Here’s Your ‘Best Producer On The Mic’ In Action
Monday December 28th 2009,
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This is the guy that won? Really? Since when was this spot overrun with hippies?

*spits on the floor in disgust*

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? Grand Finale

  • Q-Tip (22%, 144 Votes)
  • The RZA (18%, 118 Votes)
  • DOOM (18%, 117 Votes)
  • Kanye West (16%, 100 Votes)
  • Diamond D (13%, 85 Votes)
  • Wildcard: Pimp C (7%, 42 Votes)
  • Havoc (6%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 644

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Comment by donaleski 12.28.09 @

No Large Pro in the top five? are you serious? Kanye at three? WTF?

Shit I thought this was one of the last bastions for real headz?

My soul just took another shot……..

Comment by Caddy Mac 12.28.09 @

I dunno where you learned to count Caddy but Kanye is 4th on that list.

Pimp C does not belong on that list whatsoever, his rhymes are mediocre at best. Even Alchemist and Necro almost spit better rhymes than him. Yes, I said it.

Other than that, I ain’t too mad at the results. I think Lord Finesse is among the best producers ever, but when it comes to rhymes he’s not a highly-regarded. Didn’t think Havoc would be so low, but then again, who knows?

Props to Robbie for putting this together!

Comment by Dom Corleone 12.28.09 @

@Dom Corleone: Lord Finesse not ‘highly-regarded’ on the mic? He basically perfected the punchline rhyme style and paved the way for Big L, Mad Skillz and pretty much every other Brag Rap MC ever since.

Comment by Robbie 12.28.09 @

Dom Corleone has some shitty ass opinions.

Comment by blah 12.28.09 @

Seriously? Where’s Quik? He’s hands down the best producer on the mic. How many albums has he made? Who has he worked with? This is a joke.

Comment by Mark McKay 12.28.09 @

Not even mad at Tip winning..but Kanye ahead of a Finesse,Large Pro or Diamond D??

Comment by dj blendz 12.28.09 @

Robbie you need to take out some of the garbage around here. Ever since that Hipster post they’ve been hanging around . . .

Comment by haroon 12.28.09 @

I think what is more worrying is that one could consider themselves a hip hop fan and criticise Tip at all.

Im not too mad at Kanye tbh. He has put in a lot of work and made a lot of classic music. Obviously he’s a dichead but again he has made a LOT of quality music. From his first 2 (arguably 3) lps, to the blueprint, to bringing on a late resurrection in Com’s career.

That said any on that list could easily be considered greater than dude. Its more preference when you debate very high quality music. Finesse is ill no doubt, i think he is the best on the mic as well as the boards out of himself Large Pro and Diamond D.

Comment by Victor 12.28.09 @

i don’t even think tip needs to be on this list, and if he needs to, maybe at the bottom of it, doom, rza, lord finesse, those are all guys that need to be higher up on the list than clowns like kanye, tip may be an above average mc, but when it comes to having equally amazing beats, its meh, robbie please start blocking ips when they start voting for stupid mcs, of course i guess that just makes me and some of the other commenters seem smarter than the average hip hop stan

Comment by gstatty 12.28.09 @

Tip is primarily known as an MC who also makes beats as opposed to Large Pro or Diamond D who are seen as producers that also rap.
People have obviously looked at it from different angles when voting.

Comment by step one 12.28.09 @

Only hippies are fans of Q-Tip? ok… Don’t really understand the beef with that one. Dude is easily the best MC on the list other than Finesse and Rza and thats arguable. I love the entire list don’t get me wrong. But you can’t go wrong with Tip.

Comment by hl 12.28.09 @

Lord Finesse not highly regarded??? What the fuck is that guy talking about? And it depends what Tip we are talking about. A Tribe Tip, or his wack ass solo Tip??

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.28.09 @

@-Step one-exactly

@-hl-No doubt

@-BIGSPICE-Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!I hear ya homie.

I voted for Q-tip,..a vote that could easily have been swayed for Large Professor.Then there are emcee / producers that were left out that I felt should have gotten some shine….

Daddy O:co producer on-ALL three Stetsasonic albums.
1.The Pros-Queen latifah on Audio Two’s debut album
3.The Cookie Crew:Born this way(w/ DBC &Prince Paul
4.a track for 7A3
The GOD Rakim-produced his [much]of his DEBUT & Follow the leader.
AND..what about KRS-ONE???
1.”Serious”-Steady B(original)
2.The undertaker-Steady B
3.tracks on Ms.Melodie’s debut,Harmonies debut,THE JAM w/ Shabba Ranks,countless tracks(with & without D-nice & DJ Doc,& D-square)on the boards on his various albums.

