Where Are They Now – By Request
Friday February 12th 2010,
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You know what blogs can do that print magazines can’t? Help track down MIA rappers from the 80’s and 90’s. I finally got a lead on a group I’ve been trying to track down for years (I’ll wait until the interview is in the can before I say any more), but most rap fanatics can be found wondering ‘What the fuck happened to _____ ?’

Hoping to hear what became of Rumpletilskinz or The A-Teem? Drop your request and I’ll do my darnedest to find ’em, or at the very least rag on you for caring about what happened to a shitty rap group from fifteen years ago…

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Whatever happpened to the Boogiemonsters? Loved them…

Comment by MAAD 02.12.10 @

Wasnt “Hot dog” chubb rock’s dancer in A Teem?
HAHAHA why do I even know this?

Comment by keatso 02.12.10 @

Whatever happened to Barsha!!!!! I tried to ask Milk Dee but he never responded to my messages. I guess he only resonds to women.

Comment by Tony_Dawg 02.12.10 @

What ever happened to the other guys in Live Squad that didn’t get killed?

Comment by Finally 02.12.10 @

Oh….since you were on the Black Rob tip…what ever happened to The Mighty Ha an those other dudes from CRU?

Comment by Finally 02.12.10 @

^ Yogi still does beats:


Comment by Robbie 02.12.10 @

double xx posse?

Comment by planb 02.12.10 @

What about Gregory D (N.O., was with Mannie Fresh)?
Buck Jump Time!
Live Squad – yes! Not much info on the web about them.

Comment by scjoha 02.12.10 @

That other dude Chadeo from the CRU is still rappin. I was thinking the same thing with them, as I was a big fan. I looked him up on myspace and he’s there . ….doing positive rap!…haha..

Comment by Tony_Dawg 02.12.10 @

Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud, 991 Volts, Bushwhackas, McGruff, Izzy Ice and DJ Majesty (or “The King and I”), Funk Doobiest, Divine Styler, King Tee (he pops up every now and again but not enough to keep tabs on him), Tim Dog, EST (3 x Dope), Boss, Rufus Blaq, TJ Swan (the original hook king), Scientific Shabazz, if I think of anything else, I’ll be back.

Comment by oskamadison 02.12.10 @


Comment by matt 02.12.10 @

Whatever happened to Little Indian? Did he have any unreleased material (other than the One Little Indian 12”)?

Comment by methebiz1200 02.13.10 @

2nd Super Lover Cee.

Code Money, Schoolly D’s DJ.

Comment by elmattic 02.13.10 @

Kwest tha madd ladd please

Comment by potsy 02.13.10 @

Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud according to their myspace are still involved in the industry but more behind the scenes if I recall

McGruff put out sme unreleased material on that One Leg Up series about a year ago.

Comment by the average man 02.13.10 @

pleasy robbie , tell me you know what happen to:
Cru *yogi was producing with puffy but what happen to mighty ha and chadi o
this dude from the hit squad ‘top quality’ i think he was from white plains
shamus. great ep long long time ago with this crazy song divide and conquer.
mad lion anyone!?!?
lune toonez one of dem was the cousin of kool keith, his name was alexander the great…
what happen to dinco d and charlie brown??
and yoooo what happen to boss the female rapper, her album born gangsta was incredible she was signed to def jam west….
she dropped the bomb and disapeared!!!
da hoodratz??
l da headtoucha??
and this guy problemz, he was so nice on the mic!

come on robbie?!?!

Comment by reeletdef 02.13.10 @

whatever happened to craig mack, lord tariq & peter gunz, skee-lo, positive k and rbl posse? I actually don’t care about 5 out of 6 of these cats but i still would find it interesting to have a where are they now rundown just for fun.

Comment by gstatty 02.13.10 @

Problemz dropped an album wit dj honda last year… ALL KILLA NO FILLA… def worth a listen

The Rawcotiks or Black Attack anyone???

Comment by Mattnyce 02.13.10 @

What ever happened to Hard 2 Obtain, Ism & blues is always getting played by me.

Comment by jjhobo 02.13.10 @

How about Da Bush Babies.

Comment by skinnyjoe 02.13.10 @

Vex from Boogiemonsters has a youtube page


Comment by craig 02.13.10 @

The Fushnickens; where them cats at? Or better yet, Group Home; they had the hardest beats but the wackest lyrics. On the real where’s the Lifers Group, lol?

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 02.13.10 @

natural elements and 3rd eye? supercat? the legion, the b.u.m.s.

