Unkut’s Most Played Albums Of 2009
Thursday January 07th 2010,
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Making lists can sometimes be good times. This is not one of these times. Since I have no interest in trying to sum up the last ten years of rap at this particular point in time, I’ve decided to revert to the tried and tested method of figuring out which albums got the most airtime in my car this year. Since the ride is where most of us do our serious listening (what else are you gonna do? Concentrate on the road?) it seemed pretty clear that a quick check of my ipod’s ‘Play Count’ function would reveal all. Let’s not get bogged down in trivial pursuits such as trying to determine who made the greatest artistic statements or innovations – the numbers don’t lie. The shit I played while I may or may not have been partaking in a few quiet beverages is the only real truth to be told here.

12. Wu-Tang – Chamber Music
“Ill Figures” may have been the rawest song of the year.

11. Recordkingz – Heavyweight
Worth it for ‘I Cried’ alone, this album was a nice return to sample-rich production for some of the guests.

10. Raekwon The Chef – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
I may have had my fair share of complaints, but there were four or five cuts on here that were straight-up incredible. That Elton John shit was ghey as fuck though.

9. Large Professor – The LP
Originally recorded in 1996, Paul Juice finally got the chance to present his first solo album to the world as it should be heard (still no ‘For My People Pt. 2’ though) and provided a timely reminder of his exceptional talents.

8. Blaq Poet – The Blaqprint
Having leaked so many tracks on Premier‘s mixtapes, the impact of Poet’s Year Round debut was lessened a little, but there was no denying that this QB vet has still got what it takes after 23 years of making records.

7. Prodigy feat. Un Pacino & Big Twins – Product Of The 80’s
If you’re not an Un Pac fan yet, you need to track down the Hard White mixtape and his solo The Last Don CD.

6. DOOM – Born Like This
‘Absolutely’ made me forgive Madlib for some of the silly shit he gave Percee-P. Great to hear the Metal-Face Villain back in top form as well, since I consider Operation: Doomsday one of the greatest modern rap albums ever.

5. Sid Roams – Zombie Musik
For everyone who wanted those banging Roams tracks minus Twins and Prodigy…or just fans of sinister instrumentals combined with zombie flick samples.

4. Cormega – Born And Raised
A lot of ‘Mega doubters came out of the woodwork, but this was Bridge music the way it should be done.

3. Cam’Ron – Crime Pays
Despite some tinny music, Killa’s supreme magnetic ignorant content was undeniable. ‘Curve’ was catchier than swine flu, and maybe just as bad for you.

2. Big Twins – The Project Kid
If you didn’t enjoy this album, I feel sorry for your mother. “The new DMX, dunn, but I make sense”.

1. M.O.P. – Foundation
“Down a couple of bottles and party and pass out!” M.O.P.’s ‘Blow The Horns’ proved to be both prophetic and the most played song on the Unkut iPod in 2009. Salute!

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awesome list robbie, thanx.

Comment by cherryl252washere 01.07.10 @

Where the fuck was Marco Polo & Torae “Double Barrel”??!?!?

Comment by Requiem 01.07.10 @

M.O.P.? Blaq Poet? Big Twin. GTFOH You know Rae, Mos, and Doom had the best album.

Comment by hl 01.07.10 @

You have an iPod? I figured you the type to have two SL-1200s where the back seats supposed to be…

Comment by Frost Gamble 01.07.10 @

M.O.P. are one of the greatest, but just admit that last album was mediocore at best.

Comment by hl 01.07.10 @

I fucks with this list heavy – especially Cam, although it wasn’t my fav of the year. But why no MP and Torae? That shit knocked

Comment by Wally_Sean 01.07.10 @

damn man, im surprised you aint got torae’s double barrel up there. i, personally, knocked that more than cam’s shit

Comment by beanoo617 01.07.10 @

good pick.with kimbo price and double barrel it matches my 09 faves

Comment by swordfish 01.07.10 @

‘Double Barrel’ was dope, but like I said the stats don’t lie. I just listened to these shits more.

Comment by Robbie 01.07.10 @

Say what you will about the music, but the one thing that stood out for me in this post is how atrocious the cover art is on most of these albums.

Product of the 80s, Zombie Musik, Crime Pays, The Project Kid, and Foundation all have HORRIBLE art work.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 01.07.10 @

No Fashawn ‘Boy Meets World’? Really? I am shocked at any list that omits Fashawn.

Comment by 2020Proof 01.07.10 @

Double Barrel was the only album I really cared for this year. I have played the hell out of that lp. I really thought that would be your #1 or #2. Despite that error, your list is much better than those two tools’ lists that you linked.

Comment by HipHopHistorian 01.07.10 @

LOL @ frost gamble!

Comment by QUNYC 01.08.10 @

i listened to more mixtapes than albums this year but i feel like the clipse should be there somewhere. and i gotta salute my man ghost deini for making a wu album that can be enjoyed with wifey.

Comment by BL 01.08.10 @

that Cormega jumpoff was he biggest sleeper of 2009

Comment by Legend 01.08.10 @

The Obie Trice ‘Special Reserve’ album was pretty dope also.

Comment by dj blendz 01.08.10 @

that miley cyrus joint may make her the g.o.a.t. she grandfathered all these fools styles, big up walt disney’n em.

Comment by gstatty 01.08.10 @

The Obie shit sucked hard. Mediocre production, premature rhymes, SHITTY hooks. The album got its moments, but it’s mostly just shit. Let’s blame it on being recorded before Obie’s S/A time >_>.

Oh and the Skyzoo album was crazydope, same with Fashawn. I think mentioning Kid Cudi here would get me stoned though >_>

Comment by .... 01.11.10 @

Oh I forgot to mention the BlakRoc album…now THAT was really dope. Mos Def & Jim Jones on a track and it ends up being really good? God damn!

Comment by .... 01.11.10 @

This list is lame. Robbie you got bad taste!

Comment by Fiddy 01.11.10 @

kurious “II”
puba “retroactive”
willie isz “georgiavania”
la coka nostra
juvenile “cocky & confident”
cunninlynguists “strange journey (1-2)”
chali 2na
brother ali “us”

Comment by dirty south elitist 01.13.10 @

that miley cyrus joint may make her the g.o.a.t. she grandfathered all these fools styles, big up walt disney’n em.

Comment by gstatty 01.08.10 @

—————————–i like this fuckin guy!!! wurd

Comment by eyeknow429 01.14.10 @

pacewon mr green
kurious 2
joe budden
black milk tronic
guilty simpson
come on robbie….

Comment by reeletdef 01.15.10 @

That cormega album gets my vote for worst artwork of the year – totally put me off even listening to it…

Comment by D.Baskett 01.18.10 @

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