Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? – Round 1
Tuesday December 08th 2009,
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Tough question. Made even more difficult by the fact that many rapper’s have made beats for themselves, but aren’t necessarily classed as ‘producers’. KRS-One was credited as having produced most the early BDP records, but he also had DJ Doc and D-Nice helping out with the programming – so does he qualify here? Not really, because otherwise this could take for forever. To keep shit simple, I’m only including dudes who were known for their beats before they rapped or are more widely recognized for their MC status, which excludes people like Schoolly-D, Biz Markie and Lord Finesse.

Ced Gee

The driving force behind the Ultramagnetic sound who also assisted Kool Keith in holding down MC duties. Started off strong on Critical Beatdown, but by the time The Four Horsemen dropped he was rapping like a malfunctioning android.

Diamond D

Based on his first album alone, Diamond is a strong contender. Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop showcased a straight-forward and amusing vocal technique, matched with some of the most diverse examples of the crate digging beat science ever. Having introduced Fat Joe to the world and worked on the Fu-Gee’s hugely successful The Score, D proved to be more than an underground sensation, but his later solo work has lacked that spark that made his earlier work so timeless.


As the musical backbone of Mobb Deep, Havoc provided lyrical support for lead MC Prodigy during their ‘classic period’, and helped define the Queensbridge sound in the mid-90’s with his brand of anti-social, bleak beats. Recent solo projects have been far from inspiring though.


Before he was producing Jay-Z millionaire rap, No ID put Common on the map and released Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album), which was a refreshingly heartfelt example of the Chi-Town sound that proved to be a pre-cursor to the blueprint that his student Kanye West would later work from.

Kanye West

When he’s not acting like a massive douchebag, ‘Ye has been known to bang out a quality beat or two. His lyrical technique on his early work was pretty painful, but if you’re a fan of how he puts it down you might say that he’s improved a lot over time. He’s also become more of a ass-hat.


During his time with The Lootpack, Madlib The Bad Kid wasted some great music with the shitty raps that he and Wildchild unleashed. The first Quasimoto project was out there enough for his raps to work in the context of the record, but I can’t really rate him too highly in the regular rapper dude stakes.


Zone has great taste in ignorant rap and the uncanny ability to make dope beats out of French accordion samples. His rhymes are usually good for a laugh, but as with most comedy records it’s only really funny the first couple of listens.

Jay Dee aka J-Dilla

According to ?uestlove, Dilla is the greatest producer-on-the-mic of all time. I’m not sure if I want to take his word for it though, since for ever good move he’s made (getting Sasha Grey to star in a video for The Roots) he then counters it by getting the guy from Fall-Out Boy to sing on the same track. But back to James Yancey – as influential as he was behind the boards, I’m not sure if many would consider that his rapping was of quite the same pedigree.

Black Milk

Much like Jay Dee before him, Black Milk is far more accomplished as a beat creator than as a rapper. While he gets by on the mic, it’s a mere distraction to the superior sounds he pieces together in the lab.

Dr. Dre

Sorry, but Dre’s rapping has never been good. He was crappy on Niggaz4Life and it was only thanks to D.O.C. that he was half-decent on The Chronic. Nevertheless, he was a producer-on-the-mic pioneer, and for that he deserves a mention.

Puff Daddy

Technically he qualifies, but who’s gonna vote for him? That being said, ‘The Benjamins’ beat >>>>>>.



Pharrell aka Skateboard P

Round 2

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? - Round 1

  • Kanye West (57%, 715 Votes)
  • Diamond D (11%, 135 Votes)
  • Havoc (9%, 115 Votes)
  • Jay Dee aka J-Dilla (8%, 102 Votes)
  • Black Milk (5%, 67 Votes)
  • Dr. Dre (4%, 48 Votes)
  • Madlib (2%, 21 Votes)
  • J-Zone (2%, 20 Votes)
  • Ced-Gee (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Timbaland (1%, 10 Votes)
  • No ID (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Puffy Daddy (1%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,265

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hate on the Louis Vuitton all you want, for obvious reasons, but he IS real nice on the mic. Dilla is underrated as an MC in book as well.

