Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? – Round 2
Wednesday December 09th 2009,
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Seems like a few of you are pretty butt-hurt about the first round. Ha ha ha….jokes on you jack! We made another round! Since there was also a lot of confusion over the initial criteria, I’ve decided to extend the definition from producer’s who later rapped to anyone who is as respected for his beats as his rapping, so that all the DOOM stans don’t jump out the window.

Pete Rock

Legendary beat-smith who went from kicking verses penned by Grand Puba to handling his own lyrics. While not exactly mind-blowing in terms of content, the Chocolate Boy Wonder is blessed with a dope voice and better beats than most.


The first two KMD albums and Operation Doomsday are genius, demonstrating some of the most original examples of sampling ever put to tape. He also evolved from being an idealistic young MC to a drunken, mumbling mess on the mic, although without falling-off. Born To This was a superb return to form after one too many Danger Mouse sessions, making it clear that Zev Love X is in it for the long haul.

Large Professor

Large Paul is about as close as we’re ever gonna see to hip-hop personified. Breaking Atoms is one of the purest rap albums of all time, and not always delivering his best on his solo projects, you’re guaranteed that every time he does a beat, hook or guest verse for someone, The Live Guy With Glasses with have shit sewn-up.


Although he began his career as Prince Rakeem, RZA certainly left a permanent stamp on the sound of rap with the rec-room sound he introduced with the Wu-Tang Clan. As an MC, he tends to be hit and miss, but it’s hard to ignore his influence as the leader of the Wu. The less said about Bobby Digital, the better.


For years I thought that Ali Shaheed Muhammad provided the classic beats for Tribe Called Quest. I was wrong. The Abstract also laced some Mobb Deep tracks, Nas’ ‘One Love’ and Apache’s ‘Gangsta Bitch’.

The Beatnuts

One of the most underrated duo’s out there, Psycho Les and Ju Ju spat some hilarious shit over strictly top shelf breaks and loops. Who can front on a group that declared they ‘wanna fuck, drink and smoke some shit’?

Lord Finesse

Punchline rap pioneer who produced ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ for Biggie and discovered Big L. What’s fucking with that?


Mr. Slow Flow has been hampered by his under-performing rhyme partner Rakka for years, but his solo work proved that you’d have to be a moron to ignore this dude’s killer combo of dope beats and stoner rhymes.


Easily one of rap’s greatest current producers, ALC used to kicks raps in his days of The Whooliganz and has been known to let off a couple on some of his more recent solo work. Does his thing but doesn’t stand out as a memorable vocalist.


Gore rap specialist who’s so nice on the boards that Raekwon reached out to him for a cut for Linx 2. Love him or hate him, you’ve gotta give it up for his classic cover of LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’, which he recreated as ‘I Need Drugs’.

The 45 King

Didn’t write his own rhymes but his delivery and voice sealed the deal.

Godfather Don

With a lyrical technique that evolved from ‘fast rap’ to ‘abstract underground’ to an almost Biggie-influenced sound, Don really stood out with his eerie underground chops and loops.


Most DITC fans were disappointed when Show stopped trading verses with AG, but I guess he just wanted to focus on making banging tracks. Truth of the matter is, I’d rather hear Show rap than half the people on this list.


Don’t sleep on PMD‘s contributions to the EPMD sound. They both deserve a mention but PMD was always the stand-out as far as bringing that hardcore edge to the crew.

Sorry UGK, Dogg Pound, David Banner and DJ Quik fans – East-Coast Elitists strike again.

Round 1

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? - Round 2

  • Q-Tip (28%, 237 Votes)
  • DOOM (16%, 138 Votes)
  • The RZA (16%, 138 Votes)
  • Large Professor (8%, 71 Votes)
  • Lord Finesse (8%, 70 Votes)
  • Alchemist (5%, 40 Votes)
  • Pete Rock (4%, 30 Votes)
  • Evidence (3%, 29 Votes)
  • EPMD (3%, 27 Votes)
  • The Beatnuts (3%, 26 Votes)
  • Godfather Don (2%, 19 Votes)
  • Necro (1%, 11 Votes)
  • Showbiz (1%, 7 Votes)
  • The 45 King (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 845

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Necro for the win here.Dudes cant mess with the brutal style.

Let the hate begin…

Comment by dj blendz 12.09.09 @

Now this is the list I was looking for. I would take any of these cats over anyone on the first list, with the exception of Diamond D. You threw a darkhorse in there with EPMD, so I might have to choose them, although Evidence and Alchemist are the two that I check for most these days.

