Six Songs About Queens Not Called ‘The Bridge’
Thursday February 25th 2010,
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The topic of the seemingly endless stream of remakes of ‘The Bridge’ has already been well covered here and here. But there are also a lot of songs about the borough of Queens. Here are six of the best:

Run-DMC feat. Nas & Prodigy – ‘Queens Day’

Not only is this the only song from Crown Royal that I can actually listen to without vomiting in my mouth a little bit, it’s also the second-last time the little homey spat on a track with P.

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Queenz’

Meyhem delivers a quality homage to his hometown over a majestic J-Love track.

Mobb Deep feat. Infamous Mobb- ‘Rep The QBC’

Pretty much every Mobb song from ’96 is about the Bridge. Here’s an unreleased joint.

Large Professor – ‘Queens Lounge’

This song is pure win. Taken from the only-just-released 1996 solo project from the Flushing legend.

J-Love & Meyhem feat. Large Professor – ‘Queens Representatives’

J-Love is under-appreciated on the boards, as demonstrated here. Xtra-P sews it up perfectly as usual.

Mathematics feat. Eyeslow -‘Queens Day ’88’ [Remix]
Pharoahe Monch – ‘Queens’

Before the Elvis outfits, Monch was delivering gems like this.

Six Songs That Didn’t Make The Cut:

Nas – ‘Queens Get The Money’

Doesn’t really stay on topic, does it?

LL Cool J feat. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Tony Yayo & Kool G. Rap – ‘Queens’

The fact that Yayo is on this robs it of any credibility whatsoever.

Royal Flush – ‘Queens 4 Life’

Brag rap with a Queens hook.

Tragedy Khadafi – ‘Welcome To QB City’

Trag makes his own version of Killa‘s Jay-Z collab. Too many weed carriers dilute this though.

Tragedy, Nature & Blaq Poet – ‘Kings of QB’

A song for some French dudes called Get Large. Nature’s verse about Paris ruins the concept though.

Large Pro – ‘Flushing Queens Day’

It’s only an instrumental…plus Large is already on the list twice!

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As always, great stuff Robbie…you forget about Pharoah Monch “Queens” with the Maxwell sample? Ill shit…i know i have a demo version on a Stretch tape somewhere that’s actually better than the Rawkus album one. I will try and find it.

Comment by Neil Nice 02.25.10 @

@Neil Nice: Updated…hit me if you find that other version.

Comment by Robbie 02.25.10 @

Monch’s Queens is in my personal Top 10. Such a dope track.

Comment by Eastern_Digital 02.25.10 @

Q.U. 4 ever!

Comment by kweeeens 02.25.10 @

LOL at the Elvis comment!!

Comment by Alexander Richter | Photography 02.25.10 @

queens days is not the last time nas and p were on a track together, how about tick tock off of 1st infantry?

Comment by djborz 02.25.10 @

no doubt! Q Boro to the fkn death! All my SMC woodside niggas, all my vernon QB niggas, all my N train niggas, ravenswood niggas the whole LIC, all my terrace niggas, steinway niggas, little neck, AQ niggas, my Far rock thunns The whole southside! queeeeens loooounge!

Comment by QUNYC 02.25.10 @

U could actually put on the Nas The world is yours Tip mix or give up the goods and that says it all about the Q…

Comment by QUNYC 02.25.10 @

@djborz: Duly noted.

Comment by Robbie 02.25.10 @

and 1 more thing, rep the QBC made it to the shaq movie “steel”…titled “mobb of steel” featuring NOYD…
shout to my thunn NOYD as well…

Comment by QUNYC 02.25.10 @

Yak Balls – Queens ? Meh…

Comment by PetePablo 02.25.10 @

You are whyling if you think Infamous Mobb + Noyd + Prodigy did not create a classic in “Killa Queenz.”

Word to Northern Boulevard.

Comment by Frank 02.25.10 @

@Frank: Lyrics are good on that but the beat comes up short like leprechauns.

Comment by Robbie 02.25.10 @

Ayo Queens get the money, long time no cash
caught, Im caught up in the system when the guns go blast

Comment by keatso 02.25.10 @

yeah neil the original on stretch was way better…why r u on the corner of guy r brewer

Comment by mercilesz 02.25.10 @

What about Organized Konfusion’s “The Rough Side of Town?”

Comment by Berto 02.25.10 @

Queensfinest by Nas off Clue’s The Professional album..

Comment by tres 02.25.10 @

“The Bridge is Over” is the harshest diss record ever! Every time I hear it I laugh!

Comment by Dave 02.25.10 @

CNN “Queens” (from ‘The Reunion’) = classic.

Comment by Richie 02.25.10 @

Bertos right….South Side was crazy

Comment by mercilesz 02.26.10 @

I put my vote in for Royal Flush and Mic Geronimo’s Queens Get the Money, not to be confused with Nas’ version. I’m biased toward anything from my dude Flush.

Comment by bronxbred 02.26.10 @

Fuck outta here with tha Yayo hating. You post up so many doo-doo water “emcees” and prop up their careers on this website that you should have Marvin on speed dial. fucking Aussies, swear to God…


Comment by JihaD 02.26.10 @

my dude meyhem rep nice here yall 4 got anything from noyd and mega them nikkas rep queens to the fullest …..testament

Comment by flashlo 02.26.10 @

I love everything about ‘Queens Lounge’ apart from the sucky chorus hook…

Comment by Dan Love 02.26.10 @

What about Q-U-E Another E-N-S by Consequence?

Comment by Clev 02.26.10 @

Lake and Mr.C heeks did a Queens anthem: “QU Side” I was feeling that and I ain’t even from Queens.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 02.26.10 @

jlove is nice on the beats did’nt know he’s from queens thought since he’s ghost dj he was from staten but the guy can flow to, meyhems beat+rap is fire and queens reps is the 2 best 3rd place the rundmc never heard p with them or nas next time put all the mobb nas colabo’s let the people judge.

Comment by pmac 02.26.10 @

@tres: co-sign…Queens Finest is one of the most underrated Queens Anthem

On another note–any thoughts on LL Cool J ft. prodigy’s “Queens Is” or the “Queens” track with LL, 50 Cent and Kool G Rap?

Comment by Yellow Rebel 02.26.10 @

I also think of the Nas ft. Lake track “Let Em Hang”

Comment by Yellow Rebel 02.26.10 @

Cant believe all you cats slept on Nutso! He’s made more cuts about Flushing than Domestos… Flushing to QB, Flushing the last stop, Cruisin in NYC, Queens Talk & This is my hood. He’s reppin QB like a neuclear weapon….

Comment by jaypea 03.01.10 @

definitely miss Mobb Deep – Q.U. Hectic 😉

Comment by fatjon 03.01.10 @

how about Lakey The Kidd’s QU Side from My Brothers Keeper album? Deserves to be mentioned more so then Large Pro’s instrumental lol

Comment by BlackG 03.01.10 @



Comment by BlackG 03.01.10 @

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