Comment by sabotaj 02.13.10 @

mike zoot?

Comment by sabotaj 02.13.10 @

Fuck you all! what about School of Hard Knocks!!! that’s what I’m talkin bout!!!! Fuck the rest!

Comment by tony_dawg 02.13.10 @

Man, I’ve been wondering about LOTUG (great first album), Quo (remember these kids?), boo ya tribe, Visciousa and this great kid group produced by Erick sermon, can’t remember their name. I Getz busy was their main song.

Comment by Med 02.14.10 @

sir ibu?

Comment by swordfish 02.14.10 @

I sometimes wonder what N-Tyce is up to, and if she still looks as good as she did back then.

I wonder what movie theater or concession stand King Just is working at nowadays as well.


Comment by DANJ! 02.14.10 @

Positively Black????Y’All So Stupid????Medina Green????Scaramanga????Frankie Cutlass????

Comment by ceedub 02.14.10 @

And by the way, I was bumpin the first NINE album yesterday, dope as fuck…where is he up to???

Comment by ceedub 02.14.10 @

sabotaj wrote:
“natural elements and 3rd eye? supercat? the legion, the b.u.m.s.”

natural e dropped a album last yr called ‘1999:10 year anniversary’…

Comment by dj blendz 02.14.10 @

Sir Mix-A-Lot


Comment by ?uestion Marc 02.14.10 @

a few other names for the hat, pop da brown hornet , ill biskits, cella dwellas, guage ,ruthless bastards?

Comment by optical_ill 02.14.10 @

Hard Knocks?
The Legion?

Comment by End Level Boss 02.14.10 @

Where the hell is Ugo,ruggedness madd drama,Funkytown pros,SidnBtonn,hansoul,Bas Blasta,Dirt nation,The UBC and Erule?????

Comment by Culture science 02.14.10 @

chip fu from the fushnickens droped some new songs
frankie cutlass is alive and on facebook:)))

Comment by reeletdef 02.14.10 @

Hardknocks?! Say word! Where the most slept on at? And what about Preacher Earl and The Ministry / Zhigge / Brainsick ..err… and that other dude Guru Keithy E????

Comment by AO 02.14.10 @

EST has gone the way of full force and pens hits for the likes of Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera….Thats kinda dope

Comment by mercilesz 02.14.10 @

what about milkbone?

Comment by dj blendz 02.14.10 @

This is thread is funny as hell.

Props to Swordfish on the Sir Ibu request, Divine Force was the first group I thought about when I saw this.

What the F— ever happened to TLC & Finesse aka The Ultimate Choice?

Comment by Danny 02.14.10 @

DJ Richie Rich of 3rd BASS…I’m also interested in CRU (I know Chad is rappin and Yogi is doing beats, but why no follow-up? tat album was dope!!!) and what happened with Audio Two? They don’t eff with each other anymore..Milk won’t answer me either..he just says he’s solo…

Comment by dlp 02.14.10 @

Milkbone > 95% of today’s shit. True story.

Yo, what ever happened to Sporty Thievz. I know Brando was killed by a drunk driver. But, what about Kirk and Dubez? That street cinema album was dope – one off the all time, “wow, this really exceeded my expectations” albums. I hope they got paid of that No Pigeons joint, and the countless rehashes of that same gimmick. But, those dudes could rhyme and, in the long run, that fifteen minutes of fame was to their detriment because it soured a lot of real heads from checking for their shit. Had they not continued to play out that gimmick, I think they’d have had an existent underground fan base.

Comment by digglahhh 02.14.10 @

IG Off & Hazadous. They had some dope cuts, they did a track with G Rap, had a documentary about them on German TV (It followed them around, displaying the struggle off a up and coming artist. That video also had Saigon in it) or whatever. They did some solid tracks. Dudes were from New York.

Comment by .... 02.14.10 @


Comment by Sean G 02.14.10 @

It would be depressing as hell to find out what the majority of these dudes are up to…especially those who are NOT locked up.

Comment by keatso 02.15.10 @

Excellent forum.Most those Dudes for better or worse are still doing music..
I actually contact a lot of those cats to do music with because I aint feeling hardly anyone new.
Nine was suppose to do a verse for a song I did with Grand Daddy IU, YZ,DOO WOP, MR.DO IT ALL (L.O.T.U.G.)BUT SHIT FELL THROUGH.
SUPER LOVER C lives down south but Cassanova is still in nyc but doesnt spit anymore.He was gonna get Super Lover C to do a verse for me but I dont know what happen.
Dinco Dee is down in atl making diss songs about Busta Ryhmes but theyre kinda weak.
Barsha is a good question.Frankie Cutless is still doing music too.EST a lot of peeps ask about.I didnt know her wrote singing songs.That’s a suprise.
Good forum though.
Tim Dog and a lot of those 90s cats King Sun as well work with european cats who treat them like royalty and pay them well and keep true hip-hop alive.

