The Unkut Guide To Rapping DJ’s
Wednesday April 28th 2010,
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Funny thing is, a lot of DJ’s rap better than rappers. Not all of them though, as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Dee from Whodini, Eric B. and Kay Slay have taught us, but a lot of them. Not to mention all the MC’s who began their careers on the wheels of steel such as Redman, Big Daddy Kane and Run. Here are ten of the better examples…

Audio Two – ‘Worse Than A Gremlin’

Milk D let his big brother Gizmo get a little airtime so that he can tell us why they call him ‘thickera’. Don’t feed him after midnight.

Big Daddy Kane feat. Mr. Cee – ‘DJs Get No Credit’

Mr. Cee vents his frustrations with having to play the back in this amusing track from Prince of Darkness. Come to think of it, it was better than most of Kane’s songs on that album…

Diaz Bros (Tony Touch & Doo Wop) – ‘I Told Y’all’

The dopest duo is back for 2010 with more of their flawless flows.

Divine Sounds- ‘Do Or Die Bed Sty’

You might remember ‘What People Do For Money’, but this b-side from their next single featured Mike Music and 2 Bigg DJ getting some shine for hefty Brooklynites.

GETO Boys – ‘Do It Like A G.O.’

DJ Reddy Red doesn’t get a lot of mic time here, but he sure as hell makes the most of it as he throws the KKK under a bus in classic fashion.

Kid Capri – ‘I Turn It Out’

The Tape from 1991 was an enjoyable piece of throwback Shout Rap over some good Biz beats. Here’s the latest vocal contribution from the legendary Kid.

Kings of Swing – ‘Show Em What You Got’

Cocoa Channelle still gets busy on Hot 97 and allathat, but back in the day she was spinning for Kings of Swing (which also featured King of Chill). It could be argued that she was nicer than the two dudes on the mic as well.

Queen Latifah feat. 45 King – ‘King and Queen Creation’

Even though the Flavor Unit wrote his rhymes, 45 King sounded dope when he performed them. Here’s a fine example of him and Dana getting busy over a sick Fatback loop.

Run-DMC – ‘Pause’

Jam-Master Jay usually spoke with his hands, but he also an innovator in terms of slang. Even though he rhymes about the ‘Pause’ being a dance, we all know he was predicting the spread of the term as the perfect substitute for ‘no homo’ in the future.

Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rudd – ‘All You MC’s’

Proving that they weren’t just one-hit wonders with ‘Do The James’, these guys were lucky enough to have Paul C. produce half of their album. Here’s Rudd first flexing his microphone techniques which would feature more heavily on their next EP.

Honorable mentions also go to Grandmixer D.ST, Cutmaster DC, AJ Scratch, Maseo from De La and many, many more.

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J-Live’s “Braggin’ Writes” routine couldn’t possibly be kept off this list.

Comment by eric 04.28.10 @

Honorable mention to DJ Lethal rapping on House of Pain’s “On Point”?

Comment by too clean 04.28.10 @

tony touch’s target practice is my tune.

Comment by swordfish 04.28.10 @

FYI…King Of Chill was never part of the Kings Of Swing. He was part of The Alliance. Kings Of Swing are from the BX. Alliance is from Bklyn. As far as Coco rapping…She is ok but her place is on the 1’s & 2’s and I wouldn’t mind seeing her in Playboy. When it comes to rappin I would leave it up to the 2 MC’s who were in the group.

Comment by Blowyabackout 04.28.10 @

Robbie, I knew as soon as I saw that photo what his post was about, and I have to say that ‘Show ‘Em What You Got’ was ALWAYS my fave joint offa that LP. Kings of Swing were alright, but that rappin’ DJ track was the one I had on repeat. lol at the cat up here talkin’ about the two rappers that aren’t seen anymore, let alone rappin’; Musta been in the group.

Comment by fosterakahunter 04.29.10 @

@eric: J-Live is more of a rapper who can DJ though.

@Blowyabackout: Can’t remember their names though, which is always a bad sign…better check the liner notes on the CD.

Comment by Robbie 04.29.10 @

P.a pasemaster Mase = Afro connections at high five.

Comment by Dee 04.29.10 @

DJ Mark 45 King!

Comment by apples 04.29.10 @

terminator x would never be on this list.

Comment by tareq 04.29.10 @

I vote for Ready Red & DJ Lethal
but I’d also add DJ E-Swift and DJ Hurricane

Comment by manute bogues 04.29.10 @

@ Robbie…The MC’s in the Kings Of Swing were Sugar Kay & Mike Master.

@fosterakahunter…No affiliation with the group at all. Just a fan of Hip Hop since the beginning. Just because you don’t know the names of the 2 MC’s doesn’t mean they weren’t good MC’s. I bet there are many many many MC’s that you don’t know their names but are excellent MC’s. I don’t know how far your knowledge of hip hop extends to.


Comment by Blowyabackout 04.29.10 @

E-Swift was a pretty good rapping DJ.

Comment by LEX 04.29.10 @

@ LEX co-sign E-Swift

Also alchemist, edan & pete rock

Comment by gstatty 04.29.10 @

I don’t know about Robbie, but I can recall the Old School. And, I always remember a good MC’s name. Holla. Nice diversion from talk of Marcberg, Robbie.

Comment by fosterakahunter 04.29.10 @

Damn Coco is hot!

Comment by Eddie aka The Kid 05.09.10 @

Can somebody tell us who that gorgeous chck above is? She is a #1 Stunner!!! Wow!

E-Swift was great with his rhymes and a superb DJ, Evil D cool with his adlibs and Just Blaze delivered a decent verse on Beanie’s So What You Sayin’.

Now who is that girl???

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.10.10 @

^ That’s DJ Cocoa Channelle.

Comment by Robbie 05.10.10 @

Robbie that lady is beautiful! WOW!! She is Hot,
Hot, Hot!!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.11.10 @

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