We’re Not Worthy! Rappers Wasting Dope Beats
Tuesday October 13th 2009,
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Rap songs with wack beats are worthless, but what about weak rappers wasting superior tracks? Most people mention the first Group Home album in this category, but how can you be mad at a boxer who threatens to hit your moms in the head with a metal pipe? Not I. For me, it’s a little less obvious:

Real Live – The Turnaround

K-Def really delivered some cinematic masterpieces here, but Larry-O never lifted above mediocre in terms of his vocals.

Smif ‘N Wessun Dah Shinin’

Tek and Steele aren’t wack by any stretch of the imagination, but I can’t help but wonder just how incredible this album would have been if some top shelf MC’s had been given these superior tracks.

Lords of the Underground – Here Come The Lords

Yes, I’m a LOTUG hater for life. Never apologize.

Souls of Mischief – 93′ Till Infinity

I have the instrumental album of this. It’s a lot more enjoyable without those four nerds rapping on it. No shots.

Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

The rapping on this was funny the first time around. Trying to listen to this now makes me want to stick my face in a bucket of bleach.

Onyx – Bacdafucup

When Shout Rap Goes Wrong.

What have I missed?

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Damn. Hatin on Souls and Pharcyde?

Must be the bias to Hilltop Hoods.

Comment by Ninoy Brown 10.13.09 @

@Ninoy Brown: What’s a Hilltop Hood?

Comment by Robbie 10.13.09 @

I dont know. I heard about them cats when I was in OZ. I thought they were big in Aussie hip-hop.

Comment by Ninoy Brown 10.13.09 @

Erick and Parrish over Erick Sermons beats.

Comment by Whateva Man 10.13.09 @

@Ninoy Brown: They are, but I only listen to Bridge Music.

Comment by Robbie 10.13.09 @

LOL at Souls of Mischief diss!

Comment by JP 10.13.09 @

If you’re gonna throw in SOuls of Mischief, you can’t overlook INI wasting some of Pete Rock’s dopest 90’s production.

Comment by Marc Oz 10.13.09 @

I bumped 93 Til and Bizarreride for years, but I have to admit, nowadays it’s not easy to listen to some of their fruity accents and nasal voices.

Never had a problem with Tek and Steele, though.

For those of us who liked Jaydee’s beats, listening to SV’s rappers was a chore.

The Lootpack album was very well produced, but man, the rapping is doodoo.

Kanye’s rapping albums (though apparently, hipsters and pop critics think he’s a great rapper).

Timbaland’s best produced albums.

Bone had some beats, but anybody who liked their vocals has no credibility.

I actually don’t mind the Beatnuts’ rapping, but better rappers would’ve pushed their albums to an even higher level.

Count Bass D?

J Zone?

Comment by gordon gartrelle 10.13.09 @

@Marc Oz: Agreed. I like Rob-O’s raps on ‘Props’ though.

Comment by Robbie 10.13.09 @

Oh, c’mon now.

Larry-O is, at the very least, as good as any of the members of Money Boss Players, or any of the Mobb Deep weed carriers not named Big Noyd.

Pretty much anything by Jeru falls into this category for me. The revisionism proliferating the internet that Jeru (with his stiff, awkward flow and miserable topics) was a better rapper than Guru is really quite staggering.

Comment by MF 10.13.09 @

INI would be a good shout, but the beats on that album are dull as dishwater too, so they’re a perfect compliment to the utterly vanilla rapping.

Comment by MF 10.13.09 @

Lets see…are kid rappers too obvious?

-The Fabulous Chi-Ali
-Da Youngsta’s “The Aftermath”

Comment by skinnyjoe 10.13.09 @

I think Smif N Wessun fit perfectly over the production of the Shinin. Their dancehall style and voices really accentuated the great production. They should be definitely taken off this list.

Group Home- Lil Dap was great on this album, the Nutcracker? That’s another story.

How about later Gangstarr? Guru was definitely slipping towards the end.

Comment by Winthorp 10.13.09 @

Most Gangstarr albums. Yeah I said it.

The Knucklehedz unreleased album. 2 schmucks trying to act hard over ’93 Erick Sermon beats.

Phife Dog on tribe records. Horrible flow with cheesy punchlines over beautifully layered masterpieces.

