Six Years of Dope – The Unkut Retrospective: 2005
Tuesday February 16th 2010,
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At the beginning of 2005, for reasons that now escape me, I decided to begin another blog called Steady Bootleggin’ (named after the Brand Nubian track from their first Puba-free project). I guess I wanted to keep A Tribute To Ignorance semi-legitimate by not posting any mp3’s or some shit…the contents are hardly worth reminiscing over, other than the ‘Great Soundtracks To Awful Movies’ series and the first five parts of my ‘Ced Gee Special’, but that sort of explains why I was only doing three or four posts a drops over here.

January’s posts explored a couple of other ‘Forgotten Beefs’ (Choice vs. every male rapper ever, Foxxx vs. Ultra) and I interviewed AJ Rok from JVC Force. Feb’s piece on The Dismasters vs. Kool DJ Red Alert was interesting for a couple of reasons – it brought one of the Dismaster Raven T out of the woodwork (although I was never able to get him on the phone unfortunately) and their declarations that ‘Afrika – he looks kinda fruity!’ proved to be pretty accurate as these pictures proved a few years later. There was also the first of my classic radio tape rips, as I unearthed an amusing Nas and De La interview with Timmy Westwood from 1996, before trying to figure out why Craig G had gotten mad at MC Shan. Never solved that mystery either. March was more of the same, as late 90’s radio sessions with Large Pro, O.C. and Jeru provided some more blasts from the past. For April, it was the debut of Keir Johnson‘s interviews for Unkut (which provided access to some dudes who I never would have thought to interview) when he spoke with Jedi Son of Spock, as well as the beginning of another yet-unresolved mission – hearing the vaulted TJ Swan album! Elsewhere, I also created the Salute To Weed Carriers blog, which proved to be a pivotal point in the mainstream acceptance of the term and quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to the intehnets during the last decade…but more on that later.

May 2005 was when things really started to pop-off, as I relaunched the site with it’s current look (also migrating from Blogger to WordPress in the process), ripped the 95 Live intro off my tape and posted a vintage Jay-Z interview and photo which were both ripped-off on a bunch of mixtapes and blogs. You’re welcome, fuck-o’s! With the arrival of June, I finally figured out that running two similar blogs was kinda stupid, and hence-forth merged Steady Bootleggin’ with A Tribute To Ignorance, and all was good in the world again. What this really meant was that instead of a post a week, I was able to write sixteen drops in a month. Not exactly breaking records, but an improvement nevertheless. Also featured was Keir’s popular chat with Scaramanga, more Ced Gee productions and my inclusion in a New York Times piece on rap blogs and rap randomness.

The remainder of the year focused on Ced Gee, T La Rock and Tragedy Khadafi Specials, as well as the introduction of album reviews, the search for lost Ultramagnetic songs, trying to figure out what went down between Jeru and Biggie (also my first post to crack the ‘100 comments’ mark), Keir’s interview with A-Butta from Natural Elements and last but not least…who could forget the debut if the 50 & Kanye Get Stylish mixtape?

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Good lookin, Rob. Been a follower since 05. Keep up the good work.

Kors Tha Force

Comment by Kors Tha Force 02.16.10 @

Keep keepin’ on…been checking it out since the days when a new post was a rarity.

Comment by jowhite 02.17.10 @

yup, thats what it was, steady bootleggin’, I used to read that blog quite a bit, and then i was like, hmm it merged with unkut, I didn’t realize it was you until a year or two later

Comment by gstatty 02.18.10 @

Congrats making it this far. Steady Bootleggin’ was one of the first blogs I ever read

Comment by Travis 02.20.10 @

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