The Unkut Guide To Rap Genres, V2.0
Wednesday December 23rd 2009,
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Not surprisingly, between having my not exactly stellar memory jogged by everyone’s suggestions in the comments and taking a quick glance through my own archives, I have some important additions to the original line-up.

Blog Rap

Your YouTube freestyle has 50,000 views, but nobody in the real world knows who you are? You’re a Blog Rapper.

TV Guide Rap

Everyone from Bud Bundy to Parker Lewis to David Silver from 90210 has thrown their Cross Colors hat in to the ring over the years. A perfect example of when ‘doing you’ goes horribly wrong.

Kid Rap

From Chi-Ali, Illegal and Kriss Kross to A+, 2-Low and Le Juan Love, it’s clear that life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough. First discussed in a two part article back in February. Part One / Part Two

Cowboy Rap

Anything that involves either getting dressed-up in spurs and cowboy hats for your video or just rapping about the Wild West. Not sure how I over-looked Crucial Conflict and the Horse Shoe Gang originally. Or this.

Frat Rap

As covered by Asher Roth himself, with his essential two part guide: Part One / Part Two.


What’s the matter, you burning?

Grandma Rap

Music that you can enjoy with your eldest relatives, without any fear of offending. Common, Black-Eyed Peas and Arrested Development – please stand-up.

Geek Rap

Hyper-active, complicated rhymes delivered in shrill, whiny voices, such as The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief and Lords of the Underground.

Punk-Smoove Shit Rap

Anything involving Fab, Drake or Nelly and singing.

Paranoid Rap

If you have ever made reference to Beyond A Pale Horse in a rhyme, you qualify. Take a bow La Coka Nostra, Non-Phixion, Immortal Technique, dead prez, Prodigy and The Goats.

Cry Baby Rap

Anything recorded by disgruntled former Jay-Z affiliates.

Fat Rap

The combination of rap, deep-fried food, cable TV and a lack of exercise seems to be a long-standing trend, as demonstrated by The Fat Boys, Heavy D, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Chubb Rock, Rick Ross, Biggie and Fred The Godson.

Skeezer Rap

When your ass gets more attention than your rapping. Hoez With Attitude, Trina, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Nikki Minaj

Wrestlemania Rap

For those who spend over 90% of their time beefing with other rappers. I’m looking at you Tim Dog and 50 Cent.

Kung Fu Rap

First brought to popular attention by the Fu-Schnickens, but the mighty Wu-Tang Clan managed to do it without being corny.

Corporate Board Room Rap

Two words: The Firm.

Bing Monster Rap

Anything recorded while in jail or work release. Extra points for recording over the phone. See Raided-X, Prodigy, Capone, Shyne and Slick Rick.

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Comment by donaleski 12.23.09 @

how is the “rapping duke” categorized?

what about out of left field rap?( so different and weird but stick knocks)

Da Hah Da Hah Da Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah…..

Comment by getthesenets 12.23.09 @

AHHHHHH!! This cat shouted out LeJuan Love. WORD!!

Comment by P-Matik 12.23.09 @

Paranoid rap: you forgot Bush Babeez’ 2nd album.

Comment by P-Matik 12.23.09 @

Wrestler rap but no hogan vs savage?


Comment by Belize 12.23.09 @

rapping duke would definitely be cowboy rap

Comment by money mercilesz 12.23.09 @

it’s “behold” not “beyond” a pale horse… it’s a CONSPURRRRCY!

Comment by o 12.23.09 @

oh wait! you have missed one of the most important Genres of all time!!! It just might be the BEST Genre of all time too!


Beatnuts, the Liks, and Ol Dirty Bastard are true representatives of everyones favourite past times.

Comment by CENZI 12.23.09 @

that’s some raw one can do it better.

Comment by swordfish 12.23.09 @

For the kid rap section wouldn’t Da Brat fit in there? Shes a Jermaine Dupri creation as well

And Ice T’s The Gripster?

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 12.23.09 @



Comment by aimee 12.23.09 @

Cowboy Rap – Cowboy (Furious 5)?

Geek Rap – Anticon?

Wrestlemania Rap – John Cena?

Comment by Crisis 12.24.09 @

Paranoid Rap – William Cooper? Dude actually named himself after author of Behold a Pale Horse.

Comment by Crisis 12.24.09 @

wack rap: u-god, masta killa, mims, memphis bleek, the whole south, the hot boys, craig mack

Comment by anyce739 12.24.09 @

Weed carrier rap. Junior Mafia, YoungMoney, Spliff Starr, Phife Dogg, Outlawz, Money B,

Comment by Santos 12.25.09 @

Ohhh shit you all ready got that category. Well then I suggest Actor Rap. Rappers turned actors still rapping a la 2pac, Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Ice Cube, etc!

Comment by Santos 12.25.09 @

rat pack rap–songs that sample sammy davis, sinatra or dean martin

oops there’s another rubber tree….

Comment by getthesenets 12.26.09 @

3 tenors rap- songs that used opera type singing/vocals..


Bounty Killer and the Fugees did one of these type records too


Roots rap and reggae- hip hop meets dancehall

hard hard hard-core reggae……….

Comment by getthesenets 12.26.09 @

lol @ William Cooper

Comment by ben profane 12.26.09 @

lol @ Santos putting Phife and Money B in Weed Carriers category.. fuckin fool

Comment by cenzi 12.26.09 @

cowboy rap – sadat x on wild cowboys, that was like the first time i ever heard cowboy rap in my life

wrestlemania rap – odb since he did that track for mankind, but i guess that doesn’t really count since for all intents and purposes you mean rappers who beef with everyone, you could probably add eminem to that, although eminem likes to beef with fems, moby, heart attackalack whitey ford and dilated peoples

Comment by gstatty 12.26.09 @

I’m sure there is something before this but the first “cowboy” rap I remember is Kool Moe Dee’s “The Wild Wild West”.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 12.26.09 @

How about a whole genre devoted to rappers who place Lil or Young in front of their names.

Comment by Crisis 12.27.09 @

this one should qualify…
Gladiator Rap: stuff like Jedi Mind Tricks (post-Psycho-Social…) and beats with pompous trumpet sounds

Comment by boogs 12.27.09 @

other country rap – early 1990s US rap that still gets booked on tours in other countries

Comment by son... 12.27.09 @

I think Anticon (and Aesop Rock/El-P/&c) should really be filed under “Post-Grad Rap”

Comment by sam 12.28.09 @

i can’t believe you said his real name, grandmaster b would not approve

Comment by gstatty 12.28.09 @


Truth hurts huh.

Comment by Santos 12.30.09 @

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