Kool G Mims?!
Friday November 20th 2009,
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So I’m throwing out the usual promotional bullshit emails that clutter the old Unkut inbox and I notice something that almost makes me spit my Oranjeboom all over the keyboard:

Artist “Kool G Mims” is looking for interviews, write-ups, bookings, etc

This better be Nathanial Wilson Jr. or we’ve got a problem here…turns out this kid is in fact the son of rap royalty…problem is, it’s not the Kool Genius of Rap:

NAME: George Mims III
ALIAS: Kool G Mims
BIRTHDATE: June 9, 1987
HOMETOWN: Harlem, N.Y.C.

George Mims III aka Kool G Mims was born and raised in Harlem, NY. As the son of Kool DJ Red Alert, his love for hip hop and rap was instilled at an early age. Even throughout his high school years when his attention was focused on basketball, Kool G Mims never lost his passion for rapping and started actively pursuing his rap career while attending St. Bonaventure College. Currently, Kool G Mims is working on his first mixtape soon to be hitting the streets and trying to become signed to a record label.

OK, so I guess George Mims III being shortened to G Mims is logical, as is adding the ‘Kool’ from dad’s nom d’ plume…but didn’t anybody bother to point out that it’s kinda out-of-line to name yourself after the greatest rapper of all-time?

Apparently there’s already a rapper called Mims out, so he couldn’t use that. How about GMIII? Nah, too much like QDIII. So is George Mims the same kid who was once called Little Red and did those hilarious drops for his dad’s show?

Oh, he was born in 1987, so scratch that theory. Nothing against this G. Mims guy personally, but if we don’t make an example of him, just imagine the kind of fuckery that may result – Big Daddy Wayne? KRS-One Hundred? Jay-P? LL Cool G? Does the rap world need to so like the NHL when they formally retired number ’99’ league-wide to honor Wayne Gretzky? Or LeBron‘s attempt to put ’23’ to rest out of respect to Jordan?

Maybe I should just give this dude a chance. Maybe he really is worthy of the Kool G handle…

Kool G Mims – ‘Harlem’


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Comment by November3leven 11.20.09 @

I dunno Rob… I’m almost 100% sure it’s more a reference to his pops than G Rap. I know G Rap’s a sensitive subject ’round here, but damn, LOL. This is like a Mims fan (assuming they exist) being upset over his use of the last name.

He might just wanna do nothing in reference to his name and go with some other shit altogether.


Comment by DANJ! 11.20.09 @

Man I hate these suckas who can’t think of an orginial name…
Peace Out
Dan E Fresh

Comment by Dan E Fresh 11.20.09 @

Why just bite off one alias when u could have two…right? Red Alert shoulda schooled him better

Comment by dj blendz 11.20.09 @

eh yo daddy…we can do this!!!!!!

Comment by money mercilesz 11.20.09 @

This cats trying to pull a Master P. We cant let him get away this; why couldnt he just add a lil’ or young in front of same name, everyone else does it.

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 11.20.09 @

haha, i like your comment doug-e-f…. i mean dan-e-fresh, what about some other name stealing fuckery, lets just make some shit up, 2crap, Smally Biggs, mobb with a couple of cronies, rakimberly, sadat z, dos pacino, private enemy, the jamba juice crew, pete stone and cl suede, ghoul mawed murderer, and see if you can figure this one out, detective porch

Comment by gstatty 11.20.09 @

I was awatching old youtube videos on my flight yesterday, and I saw “The Bridge is Over” where Red Alerts kid is doing a voice over (like he used to do on the show). I actually wondered why this kid wasnt milking his connection…and then I see this.

Comment by keatso 11.20.09 @

he has a right to using teh word “Kool” in his name….his pops made sure of that….

as far as his skills go…meh..regretable…don’t seem like he spent much time actually listening to his pops on the radio all them years ago…

Comment by BIG D O 11.21.09 @

definition of a biter?

Comment by er4se 11.21.09 @

Ahahaha ‘Big Daddy Wayne and KRS 100’

Comment by Bergz 11.21.09 @

lil mims.mims jones.missin mims.effouttahere.

Comment by swordfish 11.21.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 11.21.09 @

While not mind-blowing, and the probably derivative handle notwithstanding, this track is actually winning, Robbie.

Comment by fosterakahunter 11.21.09 @

This name is paradoxycal and oxymoronic on so many levels… can’t even start…


Comment by Question Marc 11.22.09 @

“So I’m throwing out the usual promotional bullshit emails that clutter the old Unkut inbox and I notice something that almost makes me spit my Oranjeboom all over the keyboard:”


Seriously, that’s the nastiest, worst Dutch beer brand ever made! It aint hardly on draft in bars no more. People try to avoid oranjeboom like the swine flu. Step yo beer game up.

that names shit’s crazy by the way..

Comment by nutella 11.22.09 @

i got the same email and i replied and said that he could be the next nas but he still has to change his name….

Comment by D-DAY 11.22.09 @

The next Nas?? lemme get sum of that shit u smokin bruh

Comment by dj blendz 11.23.09 @

Slick Ross!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 11.23.09 @

hey dj blendz, what i meant was like “even if” he’s as good as nas….i wasn’t saying that he WAS the next nas…..c’mon bruh…and i’ll give u some of the shit i’m smoking but it’s $70 an 8th….

Comment by D-DAY 11.23.09 @

detective porch – inspectah deck

Comment by deskreet 11.23.09 @

I appreciate the criticism, I really do. I would never attempt to disrespect the ones who set the right path for me, and I would never disrespect those who appreciate what Hip Hop really means. I Love Hip Hop. Kool G MiMs is just who I am, it explains me, as well as showing respect to the person that introduce me to it. As for anyone who my name relates too. Much respect and love to them because they opened the door for me to give this title to my identity. Keep keeping it real on UnKut.. So what about the music??

Kool G MiMs

Kool G MiMs

Comment by Kool G MiMs 11.23.09 @

Method Boy Tell’em !!!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 11.23.09 @

stay classy, mims…

Comment by ben profane 11.24.09 @

what about coke la rock? didnt he come before scott la rock (rip) and t la rock?….
just saying….

Comment by tareq 11.24.09 @

I understand where the name is coming from, but if it was me? i wouldn’t have used it.

Comment by Special Ed lock 11.25.09 @

Hi, I’m the illegitimate son of Large Professor. Am thinking about doing a collabo with Phife Puppy. PEACE!

Comment by Huge Professor 11.26.09 @

@deskreet good on ya, i thought no one would get that one, although inspectah deck really does need to change his name to detective porch, son would sell so many copies, plus get all the home depot, lowes and skihl saw endorsements and sponsors, quite literally would have a dj on the wheels of steel

Comment by gstatty 11.30.09 @

Mims is a gay ass wack name anyway….

Comment by Slim Joe 12.13.09 @

Damn… where’s all the hatred coming from? Kool G MiMs is a nice guy. The “Kool” is an homage to his dad, and his name is George Mims. Kool G Rap is one of my favorite rappers of all-time (definitely the most under-rated imo), and I don’t find Kool G MiMs to be a disrespectful name. Out of respect for the culture of hip hop (which Kool DJ Red Alert is a HUGE part of)… give the man a break. It’s not like he called himself “Kool G” and released a song called “It’s A Demo”

Comment by Micah Rios 06.13.12 @

oh… and “Lil Red” is Red Alert’s other son, Rob, but he ain’t little anymore. I always loved those promos! “My daddy gets busy!”

Comment by Micah Rios 06.13.12 @

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