Son Get Wreck – Five Tracks From Rapper’s Kids
Tuesday October 27th 2009,
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Ignoring Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Eazy, there are a few half-decent son’s of MC’s floating around the booth these days. Given the strong family tradition of the Wu-Tang Clan, it’s hardly surprising that 90% of them are Killa Beez related.

Lord Jamar feat. Young Justice, Young Dirty & Young Lord – ‘Young Godz’

Ol’ Dirty‘s son calls himself Young Dirty? Makes sense, I guess.

Masta Killa feat. Karim Justice, Shamel Irief & Young Prince – ‘Then & Now’

GZA Jnr., Young Masta and RZA‘s son get a little shine on this opener from Made In Brooklyn.

Ghostface Killah feat. Trife Da God & Sun God – ‘Yapp City’

Sun God is old enough to have kids of his own – I guess Starks started planting seed’s mad early!

GZA feat. Justice Kareem – ‘Groundbreaking’

Just to confuse the issue, the son of the Genius is credited differently on every track he appears on…

DJ Babu feat. Niko – ‘Ahead Of My Time’

The youngest in charge drops by to seal off his pop’s Duck Season 3 album.

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What about Remus? Farma G’s son. He’s dope

Comment by pete 10.27.09 @

No Corey Gunz? A little too showboaty and rapid-fire, but there’s potential…

Comment by gwarizm 10.27.09 @

Off his A Milli freestyle (which is the only A Milli freestyle of note) Corey Gunz can claim to be a better rapper than his pops.

Fresh, who featured on a few AZ tunes (most notably Vendetta from The Format and the Memphis Sessions version of Make Me) is the son of Master Gee from Sugarhill Gang. I quite enjoy his sub-Cam ig’nant weed carrier verses on those 2 songs.

Comment by MF 10.27.09 @

man niko & babu kinda killed everyone else cotdamn!

Comment by spammy davis jr. 10.27.09 @

Corey Gunz has been waiting in the wings for a while. You gotta give him credit though, he’s been waiting to release an album for a longer time period than his father achieved success and lost it. Hold on, so which one of them is successful?

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 10.27.09 @

Niko kills!

Comment by chu 10.27.09 @

I think Corey Gunz is the best one out this lot…Whateva happen to Pun’s son? Didn’t he have a joint out with some otha little ones? I forgot who

Comment by dj blendz 10.27.09 @

Yeah… Cory Gunz is a major oversight. Especially since he’s much better than his father and has been better than him since he was like 15.

Still, I can’t help but listen to him and remember that Mariah Carey video (‘My All/Stay A While’) when he was a kid and had a lil’ bunny rabbit on his head.


Comment by DANJ! 10.27.09 @

I chose to ignore Corey Gunz since I hardly consider his dad a rapper to begin with. I stand by my decision.

Comment by Robbie 10.27.09 @

“…Here comes Remus…”
Remus from Taskforce is the glaring ommission here…
One of the best joints on MFTC2.

Comment by BIG HOCK 10.27.09 @

I remember at one of the Rock Steady joints the cat from Channel Live brought his kid up to freestyle and he was pretty good.

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.27.09 @

you seen that live wu tang dvd?
When ghost brings his son on stage and goes, see dis mufucka?
Dis ni**a came out my dick!
What a way to bring your kid out on stage!

Comment by Tareq 10.28.09 @

What about Benzino’s son (i think he was down with Pun’s son)?

Lil Easy E ? Lil Romeo ? damm yall niggaz sleepin…lol

Comment by dave the dope fiend 10.28.09 @

nobody remember e-40’s son rappin on “It’s All Bad” offa In A Major Way? Shit is hilarious. Now he goes by Droop-E E and is a decent Bay Area producer.

Comment by hook 10.28.09 @

Droop-E’s beats are crazy. His tracks for Turf Talk are particularly great.

Comment by MF 10.29.09 @

Droop-E was also on Hall Of Game, the track Growin Up.
Hook me up like a tow truck, mayn!

Comment by chronwell 10.29.09 @

niko for the win

Comment by gstatty 10.29.09 @

Eazy-E’s son “The Game” is pretty good…oh wait what

Comment by keatso 10.30.09 @

if i’m not mistaken Young Prince is Supreme’s son.

Comment by shakwon 11.06.09 @

Young Prince is Oli “Power” Grant’s son, not The RZA’s. He kinda sounds like him, too. Killa Sin is his uncle.

Comment by uneek 11.15.09 @

Niko also has a track on ‘Peanut Butter Wolf presents B-Ball Zombie War’ with Babs. It’s called “Now You Know.” It’s not as good as “Ahead Of My Time” but to his defense, it’s an older song.

Comment by uneek 11.15.09 @

The kid Young Prince is Powers son

Comment by 02.28.12 @

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