The Rap Names That Jay Electronica Rejected
Sunday January 17th 2010,
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It’s amazing what you can find when you hack someone’s Gmail account. This just arrived in my inbox thanks to an anonymous tipster – the rap handles that didn’t make the final cut for the worst-named n00b-School rapper ever (who, ironically, is one of the better trendy new rappers out there):

1. Joe Garage
2. Jimmy Techno
3. Jeff Reggaeton
4. Jerry Crunk
5. Jack House
6. James Trip-Hop
7. Jason Folktronica
8. Jeremy Jungle
9. Graham Grime
10. Alex Acid-Jazz
11. Derek Dubstep
12. Ian Industrial
13. Harry Hip-House
14. Henry Hi-NRG
15. Harold Happy-Hardcore
16. Eric Eurobeat
17. Terrance 2-Step
18. Gary Ghettotech
19. Steven Speedcore
20. Eddie Electroclash

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I’m glad my name Ricky Ringworms is still available. In case I ever decide to raps to the beats

Comment by Dallas 01.17.10 @

Eric Eurobeat for the win.

Comment by Crisis 01.17.10 @

Ha ha, these are hilarious, yes Jay Electronica is dope.

Comment by Jaz 01.17.10 @

Techinically it would be Harold ‘Appy ‘Ardkore.

Jay Scouse House
Jay Euro-Trance remix by Paul Oakenfold
Jay Shoegaze
Jay Arsequake
Jay Britpop
Jay Gabba
Jay Post-Rock
Jay Dad-Rock
Jay Fidget
Jay Wonky
Jay Grindcore
Jay Thrash-Metal
Jay Big-Beat
Jay Nu-Romantic
Jay Sounds-A-Bit-Like-The-Jam

Comment by MF 01.17.10 @

haha These names look like rejected Jersey Shore names

Comment by CtrlAltMalik 01.17.10 @

nice… fuck outta here LOL

Comment by er4se 01.18.10 @

I’m still wondering what the fuck a jay electronica is. i don’t get why everyone thinks dude is so dope.

Comment by WallySean 01.18.10 @

U Can Create Without Doubt Like It Yes
Ian Yodel
Ringo Ringtone
Paul Polka
Maurice Mapouka
Smith Smurf
Brett Breakdance
Terrence Tektonik
Nathaniel Nondance
Eric Eurodance yeah also

Comment by yessir 01.18.10 @

I’m still wondering what the fuck a jay electronica is. i don’t get why everyone thinks dude is so dope

^i dont get because you still wondering what

that’s it.

Comment by yessir 01.18.10 @

you left out david downtempo, timmy trance, gary glitch-hop, and also barnaby baroque, and yes dude is on that next lvl shit

Comment by gstatty 01.18.10 @

I hear “Francois Folk” and “A.C. Adult Contemporary” were also in the running.


Comment by DANJ! 01.18.10 @

i know this unrelated but is the news that killa sha passed away true?thought this would be a good spot to find out as google aint helping?peace

Comment by konny kon 01.18.10 @

yo if you dont get your name from the people around you then it aint real, these new dudes so corny it aint even funny

Comment by Lames... 01.19.10 @


Comment by H.R. Paperstaxxx 01.19.10 @

Henry Hi-NRG…aw shit man in italy we have Frankie hi-NRG mc…eheheh… (frankie hi nrg with rza)

Comment by RoyaleCeca 01.19.10 @

Jeff Reggaeton wins.

Niles Nu Jazz
Bryce Broken Beat
Clifford Microhouse
Stuart IDM

Comment by gordon gartrelle 01.21.10 @

jay ElecHunnakkah is dope. Really tho.
Bradley Breakbeat would be great.

Comment by Smear 01.23.10 @

jay elec is dope, name is dunked in wack juice tho…it cant be worse than this dude named lil big yung<<that is the worst name EVER!…wocka flocka flame is pretty we todd ed as well…btw my first trip to the site today ive been stuck on here for hours! some serious hip hop historian(ism?) goin on here big up!

Comment by stevep 01.24.10 @

Yeah this cat is kinda ill. If you haven’t heard him I would recommend it.

Comment by illroy 02.03.10 @

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