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Wednesday December 16th 2009,
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2010 will mark the sixth year of Unkut Dot Com‘s time online, so it might be a good chance to shake things up a little over here. With the ground-breaking work of establishing the Conservative Rap Coalition and another surprise project in the works, is there anything else you’d like to see at Unkut in the future? I’ve been considering adding coverage of video games and even toyed with the idea of a compiling a printed collection of the best of the site…but what else is needed to continue to get dumb on these crumbs for another six years? More booze? More broads? Or as CAP once put it, ‘Not bigger, not better….but MOAR!’

Speak ya clout.

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Since you kinda referenced it in this post, more graffiti-related shit. Whether it be old heads who are still doing it or up-and-comers who are staying true to the original spirit of things.

“I ain’t runnin the system – I’m bombin the system.”

Comment by Theotis Jones 12.16.09 @

Keep on the great work!! I wouldn’t like to see video games coverage, but maybe more focus on turntablism, legendary dj’s interviews, classic mixes.

Comment by Greg xl 12.16.09 @

A book would actually be a good idea. Also, as irrelevant as it is at this time, I would like to see more album and 12″ reviews. Good looking on the Cap tip. He was definitely the hnic.

Comment by HipHipHistorian 12.16.09 @

Just stay the same. PLEASE!

Comment by andrewfromrussia 12.16.09 @

5 words. A Salute to weed carriers!

Comment by d 12.16.09 @

keep up the good work and maybe try do more ill interviews :)

Comment by RowanB 12.16.09 @

stick to the music cuzzo. last thing we need is people going off on tangents…

Comment by gx 12.16.09 @

I started checking Unkut about 5 years ago and to this day it remains my favourite site. My only suggestion would be to keep up the great work, it’s had me hooked for this long!

Comment by Crisis 12.16.09 @

Just stay the same, please no video games.


Comment by Andrew 12.16.09 @

a wider wordpress theme?

Comment by DeeMo 12.16.09 @

“not the biggest, not the most beautiful…but MORE”
agreed on more graf coverage. I can help make that happen.

Comment by keatso 12.16.09 @

If it’s not broke don’t fix it….Stick to the original recipe Robbie…Please don’t flip the script on us like all those other sites did….

Comment by shamz 12.16.09 @

No Video Games Blud please. Maybe Vids or DVD’s ivolving hip hop though?? otherwise keep it the same.

Comment by Dontez 12.16.09 @

Great work, Robbie!

The only thing I would like to see more of, is mid 90’s demos. Like entire demo tapes that haven’t leaked yet.
Or demos that were pretty much exclusive to S&B, by mostly unknown cats.

That’s a pretty ridiculous request I guess though.
I’m just being selfish.

Keep doing the damn thing.
Props and Peace.

Comment by verge 12.17.09 @

Keep it the same my G. Maybe more videos, more roc marciano, mobb deep, b-1 + thug tapes.

Scrap the computer game idea too duke. Thank you for bringing the raw for 6. Here’s to 6 more.

Comment by DANOSAURU$ WREX 12.17.09 @

yes no nintendo atari sega turbo grafx 16 neo geo please..

Comment by money mercilesz 12.17.09 @ radio

Comment by mikki dee 12.17.09 @

Yeah, fuck video game reviews. Reviews of the hottest broads in Aussie soaps would be good, though. Streetz wanna know if rates Jackie Woodburne hotter when played Chook in Prisoner Cell Block H or when she became the archetypal Aussie milf Susan Kennedy in Neighbours.

Robbie voted me the comment section mvp of ’05.

Comment by MF 12.17.09 @

co sign on the radio, co sign on weed carriers, other than that, just keep it the way it is, steady flow of interesting content, more interviews, more lists voting best of or worst of, and more hilarious stories like assing yourself out in front of MOP, like when dp got turned out by thunderdome, those stories make us relate to you more as a blogger, keep doin you robbie, congrats on 6 years in the game

Comment by gstatty 12.17.09 @

keep doin yo thang Robbie, just keep educating the people with golden era content and knowledge unavailable anywhere else

Comment by jesse 12.17.09 @

Stay real, never change.

Comment by eric 12.17.09 @

Keep revisiting the early 90’s hip-hop scene and I’m a fan for life…

Comment by MAAD 12.17.09 @

only thing I think needs changing is the layout – theres alot of space not being utilized!

as far as content, i’d love to see interviews with mixtape DJs and just general behind the scenes stories.

Comment by step one 12.18.09 @

More tits!

Comment by End Level Boss 12.18.09 @

keep doing your thing family, you that dude fam

Comment by YouAreSleeping 12.18.09 @

The same!
Still hanging for that “Philly” biz Rob.
Get Schoolly D & Steady B on the line.
Merry Krimble mate….

Comment by Lenny Dunn 12.18.09 @

Sex, Drugs, violence. The 3 key ingredients to any form of entertainment.
Shits already covered anyways.

Thanks for a stellar year once again!

Comment by PetePablo 12.19.09 @

Any chance of a G Rap interview?

Comment by Brock 12.20.09 @

keep it the same ole and it will be all good.

Comment by swordfish 12.20.09 @

Pick up the Mic again Robbie, give Trem a call and drop some heat lad.

Comment by Lumberjack 12.21.09 @

Its your thing, Rob do whatever you want.
Keep searching out interviews with the people that others forgot.
I’m sure you gained a lot more traffic from your interviews with people talking on past situations like Kool Kim/Kenny Parker.
Some interviews i’d like to see –
Rhyme Syndicate members
Easy Mo Bee
D Dot
Tim Dog
K Slay
Lakim Shabazz
DJ Polo

More odes to the original mixtapes.
Just some stuff I’d like to see – been coming here for about 5 years and have never found any reason to stop..Thanks.

Comment by Beatlover 12.22.09 @

I really love this site man. I check it everyday. I would love to see some more interviews,especially Chuck D, G Rap, Marley Marl,Rakim,Jazzy Jeff would be dope,Ice Cube M.C Serch,Nas,etc.

I love the votes too.Do more votes, numbers don’t lie and its fun to watch everyone bitch and moan (me included)

The only other thing I can think of is to give rappers outside of New York a chance and acknowledge that there is some dope Hip Hop being made right now such as:

Jay-z (when hes hitting)
Black Milk
Beanie Sigel
Eminem(3 am type shit)
Mos Def
Method Man
Brother Ali

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 12.22.09 @

Jedi Mind Tricks
Immortal Technique
La Coka Nostra
Sean P
Ill Bill

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 12.22.09 @

I agree with the graff point. I still can’t see a train (although it’s freights now) go by with graff on it and not almost crash my car because I am staring at it like a 12 year old boy does some tits. Speaking of tits, if the graff thing fails, you can always go porn. “THIS IS IT!!!!”

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.24.09 @

^thats funny, whenever we are driving and see a freight, wifey will always go “pay attention!” because she knows Im not looking at the road

Comment by keatso 12.24.09 @

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