Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. – We Got Gunz (Solar Diss)

I heard a snippet of this last night so I had to hit Doo Wop for the full version. As you might remember, Wop was GURU’s show DJ for a few tours, so had first-hand experience with the fuckery surrounding Solar, and on this song he let’s us know the science on this snake in no uncertain terms over the classic Gangstarr beat. He’s joined by T.O.N.Y. from Minnesota, “who actually sparked the idea”, according to the Bounce Master. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing some more tracks with this theme in the near future…

Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. – ‘We Got Gunz’ [Solar Diss]

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Damn iPhone I’ll have to wait to get a computer for this.

Comment by Crisis 05.18.10 @

nice symbolic pic Robbie

Comment by dj blendz 05.18.10 @

good message…

Comment by Arkitek 05.18.10 @

Only thing wrong with this is that it needs to be 3Xs longer.

Comment by haroon 05.19.10 @

Haha that shit is weak. Let Bumpy have him.

Comment by PetePablo 05.19.10 @

this is why i love hip hop…

Comment by er4se 05.19.10 @

whos t.o.n.y?

Comment by tareq 05.19.10 @

Brilliantly done. Had to be said.

Comment by CrateDigga78 05.19.10 @

i agree with peteypablo, let Bumpy have a stab at this cunt.

good track still

Comment by Lumberjack 05.19.10 @

The Doo Wop verse is good…

I remember doing a warm up slot for Guru and Doo Wop in reading UK, about 2005… Got my Gangstarr Album signed which Guru seemed a bit flustered about as he was just about to take the stage, but obliged (signed it Guru Gangstarr)… Solar was hanging around like a weed carrier, like the wimpy kid at school that wants to be down with the cool crowd… and then later in the show Guru bought him on stage going on about “superproducer”, and he did that song with the god awful “Live and Let Die” sample…really bad, especially after code of the streets etc. Later in the show doo wop and guru went back and forth over the “So Ghetto” beat which was more like it.

Comment by JonnySimps 05.19.10 @

“85% disguised and tryna represent.” Bouncemaster’s laying it down

Comment by AO 05.20.10 @

LOL @ the intro

Comment by illroy 05.20.10 @

At least Doo Wop is repping and spreading some more knowledge about this fuckin herb.

Comment by verge 05.20.10 @

Doo Wop Da God.

Sick shit

Fuck a Solar

Comment by AFFEX 05.21.10 @

Ok, so let me get this straight, Doo Wop, who was a straight up bitch and let Solar boss him, is now all of a sudden a tough guy, and gets some no name terrible rapper to do a “dis” song ( a weak and horrendous attempt at one anyway) over a gangstarr beat? Couldnt even make a beat ? LAZY.
5 or 6 years too late, and very weak.

Comment by Thebeallendall 05.22.10 @

@Thebeallendall yesss totally agree ! and what about Bumpy and Shug and them , writing some lame shit on twitter ??? thats it? we all thought those dudes where some tough gangsta dudes …i havent heard anyhting about they stepped to Solar or done anything about this situation…thats fxckin lame in my book

Comment by Frankenstein 05.24.10 @

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