Big Noyd (ep of a hustla) in the mid nineties over Havoc in his prime beats. He must’ve punked Hav for these beats. Either that or killed his ex girlfriend.

Da Lench Mob minus Ice Cube over classic Sir Jinx production. Racist jibber jabber over early west coast classics.

Diamond D over his production.

Fat Joe 1st album over D.I.T.C. production

U-God over Rza production-this is just criminal. He has no business rappin in the 1st place. And the nerve he has to sue Rza-that’s like Jerobi suing Q-Tip-“nigga I made you!”

Necro over his own production

The Alchemist over his own production-what a disgraceful attempt at the spotlight

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 10.13.09 @

Kurupt over anything.

Prodeje over anything.

Comment by CENZI 10.13.09 @

^^Diamond D & Phife?? U buggin!!

Robbie’s list would b perfect if he’d scratch Smif N Wessun off it,and put in Wu’s weed carriers Killa Army’s ‘Dirty Weaponry’..

4th Disciple’s beats:Dope/Killa Army’s rhymes:Staten Island landfill

Comment by dj blendz 10.13.09 @

All of Jedi Mind Tricks and 7L & Esoteric’s work. Nice beats, substandard vocals.

Comment by O.N.X. 10.13.09 @

@Fish — THANK YOU. I find Gang Starr albums almost unlistenable. Doesn’t matter if Premier cranks out banger after banger — I can’t endure rapping that bad. Guru has always been horrible. Maybe the worst rapper ever to be widely considered a legend. Jeru isn’t my favourite who ever lived, but he’s FAR better.

I never much cared for Phife Dawg either. I recognize the balancing role he played, but dude was corny. And I’ve never had anything positive to say about Fat Joe’s raps ever.

For anyone masochistic enough to want to witness atrocious rapping over top quality beats, I DARE you to listen to a Young Jeezy album. Or, even worse, a Game album.

I think Rob-O is underrated tho, and the Souls of Mischief dudes were kinda annoying, but I appreciated their inventiveness. Casual and early Del were the best Hiero-related acts tho.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.13.09 @


Comment by kenny Patt 10.13.09 @

Jeru the Damaja- Sun Rises in the East

Slum Village- Fatastic, Vol. 2
Possibly only for its reputation since I actually find the beats terribly boring, but backpackers seem to wet themselves over it even with the godawful rapping.

JMT albums. I admit I was once their biggest fan, but after a couple years you just have to notice how poor Vinnie Paz actually is.

Comment by Soltan 10.13.09 @

STYLES OF BEYOND after 2000 fold.
JMT after visions of ghandi
some big shug joints..

Comment by herb from cincinnati 10.13.09 @

anyone but chace infinite and krondon over khalil’s beats..
anyone got a brotha lynch instrumental album?
agreed with 93 til inf..

Comment by herb from cincinnati 10.13.09 @

the game definitly,

del – no need for alarm, every song had the EXACT same content and concept, catch a bad one in particular was such a waste

any dj quik album, i almost think im likin one then he says some overly literal sex rap or somethin an you realise how akward he can be

@robbie, i know your no onyx fan but you ever listen to sticky fingaz “black trash” album?, i always thought it was the only dope rap concept album. prince of theives got annoyin quick and the only one who thought masta aces albums were conept albums was masta ace

Comment by done 10.13.09 @

I disagree on the JMT consensus, Paz ain’t bad at all, he’s just one dimensional. Stoupe could do a lot more, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a fair number of quality tracks.

Without even thinking of particular examples, I’m sure Memph Bleek qualifies. (He qualifies for any of these types of lists)

Co-sign on Dah Shinin.

A considerable portion of the Six Feet Deep merits mention here too.

I really don’t understand the level of hate for Guru either. Looking back, Jeru was vastly overrated. A handful of really dope tracks, and a whole bunch of pseudo-scientific, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-empowering blabbermouthing with no flow whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I have to agree on the Killa Army shit too, with the strong caveat that every one of Killa Sin’s verses did justice to anything he rhymed over – Sin got plenty of rewinds in the yellow Sony Sports walkman, while the rest of the group got plenty of fast forwards.

Comment by digglahhh 10.13.09 @

ah yeah most common albums post ressurection are a waste of good beats too, i used to be a fan and hes good off the top but that vanilla style is un-ignorable. some of em are bad on both fronts.