Comment by HipHipHistorian 12.09.09 @

Man,where is EL-P???in my opinion is el-p the best producer on the mic…he produced all CoFlow & DefJux shit and is a very dope liricist…

Comment by RoyaleCeca 12.09.09 @

Necro? You gotta be fuckin’ kidding. Gore-hop is probably the worst sub-genre of hip-hop, and he’s the worst at it.

Of this group, I gotta go with Q-Tip with DOOM as a very close second.

Comment by Dom Corleone 12.09.09 @

I voted for RZA on the strength of his verse on The Night The Earth Cried – Gravegiggaz. Although his Bobby Digital stuff is kinda annoying.

Also, Q-Tip was dope but I’m not 100% sure who made those beats. Was it Q-Tip or Ali Shaheed Muhammad or a combination?

Comment by 5 Grand 12.09.09 @


Comment by shamz 12.09.09 @

not voting out of ugk solidarity but would vote for erick and parrish in this one and diamond d in the last one.

Comment by simon 12.09.09 @

Too late to comment on the other post but

1) Dilla sucks on the mic, get over the fanboy bullshit

2) Nice producer, however, if nowhere near GOAT.

I vote none of the fucking above last time, btw; here it’s

1) RZA
2) Doom
2) Q-Tip (tie)
3) EPMD (docked a notch for lack of variety in rhymes)

Rhetorical Q: why can’t even a single DITC crew member be even semi- consistent?

Comment by Lawrence of Flatbush 12.09.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 12.09.09 @

Damn ! Almost impossible to choose from that list but I’m going with EPMD because to me they have the best balance between skills on the mic and behind the boards (I think there are better MC’s on the list but who aren’t as nice on the beats and vice versa)

Comment by cratedigga78 12.09.09 @

Finesse. Yes, the others can handle both sides of the fence, but he is the only one who can blow folks out of the water in both.

“Sorry UGK, Dogg Pound, David Banner and DJ Quik fans – East-Coast Elitists strike again.”

Thank God. With the exception of Quik (mostly his first LP) they’re all trash.

Comment by haroon 12.09.09 @

how is Kanye West winning in the other post???

Comment by Legend 12.09.09 @

robbie the age demographic is def showing in these polls… and btw there are too many dope producers in this one to choose doom/don/showbiz/lp/pr/nuts ftw

Comment by er4se 12.09.09 @

is it just me or has rza always been lacking in the mic skills dept.?

Comment by er4se 12.09.09 @

Of this bunch, I’d def. have to go with Q-Tip… there’s some others in there who I think are nice (i.e. Large Pro, Finesse), and EPMD is one of my favorite groups, but yeah… Tip.


Comment by DANJ! 12.09.09 @

No KANYE WEST!.. He’d win this with ease.

Comment by Yessir 12.09.09 @

Where’s DJ Quik? There better be a round 3..

Comment by Dr. NO 12.09.09 @


Comment by kedordu 12.09.09 @

Necrlo is a beast on the mic i gotta win… With Quik It’s a tie

Comment by DTD 12.09.09 @

Ruler zig zag zig allah…hands down IMO…
u kiddin me?
The night the earth cried
12 jewels
Domestic violence
every RZA verse on ‘wutang forever’ disc 2 is A+…
duke is over niggas heads with his 5% slang and his parables…
The way niggas hunted down Wu samples and drooled over the ASR 10…
the fact that every other producer has bitten his entire technique and they either pay homage (kanye/madlib) or didnt even realize who they were copying off of is enough for the me…

next is DOOM…
but like I said, without The RZA/Ghostface setting the bar I doubt DOOM would have the same impact…
hell, even Busta rhymes was stuck with his debut album and his solo image until he heard ODB ‘brooklyn zoo’ then the lightbulbs went off!

…And technically RAKIM ALLAH would qualify as the greatest producer/MC on the mic…

Comment by QUNYC 12.09.09 @

Wait no Fizzy Wo? Man….still, fantastic fuckin list. had to go with tip tho. not my favorite emcee or producer on the list, but dude had the perfect balance on that shit

Comment by Wally_Sean 12.09.09 @

The question is “which of these producers is the best rapper”, answer = Q-Tip.
If the question was “which of these artists is the best producer+rapper”, answer = DOOM

Comment by JRah 12.09.09 @


equal above average skills with the beat and the rhymes.

