Video: Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Imam Thug & Musaliny – Thug Planet
Sunday March 07th 2010,
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Free Tragedy Khadafi!

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finally a hardcore hip hop track with a well made video clip…rare these days

Comment by dialect 03.07.10 @

wow i havent worn champion since 1990….ha ha…dope shit

Comment by mercilesz 03.07.10 @

unfuckable… fuck the industry rap take it back…

Comment by er4se 03.07.10 @


On a serious note, why and the fuck would a brother call himself Musaliny ?

Comment by shamz 03.08.10 @

^ Cause he used be Mussolini from CNN’s lil’ brother duo Maze-‘N’-Mussolini.

Comment by MF 03.08.10 @

I already know that famz…..I don’t think you understand what I am really saying….

Comment by shamz 03.08.10 @

Considering there was clearly low to no budget for the video it’s pretty good.

Comment by CrateDigga78 03.08.10 @

beat is boring as hell >_>

Comment by .... 03.08.10 @

Eventho that Kraftwerk joint been sampled to death, I like this right here. Nothing spectacular, but not wack either. I’m suprised Nore had a decent verse. 1

Comment by The Funkologist 03.08.10 @

beat is lame, glad they got Imam for the hook and a verse but i have a feeling the production on this album will be lacking. they only got a few cats from the first one

Comment by soulc 03.08.10 @

NAA,CNN always picks nice beats. For real, all 3 group albums have had great production, Why would this be different? I’m expecting a nice album here

Comment by Gunzoid 03.09.10 @

Oh, Shamz, you mean why would MusalinNY name himself after Mussolini.

Well, it’s not like rappers are known for actually knowing jack about who they’ve named themselves after, or care if they happen to be racist or anything, is it? See : rappers and their obsession with Gotti and and the mafia.

Comment by MF 03.09.10 @


Comment by tareq 03.09.10 @

Word up M.F.

Comment by shamz 03.09.10 @

Beat is hot… when’s this shit droppin’?

Comment by BigZed 03.11.10 @

NORE eating well by the looks of things . Nice clip.

Comment by Dontez 03.15.10 @

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