G Rap & Raekwon Plan Album?

Let’s connect, politic, ditto…I’ve got to be honest here and say that this is the best news since Ced Gee announced he was working with Grandmaster Caz. How about getting Alchemist to produce the whole album?

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Comment by TYBO2020 12.04.09 @

Top chef.

Comment by brutalLee 12.04.09 @


Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 12.04.09 @

Raekwon is my hero for proclaiming Kool G. Rap as HIS hero. He is really stepping it up lately…first the classic OB4CL2, then he made plans to do an album with Meth & Ghost, NOW he is talking about doing a whole album with G. Rap? The only way this could get better is if they get M.O.P. on a track or two. They gotta get Marco Polo on board for some beats.

Comment by crusher 12.04.09 @

That’s a good look right there.Add in some Rza production along with Alc,Marco Polo AND some Preemo…

Comment by dj blendz 12.05.09 @


Comment by er4se 12.05.09 @

… OMG …

Comment by chima 12.05.09 @

@ crusher & dj blendz. I agree. Marco would be real ill on the cut! Can you imagine how dope this album will be if it sees the light of day. :-) Argggghhhh!

Comment by Crisis 12.05.09 @

WTF. First time I ever type a smile face and a big ass emoticon pops up! It actually
bares a striking resemblance to yours truely! Never doing that again!!!!!

Comment by Crisis 12.05.09 @

I would be excited if this was ever going to see the light of day, but it probably won’t. So for now I will take it for what it is, Rae talking a bunch of “what if” shit.

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.05.09 @

….I will believe when I am holding it in my hands….
nuff said

Comment by andrewfromrussia 12.05.09 @

I still remember about promised Nas’s double album. Where whole disc 1 is produced by Dre, and 2-nd by Preemo. lol

Comment by andrewfromrussia 12.05.09 @

>> How about getting Alchemist to produce the whole album?


Comment by Legend 12.05.09 @

i was gonna say why not get will.i.am on the beat just to be rediculous, and then i thought, wow would i really wanna take a huge crap on rap royalty, this album would be definitely dope, they are gonna need the gulliest producer whoever they get

Comment by gstatty 12.05.09 @

could be good, but hopes are meant to be dashed.

Comment by eric 12.05.09 @

Sounds hot…i’ll believe it when I see it, and it better not be 13 0r so years from now like how we had to wait for OBCL2

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 12.05.09 @

If they go bout this correctly, Hip Hop may see a resurrection!!!

Proof will lie in the beat selections.
Slightly amped at the thought tho.

Comment by BIG HOCK 12.06.09 @

Seriously, why would you want Alchemist to produce it ?

Comment by cratedigga78 12.06.09 @

yeah get the bombsquad for that shit word up

Comment by money mercilesz 12.06.09 @

naw mane, get all the beats from Necro and Beatnuts.

Comment by JUMBOTRON 12.07.09 @

mathematics, rza, edan, muggs & doom on the beats. forget alc, too clean for this grimy street ish. can’t wait.

Comment by Aoi 12.07.09 @

speakin on val, yo.

Comment by ben profane 12.08.09 @

Mathematics for sure…

Comment by DJ Wax On 12.09.09 @

Domingo should do the whole lp. Not to knock alc or Marco but they don’t have that NYC boom bap sound!Thorotracks are dope with that killa Queens sound!

Comment by davito romello 12.10.09 @

what about the p brothers, that would insane

Comment by tareq 12.13.09 @

its real sad to watch and hear rae suck cool g rap dick for fourplus minutes knock it off…

Comment by ok 12.22.09 @

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