Comment by Hassle 12.08.09 @

Don’t sleep on Alchemist. He doesn’t really rap full-time but he has been doing more and more. Woulda voted for Dre except I’m only counting people who write their stuff (I think Kanye gets alot of help too). Gonna go with Black Milk

Comment by Silvamore 12.08.09 @

1) Diamond D
2) Havoc

The rest I don’t care.

Comment by haroon 12.08.09 @

lol…no RZA, but you put up dre who doesnt write his own rhymes and PUFFY aka puff daddy aka P.Didddy aka pop a diddy pop who doesnt do ANYTHING but collect checks off other people talent!
RZA by a thousand miles and day get it right…kanye arguably 1st but close 2nd and black milk in 3rd…IMO…
if YOU cant understand RZA thats 1 thing, but if you did you would have the nigga 1st on this list let alone not even up here…

Comment by QUNYC 12.08.09 @

…and Havoc USED TO BE a problem…used to be…
LIC salute!
Dilla? Madlib? Madlib is my fav producer right now…but rhymes? c’mon man…
wheres MF DOOM?

soulja boy?…youuuu lol..nah,right?

Comment by QUNYC 12.08.09 @

Wha? No Extra P? C’mon!

Comment by End Level Boss 12.08.09 @


The ingenious thing about these posts is how you get your commenters to write the follow-up poll post with all the overlooked candidates.

My contribution to that post will be your inclusion of the RZA.

Comment by rafi 12.08.09 @

where the fuck is alchemist?

Comment by Pssssst 12.08.09 @

Dilla…easy! Dilla’s beats and rhymes have spanned over 10 years! Diamond was the man…for a minute…same with Havoc…same with Large Pro…Black Milk has been on the scene for just a second to me…Ced Gee was the dude but for only 2 albums (Critical and Criminal Minded…since he says HE produced Criminal)…No ID can’t rhyme and Puff…come on shouldn’t the mc write their own rhymes? And Kanye, I don’t know what beats he makes and which ones he doesn’t…so @ the end of the day…like I said Dilla…it’s actually the easiest decision to make since voting for Obama!

Comment by Kil 12.08.09 @

I second RZA at least being included but really my number one choice would be:

Pete Rock

Comment by BinHex 12.08.09 @


Comment by dronkmunk 12.08.09 @

Also, I am surprised Alchemist isn’t on here, since you included Timbaland and Madlib.

Comment by dronkmunk 12.08.09 @

What about SHOWBIZ?! He’s the only producer I wish didn’t stop rapping.

Comment by Finally 12.08.09 @

yeah rza, large pro, should be votable (fixed coming soon?) why lord finesse doesn’t qualify i dont understand, definately a producer on the mic. mf doom produced all the kmd and doomsday so he was producing first then went more emcee direction, even pete rock raps as frequently and at a better level than madlib. and im sure theres more.. (cue andre3000)

@kil. … and how’s that obama thing working out??

Comment by gx 12.08.09 @


Comment by SmashCrew 12.08.09 @

also was it daimond that coined the phrase “producer on the mic” on that fugees joint?

Comment by gx 12.08.09 @

i agree with dronkmonk, theres timbo, but no alchemist.

Comment by supaxjaz 12.08.09 @


Comment by mike dee 12.08.09 @

Dilla first! (I’m so ill wit it/so deal wit it!)

Kanye second!

I would put Ta’raach (Lacks) on the list as well! He’s fucking dope!

Comment by Killa 12.08.09 @

I was also thinking of RZA and Lord Finesse….I forgot about Large Pro. Def RZA though…my favorite.

Technically he qualifies, but who’s gonna vote for him? That being said, ‘The Benjamins’ beat >>>>>>

You really think Puff produced that?

Comment by The Truth... 12.08.09 @

Ummmmmm….. Where’s Pete Rock, I know he didnt write all his rhymes, but neither do dre, puffy, and timbaland.

Comment by alphabet 12.08.09 @

Damn, no Em or Alc, huh? Hahaha, played the white man.

But um, I’ll say Ye or Havoc. Only off the basis that I’m most familiar with their work. Good List though.

