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Wednesday November 18th 2009,
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No need to be ashamed anymore, rap fans. It’s time to admit to yourselves (and the rest of the world) that you might have bought some bad hip-hop records at some stage in your life, and maybe…just maybe…you kinda liked some of them. Obviously you can’t admit that kind of shit to your friends and family, but out here in the wilderness that is the intehnets, it’s finally safe to shout it from that top of the mountains.

Me? I own an original pressing of ‘Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble’ by Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Shocking, but true. I also copped Arabian Prince‘s Brother Arab when it came out, on the strength of ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, and have been known to play Gucci Mane‘s ‘Wasted’ while driving…so yeah, regrets – I’ve had a few.

What’s the most embarrassing album you own? Or the worst song that you actually kind of like?

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Crazy Town “The Gift of Game”

Comment by Absolute Allah 11.18.09 @

Baby Got Back !

Comment by Question Marc 11.18.09 @

lol…”Boom Boom Pow”…
my daughters cant get enough of it…

Comment by QUNYC 11.18.09 @

gucci mane? wow!

my jewel is mase his first longplayer
okay it was for sale but brrr.

Comment by swordfish 11.18.09 @

i secretly own most of the eastern conference catalog (with 2 hi&mighty records)
i own 2 vinyl copies of “loc’ed after dark”
i’m crazy for “bust a move”
i enjoyed (and still enjoy) a lot “drop” and “i get money” last year
i like paul wall records
i’m a big cash money supporter
i listen to “ice ice baby” once in a while
back that azz up & bling bling=the 90’s top billin and paul revere.

Comment by duckula 11.18.09 @

LMAO. I think the album im most ashamed of coppin was 50 cent’s the massacre to dis day i was like omg wat have i done. dat was so bad. And one of my guilty pleasure tracks was lil troy’ “wanna be a baller.” Man dat was a bad song.

Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 11.18.09 @

I am not ashamed of any single piece of music I own, cause noone forced me to buy it and even the potentially most embarassing piece of music might had its justification when I bought it. But if I had to decide it probably would be Chingy’s “Right Thurr” single. I just bought it because of the ass in tight jeans on the cover.

Comment by Thorsten 11.18.09 @

My Posse’s On Broadway 12” Sir Mix-A-Lot

Let’s Get It Started 12” MC Hammer

Both bought and enjoyed before they blew -up; then, not so much….

Comment by Frost Gamble 11.18.09 @

Man, Mix-A-Lot’s first two albums were dope. I would still bang em if I could find em!

Comment by P-Matik 11.18.09 @

“Posse’s On Broadway” is a classic. Send that shit to me.

I have not one, but two Englebert Humperdink 45s.

Comment by haroon 11.18.09 @

Mighty Caseys album with “White Girls” on it – its not the worst thing in the world on its own but the reason why I regret it so much is that I spent my last bills on it. right after becoming broke I run into Immortal Technique and missed an opp to get Revolutionary Vol.2 autographed. FML

Comment by ENIGMUE 11.18.09 @

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince were absolute FIYAH!!! back in the day.”Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble” was a story telling styled joint that was popular back then.

I was embarassed that I like Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice-Ice Baby” That Queen sample was KRAZY.

Oh Yeah! do you remember that Wreks-n-Effect joint:”All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom in the Poom-Poom”

*Backs away from the keyboard before he plays him self any further*

Comment by BKThoroughbred 11.18.09 @

Money in the Bank By Lil Scrappy Feat. Young Buck

Comment by bc-tw 11.18.09 @

I bought Tag Team ‘Whoomp There It Is’ on 12″. It was a great club banger.

Comment by End Level Boss 11.18.09 @

Wasted is the only gucci song i listen to ! You’re not alone… Actually that Lemonade track aint bad either. GUCCI !

Comment by mike dee 11.18.09 @

*In a darkened studio w/ distorted voice*

..I gotta say i’m a secret Bone Thugs & Harmony fan till this day!!(hangs head in shame)

Comment by dj blendz 11.18.09 @

I had MC Hammer’s “Let’s Get It Started” and “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.” Both stayed in regular rotation for a while. I didn’t have any Vanilla Ice, thank God.

