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Friday March 12th 2010,
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At the Raekwon show the other night, I witnessed the next generation of weed holding. Several members Ice Water were helping out The Chef on stage as you might expect, but it wasn’t long before one of the co-stars tired of vocal back-ups and abandoned his mic in favor of taking care of the drinks for everyone on stage. Every time Lex Diamonds required a top-up of his vodka and cranberry, this loyal side-kick made it happen. When a bag of local weed was handed to Shallah, he quickly passed it to the same dude so he could roll it a fatty, and when some skeezer’s/jump-off’s started hanging out on stage behind the crew, homeboy started the ever-important ‘selection process’. Salute for a job well done! Meanwhile, Rae did his thing as you might expect, peppering his performance with words of encouragement for folk with self-confidence issues and urging the crackers in the crowd to try and bag some black chicks when they get the chance. Much like other Wu shows, Rae spent a lot of time performing his crew’s rhymes for some reason, but when did shit from the original Cuban Linx all was forgiven. That reminds me, I still haven’t ordered that Linx 2 vinyl….

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raekwon is so overrated. sorry, i know everyone will be heartbroken over that one.

Comment by chefpoop 03.12.10 @

it’s weird, they don’t come down for like 10 years or whatever then all of a sudden, half of wu-tang, then method man, RZA comes back, Rae comes back.. wouldn’t of thought the 27 hour flight was worth it.

Comment by jesse 03.12.10 @

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years but I never realised your in Melbourne, the show was gangsta.

Comment by Bjorn 03.12.10 @

that “linx 2” vinyl is really nice, even beyond the color. definitely worth a purchase

Comment by Wally_Sean 03.12.10 @

looking forward to Rae’s show this friday in Brisbane.

Comment by Lumberjack 03.13.10 @

Where is the best place to buy vinyl online now? First dude: Stop sleeping on Rae, he’s easily one of the best of all time!

Comment by bctw 03.13.10 @

Raekwon is overrated…one of the best of all time? Homie doesn’t even make my top 50 list.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 03.13.10 @

Rae’s not a G.O.A.T. IMO but he’s still nice.

@bctw, you can get vinyl from ( or the

Comment by Danny 03.13.10 @

if rae isnt on your top 50 you prolly bumpin some kid cudi out your clock radio right now. it’s cool though – do you man.

Comment by ben profane 03.13.10 @

if rae isnt on your top 50 you prolly bumpin some kid cudi out your clock radio right now. it’s cool though – do you man.

i like some Cudi tho’||

Comment by andrewfromrussia 03.14.10 @

I love the Wu to death, but them dudes are shitty performers. But, I could care less cause of the songs they choose to perform and Im just hyped to see them. So its a win/lose situation

Comment by AdamH 03.14.10 @

when some skeezer’s/jump-off’s started hanging out on stage behind the crew, homeboy started the ever-important ’selection process’.

Robbie, you forgot Rae’s amusing explanantion of the term ‘homeboy’.

I vomitted in my mouth slightly when i caught a glimpse of those heffers on the stage.

Funniest moment of the night – some kid standing next to me getting all excitied (||) over the fact Rae called everyone in the crowd the n word…this kid was bout to piss his pants in excitment….”he just called me a….!”

Comment by verses 03.14.10 @

I will do me…thanks for the permission..haha…but honestly…Rae just isn’t that good…he may make my top 50…but it would be between 45 and 50….I would have to list so many better rappers from 85 to 2010…that’s 25 years …2 better rappers per year…lol.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 03.15.10 @

@bctw i got it online at the giantpeach website, oh and how about coining a new word, you called Rae the B.O.A.T.

btw robbie thx again for the heads up on the purple vinyl

Comment by gstatty 03.15.10 @

Rae probably had the same dudes that were with him in Baltimore and DC getting his drinks/weed.

Method Man puts on a high energy show. I will say Rae did do a lot of talking tho. Nevertheless…it was nice to see him back on stage.

Comment by Thomas 03.15.10 @

Rae should be on any self respecting persons top 20

Comment by kweeeens 03.16.10 @

^if you can’t think of 20 rappers better than Rae you need to expand your hip hop library by time and genre.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 03.16.10 @

maybe you just can’t figure out what he’s saying cause he’s so intricate go listen to “swag Surfin”

Comment by willdc 03.18.10 @

Dude with the drinks didn’t even bother with the Mic in Adelaide. He spent the first few tracks holding his own drink and doing rap hands to the lyrics. Then he got his bartender on later on. This guy basically got a free all expenses paid trip to Australia to pour some drinks on stage. Good work if you can get it.

ps. Word the fuck up to Raekwons brown towel poncho. I want one.

pps. The love song section was fucking gold. Some corny RnB sounding song comes on and Rae just stands there making funny faces and pointing at chicks in the audience, doing a little dance. Almost the best part of the show… except for Guillotines.

Comment by headlock 03.18.10 @

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