What A Difference A Loop Makes…
Friday October 09th 2009,
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You know how sometimes a loop gets switched up and then new version ends-up far inferior? This was one of those times…
Why did Puba and company decided to replace the perfectly understated and somber tone of the first version with the bouncy, upbeat Grover Washington loop which most of us associate with K-Solo‘s ‘Fugative’?

via TROY Blog via One-Leg Up Records.

Brand Nubian – ‘Probable Cause’ (original version)

Brand Nubian – ‘Probable Cause’ (album version)

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Dunno, they both work for me. I’m sort of a fan of hearing old loops get recycled every once in a while though.

Comment by haroon 10.09.09 @

Word life, the previous loop was far superior. Just by virtue of the original being a 4 bar loop and the new one being a shorter 2 bar… call me a throwback freak, but that old joint is hype!

Comment by 7&7 10.09.09 @

I like the album version way better. It hits the chest harder, and it is way funkier.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 10.09.09 @

both are good instros. not sure if either really works with the vocals. the og is too mellow and low in the mix. the 2nd is too menacing (and just happens to be K-Solo’s best loop).

Comment by eric nord 10.09.09 @

Yeah, when Foundation dropped, Probable Cause was a track that I did like off it.
Except I wound up skipping past it anyways because I had already heard that Grover Washington sample too much. Didn’t want to hear that beat again, maybe once in a while.

But this new, og, demo, or whatever you want to call it, one is pretty fucking great, IMO.
I wish that shit had been on the album instead of “The Fugitive”.

Comment by verge 10.10.09 @

I like the original version and I’m more happy that the link has some joints by Brand Nubian that I haven’t heard. Thanks for the hard work on this one. Peace and GOD BLESS. Great job on the site.

Comment by SPank (Divided Souls Ent) 10.10.09 @

I remember i had the original version of the album .. didnt have the primo joint on it either . I think there was a different version of “the return” which was hot ..I also liked the orig probable cause ( i was figuring sample clearance issues??) the one with the grover loop was kinda uninspiring beat wise

Comment by dolo 10.11.09 @

A rare case of sample clearance not sabotaging a great track, as the album version murders the o.g version.

Comment by MF 10.12.09 @

i don’t hear anything upbeat and bouncy about the “Knucklehead” version of the Brand Nubian song. i don’t hear anything upbeat and bouncy about the original Grover Washington Jr (RIP) song, and i sure as hell don’t hear anything upbeat and bouncy about K-Solo’s “Fugitive”–the album version, anyways.

Comment by bitter monk 10.12.09 @

I remember hearing this version on a J Love tape..

Comment by 357 NYC 10.12.09 @

Sorry Sun….album version is definitely better.

Comment by sarkastixxx 10.12.09 @

never heard that og version. Two different instrumentals create different mood for the track. Love both versions, thanks!

Comment by shakwon 10.21.09 @

I like the Original Version better than the version on the Foundation album. The Grover Washington sample has been used on quite a few Hip Hop albums, so it’s refreshing to hear something different.

Comment by William Brown 01.07.10 @

i love the original version, wht is tha sample!!!! if anyone knows please get back to me, been lookin for soo long.

Comment by cc 10.31.10 @

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