Comment by Half 12.08.09 @

And Erick Sermon, WTF Robbie you really are slippin

Comment by alphabet 12.08.09 @

EL-P? c’mon.

Comment by BEASTCOAST 12.08.09 @

Where’s Q-tip??

Comment by RLW 12.08.09 @

I voted for ‘Ye but DOOM & Large Pro are my favorite rapping producers. Honorable mention to Edan.

Comment by ENIG MUE 12.08.09 @

dilla dog all day.

his pedigree on the mic was just as obscure as his spotlight time but just as lethal as his beats.

Comment by kevfresco 12.08.09 @

Unfortunately since you excluded Finesse, he can’t get votes, b/c Finesse “IS” the best Producer/MC… after that I would Large Pro, Diamond, Kanye, and Havoc….

Comment by SilkCityP 12.08.09 @

No love for J-Live? He’s not as celebrated a producer, but dude is underrated on the mic. He’s probably nicer than anyone on this list.

For this list, my vote goes to Havoc, with Diamond D a close 2nd and Dilla in 3rd.

Comment by Dom Corleone 12.08.09 @

Where the fuck are Erick Sermon and DJ Quik!?!?!?!?!?

Comment by Ivan 12.08.09 @

Dilla was crazy underrated. Not just anyone can ‘Renegade’ Common – see: Thelonious.

Comment by Keyboard K 12.08.09 @

If Pete Rock isn’t on the list I’ll take Diamond D.

Comment by Deen 12.08.09 @

Large Pro is the closest to being equally balanced (as good on the mic as he is behind the boards) but I’d be tempted to put Pete Rock on the list, no, he isn’t the world’s greatest rapper but he’s no worse than half the others on the list and he’s certainly a better producer than most of them.

Comment by cratedigga78 12.08.09 @

GODFATHER DON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by shamz 12.08.09 @

ummm extra P

Comment by phd 12.08.09 @

what happened to pharrell and of the guys from M.O.P. make beats

Comment by bones 12.08.09 @


Out of that list, Kanye gets my vote.

Comment by Malcolm Maximillion 12.08.09 @

pete rock

Comment by cocotaso 12.08.09 @

tony touch

Comment by cocotaso 12.08.09 @

Pimp C, bitch.

Comment by noz 12.08.09 @

no David Banner??
Pimp C???
Dj Quik??
Erick Sermon??

voted Kanye i knew Eastcoast cats were gonna hate on Dr Dre

Comment by tru 12.08.09 @

Thes One & Double K of People Under the Stairs

Comment by Trakball 12.08.09 @

1)Large Pro 2)Pete Rock 3)Diamond D 4)Erick Sermon 5)RZA

I also agree with the guy who mentioned DJ Quik, never been a big fan of his work but in a post about this subject he definitely holds his own.

Comment by ceedub 12.08.09 @

no Q-Tip??? (eg. Nas’ One Love)

Comment by cape_crusader 12.08.09 @

Although not really known as a producer, I gotta go with KRS 1. The few productions he has done are dope and he is a God MC…

Comment by CENZI 12.08.09 @



Comment by TYBO2020 12.08.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 12.08.09 @

Whoever said Pimp C is a smart person…

Comment by Deen 12.08.09 @


Comment by TYBO2020 12.08.09 @

Lord Finesse?

Comment by AM 12.08.09 @

Can’t front on E-Swift either

Comment by CBLOOM 12.08.09 @

Dre Dre never wrote a rhyme on any album.
Grand Puba wrote all of pete rocks stuff on mecca
Large pro or Diamond easily

Comment by money mercilesz 12.08.09 @

Quik And Necro didn’t make the list i’m off that

Comment by DTD 12.08.09 @

dude, robbie, RZA not on the list? ha

Of this list I’d put Kanye up there.

Comment by Wesley Verhoeve 12.08.09 @

y’all forgot about Pimp C, who produced almost all of UGK’s classics, including a majority of Ridin Dirty…

Comment by Prince 12.08.09 @

It just came to my mind…I don’t if they qualify for this but if they do then it’s THE BEATNUTS!!!