Comment by DjDavito 02.15.10 @

What about:

The Whoridas
The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Under Madness)
Questionmark Asylum
The Dangerous Crew (Goldy, Father Dom)
Ill Al Skratch
Da Lench Mob (I know one of them is in prison)
Solomon Childs

Comment by sleepy I 02.15.10 @

What about NATURAL RESOURCE? I *LOVED* the singles they put out–I thought they were going to be the next big thing in ’06, but Jean Grae broke out and Ocean just vanished. Negro League was such a great track. I was so bummed that they never did a full length. I still have my bright orange MAKIN RECORDS sleeved 12 inches to this day!

Comment by Finally 02.15.10 @

Shades of Lingo, UMCs.
Illegal, justin warfield.nikki d
Cats off lyricist lounge
Above the Law. Bushwick Bill
Lords.Knuckleheads.young black teenagers

Comment by brutalLee 02.15.10 @

Unique (pure dynamite)
Top Quality
E Rule
FT from Street Smartz
Cella Dwellas

Yo Brutal, isnt one of the UMC’s NY Oil?

Comment by blitz 02.15.10 @

oh yeah hella co-sign on rawcotiks, also the eff happened to the best part of the arsonists d-stroy? that guy mutilated microphones

Comment by gstatty 02.15.10 @


Comment by nino 02.15.10 @

Yo, funny cars should bring up B-1.

One of my best friends is a teacher by the border of Queens/Long Island. He works the after school program and likes to, in good nature, but deep down in sincerity, bust the kids’ balls about the awful facsimile of hip hop they listen to. So, one of the kids who actually seems to appreciate the knowledge my boy drops on these lucky kids asks if he can look through my boy’s Ipod. Probably a bad idea in terms of job security, but my boy acquiesces.

So, this kid is scrolling through the playlist and stumbles on “Emotions” and looks at my boy and is like, “Yo, how do you know about this song?” My boy is like, “What, how do YOU know about this joint?” Kid straight up busts out with, “That’s my dad – referring to B-1.” My boy looks everything up, the kid is “the second” and all that. Crazy shit.

Now, I have no idea whether the kid lives with his pops (B-1) or if his parents are still together or anything – and it’s probably not my boy’s place to ask. But when I heard the story this past weekend, it blew my mind. My boy was like, “Yo, for real, lots of heads who know about real hip hop know that your father was NICE with it.” I bet that actually made the kid feel real good; it’s probably not all that often B-1’s son’s outside authority figures compliment the professional skills of his father.

Comment by digglahhh 02.15.10 @

What about seeborn and puma??? why did they only have one single??!!!

Comment by tony_dawg 02.16.10 @

@Med you are thinking of Illegal

@digglahhh great story about B-1…he was ill.

Robbie, I’d love to know what happened to

Lakim Shabazz
The Chill MC (CMW)
Jaymanila (Babbletron)

That’s all I can think of right now


Comment by Jaz 02.16.10 @

@ceedub h20 of Yall So Stupid was a part of Mass Influence and Sha Boogie appeared on Sadat-X’s “Have A Good Life” (2005)

which brings me to my next question, what happened to Mass Influence?

Comment by Jaz 02.16.10 @

Excellent post. The (imo) important cats have already been requested but I’ll ad them again.

* Everybody from from the lyricist lounge show especially Master Foul and that latino dude
* Skee-lo
* Boogiemonsters
* Craig Mack
* Hitman (was signed to Aftermath)
* A+
* O.C.
* Tone loc (he was doing movies and then just disappeared)
* Blahzay Blahzay

Comment by JohnBlack 02.16.10 @

I forgot to add Nonchalent ( had a hit with Five o’clock in the morning)

Comment by JohnBlack 02.16.10 @

ADAGIO!! Never made a wack record, all their shit was ill. Down with the Juggaknots, repped Philly and Uptown manhattan. Dropped a long awaited single in 2003. It was supposed to be the lead to a 2003 album, but they disappeared. WTF?!

Also, co-sign B-1.

