Ironlak Presents: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

Design: The Home Office

If you’d told me that I’d be dropping a tape with DJ Doo Wop that featured exclusive tracks from some of New York’s finest back when I started Unkut Dot Com six years ago, I would have told you to stop smoking that shit. I’ve been through some ups and downs over that time, but Unkut has always held me down regardless. This is a small token of my appreciation to everyone who has supported and stuck by the site and kept things moving.

Shouts to everyone who came through and contributed to this project on the strength. Thanks to Ironlak for the support, eskay and Legend for helping to spread the word and of course the one and only Doo Wop who really knocked it out the park.

Still cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs after six years…let’s go!

Re-up 2013: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape [256kps]

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This is a beautiful thing.

Comment by rafi 02.26.10 @

congrats on 6 strong years, and thx for a dope mixtape!

Comment by khal 02.26.10 @

File next to: ‘New York Reality Check 101’. Great tape.

Comment by PM 02.26.10 @

This is so ill. Can’t believe you got Doo Wop to do this. This is officially the best site on the net, despite your east coast bias. Keep it up man.

Comment by hl 02.26.10 @

u did it.i have to build a shrine now.props.

Comment by swordfish 02.26.10 @


Just home from j.o.b after a down week and this tape made all that disappear.

Props Knackers A.K.A Robbie, great work with the site.

This is the nicest free scoop I got in a good while.

Comment by BradStrut 02.26.10 @

this is the real all hip hop, the best hip-hop site in memory. don’t stop what you’re doing.

Comment by LLI 02.26.10 @

Congrats Robbie: dopeness!

Comment by Dan Love 02.26.10 @

congrats and props from switzerland. been down for 5 years and never skipped a post. this is one of the good things the internet has made possible for hiphop. can’t stop won’t stop!

Comment by spotrusherz 02.26.10 @

good shit, killer art art work..

Comment by rich 02.26.10 @

6 years strong! Been down for 4. Congrats! and much thanks!

Comment by AdamH 02.26.10 @


Comment by sty 02.26.10 @

this tape is insane, but just to let you know, on the un-mixed version is missing the “Intro” and “American Idol”

Comment by BIG D O 02.26.10 @

all the other cool blogs have linked this, representin queens to the fullest… mucho appreciato

Comment by er4se 02.26.10 @

oh yeah, p brothers hurry up and release another full-length…

Comment by er4se 02.26.10 @

Dope mixtape Robbie..Truly Unkut,the way it should be done.

Comment by dj blendz 02.26.10 @

..oh yea and Doo Wop should drop a album asap..dude is nicer than most these clowns on radio

Comment by dj blendz 02.26.10 @

Nuff props to Robbie for six years filled with pure dopeness all the way from Sweden. This site is hiphopheaven.

Comment by grass 02.26.10 @

good lookin out on the mixtape ….this hard white sid roams joint is a heat rock ..on some savage shit ….

Comment by Lifted Daily 02.26.10 @

Possibly the best sitetape to date, keep setting that bar higher Mr. Ettelson.

Can’t even pick my favorites off this tape yet, it’s all so tight.
The Sha/G Rap free is def up there
What are folks feeling as the standouts?

Comment by lair 02.27.10 @

congratulations and thanks for this dope mixtape!

Comment by Krisch 02.27.10 @

What up Robbie, props on the mixtape.

One thing though as mentioned above, the unmixed version doesn’t have Intro and American Idol – can you upload a new link for the unmixed version with these included?!

Comment by Req 02.27.10 @

Congrats on six great years! Looking forward to the mixtape.

Comment by Chaz Kangas 02.27.10 @

Much respect is due to Robbie & Doo Wop for putting a classic together. Thanks for the shoutout !

Comment by CrateDigga78 02.27.10 @


Comment by andrewfromrussia 02.27.10 @

nuff respect for the man from down under who got this here blog shit yoked up.

Comment by Ben Profane 02.27.10 @

props Robbie – great mix by the bounce master, and congrats on 6 years of Unkut.



Comment by Rare Dave 02.27.10 @

mad props Robbie. Dope mix! Peace from the Netherlands

Comment by swiftnchangeable 02.27.10 @

yeah, finally robbie…
definitely a effin dope mixtape…i doubt there will be a better one in the near future..instant classic!
thanks for making this possible and a reality.

one love

Comment by AmazingMaze 02.27.10 @

wow.these tunes are bangin.fuckin incredible.thanks.

Comment by swordfish 02.27.10 @

Holdin it down for 6 years.

Easily the best site on the net and I check this shit religiously!

Congrats Knackers, the tape just made my week!

Shit is amazing!

Comment by AFFEX 02.27.10 @

just sayin tho… this mixtape is KILLIN SHIT– the ipod is stuck on repeat… sent this link to like 20 ppl this morning

Comment by er4se 02.27.10 @

oh yeah animal science… woooooh

Comment by er4se 02.27.10 @

p.s. Time for Unkut t-shirts Robbie…

i’d promote the fuck out of this shit, all over Melbourne

Comment by AFFEX 02.27.10 @

Big, big ups on this, Robbie.
Props and thanks to you and everyone involved.
Downloading now, can’t wait to hear this shit.