Comment by ceedub 12.08.09 @

no Alchemist? pretty big omission. i would have voted for him.

Comment by nick 12.08.09 @

Yo..where’s DJ Quik?

Comment by farhaad 12.08.09 @

DOOM, Pimp C, Pete Rock, & DJ Quik needed to be on this list. But from the list I would say Black Milk. Alot of folks say hes weak on the mic but maybe he sounds weak compared to how heavy his beats are?

Comment by Chilli Coldblud 12.08.09 @



Comment by kedordu 12.08.09 @

It can only be RZA

Comment by Dan 12.08.09 @

Three words…

Will. I. Am.

Comment by dallas 12.08.09 @


DOOM should be on this list.

Comment by PHENOMENON 12.08.09 @

Large Pro all day!!

Comment by The Funkologist 12.08.09 @

Don’t sleep on Pharrell’s rhymes.
Especially his rhyme from Slim Thug’s Already Platinum title track:

Skating ass mister, money making ass mister
That Star Trak sign getting way damn bigger
Put Snoop in a coupe, I put Slim in a slab
I put them motherfuckers out wit that one-two jab
Wit the – glamorous jewels, wit the chandelier hues
Everytime I wave my wrist it makes the channel 3 news
In that 100 EX, that two-door shit
Look in my rear view, listen you’re too close Thicke
You got it wrong, I don’t touch the heaters
Though my Ice Cream sneakers got the drug dealer beepers
Don’t let your Ego eat ya, shh! let me teach ya
All that brrrr make ya chest look just like some pizza
Huh!! You see what’s happening, we King Kong smashing em
When new bitches is on my arm, the paparazzi is snapping em
The future’s ours – and yours is blackening
Me and Tha Boss nigga, we already platinum

Comment by bc-tw 12.08.09 @

I’m gonna have to go with RZA if he was up there

Comment by AdamH 12.08.09 @

scram jones has some abilities on the mic. i wouldn’t say he’s “great,” but he’s a helluva lot better than diddy

Comment by Wally_Sean 12.08.09 @

damn no Large??! Really surprised to see him not on this list. JuJu..Finesse…old RZA

Comment by SUPERBADSOLACE 12.08.09 @

RZA, Large Pro, Showbiz, Q-Tip, Eric Sermon, The Beatnuts… I must not understand the rules here but they seem to de-value the question.

Of those mentioned, Diamond D.

..and for the record, anyone who said Pete Rock, he DOES NOT write his own rhymes. Puba wrote all his good ones from the first album and Rob-O on the second album. Admittedly, I don’t know who writes his stuff now.

Comment by Ausar 12.08.09 @

Where the fuck is MF DOOM, RZA, Lord Finesse, EL-P?
lol @ puff daddy and dre THESE NIGGAS DON’T WRITE THEIR RHYMES

Jesus Christ

Comment by krmnl 12.08.09 @

BEATNUTS for fucks sakes

Comment by krmnl 12.08.09 @

one word DOOM. . . stop making list if your not gonna be official about it. fucking amateurs

Comment by iceberg grim 12.08.09 @

Kev Brown and Oddisee are doing their thing on the boards and mic right now. Blu is that dude with beats and rhymes too.

Also, a lot of dudes don’t know, but Q-Tip and Rakim produced a lot of their own beats…

Comment by Soul C 12.08.09 @

I’d vote for Kanye cuz his production on College Dropout and Graduation are unparalleled by the other producers and he’s got some great lines (mayonaise colored benz I push miracle whips)….otherwise I would have given it to THE ALCHEMIST who for some reason isn’t on this shit….next would be necro, but I know he’s not for everyone, but he has a tight flow and made some of the sickest beats in hip hop in the past decade

Comment by jwurds 12.08.09 @

da antidote is great.i like madlib on the mic.
and i might be the only one who thinks the four horsemen is a dope album.btw the topic seems a
bit incomplete this time.