Comment by done 10.13.09 @

@done: I can’t believe I forgot Common. Definitely has wasted a fair bit of production since then.

Comment by Soltan 10.13.09 @


Those ultra beats were bananas. The lyrics? Eh, funny like a clown…

What’s my motherfuckin name? Tim Dog!
Arf! Arf! That’s my motherfucking game!

Comment by Frost Gamble 10.13.09 @

The ultimate historical wasting of good beats – MC Tee talking over Mantronix tracks. Dave has spoken. You’re welcome.

Comment by Dave 10.13.09 @

I always thought that Marley Marl laced Biz Markie’s “GOIN’ OFF” album with some dope beats that were way above Biz’s skills, but it was Biz’s persona that made the album not his ghostwritten lyrics…

Comment by MAAD 10.13.09 @

more recently: termanology. Good luck ever putting a production list together like that again after that drivel. Fucked up what would have been best joint on The Foundation too. Some rappers you can zone of when they rap but they dont destroy the vibe of the song Id say Killa Army are like this but term makes me want to split my head open on the dashboard i just dont buy his swagger at all.

Comment by gx 10.13.09 @

I’m gonna have to disagree strongly with this post. Especially the Real Live and Smif N Wessum albums- those are superior albums with excellent lyricism. I find it hard to believe some of the rappers that get jocked on this site could deliver stronger.

Pharcyde and Souls might not be anyone’s Big Daddy Kane- but those albums are better than anything BDK ever released (that may even include It’s A Big Daddy Thing). The bottom line is that those dudes added something fresh to dope production and the product didn’t suffer at all. To me, both albums are enjoyable to this date.

I was never an ONYX fan and LOTUG were corny even to white 15-year old kids in Connecticut…

Whoever said Phife ruins ATCQ songs is bugging. There’s quite a few tracks in which he outperforms The Abstract. “Award Tour” anybody?

Diamond D? He’s the best producer on the mic (behind Kanye now and perhaps Large Professor always, and Q-Tip as well I guess- oh yeah, and Lord Finesse).. But you get the point? Dude’s nice and has the discography to prove it…

Jedi Mind Tricks’ albums are always stronger production wise than lyrically.

I like Esoteric, so I don’t agree with that.

Group Home is an easy pick. They were always serviceable, but they just couldn’t keep up.

No I.D. would be an easy one to name.

If you like Necro’s beats, then you can say him because he needs to put the mic down.

Da Younstaz ROUTINELY wasted dope production.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 10.13.09 @

@done- I guess if you dislike Del, you won’t agree but I think Deltron 3030 is an excellent concept album.

So are most concept albums Prince Paul is involved in- A Prince Among Thieves and both Handsome Boys.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 10.13.09 @

JMT,Necro, and yeah Hilltop Hoods are straight up wack.

Comment by jesse 10.14.09 @

Mc Marvelous.
Smooth Bee.

Comment by Beatlover 10.14.09 @

Gotta disagree with the Guru hating. Everyone knows Primo is the heavy weight in the group, but I thought Guru did his part most of the time. Hard to pull your weight with the best of all time though. He did it better than Group Home ever did.

I still listen to both the Pharcyde and Souls joints to this day, and while outdated and somewhat corny now, I will always appreciate both pieces of work.

Phife is a bad call here. While he might not have been swinging as hard as Q in the beginning, I think he fully made up for it later on. Besides, he never put out anything as terrible as Q’s solo joint.

The ones for me who wasted dope beats were Ill and Al Skratch. While I still rock their first shit (what up to my man rockin the where’s my homiez shirt at Citi Field) all the time, that CD could have been absolute classic with some top notch MC’s over those beats. Just look at the beats that got jacked off that album – Mary J please!

Comment by BIGSPICE 10.14.09 @

smif n wessun and pharcyde’s debuts? c’mon, robbie. what about extra p’s the lp? talkin’ about wack rappers destroyin superior beats without mentioning fat joe’s 1st album is unreliable.

Comment by Chulee ManSun 10.14.09 @

like most people i’d imagine, i can’t agree on souls or pharcyde.

