Video: Sean Price Is Mega-Sean
Thursday November 12th 2009,
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Another victory for the Evil Genius Dallas Penn.

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First fuckboys!

Comment by Dallas 11.12.09 @

i dont get it. its a transformer?

Comment by gx 11.12.09 @

decepticon sean.

Comment by swordfish 11.12.09 @

the song is great but the video is nothing special at all, it is just a photo of a transformer

Comment by malachi 11.12.09 @

this is genius?

Comment by cenzi 11.12.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 11.12.09 @

wow now i see who comments on this post. now u see what i mean when i say alot of people dont understand what rappers are talking about. hes an x decep dudes….thats why its megasean thats why its a transformer in the vid. wow i really cant believe no on gets this.

Comment by money mercilesz 11.13.09 @

@money merc

yeah i get it. just didnt join the dots on the joke. not such a transformer fan i immediately thought decepticons when i saw the figurine…now i realise how deep your knowledge runs and how much the sun shines out your shitter. respect.

Comment by gx 11.13.09 @

lol at the filming taking place by the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Grand Army Plaza BK Public Library. it’s BK all day, and i love it. nuf respect to Dallas Penn.

i understand money mercilesz’s point (“i say alot of people dont understand what rappers are talking about”)and i think that it shows what’s good and what’s not-so-good about hip-hop. anybody and everybody can be part of the culture, the movement. however, many who claim to be part of hip-hop, or love the music, and so-forth, are slow to learn about the history that helped shaped the music.

even for something as simple as taking pictures of a toy robot and putting a bed of music under the footage, there is more to it than meets the eye (no transformers pun intended). while this is not rocket science (Sean P–>Decepts…big deal), this requires a person to do the math (respect due to man, woman, and child!), and do a little history.

Comment by bitter monk 11.14.09 @

Sean P is probably my favorite NY rapper; as some of you may not know back in the late 80’s to mid 90’s the last real-homebred NYC gang was called the decepticons. These guys were known for simply beating the hell out of people and Sean P was an official member of this goon squad that numbered in the hundreds. Becoming a member was not easy; had I done it I wouldn’t be enjoying my lovely middle class life today.

Also RIP to the real Mega-tron. Sean P is the embodiment of a typical Brooklyn gangsta, and I guess he deserved the title of Mega-tron Sean. Its aquivalent to an OG status in the west coast.

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 11.15.09 @

Shot out to the old Decepticons from brooklyn. Now we got Bloods and Crips; I’m not one to glorify the gangs, but when did NY start copying the west. Its a shame to see cats in NYC with blue and red flags, we should listen to tim dogg; F*&k Compton: ” talking that gang war we wanna know what ya fightin for, fightin over colors, WELL ALL THAT GANG SHITS FOR DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS!!!”, word to Idaho

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 11.15.09 @

haha, nice dp, you should do a mashup of sean p and doom and use both of your dolls… err action figures in a video

Comment by gstatty 11.22.09 @

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