Six Years Of Dope – The Unkut Retrospective: 2004
Friday February 12th 2010,
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Yesterday marked the official 6th birthday of Unkut Dot Com. Let’s take a look back at the very first post:

Nice interview at Tha Formula with Ayatollah and Cormega.
For some reason there’s no mention of Ayatollah’s outstanding work on the last Screwball album, which is strange since “When The Sun Goes Down” is amazing.

That reminds me….Godfather Don, where you at?

While on the topic on Queensbridge Ignorance, please note that Flushing resident Neek The Exotic’s Exotic’s Raw is required listening. Neek kicks the dumb shit in all senses of the word over some bangin’ beats and never fails to entertain. It’s been out a while on record but the CD’s out now so grab it on all formats.

I’m still confused over Blaq Poet releasing “Poet Is Here” as his Year Round debut instead of the far superior “Poet’s Comin”? If you heard that Future Flavas mix CD you know what I’m on about.

*blank stare*

Yeah, so not exactly setting the world on fire back then but you can already see a common thread forming – an unhealthy obsession with rap from Queens. Apparently I also hadn’t mastered the blog basics of posting pictures and audio at this stage.

From there…well, nothing happened for another three months until I decided to unleash some predictably angry, back-packer style rants such as Blame Clue. Following a mention of Krown Ruler’s, TJ Swan and the Cocaine Blunts blog, I then declared how much I luh Akinyele’s debut before rounding off June with misguided piece titled Why Nas Didn’t Live Up The Hype, which would also introduce me to that other staple of blogging – angry comments.

August 2004 proved to be more significant, as I posted a drop called A Tribute To Hydra Entertainment. Not only did this lead to interviews with the labels founders Mike and Jerry, but it was also my first post to receive some link love, courtesy of O-Dub. Three years later, Hydra would be the subject of my first article published in Hip-Hop Connection.

October 2004 featured The Search For Godfather Don (which still continues to this day), a somewhat misguided comparison of the careers of Nas, O.C. and Jeru and an M.O.P. album review. November saw my examination of Large Pro’s disdain for wrasslin’ and a piece on the shamefully neglected UN (not to be confused with Killa‘s new crew).

It wasn’t until December that I really hit my stride and the real foundation of Unkut was laid out, as Revenge of the Rap Record Nerds combined snarky lists, comment-baiting and shots at ebay herbs all in one drop. Next was an investigation of MF Grimm’s role in ‘Live At The BBQ’ and a classic ethering via Forgotten Beefs Part 1 – DITC vs LOTUG. The highlight of the year had to be the very first Unkut Interview, since I’m told that Q & A’s have become my strong suit over the years. The subject of the premier conversation was DJ Ivory of the P Brothers, who upset some Outkast fans amongst other things.

2004 Conclusion: Blogger and Real Audio suck.

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6years of good work! Keep doing what your doing robbie and remember nothing can stop you.

Comment by mercedes1010 02.12.10 @

Still planning on doing a print version of unkut?
I’d pay for a copy of all of your interviews in book form.

Comment by brad 02.12.10 @

damn, robbie. thanks for giving us passive consumers some great shit for, what the fuck, six fuckin’ years now. best still be blogging in sixty.

Comment by subroc 02.12.10 @

Big ups! Still working on the Unkut mixtape??

Comment by Crisis 02.13.10 @

Much love, Robbie.

Been reading a lot longer than I’ve been commenting, btw.

And, not to rehash the nonsense, saying Outkast can’t rap because you don’t like the way they sound is like saying Reggie Miller couldn’t shoot because his form was ugly. Outkast made a lot of fucking classic tracks. When I’m in the mood to listen to ‘Kast, nothing else will suffice.

It just so happens that more often I’d rather listen to my collection of Milano freestyles. But, here’s the thing, if all those verses disappeared from my computer forever, I’d probably find something to fill that gap – there’s enough similarly good shit out there. But, Aquemini is unreplacable; I’d miss that album forever. That’s why individuality always wins in the end.

Comment by digglahhh 02.13.10 @

I remember playing madden 04, haven’t played madden since, you got an xbox 360 or ps3 robbie? hit me up gamertag and psn id is gstatty on both. Good looks on the drops over the years, i think i used to read your blog before you changed the name to unkut, what was it called back then i can’t recall?

Comment by gstatty 02.13.10 @

Of all the hiphop bookmarks I have, I can’t believe that the best one is written by a one man team. Good job Robbie! Been here for a couple of years, planning on staying for more…

Comment by cenzi 02.13.10 @

i remember you used to plug your site on ughh as Blind Guy From Odd Squad, haha.

Comment by craig 02.13.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 02.14.10 @

I have been checking your site for a couple years now, please don’t switch up your M.O. like a lot of other cats…

That interview with Showbiz is an amazing feat within itself ( He rarely does interviews )…Keep up the good work troop…


Comment by shamz 02.14.10 @

Happy Blog Born Bornday…

Keep on keepin on…

Comment by BIG HOCK 02.15.10 @

Happy Birthday unkut, you will always have a fan and reader in me Robbie, keep up the dope work b.

Much love


Comment by Jaz 02.16.10 @

Keep it up, one of the illest blogs on the net hands down. P’z

Comment by The Funkologist 02.17.10 @

Pretty much what everyone else hip-hop blog on the net

Comment by dj blendz 02.17.10 @

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