Dude who said Phife is buggin. And Diamond D? Fuckoutta here.

agree with the cat who said gangstarr. I’ve never liked Guru at all. Stiff flow, awkward lyrics.

kurupt was dope on death row, never again after that.

what about that UN album, robbie? Love those beats, but I pretty much ignore the rapping.

Most of DJ Quik’s camp (other than Suga Free) falls into this category, but for some reason you grow to love them anyway.

and middle finger to dude trashing Pete Rock’s production on that INI album. are you serious???

Comment by hook 10.14.09 @

who dares dis the D.O.G?

I bet u all think easy e was a shit rapper too!!!

and hook u cant be on about un or out? roc marc lp? cmon maine!!

i would say 3rd bass wasted beats.

Comment by fc 10.14.09 @

Agreed on Lootpack and Term ruining some great music.

“Larry-O is, at the very least, as good as any of the members of Money Boss Players”

I’m gonna assume you’re not familiar ‘Cold World’, ‘Boss Money Gangsters’ or ‘New Religion’.

“what about that UN album, robbie? Love those beats, but I pretty much ignore the rapping.”

Madness. The UN album has some sick shit on it.

Comment by Robbie 10.14.09 @

I’m familiar with everything Money Boss/Boss Money (hell, even the Hy Tymes 12″ and Sadat X EP appearances), and i’m a big fan of Eddie Cheeba in particular, but they definately reside on rung of the rap ladder with the similarly talented and crime orientated Larry-O.

Which isn’t a dis, ’cause i like both Larry-O and Money Boss. In short : stop the Larry-O hate!

Comment by MF 10.14.09 @

Big Shug, on dope Primo tracks

Yo Yo, on great Cube tracks

U-God, on crazy RZA productions

Fat Joe, on superb early DITC joints

Comment by Question Marc 10.14.09 @

Da Lench Mob minus Ice Cube over classic Sir Jinx production. Racist jibber jabber over early west coast classics.

This is precisely why the first Lench Mob album was so good.

Comment by MF 10.14.09 @

man smif n wessun wreck shop on that album…dusted hits!…im going to go out and say it that CL, although dope, is the master of not saying a whole heap in his raps…

Comment by dialect 10.14.09 @

Y’all may say what you want but people dissing Jeru The Damaja and Diamomd D must be out of their fucking mind. If anything, Jeru’s albums has suffered of poor production after he split up with Premier but lyrically he’s always been top notch and even stole the show on several posse-cuts (i.e. 1,2 Pass it, Crooklyn Dodgers). Diamond D’s flow is dope, his albums are enjoyable even now so don’t front.

Comment by ceedub 10.14.09 @

lmao @ Smooth Bee… soooo true. So sad.

Chace Infinite is ok. But Khalil’s beats are bananas.

I am guessing that the third dude on Fugees is a given. I just wanna add Wyclef on this list too though. He’s 80% corny, 15% gimmick and 5% semi ok retarded lyrics.

Channel Live had one wack Mc too. So did the Coup. Boots alone is better.

Comment by CENZI 10.14.09 @

Strongly agree with anyone who says Dilated Peoples or Self Scientific. Chace Infinite is unbearable. Every single Evidence verse I’ve ever heard is a trainwreck.

Also whoever said 3rd Bass. Respect to Serch for doing so much to help Nas, but he was one of the worst emcees of the day.

Common metamorphosed after Resurrection into one of the worst emcees there’s ever been.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.14.09 @

RIP Headquarterz RIP Gang Starr Foundation

I was a fan of K-Def & Larry-O

Comment by Blowyabackout 10.14.09 @

Anyone remember High & Mighty(Mighty Mi & Eon)?
Always thought Eon did a disservice to Mi’s beats

Comment by dj blendz 10.14.09 @

@CENZI – the coup suffered massively since losing
e-roc in my opinion. he was kinda like the flava flav or pimp c, but could stand on his own too. “hard concrete” is a good example.
hes the main reason genocide an juice is my favourite album from them, plus the beats are better

Comment by done 10.14.09 @

Yo I’m a big fan of the website, but C’mon now how are you gonna diss pharcyde and souls. They are two of my favorite groups. Im listening to passing me by right now. Probably in my top 10 all time favorite songs.