With respect to Q-tip,…this could honestly go on for days…and I wouldn’t mind.

Comment by R.Jones 12.28.09 @

Did Rakim really produce most of follow the leader?

Comment by jesse 12.29.09 @

^ Rakim and 45 King did the beats.

Comment by Robbie 12.29.09 @

yoyoyo. who could ever possibly forget that Tip produced “just step” from mobb deep n so many more on the infamous + the featuring; the damn samples used in the tribes lps; the true musicality in his two last solos; the wicked flows,; the hip hop tradition to the fullest… too many to say but fuck 20 years g’s on tha mic & at the prod. the man keeps it updates and keeps on the quest. i’d rather give some props to a lord finesse but he aint here that much these days…

Comment by donaleski 12.29.09 @

I dunno Rob… I see a guy rockin’ a whole entire crowd with a song from 16 years ago. Not quite the most shameful thing you coulda used here.


Comment by DANJ! 12.29.09 @

Q-tip, a rapper for hippies. You’re a dick sometimes (often).

Q-tip is the best producer on the list. He’s the best MC on the list. He’s the one on the list that made albums you’ll be able to listen to in 20 years. He had to win.

Sorry for finesse but hip hop has much more to offer lyrically than punchlines.

Comment by Trickykid 12.29.09 @

The criteria is simple. The name of the post was best PRODUCER on the mic. Is Tip a producer or rapper? He was introduced to the world as a rapper. It is highly debatable if he alone produced the first 3 ATCQ albums. He definitely didn’t produce any of the last 3 Tribe albums alone, those carry Dilla’s signature sound and are credited to The Ummah. He co-produced his first solo album instead of producing it all himself. He did make about 3 to 4 very dope and classic beats for other rappers including One Love (basically a loop and nothing else), but does that really make him a producer, let alone the BEST producer to ever rap?

Why not defer to artists who have actually mastered and juggled both crafts at the same time? That would include Diamond, RZA, DOOM and Finesse, for starters.

The problem is Robbie listed too many candidates for the top honor, confusing rappers who dabble in production with full-fledged producers who also actively emcee at an equally high level.

Tip is nice but he shouldn’t have even been in this conversation to begin with. On a side note, I’m happy to see Erick Sermon is nowhere near the final tally.

Comment by bc-tw 12.29.09 @

nobody can eff with da funky man. and if peeps ain’t got humor they may sould’nt come round here.1

Comment by swordfish 12.29.09 @

If we’re saying ‘well, Tip’s a rapper first, a producer second… wasn’t Finesse also primarily a rapper that produced until he decided to to devote more energy to producing? And isn’t that also true of DOOM who’s still known more as a rapper than a producer?

Comment by DANJ! 12.29.09 @

Finesse has some tight stuff on that OC & AG record.

Comment by haroon 12.30.09 @

@dom corleone

Get your mother off the crack, please.

Comment by ben profane 12.30.09 @

I love Tip, but Diamond D or Large Professor are the two best producers on the mic. Can’t choose who’s the best…

Comment by Mads 12.30.09 @

I can’t stand hippies but I’m a fan of Tribe and Q-Tip. Definitely a better producer than emcee.

I woulda gon with Large Pro, Lord Finesse and Diamond D for some more balance between emceeing and producing.

KRS-One to me is the best emcee who also produced.

This whole thing made me think of Erick Sermon and Greg Nice being left off the list. They ain’t the greatest rappers but they were very creative producers for their time.

Comment by vancouver hip hop head 12.30.09 @

I’m not mad at Q-Tip getting the votes but the criteria for this whole thing was confusing at best. “Best producer on the mic” or “Best rapper on the MPC”? I said it before and I’ll say it again: in terms of consistency in BOTH areas, Large Professor had the title “best producer on the mic” way before Diamond D spit it on “The Score”. Also, DJ Quik should have gotten more love and this is coming from an east coast cat.

Comment by oskamadison 12.30.09 @

This whole thing was BS. No Godfather Don, no serious mention of DJ Quik, and you’d have to go far out of the “mainstream” to really encompass all of the artists that this post refers to. Believe me, there are many much better than Q-Tip, who nonetheless, has done his thing. Just not the best.

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.01.10 @

…and f@#k you if you voted Kanye, and that’s coming from a Chicagoan. He just cannot be mentioned as best on the mic with a straight face.

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.01.10 @

If The winner aint ‘Ness then it aint the best! :)

Comment by RowanB 01.04.10 @

yo I’m with Mark McKay on this one, Dj Quick is hands down the best producer on the mic. All that dudes old shit was killing it.

Comment by Ben Smokin 01.13.10 @

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