Comment by DJBaceMonk 11.18.09 @

I got up on drake b4 every1 else did and copped 1 of his mixtapes after the fact.he’s not bad but I just sense an air of gimmick 2 his whole aura and am already regreting it but can’t seem 2 erase from the ipod for now

Comment by bones 11.18.09 @

Frankly i’d rather own Mighty Casey’s album before anything by a hack like Immortal Technique. Worst rapper of the noughties.

I own Tarrie B’s Power Of A Woman album and i enjoy a couple of songs on it. I also busted the odd nut or 2 over her picture on the cover during my adolescence.

Comment by MF 11.18.09 @

T.I. Presents the P$C – I cant even sell this cd nobdy wants this crap not even on LALA NOBODY is willing to trade this shit!!

Comment by whut:bm 11.18.09 @

u-godzilla presents the hillside scramblers

Comment by Dan 11.18.09 @

P.M. Dawn (still)

Comment by nino 11.18.09 @

OK, I’ll go for my own jugular. I had a mixtape back in 89 or 90 that a friend made, and two of my favorite tracks on it was “Ice Ice Baby” by youknowwho and “Beepers” by Sir Mix Alot.

Truthfully, I just mentioned “Beepers” to take a little bit of the sting away from “Ice Ice Baby”.

Comment by skinnyjoe 11.18.09 @

Girl You Know It’s True – Milli Vanilli. Ashamed to say I still play that at parties from time to time.

Comment by Pago 11.18.09 @

I think Chubb rock is a great lyricist, but I used to play the hell out of that treat em’ right; I also had Kwame’s fist joint. But the worst one of them all was kid ‘n’ play’s 2 hype.

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 11.18.09 @

MF I busted quite a lot of nuts over that Tarrie B. cover too. If you don’t want your childhood fantasies ruined, do NOT google her to see what she’s up to nowadays.

Comment by Trakball 11.18.09 @

“Vanilla Melt” by Lamar (who? exactly…) It was a Vanilla Ice dis record that had me rollin’ back in the day. Kid Panic & The Adventures of Dean Dean is another one. The song was “We can do this” which used an S.O.S. Band sample…Terrible now, but I thought it was a banger back in the day.

Comment by DJ Most 11.18.09 @

Man I forgot, Shaq diesel…my younger brother used to blast the hell out of that tape, but he’ll never admit to it…

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 11.18.09 @

I cant speak for whats currently in my collection, i took a big bag of shit to goodwill when i moved house and something tells me a lot of this was in it.. but;

I made a point of ganking any rubbish rap record i could find in the library when I did the radio show on 93.7. I have the 12″ of ice ice baby (i know i kept this). I had most of Tone Loc’s biggest hits. Missy Elliot 12″s, a Foxy Brown album. Probably every upper hut posse record pressed, a number of redhead kingpin joints, young black teenagers (now gone but i actually paid money for it). Rob Base and DJ Ez Roc. umm… I think i still have the 7″ of that Dan Aykroyd rap song from dragnet or whatever. I’ve got a diddy record in there too somewhere i reckon. I have sound unlimited posse definitely. I had a 7″ of Primus doing a cover of Gin and Juice. I have solid mc’s entire collection, and fubex’s demo.

but the thing i’m most ashamed of owning is that Princess superstar shit – Bad Babysitter or whatever the fuck it is, there was a 45 king remix on it. I have doubles of that shit. The beat is hot. But that song… god. Why do i have doubles? it must have been free.

Comment by Headlock 11.18.09 @

sylk smoov trick wit a good rap

Comment by money mercilesz 11.18.09 @

House of Pain-Jump around, without the PR remix -_-

Comment by Broke 11.19.09 @

Kid N’ Play was pretty bad, but I was more of a sucker for their movies (Class Act is a classic). I actually owned that Shaq CD because a friend told me it was hot, and I did fall for that Gap Band sample!

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.19.09 @

I can co-sign the shame associated with the 50 Cent ‘Massacre’ purchase. I should have known better.