Comment by JAKE 10.14.09 @

onyx, pharcyde and LOTUG get a pass because they did, at least when they came out, connect with an audience that got what they were trying to do. chi ali and the youngstas get a pass because they were too young to know what they were doing anyways. and smiff n wessun? if you don’t like dah shinin’ you shouldn’t like enta da stage either, you rap nerd!!! group home is of course the most obvious example. souls of mischief weren’t the dopest rappers but their tracks weren’t the dopest shit out either. I think GURU was a perfect counterpart for premo. just because you heard big, nas jay and countless others shine over works of mart, that doesn’t mean that they woulda made classic albums 2ghether. i agree about INI beeing sub par MCs but i don’t feel like pete rock gave them his best shit either. how about killarmy often mishandling dope 4th disciple tracks? infamous mobb straight butchering hav and alchemist beats? project pat over 3-6 mafia? the twins over warren g back when he had some shit? lil jamal 1st album? (can’t fron’t, keep it real was dope tho’)

Comment by BL 10.14.09 @

“Pharcyde and Souls might not be anyone’s Big Daddy Kane- but those albums are better than anything BDK ever released (that may even include It’s A Big Daddy Thing). The bottom line is that those dudes added something fresh to dope production and the product didn’t suffer at all. To me, both albums are enjoyable to this date.”

funniest shit I’ve read all week..wow.

Comment by itzkrack 10.14.09 @

btw, i wasn’t thinking about produsas-tern-rappas like alchemist, timbo, p.diddy etc, cuz no one expects them to be great at rapping. and in that respect, how would ya rate j dilla? rz… euh i mean bobby digi? pete rock

Comment by BL 10.14.09 @

YO , roc marc from UN is one of the illest on the mic rite now!

the first onyx joint is a classic.

Erick sermon on double or nothin is spittin garbage but the beats are dope.

Grand daddy iu on lead pipe….ehhhhh?!?!

u know what….lil cease, the wonderful world of cease a leo, the beats are tight but the rest ehhh…:((

g dep-s album same shit…….

kid capri – the tape…..

ohh and in my top 10albums ill put scientifk -criminal…..CLASSIC



Comment by REELETDEF 10.14.09 @

You’re bugging with all this Pharcyde hate. Subjective, yeah, but because you think they’re “fruity”? The rhymes were all great, on that Cali freestyle shit. If you’re gonna throw them under the bus then EPMD should be the first entry on this list, for obvious reasons.

Comment by chris 10.14.09 @

dont anyone go dissin fuckin killarmy.

Comment by charlie 10.14.09 @

@itzkrack… hey like i said- its off-topic i know, but there isn’t any big daddy kane albums that i think are all that tight/consistent.. a good amount of duds on all of them…

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 10.14.09 @

Erick’s solo albums come to mind.

K-Solo had some quality beats on that second album… but lyrically?

Freddie Foxxx to me has never been all that nice, and Industry Shakedown is almost up there with Livin’ Proof when it comes to beats wasted on mediocre lyrics.

Fat Joe’s first album.

Pete Rock solo songs are always wasted, needless to say.

Alchemist has been wasting tracks on Prodigy for yeeearrrrrs.

When it comes to Guru… I don’t really know what to say. I can’t say he’s wack, but I can definitely say he was very lucky to be put together with Premier. Without Premier, Guru is some dude who would’ve dropped an album on Wild Pitch that nobody gives a shit about today.

Comment by DANJ! 10.15.09 @

Don’t really agree with the author’s list, except for Group Home. Whomever named Jeru the Damaja and Phife obviously doesn’t know anything about hiphop.

My picks: Black Milk on his self-produced albums. A half-decent rapper on “Shut it down” would have make that song a classic. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

Sunz of Man’s and Killarmy’s first album had some of the best beats around. Much better than any Wu album actually, except for Enter the Wu tang clan. Killarmy’s Silent Weapons is still a personal fav’ despite the appaling rap and rhymes.

Psycho realm is also a pretty bad beats/ rap combo. Dope beats though.

Comment by Mud 10.15.09 @

whenever i bump killarmy is mostly the beats. and for killa sin. sunz of man is mostly the beats. and hell razah. jeru was nice on his first 2 joints, but then his flow did not evolve. you could also make a case for mic geronimo. and for producers, erick sermon, warren g, dj quik, evidence, mad lib, dilla, pete rock are not expected to be geniuses on the mic

Comment by BL 10.15.09 @

Rza on his on shit. What?