Comment by swordfish 12.08.09 @

Great, East COAST Bias but no Quik, c’mon son, Kanye is crazy on the mic and I don’t remember any ghost producer stories, what about Mad Rapper, he qualifies, Jermaine Dupree, DIDDY/DRE/TIMB (NOT SO MUCH), Pharell, Q tip, Rakim, Lil Fame, Rza, Down bottom have to have somebody, Pimp C, David Banner (may be tops if Ye wasn’t sick with it)

Comment by The Editor 12.08.09 @

Another vote for Beatnuts (Juju specifically) and Godfather Don. I’d say Extra P or Q-Tip but they are just as much MCs as they are producers. Whereas I would consider the ‘Nuts producers first, MCs second.

Comment by RapHands 12.08.09 @

i vote for EVIDENCE.

cant believe he does not get mention here at all.

Comment by rearviewradio 12.08.09 @

Where is Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie people?

Comment by ADVENT 12.08.09 @

btw I’m pretty sure he was the man behind benjamins

Comment by ADVENT 12.08.09 @

LOL at stink diddy not only makin this list but gettin 5 votes

Diamond D is my pick,but dont sleep on Apathy he nice on the mic/boards too..check out his ‘wanna snuggle’ album

Comment by dj blendz 12.08.09 @

I hate Kanye West with the strongest passion. J-Dilla was never a good rapper. Slum Village has to have one of the most boring collections ever. Fantastic Vol. 2 ranks up there for the most boring alubms I’ve spent anytime on.
Vote Havoc since I’m pretty close a Mobb Deep stan. His solo was forgettable though.

Comment by Soltan 12.08.09 @

Okay this list is wack as fuck for two reasons:



Enough said… get real yo

Comment by Mr. John, Son 12.08.09 @

the person who wrote this article is tasteless in a couple ways. first off, kanye is not raw on the mic? how does he end up on def POETRY jam then? and thats beside the point, name an album you thought he came weak on? And you think dr. dre sucks too? you think a person with taste like that is gonna let themselves on the mic without knowing its hot? only useful thing out of this article is the NO ID video. thats a good song

Comment by sened 12.08.09 @

Whoa homie… you gotta re-do this joint.
As already mentioned- The live wit glasses HAS to be in here along with the Beatnuts!!!! See your point on why heads like Finesse are excluded but he should get a reprieve…. No love for CELPH TITLED? You got JZone and no Celph??? Plus if you got Dre,Puff and T/Land, Em should be right along side em. No ID? seriously…. Black Milk??? Madlib, greatest beatman on the mic???? geezuz you mustve hit your head at M.O.P… Evidence, Del (old shit), God Don, Necro, Doom, RZA, QTip (old shit), Q-Unique ALL smash half that list.

Comment by BIG HOCK 12.08.09 @

and what recent music from havoc are you such a big fan of? you dont prefer his old material? you didnt like his verse on “long kiss” with biggie? this feels like a hate blog/post whatever you call this sorry shit.

Comment by sened 12.08.09 @

wow, dude above me is right too. eminems a producer he produced a tupac album so he should count. forgot about him?

Comment by sened 12.08.09 @

btw I’m pretty sure he was the man behind benjamins
Yes, definitely.
As far as producers go, what about Chops? He is nice on the mic and crazy behind the boards.
And most of the Hiero guys produce as well.
I understand the exclusion of Finesse, otherwise Redman would be a strong contender too.

Comment by Antonio 12.08.09 @

pete rock is horrible on the mic imo. beatnuts definitely belong on there

Comment by rrdj 12.08.09 @

Godfather Don, Large Pro, Beatnuts, Doom, RZA, Q Tip, Diamond, Showbiz, and Finesse

Comment by Broke 12.08.09 @

Why didn’t RZA make the cut? Or Q-Tip? Or would they be breaking the rules? I feel like an exception needs to be made for the both of them.

Comment by Incilin 12.08.09 @

I voted for Kanye West

But when I read the title of the thread, I immediatly thought RZA

Comment by 5 Grand 12.08.09 @

I would have voted for Evidence or Alchemist if they were on here. Evidence was a producer back when Dilated first started to get recognition, as he had beats on Defari’s first lp. Alchemist may not be a great emcee, but he is listenable, and he beats are the best out of all the cats already mentioned.