Comment by phd 12.09.09 @


Comment by Eastern_Digital 12.09.09 @

This list is defo a lot better. As for the demographic argument maybe Kanye is just dope? As much of a douche as he is, he is an above average emcee and a great producer with classics under his belt.

However, a lot of the heads on this list seal it for me. Pretty tough choice out of: Q-Tip, Lord Finesse, DOOM, EPMD and the RZA. Ima prolly vote for the RZA based on the strength of his earlier rhymes and the fact that dude is easily, for me, one of the top 5 producers period. Up until his “5 year plan” ended he produced damn near flawless material, all of which was extremely diverse.

Comment by Victor 12.09.09 @

Gotta go with the live guy with glasses off the strenght of Breakin Atoms alone….after that Finesse, Q-tip, Rza….a lot of great artists….crazy post.

Comment by Unseen the God 12.09.09 @

If we’re judging purely on mic skills I’d have to say Doom or Lord Finesse, but with the exception of Necro everyone on this list is certified hip-hop gold so I feel a bit wrong leaving anyone out!

Comment by don king 12.09.09 @

Madlib the Bad Kid!!!


Comment by chillbill 12.09.09 @

Alchemist is HORRIBLE on the mic; remember, this is a rich white boy from Beverly Hills– good for him, he’s used that priviledge well, but spare us anymore fake QB rhymes about nothing.

I’ll also stand up for solo RZA, which is lot more interesting, and sometimes excellent, than he’s getting credit for– “Brooklyn Babies”!

Rakin without Eric B. is dogshit, stop pretending and Dre on the mic has always been HORRIBLE, even with the best ghost writers (which he’s only had a few times, thus the non-even-ignorant idiocy of much of “Chronic 2001”).


Comment by Lawrence of Flatbush 12.09.09 @

@ 5 grand- tip has been solely credited for some tracks, but with tribe, many tracks you will see will say “produced by the UMMAH”, which is tip, ali shaheed muhammed, and later on dilla. sometimes d’angelo and raphael saadiq were part of teh collective too.

@ robbie- whats with you and combat jack’s inability to cite DOOM’s album title correctly? the title is “born like this”. its a recurring line in one of charles bukowski’s poems.

Comment by thoreauly77 12.09.09 @

why is diamond d on the “worst producer on the mic” poll? It hurts me, he should be in here with the real shit. . Pause.

Comment by gx 12.09.09 @

I voted for RZA, but I aint mad at Q for winning. To answer the earlier question that someone posted about did Q produce or Ali. The answer is that Q produced the first three ATQC albums. They credited the tracks on the album to ATCQ to not show separatism or individuality as a crew. So yeah in the 90’s def he should win. He also produced for Nas, Fu Schnickens, and the list goes on…

My issue with voting for him in this poll is because he crossed over hard and no one calls him out for it. Starting with the Love Movement to all his solo GARBAGE. He went from Pop to Rap N BullSh*t. Going against his own words.

“I know I’d be the man if I cold yank the plug on R&B, but I can’t and that’s bug”

“Rap is not Pop and if you call it that then STOP!”

I’m calling dude out here and wherever. Legend or not it don’t mean he get’s a free pass from true hip-hop heads. At least not from me.

Comment by AGROvate1 12.09.09 @

You should be ashamed of yourself for putting Necro on this list.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 12.09.09 @

EPMD EPMD EPMD EPMD EPMD….cmon now…the 1st poll was flawed

Comment by money mercilesz 12.09.09 @

Here’s how I see it….
Large Pro
Pete Rock
Evidence is a pretty wack mc, alchemist is way nicer so stop the hate on this white boy…I don’t give a fuck where you come from, if you’re ill with it, you’re ill with it…RZA has also dropped jewels also, and some of his verses are extremely memorable like on “Reunited” and “4th Chamber”…also Necro is probably the best overall producer on there besides RZA, but his style is mad slept on…it’s not for everyone, but if you don’t take it seriously, it’s either extremely brutal or hilarious…you gotta peep dead body disposal…and the g-hide shit for OB4CL2=fucking classic.

Comment by sonninucats 12.09.09 @

Finesse, definitely Finnese

Comment by Soltan 12.10.09 @

Add Reggie Noble. Add Pimp C.

Comment by Lord Alibaski 12.10.09 @


Comment by AspeQt 12.10.09 @

Godfather Don is easily the best on the mic outta THIS group. To state otherwise, is to be uncivilised.