Comment by ben profane 10.15.09 @

Mf Doom , Little Brother, Defari’s first album,

Comment by d 10.15.09 @

“Freddie Foxxx to me has never been all that nice, and Industry Shakedown is almost up there with Livin’ Proof when it comes to beats wasted on mediocre lyrics”???

no-one, and i repeat, no-one has had th balls to say HALF the shit freddie says on that album, namin names, just not givin a fuck in general. plus, just cos hes not overly technically complicated, doesnt mean hes shit. all it means is that he can say some shit that some tongue-twistin “real hip-hop” mc can say with less words, plus way better.
Bumpy knuckles>>>souls of mischeif, and im a fan, less as time goes on, but still.

Comment by done 10.15.09 @

@Daniel Beaulieu, tried listenin to deltron and it was HARD. as in difficult. ehh

prince among theives got real annoyin to me after first listen, mainly cos of the skits, it was well executed tho, like a movie. just not one youd want to see repeatadly. might track down that handsome boy modelling school tho

Comment by done 10.15.09 @

I disagree with the post except for Group Home and Onyx, but those comments and everybody else’s are crackin’ me up something awful. I too like some others still bump 93 til Infinity and Bizarre Ride to this day, but I respect the commentary. Souls: four nerds, Lol.

Comment by Bug 10.15.09 @

@ Done… it doesn’t necessarily have to be about being “lyrical” or “tongue-twisting” or any of that shit… I just don’t think Foxxx has ever been that nice, regardless of whatever bold statements he made. Tim Dog said “Fuck Compton”, which was pretty bold and straightforward, but that didn’t stop him from soundin’ like stir-fried shit on the mic.

Oh, and here’s one more… The Legion.

Comment by DANJ! 10.15.09 @

Disagree with whoever dislikes Black Milk’s rapping, hes’ no lyrical king but he’s nimble, clever and fun to listen to.

“Alchemist has been wasting beats on Prodigy” = SUPER TRUTH. Thank you.

Termanology is THE WORST.

Comment by Supreme Neck Protector 10.15.09 @

the first Shyheim, anything Big Shug is on..

Comment by 357 NYC 10.15.09 @

I’d also have to say NYG’z,Preemo done wasted a lotta good beats on them

Comment by dj blendz 10.15.09 @

hot damn, some pretty bad calls here…

i would like to see what you think are great albums by genius rappers over lame beats. particularly focussing on 9-tre classics like you have here…

i’ve got one ‘Doggystle’, rhymes were fresh, beats were wak.

ya dig?

Comment by Arkitek 10.15.09 @

y’all kiddin.

Comment by swordfish 10.16.09 @

NYG’Z album was the dopest shit of the year when it came out and that wasn’t only due to Premier incredible beats.
I think that the NWA camp was producing tight shit for a moment around 90-92 especially due to Laylaw beats but most of the rappers rapping on’em were trash (obviously that excludes the NWA mains especially Ren and Ice Cube)

Comment by ceedub 10.16.09 @

This site has turned into an exercise in hating. Sheesh, 93 till infinity? Your grouping Souls of Mischief with Group Home? The Pharcyde in that same group? Jeru was dope, not amazing but again, really? Tell me you dont know The Sun Rises verse for verse. Phife Dawg? On the first LP yeah, but after that he was a good emcee in his own right.

Smif N Wessun is the worst call of all. You did temper your comments, but the whole vibe Tek and Steele give it is part of what makes the album phenomenal. I begin to wonder what you actually enjoy on this site, shiiiiit.

Comment by Victor 10.16.09 @

hi & mighty
group home
cypress hill after 1st album
3-6 mafia

Comment by scanderebech 10.16.09 @

Anyone claiming that there is ANYTHING wrong with Pharcydes first album needs to revaluate whether falling out of love with hip hop period.