Comment by HipHipHistorian 12.08.09 @

where the fuck is large pro?im shocked!!!!!!

Comment by deframon 12.08.09 @

i cant even vote how can u guys fuck up so badly

Comment by deframon 12.08.09 @

fishsticks?! fuck outta here… diamond d ftw

Comment by er4se 12.08.09 @

I’d say if it’s the best rhymes from a producer it would be MF Doom. Jay Electronica isn’t even mentioned and he’s sick with both. If it’s thee best producer ON the mic? I would say J Dilla and Madlib.

Comment by Context 12.08.09 @

yea i was just about to say j electronica but Context^^^ basically summed it up

Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 12.08.09 @

yea mf doom is da best by far i think. doom been out since da early 90’s and dude is still relevant when it comes to good hip-hop his latest joint born like dis was dope.

Comment by dmitry aka brooklyn jew 12.08.09 @

@People sayin DOOM. Look I’m a DOOM stan but isn’t he an MC first and foremost?

Comment by RapHands 12.08.09 @

Def missing RZA, Large Pro, Pete Rock for sure as others already mentioned.

Kanye??? Really??? I thought this site had true hip-hop heads visiting it. That dude is an azz clown who should stick to strictly producing. No one wants to hear his nonsense. He doesn’t even rhyme. He just twists his words to make them rhyme…that’s baby rap.

And yeah WTF are you doing including Puffy on here and Dre (amazing producer…never wrote his own rhymes). Yet Lord Finesse is excluded? That just don’t make no damn sense. I mean if Puffy is included where’s the Green Eyes Bandit then?

Of the options given Diamond was the choice. If the others were included…tuff tuff decision. Would have to say RZA.

Comment by AGROvate1 12.08.09 @

My vote goes to Quik!!!! Ya’ll sleeping!

Comment by ri067953 12.08.09 @

what about Guru??

Comment by gangstarrrrr 12.08.09 @

@raphands. he did M.I.C and king ghidora and barely rhymes on both.

Comment by gx 12.08.09 @

“Yo, last Fresh Fest I was rocking Good Times/
This Fresh Fest I’m bustin out rhymes
When I’m on the set I take total control
I rock your mind, your feet, your body, your soul”

Grandmaster D FTW!

Comment by dwhite10701 12.08.09 @

The oversights are obvious, though it is to be expected when lists are made.

Rza, Large Pro, Lord Finesse and Q-Tip (as well as his classic joints with mobb deep and Nas apparently he produced the majority of tribes work. Plus The Renaissance was fire AND Beats, Rhymes and Life is incredibly underrated)all scream out.

Comment by Victor 12.08.09 @

Out of all the cats mentioned, Large Pro was the FIRST to be EQUALLY dope in BOTH areas. And from ’93-’97, The RZA was THAT dude. Because peple know him as an MC first, Q-Tip is criminally slept-on as a producer (dude got mad bangers in the catalog.) And as much as Douchebag ‘Ye will tap dance on your last nerve, dude has stepped his pen game up over the years. All that being said, I’d have to run with Extra P circa ’89-’96. I wonder…what would Premo sound like if he could spit?

Comment by oskamadison 12.08.09 @

Dude, Large Professors solo LP was horrible. He’s an example of somebody who should stay behind the boards.

He was good on Breakin Atoms, but he wasn’t on the level of Kane, Kool G Rap or Rakim.

And his solo LP from 2004 was boring.

Comment by 5 Grand 12.08.09 @

Also, Havoc is mad slept on as an MC. If Redman would have put the blunt down for a minute and hop on the MPC, we could have put him on this list. Arguably his rawest joint “Dare Iz A Darkside” was largely produced by him. DJ Quik has gotten better over the years as well. BTW, Puff gets no points in either category. Let him stick to “writing checks.”

Comment by oskamadison 12.08.09 @

Wheres Eminem?