Other shame; I copped Ja Rule’s ‘Pain Is Love’ album too… I was digging the Stevie Wonder sample on the joint featuring case. I bump the Lil’ Flip ‘Sunshine’ track once a year too, which I’m ashamed of. There’s something faintly shameful about buying any P.Diddy record that wasn’t written by BIG.

One of my amigo’s told me that I should be ashamed for liking Pos K’s ‘I Got A Man’, as it’s a teh gay anthem. I like the track, and I think that type of comment says more about my homie than it does me.

Comment by Soul C 11.19.09 @

Kid n Play, PM Dawn

Comment by KQ 11.19.09 @

Oh, and…

MC Rell and the Housewreckers – Life Of An Entertainer

Such a Rakim biter…. but I used to listen to it on the regular

Comment by Frost Gamble 11.19.09 @

Bow wow wow yippie yo!

Comment by brutalLee 11.19.09 @

Worse album I’ve purchased? – Laquan’s “Now’s The B Turn”. Listened to it once and promptly recorded over it.

As for a song that I liked and no one else that I knew was feeling? – “The Day You’re Mine” by Big Daddy Kane, track 4 off the Long Live the Kane album. Still know all the words and can sing the chrous like Kane….LOL!

Comment by DRLROCKWELL 11.19.09 @

mc rell was doooooope

Comment by money mercilesz 11.19.09 @

DId anyone else here buy Diamond Shell’s LP?

Comment by haroon 11.19.09 @

The LADIES know. His name is Shelly G!
Biz brova!

Comment by brutalLee 11.19.09 @

bought the single

Comment by money mercilesz 11.19.09 @

This list is endless:
Fat Joe “flow joe”, Fushnickens “la shmooth, and we aint got nuttin to prove”, monnie luv “monnie in da middle”, mc lyte “georgie porgie”.When these songs came out the radios in NYC used to play them to death, forcing you to love them. My latest one is “meet me halfway” by the black eye peas. The lyrics are sickening, but I’m forced to listen to it becuase my kids love them. The things that parents do for their children…

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 11.19.09 @

“I’m large” by cool chip and chuck chill out

Comment by lboogie 11.19.09 @

Damn! I used to bump that dope shit “Opposites Attract”- MC Skat Kat and Paula Abdul

and aww shit this was wiggedy wack but I used to like that shit by NKOTB “Games”

Comment by Ol Otis 11.19.09 @

Haha k-9 posse. That shit was horrible.

Comment by Dniro 11.19.09 @

Some of y’all have some not-so-worthy-of-being-ashamed-of choices…

You could prob. do a lot worse than Chubb Rock’s ‘Treat Em Right’.

There’s not a lot I’m really willing to hang my head in shame over. I just like what I like for whatever reasons I happen to like them.

But if I had to say one that I’m really, really not proud of…

“Pumps & A Bump”. Yeah.


Comment by DANJ! 11.19.09 @

Fushnikens first album,.. whole lotta fun,…

Comment by Red Rooster 11.19.09 @

i have dozens of miami bass records and tapes…byron davis and fresh krew, miami boyz, anquette, lejuan love, MC ADE, gigolo tony, 2 Live crew, MC twist…bass and stab scratches

Comment by planb 11.19.09 @

B is for Bronco Benz BMW BASS….

Comment by brutalLee 11.19.09 @

No, not pumps and a bump…thats bad. The song is typical hammer, but the video when he had that thong on…no words

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 11.19.09 @

Professor Griff – Pawns in the Game LP. I think that was pressed up on dogshit it was so bad.

K7 – Come Baby Come! Er, it was a gift.

Comment by Hooligan 11.20.09 @

As of late been jamming to “Shine Blockas” by Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane

Some ignorant ish but I’ll be damned if that doesn’t bump in the ride daily


Comment by BurDenDEr 11.20.09 @

I win……. I brought Vanilla Ice’s second album!!!!!!