Comment by verge 02.16.10 @

@John Black: OC made an album with AG last year. And lol at “that latino dude”. Do you mean Thirstin Howl The Third? He’s still around, I’m sure.

Comment by verge 02.16.10 @

I would say dred scott, funkdoobiest, nonchalant, justin warfield, kane & abel, snagglepuss (he had some great freestyles on do wop 95 live tape and a couple of other jams) thought he had a really great voice and flow..
that’s it for now

Comment by gisli 02.16.10 @

Whatever happened to Kool Chip(down with Chuck Chillout) and two Philly cats, Pretty Ugly, and MC Rell?

Comment by bronxbred 02.16.10 @

@JohnBlack… Blahzay Blahzay made a brief comeback with a terrible and commercial single and then vanished again.

Comment by Jaz 02.16.10 @

@ verge
LOL, I never knew that cat was Thirstin Howl. ALso i didn’t knew O.C. and AG released and album. Thanks for the heads up.

I really hoped he would one day return to day boom bap we all love. Every time I hear danger I get tears in my eyes. I’m so fortunate to be a 80’s baby. Dudes nowadays don’t even know what a real mc is supposed to sound like.

Comment by JohnBlack 02.16.10 @

What ever happened to HARD 2 OBTAIN??? Their debut album ISM & BLUES was one of my favorites from ’94.

And of course, what happened to InI??? Why did Pete Rock stop workin with them??? Were they just annoyed of the industry politics regarding their album never dropping??? I know Deda Baby Pa just stopped rappin around ’95 and was into other shit… And Mekolicious stopped cuz of being annoyed of the industry politics.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 02.16.10 @

I’ve always wondered what the fuck happened to Knucklehedz…

I love their shelved debut album from 1993… I have the actual promo CD and both 12″ singles. I liked Tom J and Steve Austin’s raps and I’ve heard various Hiphop heads in recent times like DJ Premier (on his Sirius radio show) shout Tom J out sayin shit like “big ups to Tom J… ran into him over the weekend…”

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 02.16.10 @

Justin Warfield is the lead singer of the rock band “she wants revenge” they had more success than “Season of the Vic”.
Hard 2 Obtain were from Long Island, they had a few singles.
Chadio from CRU was pretty well known as a graf writer he wrote CHAD with Louie 167…but this was prior to The Dirty 30.
Ill and Al Skratch were supposed to drop an album last year, still trying to do their thing
Milkbone-always thought dude was kinda wack. Where was he from-Jersey?
I want to know what happened to Anntex too…

Comment by keatso 02.17.10 @

DJ Fatal.
Tash from the Liks.

Comment by Beatlover 02.17.10 @

@Beatlover… Tash released an album last year,


It wasn’t very good.

Comment by Jaz 02.17.10 @

What’s one of the UK’s finest – Blade up to these days ?

Comment by cratedigga78 02.17.10 @

I got another one. What ever happened to Danny Boy. He was on I ain’t mad at ya with Tupac

Comment by JohnBlack 02.17.10 @

What ever happened to:

Phase N Rhythm

Funke Natives

Melachi The Nutcracker (Group Home)

Comment by Blowyabackout 02.17.10 @

What ever happened to:

Uptown (Dope On Plastic)

Comment by Blowyabackout 02.17.10 @

broken english
the youngstus
krown rulers

Comment by LLINGO 02.17.10 @

Little Indian?

Daddy O from Stetsasonic?

Comment by methebiz1200 02.17.10 @

Haha yeah great post! Whatever happened to Trends of Culture? Digable Planets? Micranots? Heather B? UK act The Brotherhood? o btw the dude asking about Blade, Blade quit the biz after getting more and more fed up with it. New Kingdom? Sistah Souljah? The Goats? Siah & Yeshua? Lord Sear? Def Jef? Hurricane? Hurricane G? Wascals? Juvenile Delinquintz? Smooth B? Cutmaster Cool V? Word A Mouf? Dj Polo? Mad Kap? Eric B? King Sun? Jamal? Terminator X? Donald D? Special Ed? and where the hell is Shorty Shit Stain?! The people has a right to know!

Comment by PAS 02.17.10 @

Someone said something about Young Black Teenagers, I have a memory of Ed Lover saying no thanks to Rush Management on Yo for ruining their career, always wondered about that. Anyone knows what happened there?