Comment by Christian 12.08.09 @

@ 5 Grand
I’ll admit that a lot of my favorite Extra P joints came from Breakin’ Atoms (Hell, “Friendly Game of Baseball” should shut down the argument for dolo) but don’t forget “Ijuswannachill”, “One Plus One” (I know Nas murked him on there but I liked dude’s verse too), “Radioactive”, “Back To Back”, “Live Guy Saga”, and “Blaze Rhymes” (the original). He wasn’t on the level of Kane, Rakim or G Rap but who was? Plus P did his thing along side G Rap on “Money In The Bank”.

Comment by oskamadison 12.08.09 @

@gx Yeah, that’s true. DOOM is a producer of other folks and he obviously likes to spotlight his instrumentals but to me he was primarily an MC who branched out into producing instead of the other way around.

But fuck it, it’s all semantics.

Comment by RapHands 12.08.09 @

@5 Grand I kinda know where you’re coming from and maybe I’m just an apologist but Extra P is classic status to me(non-fuckwitable). Plus, I haveta concur with what oskamadison said, especially Money in the Bank!

Comment by RapHands 12.08.09 @


Comment by The J 12.08.09 @

DOOM for every rhyme he ever wrote and pretty much every beat on Doomsday, Gheedorah and MM Food, Born Into This had some crazy joints too…and whoever wasnt convinced by those needs to check out that Alex song from Ghostface

Comment by Rob 12.08.09 @

Large Pro, Beatnuts, Erick Sermon, Oh No, MF Doom, Godfather Don, Lord Finesse, Showbiz, should be on this list.

Comment by Jaz 12.08.09 @

Do the majority of the people who comment not actually read the piece before doing so?

Has anybody who voted for Kanye actually heard Diamond D?

What the fuck?

Comment by sean g 12.08.09 @

RZA AKA Bobby Digital
Is the most obvious for Best All round Rapping & Producing artist plus he was like that from day one. Not to mention the movies he scored

Comment by Loy 12.08.09 @

Diamond, yep, you guessed it!

Comment by turtle 12.08.09 @

dilla’s flow was tops.
another layer, man.
dilla by a length

Comment by bibs 12.08.09 @

i dont get it you hate on everyones skills so whats the point of this question if you say they all suck

Comment by drew 12.08.09 @

no large pro = epic fail

Comment by ironman79 12.08.09 @

technically jay electronica counts right? he did that first nas track off nas’ last album. dude is one of the best rhyming the the game right now.

Comment by goldenchild 12.08.09 @

i think you could borderline argue that doom/zev love x would qualify, but i agree that of the nominations, diamond d.

i also like oddisee among the newer cats.

Comment by topomodesto 12.08.09 @

Yall are dumb if you don’t vote KanYe. Wu tang, blah blah, shut up you stans. At the end of the day, KanYe will be one of the top ten rappers of all time. He is one of the realist, yeah he might be a deuche bag, but he is one of the DEEPEST rappers out, and he talks about more than 99% rappers could ever try to.

2 is between blackmilk, dilla havoc and RZA

the rest are whatever

diddy or dre shouldn’t count, they had ghostwriters.

and yes ive heard Diamond D…he isn’t even in the same league as KanYe. Sorry dudes.

Comment by Doug 12.09.09 @

Pete Rock is horrendous on the mic. It’s painful to listen to his verse on the “shut em down” remix.
Diamond D all the way on this one.

Comment by keatso 12.09.09 @

Oddisee > *

Comment by jcrillz 12.09.09 @

This article had mad hateration sprinkled all over it for no given reasons, other than that “ROBBIE” also works for Lawrys or something.

some of the commenters are also as slow as the writer. the list says PEOPLE THAT WERE KNOWN AS PRODUCERS FIRST, BEFORE RAPPING so Eminem does not apply, idiots, neither does q-tip

kanye- hate him or love him, he is the most succesful, not because of some cheap gimmicks or because of looks, but because he was ill all around BEFORE all the stupid award show bullshit

NO RZA? he wouldve been top 3, along with alchemist who has not laid a wack verse down really since the wholiganz and has stood the test of time with a sound that is street credible and 100% hip hop FUCK RACE at this point in time. who cares if hes a white boy. im full blooded native and have accepted the fact that we will never get our land back. deal with it

Comment by homeworkasindoyour 12.09.09 @

Large Pro is the greatest

Comment by matt bane 12.09.09 @

When did this site become infested with a bunch of fags who should be over at Vibe.com instead?