Comment by J Richardson 10.16.09 @


Comment by WORD 10.16.09 @

Guru is top 10 all time,.. its just his voice is in a monotone and the note of his voice often clashes with the melody of the beats he’s spittin on… or at least thats how it sounds :)

Comment by RowanB 10.16.09 @

I almost shut down my computer after seeing Souls and Smiff n Wessun on this list (ridiculous) but stuck around to read the comments. I would add:
-Dr. Dre rhyming on his own tracks
-Ed O G on the Pete Rock album
-tons of Jersey rappers on Tony D tracks
-All Gangstarr albums
-Group Home, Living Proof (esp. the Nutcracka)
-DJ Quik, “Safe and Sound”
-most Cypress Hill
-the first Fat Joe
-Big Mike “Still Serious”
– 3-2’s album

Comment by young_rascal 10.16.09 @

Cella Dwellaz too…

Comment by young_rascal 10.16.09 @

All of Lil Wayne, Baby beats.. they have great beats.. weak rhymes.

Comment by NaijaCandy 10.16.09 @

I would’ve disagreed with Guru until he left Primo..same with Jeru, evidently Primo’s beats are like spandex, they make any ass seem good…Phife is nice, he ate his spinach after the first album and spit mad masculine to counter Q-Tip’s gayness..LOTUG was ill, are you crazy?? 9th wonder wasted an ill beat on Destiny’s Child, if that counts…

Comment by dlp1212 10.16.09 @

G Unit has squandered some really dope breakbeats..Im thinking of “tobacco road” by Johnny Youngblood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYUzGpnQz8Eused for “Stuntin 101” and “Rubberband “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maRe_L6B_CM by the Trammps used for “Hate it or Love it”.
Fucking waste o’ beats.

Comment by keatso 10.17.09 @

I don’t really see the sense in this article. Some of the mentioned rappers weren’t exactly making the beats better but hardly unlistenable (whether that be voice/tone or lyrically). I could just as well mention Noreaga, AG, M.O.P., Sadat X, Nice & Smooth, all of Mobb Deep, RA The Rugged Man, Kweli, all the rappers for East Flatbush Project, Vast Aire, Freestyle Professors, Guilty Simpson… you can pretty much name any rapper here and be left with Rakim or Nas who both spit over wack beats these days

Comment by boogs 10.17.09 @

this is such a stretch

Comment by Mercilesz 10.17.09 @

@ Victor- true… I’ve seen some reaches in my life, but Smif-N-Wessun, Jeru, Phife, Souls Of Mischief bein’ put in the same category as Group Home is some Jordan/Stretch Armstrong/Mr. Fantastic type shit if I’ve ever seen it.

Comment by DANJ! 10.17.09 @

i’m starting to question a lot of things regarding the opinions of this site, but opinions, including mine, are like…well, you know the rest. however some are more full of crap than others. nonetheless, nuff respect to everybody.

that being said, it is rare to find high-level beats with high-level lyrics. i think that’s the balance or the equilibrium that is achieved. the dopest track might clash with the dopest rhyme, and vice-versa. as long as the feel of the combination of the two entities is right, then it’s all good.

that’s why nobody but Dap and the Nutcracker could bless Premier’s “Supa Star” beat. Nutcracker had the chemically imbalanced, hyped-up way about him, and Dap’s voice and words made you move with a certain bop that was unmistakably what-is-it-a-blizzard-type hip-hop.

so i wouldn’t consider these cases as wastes at all.

Comment by bitter monk 10.17.09 @

So to sum it all up,if we put all the rappers that wasted beats according to evryone on this post(including myself) we’d be left with…1,maybe 2 good songs during the last 20+ yrs?

I think Robbie set us up for this!!

Comment by dj blendz 10.17.09 @

styles and sheek!!!(even tho i like the lox…..but kiss bodies everything!!)….mr.cheeks..50 is garbage!!(his 1st mixtabe A+)…camp lo…mos def..loyd banks…bravehearts…GURU…smooth b…dres(sometimes)..wu tang(i dnt know what cats heard from them lyricaly….ghost grew on me after supreme clientel)de la soul(sometimes)>>>>>>i can keep goin if i put more thought…..everybodies favorite rapper or m.c. has fucked up a track or two or three………….

Comment by BOOMBAP 10.18.09 @

Have to defend Tek N Steele, if you take for instance both the album mix and remix of Wrekonize they kill the track for presence and rhymes. Gotta disagree there, they’re light years ahead of Group Home.

Can’t understand the hating on Jeru or Freddie Foxxx in the comments either but everybody’s got an opinion I guess.

Comment by silent minority 10.18.09 @

Oh yeah Larry O might be a bit lacklustre on some of the lp tracks but his verse on the Turnaround remix is heat. Probably better than Trag’s verse although I can’t decide between the two.

