Is ‘Exhibit C’ the ‘Time’s Up’ of 2009?
Monday December 28th 2009,
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If you fux wit Blog Rap, then there’s a good chance you’re typing out shit like “Jay Elec. ‘Exhibit C’ >>>>>> ” in every comment section and Twitter feed you can access. Admittedly, he seems to be the best of the current crop of Leaders Of The N00b School rappers, but the fact that he may have the worst handle in rap and seems to be display some emo tendencies is preventing me from wholeheartedly co-signing his movement at this stage.

Jay Electronica – ‘Exhibit C’

O.C. – ‘Time’s Up’

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I dont know about it been the ‘Times Up’ of ’09 but this joint knocks and Jay Elec’s dope,emo tendencies aside lol

Comment by dj blendz 12.28.09 @

“Times Up” is lyrically solid from start to finish. “Exhibit C” got that “call me Jay Electronica…” verse and that’s about it. The track is crazy but rest of the verses don’t really blow my hair back. It lacks the minerals and vitamins.

Comment by sooch 12.28.09 @

Just DL the “What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?” compilation floating around blogs.

Real nice.

Comment by Ross 12.28.09 @

Can we all agree that “Fuck that, call me Jay Elect-Hanukkah” is a stupid thing to say?

Comment by sam 12.28.09 @

I think he’s defo dope. That said, i think Exhibit A might be a little more well rounded. “Spit that Kurt Vonnegut, that blow your brain, kurt cobain and nirvana shit”.

Comment by Victor 12.28.09 @

It’s a great song, but the whole OMG IT’S THE RETURN OF REAL RAP!!! ‘net hysteria gets the gasface.

Comment by MF 12.28.09 @

yeah he’s pretty good on the mic, defintely some freshness to his wordsmithery, dude should change his name to jay breakbeats or jay ambient downtempo lounge house velour shirt bug goggles

Comment by gstatty 12.28.09 @

Science is back in Rap!! Thank God!!

Comment by Marc Davis 12.28.09 @

He stole MF Doom’s flow and polished it.

Comment by Dunmayk Sinse 12.28.09 @

i dont know what you mean about emo tendencies are u refering to the way he dress typical tight clothes not wearing avirex our the beats he selects. I mean his kicking some knowledge and i havent seen a new 5% godbody rapper if his that since the late 90’s saying peace god or god this craze.

Comment by e-unum 12.28.09 @

r u sure science is back in rap?

Comment by minddd43 12.28.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 12.28.09 @

on the fence, I’ll wait to hear more… times up was a call to skills, I dont know if this is that

Comment by JUMBOTRON 12.28.09 @

I got the WTF is a JayElec tape and its cool in a how can I say this..head-centered way whereas BlacK Thought does the same thing in a full bodied way.

Comment by chronwell 12.28.09 @

i’ll be happy if he keeps doin’ shit with just blaze where he actually raps, and strays away from looped movie soundtracks with no drums while he does his poetry over the top…he’s not half bad, but the okayplayer set would have you believe he’s the new messiah

Comment by t-bone 12.28.09 @

Honestly, the Electronica verse meant a lot more when it was just text. When it got leaked as just typed out or whatever. But now….I dunno the beat with the voice, it’s not the same. All music now has a polished sound, and maybe it’s from the use of nothing but new machines, and these computers and all that. It has no dust, no hiss, and I mean that metaphorically. And ….I dunno. The whole Gas Face thing and the Math Gator Mouth >>> <<< shit is just kinda dumb. Like I feel like a lot of the websites are like children at High School. You've GOT to talk and act a certain way when you walk through the door, you know hard as shit but before you got out the car your Moms kissed you on the face type shit. And…I just think Jay Electronica is a mad wack name. And our history will never come back, but it can be echoed. But if THAT happens someone screams BITER. But when they don't do it it's that Nu Hop Pop "Emo" shit. Why is anyone other than suburban children even uttering that word? And I just dunno…I don't think new dudes can do the old shit but the old dude's can do the old shit, and sound good on the new shit, kuz' they're doing it right. Damn…

Comment by Scotty Rock 12.28.09 @

I know it’s new(er), but Exhibit A > C. Why didn’t A get this type of attention?
And was there an “Exhibit B?”

Comment by tres 12.28.09 @

beat is convoluted, rhymes not charismatic.

“Time’s Up” is probably a bit overrated, but OC’s rhymes cut right through a solid, if somewhat repetitive beat.

What’s lacking these days is not wordplay or perspective, but charisma.

Comment by eric 12.28.09 @

I dunno if it’s that or not, but it’s good to see a song get the acclaim that it’s getting in a time where lyrical content has pretty much been living on the back burner for quite a while.