Comment by PAS 02.17.10 @

Well that one YBT dude Kamron was from Freeport LI and was in one of the House Party movies, I heard he may be behind the scenes?! I asked but dont remember-
And Dj Skribble is obviously still around doing like MTV gigs and club music comps and owns a car shop in South Ozone Park.

Comment by keatso 02.17.10 @

“Dj Kamron” is spinning at Santos party house:

Comment by keatso 02.17.10 @

Lord Sear got a radio show on Sirius last i heard..u are talkin about Sear of 89tek9-Bobbito&Stretch fame, right?

Comment by dj blendz 02.17.10 @

My boy knows the members of CRU. I saw Mighty Ha last summer in Story ave. Hung out with my boy And Chadio a few years ago. Didn’t Donald D pass away years ago?

Comment by trevor reynolds 02.17.10 @

UNSPOKEN HEARD!!!! Blue Black and them!!! Asheru does the Boondocks theme, but where are the rest of those cats????

Comment by dlp 02.17.10 @

Special Ed is Miami, was in the Rick Ross “magnificent” video, Siah or yeshua is a teacher or social worker now? Terminator X went broke running an ostrich farm

Comment by keatso 02.18.10 @

@keatso haha it never occured to me that dj skribble was who he was, thanks!And Special Ed is in Miami, doing some music?
@blendz yeah thats the guy, he is still around doing his thing? He did some funny shit on the stretch/bobbito thing..
@trevor Sad to hear about donald ds death, some news never reach sweden, I guess.

Comment by PAS 02.18.10 @

@trevor but hold up, he cant be dead:


Looks like he is still making music too

Comment by PAS 02.18.10 @

Thanks very much PAS, I did know Blade retired from the biz, I just wondered if anyone was still in touch with him and knew what he was doing these days.

Comment by cratedigga78 02.18.10 @

@cratedigga Oh I see, gotcha.

Comment by PAS 02.18.10 @

Hey found some info on Shorty Shitstain!


Comment by PAS 02.18.10 @

@keatso thanks for justin warfield info.. haha.. good for him he found succes elsewhere.. I just remembered that really weird video in the dessert.. and remember thinkin’ what the hell??? haha

Comment by gisli 02.18.10 @

No problem Gisli. I see we have several mutual friends in Copenhagen. Ra$ is my brother, as is C. Moeller.

Comment by keatso 02.18.10 @

Positively Black
MC DOLLER BILL & Cutmaster K.G
C $money
Molecular Beat Squadren

Comment by juju 02.19.10 @

Even though they only had one single can ya dig up the Puppets ov Kaos, Zhigge, and Sid & B-Ton?
I saw the members of Legion last year at my friends funeral. R.I.P ‘Dre

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 02.20.10 @

I always wondered about Zhigge too, thats a good question for Salaam Remi

Comment by keatso 02.20.10 @


Comment by D.Baskett 02.21.10 @

Jet Black Ha
Basement Khemists

Comment by Jaz 02.22.10 @

What happened to some of the mid eighties rappers, like The Classical Two, True Mathmatics, Wax Master Torey, Rock Master Scott, etc.?

Comment by turtle 02.23.10 @

the almighty TUFF CREW????

Comment by nurock 02.23.10 @

what happened to Rico Suave?? thats all i wanna know….

Comment by Frankenstein 02.24.10 @

^^He moved to Florida & changed his name to Pitbull,u aint kno?

Comment by dj blendz 02.24.10 @

Whats up with pete rock and c.l smooth? Lakim shabazz works at the hospital in east orange n.j

Comment by mercedes1010 02.24.10 @

what ever happend to greyson & jayson , dirt nation & rough house survivors? guess they all chillin with no face & papa chuck lol. damn i miss hiphop. i’m glad i walked away from music. time to go listen to my quinton 12″ quintons on his way .& Da wascals.

Comment by DJJEMANI 10.08.11 @

Why do anyone of even ask, the fuck that started this shit NEVER came back with a SINGLE answer to “where are they now”. What a bullshit page.

Comment by MrSweetScience 02.10.12 @

Whatever happened to Pete Rock’s homeboys, the YG’s?

Comment by eddie 05.30.12 @

Whatever happened to Robbie?!

Comment by PAS 05.31.12 @

Too many questions to answer but 95% of those asked about STILL make music and 80% you can find on Face Book…..

Comment by DJ DAVITO 06.05.12 @

Casanova Rud


Comment by |King Koolie 09.16.12 @

@MrSweetScience: Actually I’ve interviewed 6 of the requests here since, fuckyberg.

Comment by Robbie Ettelson 05.02.13 @

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