R.I.P. Apache
Friday January 22nd 2010,
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Apache, a founding member of the original Flavor Unit and cousin of Latee has passed away after years of poor health. Lord Ali Ba-Ski discussed his unfortunate condition a couple of years ago:

‘Apache is on permanent disability now. He has a bruised heart. He got his bruised heart from when he was with that label [Tommy Boy] and making all that good money, ‘cos Apache got the biggest shine – not including Naughty By Nature and Latifah and all the rest of ‘em – but as far as the original Flavor Unit cats? He got the biggest shine outta all of us, as far as money. I mean he had a $250,000 budget with his label, see. And Apache did show after show after show. He was getting triple what Chill Rob was getting for a show. He used to get anywhere from 7 G’s to 20 G’s a show! He went through some money. This guy used to get so high and drunk – his whole thing was a big ‘ol party. Then he bloated all the way up to 300 and something pounds, and mind you he’s like only 5′9″, 5′10″. He blew up to 300 pounds and the guys almost bed-ridden from getting so big, and then he went up and down.’

Another sad loss for the hip-hop community…

The Flavor Unit – ‘Flavor Unit Assassination Squad (Remix)’

Maybe the best posse cut of all time that isn’t called ‘The Symphony’, and a reminder of how dope Latifah was back when she was rapping full-time. This is the remix that Tim Westwood premiered on his radio show way back when.

Apache – ‘I Feel Like Flowing’

One of Apache’s first tracks (which he called a ‘demo’ in an interview) that appeared on The 45 King Presents…The Flavor Unit album.

Apache & Lakim Shabazz – ‘Smooth Yet Hard’

A classic remix of ‘Passing The Mic’ from 45 King‘s Rhythmical Madness LP.

Apache – ‘Tonto’

Some good old fashioned rapping about your junk.

Naughty By Nature feat. Apache & Lakim Shabazz – ‘1,2,3’

Treach and them were late additions to the Flavor Unit crew, but they didn’t forget to let two of the founding members get some shine on their break-out Tommy Boy debut.

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Damn. RIP

Comment by jesse 01.22.10 @

R.I.P. Apache. Till this day “Gangsta Bitch” is still one of my ALL TIME favorite Joints.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 01.22.10 @

R.I.P Apache
The Posse cut master!
Assasination Squad, 1,2,3 and who could forget “…stompin comp / You must be outta your FUCKIN mind”
with Joe and G-Rap…
Thankyou for the inspiration…

Comment by TREM ONE 01.22.10 @

I always wondered why he never cut another album, especially when he was a lot more talented than a lot of emcees that had a grip of albums. I hope he is chilling on the otherside.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 01.22.10 @

Don’t forget 5 Deadly Venoms off Pac’s Strickly For My Nig’s album

Comment by The Editor 01.23.10 @


Comment by swordfish 01.23.10 @

Damn Gangsta Bitch was hot but I got put off by that “Kill the white people” or whatever was on his album.

Comment by D.Baskett 01.23.10 @

I knew Apache he had no malice in his heart for white people or anyone. He was a good due and a friend in the early part of my career and was there the day I signed Queen Latifah.

Comment by Dante Ross 01.23.10 @

” he had no malice in his heart for white people”

what does this aspect have to do with anything? why bring a mater such as race into this issue of death?

Comment by jake 01.23.10 @

@jake: read what D.Baskett said above dante ross’ comment, and eddie murphy did a song called kill the white people on SNL back in the day, and people still like him, or when ice cube dropped cave bitch, etc etc etc, if anything it must’ve been just a commentary on oppression, though i never heard that song

Comment by gstatty 01.23.10 @


Comment by EEE TREE 01.23.10 @

@gstatty: thanks for pointing that out bro..my statement was in error, having now read that post again.

Comment by jake 01.23.10 @

damn, r.i.p

Comment by tareq 01.23.10 @

@Dante Ross: pardon my statement, in my haste to respond I didnt notice that you were defending the man. may he rest in peace.

Comment by jake 01.23.10 @

R.I.P. Apache, damn 2010 sucks already who is next? :(

Comment by Jaz 01.23.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 01.23.10 @

Damn, Killa Sha! Apache! The year is still new. R.I.P to both of those brothers. Gone too soon.

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.23.10 @

RIP to the God!! He was a true pioneer!!