Comment by Dan E Fresh 11.20.09 @

i dunno. maybe that XXL article kept it 100 after all regarding this site. most of the songs and albums mentioned are nothing to be ashamed about. the original “Girls of the World…”, MC Rell’s album, Chubb Rock (?!), Kid n Play’s first album (??!), even Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Posse On Broadway” are all, at the very worse, decent hip-hop material.

a place like Unkut is somewhere that we should NOT feel ashamed about the music we like. most of us here has tastes in music that veers much of the time to the left of what’s popular. not to say that there isn’t a such thing as ‘bad hip-hop’, but i just don’t think that a lot of the aforementioned stuff by fellow posters fit the bill–except the Paula Abdul/MC Skat Kat mess. and U-God(zilla)…ok, some of the stuff is green garbage truck juice on a hot summer’s night, but most of it so far is not.

and i refuse to feel ashamed for purchasing about twenty years ago–with my allowance money–the Serious Lee Fine album! i refuse!

Comment by bitter monk 11.20.09 @

I agree; a tastefull way to end it. Be well

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 11.20.09 @

eddie murphy – my girl wants to party all the time 45 a scritti politti lp and an FYP lp

Comment by gstatty 11.20.09 @

Girls of the World, MC Rell, Chubb Rock and Kid n Play joints in my crates, wouldnt even make this list. k9 posse was always terrible-that shit was 99 cent bin when new!
I did buy Ice Ice baby too-that makes the list.
I got that Chuck Chillout/Cool Chip “Slave to the Rythm”, not even close to making this list, more of an oddity if anything.
QUNYC I dont own that Boom Boom Pow but my 1 year old loves it too…about right.
I would say some of that house type shit that was out back then is pretty regrettable…like KYZE “stomp” but the fashion from then is WAY more regrettable.

Comment by keatso 11.20.09 @

and a ton of Bel Biv Devoe type new jack swing shit, too.

Comment by keatso 11.20.09 @

If they’ve stood the test of time I’d be shocked but I bought HWA and BWP when they dropped. Oh and I stole a Please Don’t Go Girl cassingle off a homegirl.

Comment by sunraw 11.20.09 @


Comment by donaleski 11.21.09 @

No way I’d be ashamed of I’m Large – love that track!!

Dream Warriors – Wash Your Face In My Sink

Comment by Beatlover 11.21.09 @

I’m actually a fan of many artists a lot of purists might say I should be embarrassed of. Probably the most profound example of this is Fabolous. I also respect the talent of Kanye and enjoy the majority of his albums before the auto-tune ish.

Then there are the artists that I’m a fan of that are inexplicably hated on here, like Guru, Canibus, and Esoteric. …I mean, I know none of those guys are ill like… Shyne, or anything.


PS: “Posse on Broadway” still bangs hard.

Comment by digglahhh 11.21.09 @

Snap – The Power

Comment by Redstarr 11.21.09 @

Diamond Shell was such a waste of dope beats. My boys hated me for bumping Digable Planets and Lisa Stansfield

Comment by kenny Patt 11.21.09 @

-in a googi sweatsuit by ras kass
-pee wee herman by joeski love
-but you don’t hear me though by rodney o
-turn this mutha out by hammer
-only if you want it by eazy-e
-i let em’ know by young mc

Comment by jose g.r. 11.22.09 @

Almost forgot College Boyz

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.23.09 @

I am sorry, after posting about the College Boyz I went back and watched some of their videos. I had no idea that cat from 40 year old virgin was the same guy. crazy

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.23.09 @

Thats fucking great

Comment by keatso 11.23.09 @

I have a record by Me Phi Me… if you remember don’t laugh. I also, have YBT “I Had Kelly Bundy”…that’s my usher confession.

Comment by deph 11.23.09 @

Skee-Lo “I Wish”. And by that I mean the WHOLE album.
There’s also an incredibly unbearable Marky Mark & Prince I-Tal Joe CD that I bought back in ’93 or something. And even though I was 12 that stilla can’t be no excuse for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDitzatrWyA

Comment by reiser 11.23.09 @

Fuckin Big Daddy Kane ..A Taste of Choclate.I bought it when I was broke in college and he still owes me $14. Also 14 shots to the Dome by Cool J.

