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Friday November 20th 2009,
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I didn’t pay much attention to XXL’s Top 100 Best Hip-Hop Websites when I initially saw it in list form, but now that they’ve posted a version with descriptions of each site I thought I’d cast a quick glance over it. In the two minutes it took an intern to skim through Unkut Dot Com, here’s what they reported:

Aging East Coast elitists take heart—some of the finest hip-hop blogs still cater to your demographic (even if the radio doesn’t). Unkut serves up comprehensive interviews from veterans like Freddie Foxx, Masta Ace and T La Rock and appeals to rap nerds everywhere, with hyperanalytical discussion of hip-hop’s past (“Which rappers wasted dope beats?”)

East Coast elitists? Guilty as charged. Comprehensive interviews? Check. What exactly is a ‘rap nerd’ though? Anybody who remembers a song that’s over two years old? Or does just knowing who Lakim Shabazz is make you a hip-hop geek these days?

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Comment by TYBO2020 11.20.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 11.20.09 @

Of course they’re trippin – they can’t sell no magazines when the blogs have better content!

If T La Rock was buying ads in that bitch like Interscope it’d be a different story.

Comment by Frost Gamble 11.20.09 @

Maybe a Gucci Mane interview here & there woulda kept Unkut outta ‘nerd rap’ status

Comment by dj blendz 11.20.09 @

“Say it Loud, I’m a Rap nerd and proud”….PLease pump your fist and say this in the style of Schooly D rather than James B. Audi 5000

Comment by Dan E Fresh 11.20.09 @

oh sh*t…XXL still exists???????

Comment by lowlife007 11.20.09 @

If you’re wondering what a rap nerd is, chances are THAT’S YOU they’re talkin’ about LOL. no shame in beeing who you are.

Comment by BL 11.20.09 @

wow..good for the site to get that kind of publicity,,BUT…….and here is the aging east coast hip hop elitist talking, it’s always better to be up on stuff BEFORE everybody else ..so part of me isn’t happy that so many other now know about this site.

Comment by getthesenets 11.20.09 @

I used to have subscription to that magazine…and I remember when Jam Master Jay was killed….it got a headline on cover and one page article…. years later when Proof was killed…and there was a cover story about it..I canceled .

Comment by getthesenets 11.20.09 @

“No one’s really gonna be free until rap nerd persecution ends.”

Comment by BIGSPICE 11.20.09 @

Lakim Shabazz! 1 2 from the mother land!
Power of the people will survive America!
ya im a geek lmao

Comment by whut:bm 11.20.09 @


Comment by swordfish 11.20.09 @

Funny, I didn’t know the mag was still in publication. Them shits are full of ads anyway.
UNKUT – Rap Nerds
XXL- rap dummies

nuff said..*cue Lakim Shabazz… “your rhymes are retarded, separated departed….”

Comment by Edubz 11.20.09 @

ayo BIGSPICE… nice execution…

Clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands.


Comment by DANJ! 11.20.09 @

yup, they tryin to FURTHER divide hip hop into a them vs us attitiude…
not only is XXL bitter about blogs takin over but they hate the fact that people read “that stuff”…you know the stuff pop america wants you to disregard and totally forget about…100%pure hiphop “unkut”….

Comment by QUNYC 11.20.09 @

…and further more whats a rap nerd? wtf?
do they mean like drake? kid cudi? guys in the smedium v neck sweaters and tight jeans…you know…nerd apparel? those guys ARE the epitomy of nerd if you asked me…
just cause I know who afrikka bambatta is…Im a nerd though? wow…wonder how they feel about KRS and guys like that..then I wonder if they would ever call them a nerd in public?
kinda makes sense though…when your dealing with a POP magazine with guys who main goal is to shift your attention from the pioneers to this new school of…nerds….
guys who want to SEEM tough to the ladies but not actually BE tough or come off aggressive…
aka rich kids…

Comment by QUNYC 11.20.09 @

are their rock nerds? country nerds? pop nerds? baroque nerds okay i can see that, but still, rap nerds? gtfoh, just cause no one reads your stupid magazine doesn’t mean you gotta call out sites that actually have interesting articles to read, just cause this site doesn’t have the latest and greatest news about the new soulja boy pimple cream, or what decible level whisper rap is recorded at, or any articles about the next southern rapper to be forgotten about in six months, muhfucka please, let us revel in our culture, you can have that marketing gimmick of music played on 106 and Park and mtv jams to promote your new hip hop body spray/clothing brand/beer coozy/slap bracelet bullshit

Comment by gstatty 11.20.09 @

cheers BIGSPICE that’s the best laugh I’ve had all week.

Comment by PR2 11.21.09 @

In general, I think you guys are being a bit oversensitive, but there is one important meta-point and gstatty nailed it:

“are their rock nerds? country nerds? pop nerds? baroque nerds okay i can see that, but still, rap nerds?”

In most, presumably all, other well-cemented genres of musical culture, it’s considered laudable to be knowledge about the history of that culture, its influences, etc. But, since rap is thought to cater to poor, brown people, of course it’s surprising and worthy of scorn to actually do the knowledge. It’s not just that they don’t want people realizing how badly they’ve pimped and raped the culture, it’s even worse than that. They are flabbergasted that some of us bother to read, research, and remember the history of the own culture. We’re not supposed to do that. We’re just supposed to chase materialism, make funny signs with our fingers, and revel misogyny. The term “rap nerd” is not just dismissive, it’s implicitly racist/classist.

Comment by digglahhh 11.21.09 @

^^good point..and just to add to that it’s not just musical history but history period where they’d just prefer us to be ignorant

Comment by dj blendz 11.21.09 @

F@#k dem lists, Robbie; They’re useless.

Comment by fosterakahunter 11.21.09 @

Im the UN Jefferson of this ish

Comment by keatso 11.22.09 @

Poor choice of words but I guess its one way of flagging it as a knowledgable blog rather than an up to the minute ‘what did 50 say about Jah’ blog. And if you can list the year, label, lyrics and production credits of an underground jam from 87 off the dome – thats pretty nerdy in my books – but also evidence of a deep passion for the music…

Revenge of the nerds! dont get caught up in semantics this is a good thumbs up.

p.s. Nerrrrrrrrrrddzzz lol

Comment by Ogre 11.22.09 @

Xxl. More like a smedium!
Its a label magazine. If u
Aint on interscope or u
Don’t buy 8 pages in a row of
Ad space. Oh well. Guess
Looking at hip-hop as a
Culture makes me a nerd! I’m
Ready for my pocket protector.
Just remember in our era we
Actually had to PAY for ours!
So we had to contemplate whether
It was worth the money or not.

Comment by brutalLee 11.23.09 @

Brad Strut pretty much summed it up with the line “You’re still in the mix like Poison Clan at Robbie’s”.. Hehe.

Comment by P 11.25.09 @

If someone called me a rap nerd, I would take it as a compliment.

Comment by Roy Johnson 11.25.09 @

XXL is not what it used to be! I hate to say it, but they remind me of The Source (late 90s to now). I stopped reading XXL in 2003.

Comment by Eddie 12.05.09 @

XXL is so shit – that nowdayz i use it to wype my arse …


Comment by Killahh bee Dublin 12.08.09 @

Rap Nerd? I’ll be that!

Comment by chronwell 12.11.09 @

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