Comment by silent minority 10.18.09 @

LOL dude, did you just name wu tang as weak lyrically? No comment.

Comment by Victor 10.18.09 @

You couldn’t have listened tot he same “Da Shinin'” as I. Tek and Steele killed those beats. Oh well…

Comment by Thomas 10.18.09 @

on second read of all of this, i declare this a publicity stunt!

Smif-N-Wessun dropped the tightest album of ’95!

Comment by Arkitek 10.18.09 @

Did i spell wu tang clan wrong??? ill give it to GZA & METH when it comes to lyrics but the rest cant get a pass!……..oh yeah kormega has wasted alot of beats too

Comment by BOOMBAP 10.18.09 @

Styles? The whole Wu besides Meth and Gza?? How did you find this website?

Comment by young_rascal 10.18.09 @

The only one out the Wu i’ll give u is U-God,otha than that u are INSANE lol…and now ‘Mega too??

Now i know this post was a Robbie set-up.My final comment haha

Comment by dj blendz 10.18.09 @

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always thought Ras Kass’ “Soul On Ice” was a waste of dope lyrics over bullshit beats

Comment by Kize 10.19.09 @

M.O.P. – Warriorz


Comment by Dom Corleone 10.19.09 @

Guru……….over the “Soliloquy of Chaos” beat….

Willie D on most of the gheto boyz records…

Comment by getthesenets 10.19.09 @

most of the people who spit on pete rock beats circa 92-94 were garbage

think ADOR “let it all hang out”…banging beat…decent flow but a great mc would have made that song into an alltime classic record….

Comment by getthesenets 10.19.09 @

Lil’ Kim’s Hardcore – imagine biggie jay-z or nas
shit is still tight but the beats OMG

Comment by P.O.E 10.22.09 @

Alot of random names in these comments but I guess at the end of the day its all a matter of opinion. Where do you draw the line though? In retrospect every rap could be better.


How about Asher Roth?
Kidz in the Hall?
Little Brother? (Well Rapper Big Pooh atleast)
Definitely Necro, worse Mr. Hyde haha

In way of older shit,
Fresh Prince comes to mind. Talk about corny.
Das Efx. Sorry.
Lady of Rage.
Queen Latifah after her first album.

Anyway its all a matter of opinion so nobody should catch feelings.

Comment by DJ Forcefed 10.22.09 @

wow you’re really talking out of your ass on this post, what’s the point in saying any of that anyway?

Comment by son... 10.23.09 @

this site is damn strange nowdays …first i thought this was a dope site for real heads , but after seeing the batty ozzie dissing Run DMC and other legends and now Souls, Pharcyde and Smiff n Wessun(??wtf!) while brown nosing MOP heavily, i kinda done with this site ..feel me . talking bout wasting good beats check MOP’s whole back catalogue , Jeru was a beast back in the day and Premo fitted nice with Premo back then, too bad he’s a bitter f*ckin a-hole nowdays.

Comment by Frankenstein 10.25.09 @

Anyone claiming that there is ANYTHING wrong with Pharcydes first album needs to revaluate whether falling out of love with hip hop period.
I SERIOUSLY co-sign this.

Comment by chu 10.27.09 @


Comment by daze 10.27.09 @

Well I agree that Souls and Pharcyde were nerdy sounding (except A Plus and Fatlip) but they weren’t wack…Del is the BEST nerd rap ever and Both Sides of the Brain is his best album.

Catch a Bad one is one of the best rap songs period.

Phife was dope…I mean mabey not compared to some cats out today but for his time he did some dope shit…Low End and Award tour were his best efforts. He wasnt super lyrical but neither was say…Qtip…Large Pro…Tha Liks…Pete Rock..Nice n Smooth…etc..but they were still good and deserve a place in the hip hop hall of fame….

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 10.28.09 @

Charli Baltimore?

Comment by young_rascal 11.05.09 @

i’m late on this but
Heavy D Blue Funk
Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Tim Dog
Jay Z
still laughing at the souls of mischief cuss, but i always preferred their voices to del or casual

Comment by TED 08.12.10 @

I love how an internet blogger calls someone else a nerd.

Comment by xpoondiggy 08.22.14 @

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