Comment by fosterakahunter 12.10.09 @

Alchemist is probably the worst rapper ever. Ol’ Ben Stein soundin’ ass whigga.

RZA is also a pretty horrible rapper beyond the odd guest verse here and there.

It’s between Tip and Doom for me. Tip probably had help some help from Ali on the first 3 Tribe albums, so i’m gonna have to go for Doom off the strength of Op’ Doomsday. I really can’t think of another album where it’s creator killed it so hard with both the rapping and the beats.

Comment by MF 12.10.09 @

Ya talkin’ about producers on the mic or MCs on the boards??? To my knowledge Extra P was writing rhymes before he touched the SP. Same goes for Lord Finesse. Q-Tip was an MC before he made noise as a producer – early ATCQ albums were co-produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

DOOM??? C’mon, ya kiddin’. He’s always been a solid MC but his post-KMD production skills are average at best.

Alchemist, Pete Rock, Showbiz, Beatnuts, Diamond D, 45 King and maybe RZA are the only cats that REALLY qualify for a BPOTM poll, and outta this pool of artists I voted for The Beatnuts. Honorable mention goes to Diamond D.

Comment by Chulee ManSun 12.10.09 @

Beatnuts, only cos they talk about getting fucked, looking for beats, STEALING RECORDS and getting chicks.

Comment by tareq 12.10.09 @

Godfather Don…No Question

Lord Finesse is 2nd.

Comment by Stieflkater 12.10.09 @

“Sorry UGK, Dogg Pound, David Banner and DJ Quik fans – East-Coast Elitists strike again.”
ah ah well, i’d add ant bank$, e-$wift and the one and only mannie fre$h.
but on the east, first thought=lord finesse.

Comment by ca$h money millionaire 12.10.09 @

Fuck The West Huh……….No DJ Quik?

Comment by ReLLeVenT 12.10.09 @

1. Tip
2. Black Milk

Comment by bobo 12.10.09 @

@ er4se: its you

Comment by Rbiz 12.10.09 @

ANDRE 3000

Comment by djmfshalem 12.10.09 @

Once again, no DJ Quik? I feel like Suge at the Source Awards ” The east coast aint got no love for the west? Cant even vote till yall put quik on the list…

Comment by sumibear 12.10.09 @

Lee Bueller should definitely be up there..myspace.com/theboomboxexperience

Comment by Klassof87boy 12.10.09 @

To be honest when I think about Finesse I don’t think “producer on the mic” but “one of the greatest mc’s who can make hot beats”.

Also, if Tip is included on this list, than Chuck D should be too as they were both parts of a dope production team (Tip didn’t actually produce the first three Tribe lp’s by himself as someone said, he collaborated with Ali Shaheed Muhammad on the first album and with Skeff Anselm and others on second and third).

In the end, it seems to me that the extension of the criteria brought even more confusion to the poll.

Comment by ceedub 12.10.09 @

@ceedub Yeah, this whole thing has pretty much turned into a giant cluster-fuck.

Comment by Robbie 12.10.09 @

RZA baby! All Day!All we wanna do is drink smoke and fuck!
Only cat that comes close to RZA on the mic would be Necro cuz hes a savage. But Rza got everything from Grimy shit, to tracks u could bump while fuckin a fly bitch and that wisdom son. Bong Bong!!

Comment by Dynamo 12.10.09 @


BTW you forgot E-Swift from The Liks..

Comment by Qwermoo 12.10.09 @

I reiterate the others are nice but finesse has always been next level with raps and riddims. :)

don’t sleep on the funky man!

Comment by RowanB 12.10.09 @

eff that q-tip noise, what was the last decent song he came out with? it was tough choice for me between doom, necro and rza, doom is all around for beats and rhymes, necro has some crazy ass beats, and rhymes to boot if you like that sort of thing horrorcore and the like, and rza has some hit and misses but has great rhyme skill especially when he pretends to have a speach impediment, that shit makes me laugh so damn hard, gwowy gwowy hawiwuyah, wza, wu tan cwan for wife, hahahahaha, idiot.

Comment by gstatty 12.10.09 @

why do folks bring up kanye in this poll?? he was in the first. but the only thing is. kanye sux on the mic…plus he is a “beat biter, dope style taker tell u to your face u aint nuttin but a faker!” and i Quote my sister

Comment by eyeknow429 12.10.09 @

No Dj Quik. Fuck you Robbie!

