What Is Rap’s Greatest Catch Phrase? – Round 1
Friday February 05th 2010,
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In an attempt to stand-out from the crowd in the ever-expanding rap world, many rappers have adapted catchy phrases and ad-libs. Some are memorable, some are annoyingly addictive and others…not so much. Here’s some of the first ones that we thought of…thanks to Legend for the assist.

OJ Da Juiceman:


Let’s be honest, this has no place on any ‘Best’ list. Shit sounds like a gay chihuahua barking.

Joell Ortiz:


Ortiz is nice, but damned if I have any idea what the significance of this catch-cry is. Maybe it’s the BK version of Fred Flintstone‘s ‘Yabba Dabba Doo!’?

Jim Jones:


If for nothing else, Jimmy will be forever remembered as a pioneer in introducing metro fashion and funny jeans to the rap game.

Juelz Santana:


Before the Juiceman ripped him off, Santana was holding it down for all the rapping pirates.

Max B –


Is this the part where I type ‘Free Wavy Crocket’?

Master P –


Best cover of a Masterdon Committee song ever. Actually, it’s the only one.



When Baby isn’t lip-locking with Weezy, he’s making pigeon noises.

Gucci Mane:


I suspect Radric has spent a lot of time watching Bring It On.



Cot damn that was tough to transcribe. We thought YUGHK! originally, but it turns out EGHCK! is the official. I can die happy now, huh?

MC Eiht:


An originator of the rap catchphrase, this may be one of the best known intro phrase since $hort Dog.

Sean Price:


This may be the most effective audio signature ever.

Too $hort:


The original and the best.



He may have changed his handle to the more radio-friendly Cam’Ron, but we’re constantly reminded of his original MC moniker through this classic declaration of ignorance.



Half laugh, half cackle…and tough as nails to imitate.



As the British would say…barking mad.

Lil’ Jon:


If Dr. Teeth from the Muppets was a rapper, as immortalized by Dave Chapelle.



The call of the wild out in QB, Blaq Poet still reps this on every track he laces.

Round 2

What Is Rap’s Greatest Catch Phrase?

  • Jadakiss - AH-HEARGH! (17%, 331 Votes)
  • Too $hort - BEEYITCH! (16%, 307 Votes)
  • Clipse - EGHCK! (12%, 230 Votes)
  • Sean Price - P! (9%, 179 Votes)
  • Lil' Jon - YEAAHH! / OKKKAAAYYY! (9%, 173 Votes)
  • MC Eiht - GYEAH! (8%, 154 Votes)
  • Cam’Ron - KILLA! (7%, 134 Votes)
  • Gucci Mane - BURRR! (4%, 85 Votes)
  • Screwball - HOO-HA! (3%, 68 Votes)
  • Max B - OWW! (3%, 61 Votes)
  • DMX - ARF! ARF! (3%, 59 Votes)
  • Juelz Santana - AYE! (3%, 49 Votes)
  • Master P - UGH! (2%, 43 Votes)
  • Joell Ortiz - YAOWAH! (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Jim Jones - BALLIN! (2%, 32 Votes)
  • Birdman - BLRUUUURRR! (2%, 30 Votes)
  • OJ Da Juiceman - AYYE! (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,960

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I can’t stop laughing at the “Wavy Crockett” line for Max B! Honorable mention to Biggie for “baby, baaby!” and Puff for “take that, take that”.

Comment by bronxbred 02.05.10 @

being from the West Coast, I’m gonna go with $short Dog. BEEEEYYATCHHH

Comment by Legend 02.05.10 @

WOW… No Jeezy “Yeeeeeeeah!”

this list is now officially suspect…

Comment by D 02.05.10 @

…. because honestly, in order to be a “catch phrase”, it’s got be said with high frequency by the authoring rapper, but it should also become something for which that rapper is known for.

a few of the people listed do not qualify under these standards.

Comment by D 02.05.10 @

yeah, there’s a few missing on here fo’ sho… “Yeahhhhhh” by Jeezy, “Yeah” by Drake, “Awgh” by Jay-Z, at least lately, lol, hmmm….probably a few more I’m missing…Budden does this weird sorta crazy-man yell in the background of a lot of his tracks

Comment by whoa 02.05.10 @

where is Slim Thugs “HUUGH!”
Busta’s “HUH? HAH?”
(yeah, lil long but its a trademark, bitch)

Comment by kuci06 02.05.10 @

What about Noreaga’s “What,What?”