Comment by DANJ! 12.29.09 @

Man I gotta say this…

OVER analyzing music on blogs should be played the fk out for 2010! I mean seriously…
what do u mean the times up of 2009? Your compairing a fkn classic to an unfinished demo track for cryin out loud!
And I hear more Nas with this kid than OC! And times up aint even fkn with “come clean”…IMO…so is this the “come clean” of 2009??? or bettwr yet “it aint hard to tell”? GTFOH!!
This shit is just a hot song…let it be…
This is why music hasnt gone anywhere cause “fans” build impossible expectations for artist to meet or you pick apart everything before they or you even get a chance! stop compairing everything to the classic shit…
nah it aint classic now but let him rock for a sec he might have potential…
sound like niggas listened to the joint just to pick apart what they didnt/wouldnt like…
I thought the whole shit is ill…I dont know what the fk yall was listening too but I def dont feel like none of yall niggas…
Shit bangs lovely in the whip BTW…some of yall need to fkn loosen up…’emo’…man wtf?
yall niggas complaining too much for me…
Hes a breathe of fresh air for MC’s, writers and hip hop all together…and if he aint, name 1 nigga RIGHT NOW who is…


And for a site like this with limited content u should just put up his fkn music and keep it movin…u should be supporting dudes like this…
all the pop fiends are already gonna tear down anything “positive” or “lyrical” in hip hop…so why yall gotta add on to the bullshit too?
you can tell he still searching for his niche…
and all u so called hip hop fans should be excited for ANY MC of this calibur who is at this point lyrically…no different from when de la, kane or dr dre went through that ‘searching’ phase…we’ll just get all kinda good music from it…so back up, shut the fk up, and dont tear this guy down before he gets started…. PLEASE….this si why I fkn hate the internet!

Comment by QUNYC 12.29.09 @

QUNYC – The internet is full of hateful retards.

Comment by Joe 12.29.09 @

Kinda ironic that QUNYC’s comment contains more hate than the original post or any of the comments so far, huh?

Comment by Robbie 12.29.09 @

it’s a great rap song for 2009 period. Support it and hopefully we can get back to real rap in 2010.

Comment by TOBES 12.29.09 @

@Robbie…Nah i dont think so.I think he just trying to get the point across to just let the artist/song breathe b/4 u either deem it ‘classic’ status or ya’ just tear it apart,that’s all

Comment by dj blendz 12.29.09 @

Dude does have a point though. Because there are more opinions about it is arguably more tough for anything to get a classic label. Even the finest LPs of this decade struggle to get the distinction.

I think Jay elec is most defo dope and the quality control he employs is refreshing.

Comment by Victor 12.29.09 @

banging tune no doubt… have listened to it a lot in the last few days…

his flow v Doomesque tho… kinda bit Doom’s style in terms of words that don’t rhyme exactly but have the same rhythm

Comment by JonnySimps 12.29.09 @

ayo QUNYC, this is a blog comments section kid. but besides that, if you frequent this site enough you’ll realize that rappers like JE get shitted on on the regular. not that JE is garbage, it’s hip hop and we can harbor any expectations that we fuckin want. bloggers are always mad dun…

Comment by sooch 12.29.09 @

Jay Elec has elements of Nas and Killah Priest. I’m just happy that a cat from Magnolia Projects in the NO rhymes like this. I ain’t mad at him, its nothing new, but its miles ahead of the shit that predominates currently. I can listen to this all day over Plies, Lil Boosie and Weezy.

Comment by bronxbred 12.30.09 @

I agree, when I heard Exhibit A I thought it would have gotten this type of reaction that C got…

Comment by keatso 12.30.09 @

Why does he sound like the illegitimate child of Nas & MF DOOM?

Comment by jesse 12.30.09 @

Motherfuckers that know real hip hop will feel Jay Electronica deep in their bone marrow. He’s the truth, no doubt about it. The buzz around him now reminds me of the buzz surrounding Nas right before Illmatic dropped. And Nas himself will tell you how dope he is. So will Mos Def. But if you need to hear it from them to believe it, you don’t know shit about rap anyway. C’mon Jay, drop that Act II shit!

Comment by The J 12.30.09 @

“And times up aint even fkn with “come clean”…IMO…so is this the “come clean” of 2009??? or bettwr yet “it aint hard to tell”? GTFOH!!”

youre an idiot

Time’s Up >>>> Pretty much ANYTHING released that year, 3 years before, or 3 years after it


just got back from a “party” in Brooklyn and sitting at the hotel half weeded/ half drunk…and have to go to work in the morning, on January 1st….fucking SERIOSUly!!!

Comment by AFFEX 12.31.09 @

C’mon Robbie, you can’t deny that dude is NICE. AS. FUCK.

Comment by Smear 01.03.10 @

kind of feel like if you are living in australia…and are maybe even from there? you should probably stop commenting on rap music.

you’re basically a phony. move here or turn off the internet. stay with yr AUSSIE LAND BOP.

Comment by timboi 01.03.10 @

@QUNYC. Back in the golden era *angels sing AHHH*
, U think evrybody loved PE? No,Mr Magic didnt. U think evrybody loved Rakim? Run DMC? even MOP? No there were supporters and DJs who said this sh*t aint bangin! The only difference now is we the supporter and DJs have outlets to say it instead of the bus or the corner store! So chew on that. We all diffrent. When I listen to a verbal professor like Elzhi or Black Thought or even AG, do I really NEED to support JE? NO I do not. Its each man choice.

Comment by chronwell 01.06.10 @

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