Hard White – The New NWA?
Wednesday November 11th 2009,
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Far Rockaway, Queens doesn’t have the most distinguished rap legacy so far, unless you consider Father MC to be one of the best ever. Turns out that there’s a crew out there called Hard White who are dropping some seriously anti-social, ignorant rap shit – just the way we like it here at Unkut Dot Com. Led by Un Pacino – who I’d previously assumed to be just another Mobb Deep weed carrier – the crew includes H. Brando, Young Boogz, Mummbles and Scott Caine. If The Rockumentary from a few years back was anything to go by, then the official album (with a production cast including Sid Roams and ALC) is going to be a superior demonstration of non-progressive street shit. While the crew doesn’t have anyone on the level of Ice Cube in his prime, the combination of abrasive beats, ultra-violent content and multiple vocalists flipping it back and forth brings back that feeling that makes you want to punch someone in the wind-pipe, just like when Straight Outta Compton dropped.

Hard White feat. Prodigy – ‘They Want Me Dead’

Hard White feat. Chinxdrugs & Cau2g – ‘H-Dub-Riot’

Un Pacino feat. H.Brando & Seymore Cash – ‘Blink of An Eye’

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Sounds tight, when’s the album drop? Anybody got a mixtape link?

Wasn’t Serch from Far Rockaway? I’d almost forgot about Father MC.

Comment by Frost Gamble 11.11.09 @

Yeah, Serch & Rammellzee are from there too.

Comment by Robbie 11.11.09 @

Lord Superb, too

Comment by Dan 11.11.09 @

thanks for the post robbie… ever since you put me on to the p brothers ive been checkin the up & comers you got on the site… you always in the know w/ that nyc shit

Comment by er4se 11.11.09 @

I assumed it would be made up of a bunch of hard whites, but I guess La Coka Nostra has that angle covered.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 11.11.09 @

Far Rock aint been the same since Bundles… but lets see.

Comment by Yert 11.11.09 @

umm….hard white is definitely NOT anything like NWA besides just being ordinary niggaz with attitudes….

Comment by freddy got fingered 11.11.09 @

Hard White is the troof…

Comment by BIG HOCK 11.12.09 @

second er4se on that cept im not so big on the whole synthy -library record sid roams qb deal personally. Still check it but no Gas. out of curiosity did you have a change of heart on OB4CL2 been overhyped Robbie?

Comment by gx 11.12.09 @

Definately not the new NWA, but the jawn with Banadana P is some ill brooding NY shit for the long, cold winter ahead.

Comment by MF 11.12.09 @

damn – who produced ‘blink of an eye’?

Comment by k 11.12.09 @

copped that unpacino hard white mix tape a while back
bang bang game is ill

and so is party on the benches…
unpacino knows his weed game like a muhfukkah he knows all the high grade names and shit, shit I be seein out here in nor cal at the dispensaries.
crews who really grew together will always smash these boy band put together socalled super groups

Comment by JUMBOTRON 11.12.09 @

yo robbie is that rockumentary tight? There’s this copy in the clearance bin at my music spot that I always contemplate buying. It’s only a dollar, but it’s a CDR so I’m hesitant. I liked their track on Product of the 80s, though.

Comment by hook 11.12.09 @

Far Rock is still one of the most fucked up parts of NYC cause its so far out there its isolated. Its real ill

Comment by keatso 11.12.09 @

no doubt…rep that rock…shout to B13th & mott ave niggas…seagirt bully niggas…

Comment by QUNYC 11.13.09 @

Far Rock is definitely slept on as far as NY Hip Hop. That place is so gully & has seen no signs of post Gulliani gentrification. Hard White represent that in the music. Street shit at it’s finest!

Comment by Kid Linguini 11.13.09 @

H. Brando needs a solo. Best right hand man in rap, next to maybe Dino Brave. . .

Comment by sondinium 11.13.09 @

hard white??? that name is an incredible PAUSE!!!

Comment by Thebeallendall 11.13.09 @

SHits Flames as usual …

Comment by Killahh bee Dublin 11.15.09 @

Sick dudes… half of em incarcerated tho… Brando & Mummbles

Comment by ColdAsIce 11.18.09 @

How can you forget Rhamelzee (spell check that)?
Beat Bop

Comment by Cheddi 11.20.09 @

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