Comment by Marc Davis 01.23.10 @

Apache that’s me I git in rappers ass/ 1 muthaf****in’ 2 muthaf****in’ 3!Classic! R.I.P.

Comment by Shockbox 01.23.10 @

I’m a cracker, and Apache’s Kill D’White People skit only increased my affection for him.

That remix of Flavor Unit Assassination Squad was pretty pointless when the original was perfect, wasn’t it?

Good call on 1, 2, 3, though. Lakim Shabazz + an Eazy E sample? It’s over. Best track Naughty ever did.

Comment by MF 01.24.10 @

Wow, I’m gutted. Apache was dope.

Comment by End Level Boss 01.24.10 @

I used to live across the street from Alibah-ski (What up, Curt, Nate and Marc) back in the day and I knew or at least met everyone in the Flavor Unit except 45 King and Latifah. Apache was always a cool dude and funny as hell. Jersey City Hip-Hop has lost another great one. RIP to Apache, LA (Lyrical Assassin) and Albee Al from the Sweet, Slick and Sly.

Comment by oskamadison 01.24.10 @

Definitely a sad moment, my condolences go out to his family. I’ll never forget that gangsta bitch video; gone but not forgotten, peace!

Comment by Big Gist from Brooklyn 01.24.10 @

kill the white people….ha good title for that. shit white people still want black people dead.

Comment by haah 01.25.10 @

“instead of robbin’ the rich/I rob my bitch and go and get blunted..” Make Money.. One of my faves, real hip hop shit from the Garden State. Bless

Comment by Edubz 01.25.10 @

R.I.P. Apache

”Gangsta Bitch” and ”Apache aint shit” one of 90’s favs.

I’ll be blazin one up for u @ the GZA concert tonight.

Comment by delivery_bwoy 01.25.10 @

damn we ain’t heard of son since, well, his 1st album. no wait, he was in latifah’s “bananas” video in 98. i always wonderer what did become of him. at one point lah mentioned that he had been saved and he was doing god’s work. honestly duke ain’t put in enough work for me to miss him as an mc but a death is always a serious thing for the people closest to you. stay with the angels my nigga. oh and that apache ain’t shit album was a banga!

Comment by BL 01.26.10 @

Hate to hear this. My memory about Apache is related to a Naughty by Nature concert in Rome when they were big and he was supposed to be the opening act. I remember that many of us were excited to see HIM more than Naughty, as he was so raw and dope. Unfortunately he didn’t show up so we missed that chance and now that he’s gone I must say Peace. Stay hardcore wherever you are.

Comment by ceedub 01.26.10 @


Comment by donaleski 01.27.10 @

Apache could “rhyme” “ryhme” meaning he was crazy lyrical and way above average even from the days when you had to be able to rap to actually be a rapper(times have changed).
I had his lp on tommyboy and I still say “GANGSTA BITCH” is one of the flyist songs ever made.
Totally Original,Fly,Ill beat,Humorous but no joke and trust me…..Whenever you throw on “Gangsta Bitch” at a party it’s a joint everybody loves and knows.
But he had other bangers too.
Another Brother who never got the props he deserved in Music.

Comment by DJDAVITO 01.28.10 @

I ran into Apache at the old Blockbuster video off of Springfield Avenue….

Nobody else looks like this dude so I walked up thim and gave him a quick shout.

Lot of times rappers who are no longer in the spotlight feel awkward when a person walks up on them and refers to them by their stagename, but I let him know it was all love and I was glad that he was repping for Jersey when he was doing his thing.

Comment by getthesenets 02.09.10 @

R.I.P. Everyone sleeps on the “Hey Girl” single that Large Pro did for this cat..still my favorite Apache joint!!!

Comment by 357 NYC 02.10.10 @

Apache if you listening! I’m down here checkin all the love you getting on unkut.com. That’s a good look yall! Marky Fresh tried to play you Apache, but I got him! When I see him he gonna wish he never put your name in his mouth!!! Wack is, what Wack do! R.I.P. my Nigga!!!

Comment by Ali Ba-Ski 02.26.10 @

I think its funny that this mother fucker died. To bad it wasnt by the hands of a white man being he rapped about killing the white men. mother fucker is 6 feet under now lol. Wonder how he likes living under a white man now lol..

Comment by white man 12.27.11 @

I need a gangsta bitch!

Comment by Smokee Tokess 09.22.12 @

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