Comment by Santos 12.10.09 @

you forgot Scram Jones

Comment by Lewis Hegeman 12.11.09 @

>> No Dj Quik. Fuck you Robbie!
Comment by Santos


*sparks some Cali weed*

Comment by Legend 12.11.09 @

i know im gonna get sum shit for this but….The Grouch is nice on the mic and beats.
* sparking up cali kush from the clinic*

Comment by d 12.11.09 @

I have to go with my man Lord Finesse, he’s unparalled, & excells @ both artforms.. Why is Necro even on here??? I respect his beat making craft but vocally I’m not feeling him on that level.

Comment by Misseda Flow 12.11.09 @

thats more like it

Comment by deframon 12.11.09 @

Erick Sermon is top 3. Pimp C should be on there.I fox wit Dr. Dre too.

Comment by CStyle 15208 12.12.09 @

Oh my goodness I forgot Daz Dillinger. He did most of the Chronic and Snoop and One of the most underated albums ever. Revenge, Retaliation and Gitbacc!!

Comment by CStyle 15208 12.12.09 @

Pete Rock shouldn’t be allowed near a mic. Really fed up of his bored as cack ad libs

Comment by the average man 12.13.09 @

yeah not like anyone is gonna read this but i thought XP has always been top notch on the mic, not to mention on the boards.

He’s always got fresh out the jar rhymes and beats to match.

Tony Toca dosen’t count? That’s wack, bruh!

Comment by ben profane 12.14.09 @

Where. The. Fuck. Is J-Zone on this list?

Comment by Da 12.14.09 @

Word! J-Zone is nice with his,,very original,, he adds a creative element noone else can.

Comment by Misseda Flow 12.14.09 @

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about. Erick Sermon has been overlooked for years as a producer. As an MC, I’ve heard worse but I’ve also heard better. Lord Finesse is overrated in BOTH areas. Big L is what Lord Finesse would have sounded like if Finesse would have stepped his style up. RZA’s verse on “Impossible” from Wu-Tang Forever” would body most of the cats on this list. Q-Tip is the man simply for introducing 3-bar loops to Hip-Hop (Skypager, Lyrics To Go, Electric Relaxation, Ill Vibe, etc.) Revisit that first list for a sec: ‘Ye got bangers in the catalog but I’ll take J Dilla over him in a heartbeat (dead or alive). All that said, I STILL gotta run with that cat Paul Mitchell, the live guy with glasses. Let me throw one out there for shits and giggles: Jaz-O. Alibaski, what’s up? You still spittin’?

Comment by oskamadison 12.14.09 @

I have to give it to Doom on this one. Very profilic , 99% top quality production and rhymes out of this world.

Am a bit confused about criteria to select the nominees, e.g. being known for neats before the mic, etc. Does it really matter? Who is the nicest on the mic and the beats period, who cares what they started first. On this, you could say Tip is a close second but was he known for beats before his rhymes? Don’t think so…


Comment by Eedem 12.14.09 @

Gotta be that cool brother Tip

Comment by 357 NYC 12.15.09 @

I don’t really know how to reason anymore since it went from just producers on the mic to include “rappers on the boards” aswell. In pt. I it’s easily Diamond D. Noone else on that list comes close. But with these dudes in round 2 – do I vote for who makes the illest beats or is it still which of these people is illest on the mic? Finesse is illest on the mic OF COURSE! No competition. But I think it changed now to being sort of a combination where you weigh in both the beats and the rhymes and see who gets the highest “average”? So I voted EPMD!

Comment by T 12.15.09 @

And I still say Diamond D is the answer to the question originally posed: Who is the illest producer on the mic. Who votes for Kanye over Diamond D, are you guys kidding?

Comment by T 12.15.09 @


Comment by donaleski 12.16.09 @


Comment by donaleski 12.16.09 @

Life Rexall and Ant Banks, numbers 1 and 2 respectively. Take your mainstream blinders off toys and wreckognize!

Comment by WarThree 09.27.10 @

Just had to recant my statement regarding Lord Finesse. With the release of The SP-1200 Project, I’ve finally seen the light in regards to his skills behind the boards. Dude has a unique, dark and funky sound. He should have gotten more work than he did…

Comment by oskamadison 01.05.15 @

Gravediggaz > Necro

Comment by NiteWaander 08.22.15 @

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