paid dues and made clasics. WHo the f*ck are you??? smart dumb mufu**kka

Comment by TRUcrackola 11.04.09 @

aaah that Queensbridge sound just got a lot fresha thanks to dis fella, shit goes hard

Comment by andy@chicks_n_kicks 11.13.09 @

Saying Prodigy fell off?? Are you fucking mental?

Sid roams are the best producers out there together with Havoc and Dre..

Comment by J.T72 03.27.10 @

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