Comment by haroon 12.09.09 @

^co sign

Kanye West has the most annoying voice and weakest rhymes I’ve ever heard. How can all the heads visiting this site actually vote for this dude? Is his publicist making phone calls to 100 people to vote on this?

Comment by son... 12.09.09 @

Kanye? 61%?
I’m speechless, and I don’t even hate him like that…

Large Pro
Diamond D
RZA/Erick Sermon

Comment by reiser 12.09.09 @




Comment by jesse 12.09.09 @

after scanning through the comments, you definitly need a part 2 (round 2?, wasnt sure)

erick sermon,
pete rock
dj quik
mf doom

and if you included puffy of all people then
the conditions you stated at the top of the post fly out the window so maybe a separate part for best emcees on the boards? like:

boots riley
people under the stairs
pimp c

and the muthafuckin funky techician! he shoulda been in this list- “whatchu want” by biggie, come on! or was it “come on mutafucka”? anywho…

oh, and pharrel and eminem if your gonna go that far

Comment by done 12.09.09 @

oh and beatnuts and godfather don, missed those

Comment by done 12.09.09 @

LARGE PROFESSOR, where art thou?

Comment by Question Marc 12.09.09 @

Kanye dont even write his own shit! Rhymefest & Consequence been helping him out.

Comment by d 12.09.09 @

Start again dude or this is potentially the- worst. post. ever.

Comment by BIG HOCK 12.09.09 @

From the list id go Dimond.
If I had a chance to choose one that aint on the list. Maybe Large Pro or Godfather Don

Comment by Pete 12.09.09 @

impassioned responses !
gotta a be round two with RZA, Large Pro, Showbiz, Q-Tip, Eric Sermon, The Beatnuts,Pimp C,Lord Finesse and for any UK heads imma throw Jehst in there too.

Comment by mikki dee 12.09.09 @

seriously…i think u should pull this post until u learn to give q-tip the proper respect he deserves. not to mention eric sermon.

Comment by GIRLZLUVME 12.09.09 @

not even to mention EM..wow we do need a board. obscure is good. realistic is WAY better tho

Comment by GIRLZLUVME 12.09.09 @

Where is DOOM, Large Pro, or Oddisee?!?!

Comment by js 12.09.09 @

Currently, I’m going with Oddissee out of DC. Sick MC, sick producer.

Comment by Tdub 12.09.09 @

I really think D-Dot should be here, definitely before Kanye West, his apprentice.

Comment by ADVENT 12.09.09 @

Kanye… pretty much.

As much as he gets a bad rep for pretty much everything, he’s always been pretty clever lyrically, and has been putting in some serious verse over the last year (in the middle of all that 808’s & Heartbreak fuckery).


Comment by DANJ! 12.09.09 @

wow… no RZA? throw this article away and start all over… smh

Comment by DOOMDECADENT 12.09.09 @

What about Dj Quik?

Comment by PeeDuub 12.09.09 @

@ keatso

I like the live version of shut em down on the greatest missess album. Pete Rock beat, no pete rock rhymes.

Comment by turtle 12.09.09 @

diamond isnt even in the same league as kanye? what league is that? ha ha

Comment by money mercilesz 12.10.09 @

Zone 4 President!!

Comment by Nick Le'par 12.10.09 @

Where is DJ Quik? If he was on there, he would get my vote, so, because hes not, i gotta give it to Yeezy. sorry.

Comment by sumibear 12.10.09 @

lord finesse is nicest(F the rules) :) havoc is worst and those fruity guys like kanye etc dont deserve a mention.

Comment by RowanB 12.10.09 @

1. Sach
2. Orko tha Sykotik Alien

Comment by jose g.r. 12.11.09 @


u were never really in it to begin with.

Comment by rich 12.12.09 @

Kanye? Gimme a break. Do your research and look beyond the mainstream and peep Life Rexall. Also, this list ain’t even close to being complete without Ant Banks.

Comment by WarThree 09.27.10 @

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