Comment by cstyle15208 11.23.09 @

Tim Dog “Penicillin On Wax” — talk about dope production wasted.

Other tapes I inexplicably picked up:

A local Philly guy named Larry Larr
Some dude named Justin Warfield
The Afros
Father MC
Two Hyped Brothers And A Dog

Comment by Dennis 11.23.09 @

All right, these aren’t anything I ever bumped but in terms of wackest old school rap ever…….
-Velore and Double O
-Yomo and Maulkie (on Ruthless but so weak)
– The Goats (fake Cypress Hill)
– Ms. Melodie
-the 2 Bigg MC lp
-and although KRS 1 is the GOAT, that HEAL CIVILIZATION cd was straight booty

Comment by Ol Otis 11.23.09 @

let’s See I got several 1. k9 posse
2. Grand daddyiu lead pip
3. Mantronix’s 5th album
4. rakim’s the master
5. ll cool j 14 shots…
6. Run dmc’s Back From…
7.Epmd’s out of.,& we mean
8.Above the law Uncle sam.
9.Alakoholiks Xo exp.
10.Alkaholiks firewater
That’s just to name afew I could go on for about
two more hours

Comment by derrick 11.23.09 @

I bought MC Hammers first LP on the strength of the Turn This Mutha Out video. Imagine my dissapointment when I realized the LP version was different from the video version. That album was horrible.

I bought Terminator X’s Valley of the Jeep Beats LP and Slick Rick’s 2nd LP on the same day. Both albums were terrible but I can justify buying each one. Both albums should have been good.

I recently bought MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This 12″ for like $1. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

I’ve bought alot of duds over the years, but I think MC Hammer’s first album was the worst rap album I’ve ever bought.

Comment by 5 Grand 11.24.09 @

Hmm…a lot of the songs mentioned actually sound better now than they did when they came out…

I did used to play that Shaq Diesel in the Pontiac back in 93…I actually thought The Goats were alright…My Hi-Five cassingle for The Kissing Game is pretty hilarious but I used to secretly like that jam! MC Brains – Oochie Coochie!!!

Comment by surgeongeneral 11.24.09 @

Tim Dog’s first two are legendary. Eff the haters.

Comment by haroon 11.25.09 @

8.Above the law Uncle sam.

How can anyone be ashamed of owning that record.
Its a west coast classic!

Comment by grass 11.25.09 @

i kinda liked Hammer (gets slapped by Hemroid from the De La Soul skit)

Comment by tabauri 11.25.09 @

The Whooliganz – “Put Your Handz Up” (Alchemist & Scott Caan – the thespian – back in the day [Proteges of Whitey Ford]). The Muggs beat is fly, but the rhymes, oh the rhymes…

Mic Geronimo’s 2nd album (the one w/ the Puffy video)…

Comment by FoEcion 11.27.09 @

back in the day my high school sweet heart used to let me come by only if I promised to watch her Marky Mark video collection.

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 11.29.09 @

The scenario was, back in 94 I went to the record store with the money I made from my barber shop gig sweeping hair with the stone intent of buying Shaq Fu the Return. The store clerk/owner/associate proceeded to tell me about 2 albums while I scrounged around looking for this record. Those 2 records were Illadelph Halflife by a little hip hop collective named The Roots, and Stress:the Extinction Level Agenda by another small group named Organized Konfusion. He even went so far as to play me samples of these 2 albums, but I refused to be swayed even though I could not stop my head from nodding to the rediculous sounds pumping out of the monitors. I ignored this wiseman’s advice and proceeded to purchase Shaq Fu the return. I still have yet to forgive myself for this travesty.

Comment by Chris Newberry 12.01.09 @

Candyman….The bass on that album was ridiculous..but still Candyman… what’s worse I just put 2 tracks on my ipod…I think I won this

Comment by DMS 12.04.09 @

Big daddy Kane,K9 possee,Sylk Smoov wack????? you people or nuts..lol those guys were hot as hell to me and on my ipod today. but you know that song “YOUR UGLY” I forgot who sung it but it was wack then and very humorus now..lol

Comment by moneymike 01.30.10 @

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