Comment by Roy sheet 02.05.10 @


Comment by PetePablo 02.05.10 @

^ Hoo-Ha! Screwball’s battle-cry wins.

Comment by Robbie 02.05.10 @

yeah this needs a round 2. And are MOP disqualified because everything they utter is a catch phrase?

Comment by moar 02.05.10 @

sean price’s P! is genius! he puts more soul into one letter than any other phrase these other rappers have…jesus!

Comment by Navin 02.05.10 @

Wooooo-haaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!!!!

Comment by TREM ONE 02.05.10 @

Fresh for (any year u want here) you suckaz….

Comment by mercilesz 02.05.10 @

I can’t believe you left out my man 2Pac…

“baaaay beeeh”

“gyeah nigga”


the list goes on lol

Comment by silentmurder 02.05.10 @


Comment by wedge 02.05.10 @

What happened to Suuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Comment by dialect 02.05.10 @

Screwball,,also didn’t Pete Rock have a “uh huh”when he did remixes for other artists?

Comment by Jaz 02.05.10 @

The real question is who made the best gun shot noise with their mouth…

Comment by lair 02.05.10 @

OOWWWWW OWWWWW!! Free the Shilver Shurfer!

The real question is who made the best gun shot noise with their mouth…
Comment by lair 02.05.10 @

MOP, hands down.


GOAT video too. A tank in the middle of the hood?

Comment by Eastern_Digital 02.05.10 @

oh shit! how did Jadakiss take the lead? lol

Comment by Legend 02.05.10 @

Who da fuck voted for Jada? Short dog pioneered this bitch shyt. BIAAATCH

Comment by Belize 02.06.10 @

hootie hoooo

Comment by 456 02.06.10 @

Too Short for the win, Beeeyatch!

Comment by KQ 02.06.10 @

Rza should have got a mention for his ridiculous “Bong, Bong!” catchphrase.

Comment by KQ 02.06.10 @

Too Short Beyotch!!

Comment by Marc Davis 02.06.10 @


Comment by Koenig_Stieflkater 02.06.10 @

Jay said it first

Comment by losangelo 02.06.10 @

pimp c – some sumn biitch, know whatim talmbout
bg – waaaaaaah

Comment by quithatinonthesouth 02.06.10 @

i go for yeah boooyyyyyyy
from this funny dude
with da big clock.

Comment by swordfish 02.06.10 @

Birdman’s is hilarious

Comment by the average man 02.06.10 @

Jada hands down, not only is his signature the best but also the most difficult to replicate making it extra exclusive and adding to the effect when he’s on a track.

Comment by LikeJordan45 02.06.10 @

No Young Jeezy?

Comment by IamtheTinMan 02.06.10 @

Freeway: “EARRRLY”!!

Comment by dj blendz 02.06.10 @

how the hell isn’t NORE and his “WHAT WHAT” on here?

Comment by claaa7 02.06.10 @

pekapekapeka would be the best gunshot sound by kool keith

crab emcees – mc esoteric, honorable mention but not by any means the best catch phrase

fo shizzle – snoop

aaaa aaah – xzibit hawk sound

g-g-g-g-g-unit – fitty cent

this thread could easily extend to djs and producers like:


mick boogie bring that beat back

the evil genius, greeeeeen lantern

etc, etc

Comment by gstatty 02.06.10 @

I don’t understand how dudes who would vote for somebody like Gucci Mane read this site. I voted for Jada, but gave serious consideration to MC Eiht.

Oh, and Rae definitely deserves consideration in the best gunshots with your mouth category.

Comment by digglahhh 02.06.10 @

boycotting that for ranking for the lack of Young Jeezy – Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

Comment by yjyj 02.06.10 @

Also missing Wu-Tang’s “suuuuuuu”, but on the list “P!” takes my vote, with Blaq Poet coming next.

Comment by shaolin_monk 02.06.10 @

sandman of former re up fame, twisting cannon into an amazing “WAYOOH WAYYNNNNOH!”

Comment by really? 02.06.10 @

What about PEACE!, uttered by Just-Ice ALL OVER Kool And Deadly, before and after his verses.

