Sean Price + Roc Marciano + Meyhem Lauren = Grown Man Rap Crew
Thursday April 22nd 2010,
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Last week Sean P dropped this gem over at his dude Dallas Penn‘s comment section:

im starting a new crew its called
G.M.R Crew
Grown Man Rap Crew
Sean price
Roc marciano
Mayhem lauren
D.J. alejandro
and we recruiting more
get at me
its for niggaz my age who get busy and enjoy the shit we do
Dallas Get involved
we need producers too
we need videographers
we need everything holla at me
its a real movement
im not just a member
im the president

You already heard Marcy and Meyhem combine minds on ‘Animal Science’ from the Counter Strike tape, and P just did ‘Snow Pt. 2’ with Roc…so this could be a dream-team of NY hardcore MC’s right here. If Alchemist, J-Love and P Brothers get involved on the beats then this could be the rawest shit since Wu-Tang dropped. It’s also not dissimilar to my own Fantasy Hip-Hop Supergroup which I imagined last March.

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What about Sadat-X in that line up?

Comment by Dallas Penn 04.22.10 @

this could be the start of something great, no wait. it WILL be.
Cannot wait for Mic Tyson and Random Axe

Comment by mcb 04.22.10 @

who else can contribute to this?

Comment by parodi 04.22.10 @

uhhh.that sounds great.

Comment by swordfish 04.22.10 @

There’s definitely a need for this, I feel like the major labels don’t push different genres of hip-hop. In the beginning there was a balance with the conscience and gangsta rap; hell even hip house was getting enough shine. But now they force feed you with only one particular style at a time, and no disrespect to what’s out there it’s just not my thing. It would be nice if I was stuck in traffic listening to the radio to come across a Sean P song and zone out, instead I’m stuck with a song on how to do the “Stanky Leg”…

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 04.22.10 @

Timeless music has no expiration. These labels brainwash you to believe that once you hit 30 your due to fall off. Prove em wrong and do the damn thing!

Comment by DVJ 04.22.10 @

I could do without Mayhem. That guy just can’t rap well. But I’m still lokking forward to this.

Comment by hl 04.22.10 @

This sounds like magic in the making. The very thought we could get these guys touring together should be enough for people to throw their all in at the ground floor. Make it happen people!

Comment by lair 04.22.10 @

sounds cool

Comment by mercilesz 04.22.10 @

I hope ya’ll aint gassin my head like that so-called raekwon and g-rap album….

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 04.22.10 @

As long as Random Axe doesn’t get put on the back burner, that album’s been waaaay too long in the making.

Comment by don king 04.22.10 @

One dope rapper…P…and that’s it.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 04.22.10 @

“hardcore rap and Mary J. Blige records” as P would say.

Comment by Crisis 04.22.10 @

WHUH! keep me informed…

Comment by er4se 04.22.10 @

btw i’m still waitin for my conservative rap coalition membership pack.

Comment by swordfish 04.23.10 @

Damn. In the absence of the rumoured Nas/Primo and DOOM/Ghost collabo albums, this will do nicely. Meyhem and Marciano are far from weak. Kill that noise.

Speaking of collabo joints, whatever happened to the Black Milk/Sean P album? I heard there was one on it’s way a while back (without Guilty Simpson).

Comment by Soul C 04.23.10 @

its still random axe (wit guilty) and black milk recently said its coming out this year.and he called sean a liar for tellin that he lost all the vocals.

Comment by swordfish 04.23.10 @

thirstin howl should get down with this

Comment by stevep 04.23.10 @

Get at me for beats on this project!

Comment by Dope Rush 04.23.10 @

Thirstin Howl most definately.
Roc Marcy, Meyhem Lauren, Sean P and they could recruit Smooth The Hustler if he isn’t too busy with his real estate business?

Comment by AFFEX 04.23.10 @

Dope group and dope name. With all due respect tho, how can this be Grown Man Rap if it’ll be irresponsible to play this music around your kids? lol, I’m a fan of all these dudes and kinda cool with Meyhem in real life, but this album is gonna need a bigger parental advisory warning than a Keily Williams video.

Comment by LEX 04.25.10 @

on second thought i guess it makes sense that u gotta be a grown man to listen..

Comment by LEX 04.25.10 @

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