Comment by verge 02.27.10 @


Comment by shanklin 02.27.10 @

Yo…Robbie this shitt is funky!!!!!I’ve been rocking it all day!! Cats are asking…yo what cd is that?? Keep dem comin…Peace

Comment by Aka Hostyle 02.27.10 @

Yo! big up to you Robbie, been following your blog since 2005. Shit is always dope. That’s that new york shit right there . That tracklist id off the chain. I will burn that shit on CD 4 sure. You got some of my favourirte artists and producers on there.

Comment by rhazes 02.27.10 @

The Milano cut is so sincere.

Shout outs to all old skool Unkut readers who either discovered the site when Googling Hydra Records releases (this comp could’ve done maybe done with a Fanat ft. Big Meal track) or via Robbie’s posts on UGHH.

Comment by MF 02.28.10 @

Thank you for a lot of good reads!
You got the interview game on lock!


Comment by chima 02.28.10 @

Best tape since I dont know when, class!! Big up to everyone involved, congrats and thankyou!! Doowops a legend, great work!!

Comment by PAS 02.28.10 @

yeahhhhhhhhh… it’s all the fam from NY to France… grim team, Smiley, The Closers, Nutso, Maze… that’s a classic Project with amazing beats. Big shouts to Chaze, Thorotracks… BIG UP UNKUT !!!

Comment by DJ MODESTY 02.28.10 @

Congrats, Robbie.

Conservative Rap Coalition approved!

Comment by digglahhh 02.28.10 @

Just added the Willie The Kid to the ‘Unmixed Tracks’ (no sep. version of the Intro exists] and a higher-quality version of the mixed album.

Comment by Robbie 03.01.10 @

yeah that album stays winning, good looks on the mixtape, so far my favorites are the kool g/sha lumi track, the ft track and the hard white track

Comment by gstatty 03.01.10 @

nice tape man this shit is dope….got Kamakazee on there…Nut Rageous…Killa Sha and G Rap…Craig G….crazy

would love to see Cormega or Nature on the next tape!


Comment by BlackG 03.01.10 @

Well done. I particularly like the G Rap track.

Comment by turtle 03.01.10 @

Chyeah, you get props over here!

Comment by End Level Boss 03.02.10 @

Salute Rob for the CS mixtape and all the tireless work that goes into this site. Much Respect Sir!

Comment by Oliver 03.02.10 @

Congrats Rob on 6 dope years! Unkut droppin’ a Counter Strike them suckas. Peace brother!

Comment by Hams 03.02.10 @

Congratulations on six years and great work on the mixtape. I am 40+ years old and tell my nephews and others their ages about this site all the time – trying to pass the knowledge along to the next generation! P.e.a.c.e.

Comment by Akhenaton 03.02.10 @

Nice one Robbie!! Unkut is the king of the Blogs!!!

Comment by CUBAN 03.03.10 @

Oi! heard ya on RRR last week, raced home from DJin @ Docklands to download this one! Top notch keep em commin Knackers!


Comment by Red Rooster 03.03.10 @

FT is back..?!?!?!? i miss him he was way before his time
Tribeca’s joint is sick. & i didnt know that about killa sha.
Whats the Beat that Godchild originally is rhyming over is called ????

Comment by Dolo 03.03.10 @

Godchild is on Just Blaze’s “People Talkin” beat for Jay-Z.

Comment by lair 03.03.10 @

greetings$amhill just wanted to in form the people that he is @ work on two seprate ep’s produced by the underground elite

Comment by $amhill 03.03.10 @

pretty sure ‘People Talkin’ was produced by Kayne West.

Anyway, I don’t see a link to download the new unmixed version, what’s the deal?

Is the intro mixed with the Smiley track on the unmixed version? It’s one of the best tracks on the album, wish he did a full track over that Trem beat…

Comment by Req 03.05.10 @

Check Jay-Z’s unplugged album, “People Talkin” is the last track and the production credit goes to Just Blaze.
Some friends were saying it was a Ski beat, but i’ve seen nothing to back that up.

The mix is still going hard after a good week of solid play, kudos.

Comment by lair 03.06.10 @

Is it just me or doesnt the G Rap verse seem to be very off beat?

Comment by polo 03.07.10 @

Yo Robbie, there seems to be a high quality and low quality version of the mixed version as well as a streaming version… but where’s the unmixed version?!

Comment by Req 03.09.10 @

extremely confused… is this a mixtape? I don’t hear any ‘mixing’ whatsoever…no blends, no double ups, no juggles, etc…..this is a snippet tape, compiliation, or what have you. I hate when people call a comp a mixtape & then I don’t hear anyone mixing records……what a rip off!!!!!!

Comment by confused123 03.18.10 @

proud of u nigga….keep it up

Comment by pedro 03.24.10 @

Thats the shit! Yo Robbie Let me get a piece of the next one!!! Real talk

Comment by silverfox125 05.24.10 @

@confused123 …a rip off? it’s a free download idiot. quit complaining.

Comment by john doe 05.30.10 @

This shit is iLL! congratulations from an italian reader and supporter!

Comment by Cesare 05.30.10 @

I heard the first few tracks, its dope.. thanks

Comment by csgo beta 08.27.11 @

how 2 download this mixtape? i cant see any link

Comment by dimon 08.29.11 @

Where is tracklistening? and why can I download the link please?

Comment by Dr. One Foot 01.09.12 @

come back real rap or umma start laying mf down Lord Jones the legend killer

Comment by LordJones 10.09.12 @


Comment by Rafaelz 12.24.12 @

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