Prodigy – The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)

As I reported last October, Prodigy dropped a seven-minute verse over the phone for the homies Sid Roams to turn into a track. It took a minute, but Bravo just threw the finished version my way…

Prodigy – ‘The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)’

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oh shit, son

Comment by pedro 03.26.10 @

word…i am impressed

Comment by JOrdan 03.26.10 @

Ummm…this is not good. From P fan.

Comment by Thomas 03.27.10 @

The number one rapper in the world! No competition..

Comment by J.T72 03.27.10 @

Dope. P sounds focused. One of the best to do it.

Comment by hl 03.27.10 @

Look how proud this guy is because he’s in jail. Infamous loser. How old are you?

Comment by P brain 03.27.10 @

the beat is hot p’ stunk this one up !!!

Comment by Lifted 03.27.10 @

being in jail= hard which = better rappers…jk

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 03.27.10 @

i know his style is laid back like that but honestly his rhymes sound abc ish and he sounds like he’s reading.Not feeling this one, dope concept and I liked P up until the last 5 yrs but this song is as exciting as watching a golf game.
I hope he gets home soon though.

Comment by DJ DAVITO 03.27.10 @

Hard thing to pull off and P sounds a lil lazy but I imagine its weird to be rapping through the phone… 7 minutes tho and some crazy lines in there
Love the Sid Roams beat!

Comment by DropShop 03.27.10 @

Fire!!!! what this is hard son

Comment by TheR879 03.27.10 @

When Prodigy gets out, it’s gonna be a wrap!
We need a return to that real shit

Comment by Kid Linguini 03.27.10 @


Comment by TYBO2020 03.28.10 @

When P gets out he needs to put out a mixtape of all the rhymes he wrote in jail. This way all those subpar raps will be out of his system and he can start anew.

Comment by Thomas 03.28.10 @

Any chance of a Zshare/Rapid link??

Comment by Nick Le'par 03.28.10 @

Not impressed. This motherfucka should just start writing rhymes for his next jail stint. Sorry P, used to be a fan, but this shit sounds like u ain’t even trying. Shit, it ain’t like u got anything else to do! Polish your rhymes, or get your little ass to lifting weights.

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.28.10 @

I dont mind this track – good for the circumstance, you mother suckers actin like you want him to perform a miracle over jail phone quality

Comment by D.Baskett 03.29.10 @


Comment by qunyc 03.30.10 @

“Look how proud this guy is because he’s in jail. Infamous loser. How old are you?”

I’m young, but i’m pretty mature and I can definetly agree that it’s pretty sad. Dumb n*ggas doing dumb sh*t.

Comment by Justin 03.30.10 @

wack as per usual.

Comment by CENZI 03.31.10 @

X-Raided did a whole album (“Xorcist “) over the phone and sounded just as boring.

Comment by CENZI 03.31.10 @

what the fuck.. this clown knows that he is forgotten about and it must be killing him that the cats he dissin are doing so well… P you fell off a long time ago.. after listening to this bullshit i hope you never get out…

Comment by chris 04.02.10 @

i changed my mind, after hearing this i hope someone rapes your lil ass P, word is band

Comment by chris 04.03.10 @

^^^ “word is band”??
what the fuck you thinkin… you rep ignorance at its finest. And how the hell you gonna say you want someone to be raped?

Comment by Cutty 04.12.10 @

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