Comment by fosterakahunter 02.06.10 @

“Baaawse”!!! LOL

Comment by dj blendz 02.07.10 @

I had to stick with Gyeaaaah

but I agree with whoever mentioned Bustas “Huh Hah”, it was on every adlib of every song he did pre-Aftermath.

Comment by cenzi 02.07.10 @

My vote goes to Jay-Z when he used to say “Puh puh Pause”

Comment by Bo-Scar 02.07.10 @

The greates ctach phrase of all times is “Yeaaahhh Boyyy” by Flava Flav. And there is more which was cultivated by Flav.

He is the king !!!

Comment by Hawkeye 02.07.10 @

There should be poll for most annoying DJ catchphrases/tags/effects.

Those dampened sirens are out of control.

So is the phrase, “You already know what it is.” Lmao, most of the time I’ve never heard of dude.

Comment by tre 02.07.10 @

Do you mean best ad lib?

Cause these ain’t catch phrases. Half these shits is just noises. “arf arf?” LOL. Jada’s laugh is winnin? Fuck outta here. How is a bark or a cackle a catch phrase? Catch noise? Maybe.

No matter what this poll is kinda fucked up. Jay Z saying “Hov” or “Hova” or “Jigga” is just as famous as some of these. T.I. said “aye” mad times before OJ. Jeezy and “yeeeeeeeah” is iconic. Cmon son. Too many famous ones missin.

Comment by Good King Wenceslas 02.07.10 @

too $hort > jada

Comment by er4se 02.07.10 @

no jeezy, this is lame

Comment by nor 02.07.10 @

“P!” & “OWW!” are the two best AUDIO TAGS ever hands down. Jada & The Clipse get honorable.

Comment by THE BROAD STREET BASTID 02.07.10 @

Flavour Flava have the BEST catch phrase of all time,but waitin’for a second round i vote for “PPPPPPPPPPPP”…Sean P is d best…P

Comment by RoyaleCeca aka RealityCheck 02.07.10 @


Comment by gordon gartrelle 02.07.10 @

Tie between Screw-Ball and Jada…

for DJs Evil Dee wins hands down

“Evil Dee is on the Mix… Come on kick it!”

Comment by JonnySimps 02.08.10 @

Jada says it without fail on every track on his album, guest spots, mixtape, & interviews ….. for like the last ten years!

Comment by Mec0ne 02.08.10 @

I agree with whoever said that you could have broken this up into “rounds” like you’ve done with other posts. It would have worked better IMO. The comments are all over the place and “catchphrases” somehow were expanded to include adlibs and DJ sound effects. For my money, the infamous DJ Clue “mad scientist laugh” wins. I’ve heard a lot of heat following that WHOWHOWHOWHOHAHAHAHA!!

Comment by daboroboy 02.08.10 @

Does “Yeahhhhh… Cannons!” qualify?

DJ DJ… Premier, Premier Pre-Pre-Pre-Premier!

Just Blaze!

Comment by Antonio 02.08.10 @

No Flavor Flav “YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH BOOOOYYYYY!!! And somebody up above had it right, for this list to truly be effective they really need to distinguish an “adlib” from a “catch phrase”.

Comment by D.C. Chillin' 02.08.10 @

Who knew there was this much love for Jeezy at the home of east cost elitism. The snowman guy from Virginia, or whatever – really?

Jeezy Stan-ism may be grounds for getting your Conservative Rap Coalition card revoked. Dude would have been a weed carrier’s weed carrier from ’88 – ’96.

Comment by digglahhh 02.08.10 @

I guess there will be a separate post solely for MOP. Fiyaaaaah!!!!!!

Comment by des 02.08.10 @

E-40 … Uhh

Comment by Dave 02.08.10 @

co-sign digglahhh, young jeezy is hella annoying with that whispery rap shit, someone break out some scissors, we cuttin up cards son.

Comment by gstatty 02.08.10 @

If youre going djs you gotta get the “cannon” in there, i swear to got that shit is pat summerall from back in the day

Comment by lupethekiller 02.08.10 @

Where is DJ Khaled ? I mean, his annoying DJ Khaleeed and It’s the Remix are everywhere !

Comment by ThisNiggaHere 03.09.10 @

no, not rza with bong bong, but the do-do-do-do-do…that shit is crazy!

Comment by j. pitts 03.18.10 @

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